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    inder909 wrote:
    How much HP do we get per X-Force cover?

    Mine is fully maxed so I just want 13 * 2500 HP and of course all the ISO. Easy math...
    I guess it will be the same price they are currently offering for max leveled 4Thor.
    I don't have one but maybe a max 4Thor owner could enlighten us?

    Beside I think you shouldn't sell him. I agree that this nerf is strong and as someone who has only recently level XF, I feel your pain: nerfed before I can consistently use him for 1000 mark reward! icon_cry.gif
    But I (want to) believe that MPQ will reach a different equilibrium state and that XF will have his role to play.

    Now I'll probably try leveling IW icon_rolleyes.gif ...
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    IW - still feels like a niche character, although quite good for defense. Too bad defense doesn't win you games.

    Elektra - buffs are minor at best, but with the health buff that almost everyone receives they mean even less; almost laughable. She looks like a character that is useful mostly in pve.

    XF - What an irony that in this update it is XF of all character that was gutted. The AP generation from his green is great, but hardly a certainty. Black is still great though. I guess it's time to respec to 3/5/5 because his green feels like a joke.

    Beast - Still doesn't look interesting enough for me to spend 600HP for a slot space. I wonder who thought that the 84 damage buff to his green would be enough for people to use it.

    Dr. Octopus - Mostly a pve oriented character. If I had him in my roster I would like to test him against those annoying Maggia goons or ninjas, but with the cost of slots I doubt I will go after him.

    She-Hulk - If she wasn't used before, I doubt these changes will make any difference. I was keeping her because I was hoping for a change that would make her great. The 50%->100% doesn't make the game faster, targets random colors which sucks and uses green which is a very strong color. Good luck winning with her when you climb in pvp. By the time you win you will have lost 100 points. This ability be would so much much better in blue instead of the **** Settlement.

    Health buffs - I don't know how I feel about this. Some characters needed it, but almost all of them? I think this will make the matches much longer. Do we really want to waste more time on a match-3 game. A side-effect of this change is that it makes 4* Thor so much worse because her high health was considered an asset. Now, with everyone receiving a health buff, she seems a lot weaker.

    I guess it's time to take the break I was planning. Sooner than I expected, but who knows, maybe when I return XF will be buffed again. It certainly worked last time, although most have spent for him already so no more profit for the devs means that he will probably be forgotten until new blood is willing to pay for him.
  • Raising toon's health and nerfing xf is just mean.
  • It's been a while since i last posted here, but i can't miss out on a good mass ragequit thread. Barely recognize any names here and i doubt anyone remembers me, but i've been around since one of the first mass ragequit with c.storm. Same script, different cast.

    Imo, the nerf on paper looks better than other nerfs like the infamous rags nerf. At least xforce is still a very usable character, unlike spidey.

    The problem, which makes it worse than other nerfs, is that 4* isn't exactly easy to acquire, and once acquired, isn't exactly easy to replace after being nerfed. In comparison, Rags was handed out like candy in lr and had a lower cap too.

    D3's prob is their lack of foresight or awareness of balance and progression. Does this nerf improve character balance? Yes, but character balance is just one component to the game. Besides, this update shouldn't even be seen as an improvement to the game, rather a correction to a mistake. And it's a mistake that should be compensated for far more greatly than they are doing.
    rowie wrote:
    Wow so sad. So many people got "Iron Fisted" with the upcoming xforce nerf. I guess I'll never get to experience the glory of any good characters at the rate they are nerfing them and then releasing even more new characters that will also eventually soon get nerfed. So what's the point of this game? Just collecting heroes all balanced? icon_lol.gif
    The point is to collect who you like as an individual, rather than bandwagonning and clinging to op metas.
  • GT-47LM wrote:
    Such a great update, yet a huge majority only care about X-Force being nerfed (which was needed), despite wolverine's other two abilities getting a considerable buff. I'm really glad for this update, but some character health buffs can be toned down a bit, since some character buffs on the more extreme end will really change character uses and rankings across the board.

    The fact you thought surgical strike got BUFFED speaks volumes... specifically volumes about you having no clue at all. You think the damage increase somehow balances out stopping the AI using a power (in their strongest colour) AND firing off an entirely new ability of your own from the AP removal and generation? Perhaps think before posting?
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    By castrating X force, you are ruining a goal for many players and kicking players in the face who have gotten the goal.
    You made She-Hulk worse not better. Count down tiles eliminator go poof.
    Thanks for fixing Invisible woman, now prepare to hear the ****, when you hear about the invisibility issues from facing Xavier with Invisible Woman teams. Do you guys not playtest against elite players?
    Increasing hitpoints does what exactly? Slow down the game? Why are you ruining a business model?

    Bullseye is getting more hitpoints? WHY?
    Dear PVE player who has to face high level Bullseye toons. Eat Tinykitty and die.
    Bullseye will have like 15K hitpoints at level 395. SOB
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    Still no third ability for 2* Bullseye.
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    I am a 370 day player. I play each day, grind the PVE, battle in PVP and am part of the Lock and Load alliance. My view is simple, I am angry over this nerf and feel the pain of the veterans. I have invested hp into this character purchasing 2 covers to max as have the other 90% of XForce users.

    Following the announcement of XForce being nerfed I have watched the forums explode. And why should the veterans not be upset over this. We are talking about players who have invested more than a year and the very real possibility of real money into this game.

    Yes I know that it is frustrating to face Xforce so much if you don't have him, but guess what you can earn him through PVE and PVP events or buy him. Why punish the people who have every right to have that weapon in their arsenal.
  • R.I.P. X-Farce...

    Before we know it, the next pair of best characters will be nerfed again. Gonna be awhile more, but I can't wait until I get to use the buff Bagman boohoo!!
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    As an X-Force User I don't like the changes. I don't have him maxed, just at 166 with a 5/3/4 covers, I've spent a LOT of HPs to get him usuable. I've faced a ton of maxed X-Forces and 4*Thors and manage to deal with them thanks to my X-Force and enying the enemy colors. Now my stronger character got destroyer.

    X-Force was useless for a long time, you buffed him and made him the best char in the game and now you destroy him again.... come on guys, make up you mind!!! You are making people not to spend the money to lvl chars, I surely won't use any HP in lvling any char covers seeing they are nerfed like that.

    Invis woman has been useless since the beginning, now we will see how it goes.

    More HPs on characters that are useless on PVP but they are monsters on PvE (hello bullseye) makes the PvE experience even more tedious.

    Oh man, you are doing a terrible work in the last updates, seems like you don't know what you are doing. You do 1 thing right then 3 bad... wake up! please.

    I've already stoped playing PvE, with this changes I won't be able to play much PvP either, I'll see if I can lvl a good partner for my 3* thor, but I can't see myself grinding so much without the power of my XForce.

    I hope you rethink things or change other things so the game can stay fun, being stomped by AI and 270s matches constantly isn¡t fun, even less fun if the only char that can destroy those 270 loses his strenghts.
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    At first I misread Beast's new blue ability: "Creates a 3-turn Blue Countdown tile that creates a 2-turn Blue- wait, what?" icon_e_biggrin.gif
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    It all sucks,
    But extra health sucks MOST of all.
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    Hendross wrote:
    TazFTW wrote:
    Teke184 wrote:
    This doesn't even go into the level changes in ISO costs, which damn well BETTER compensate those of us who have been working to put ISO into characters only to have the total cost sliced.

    I'm reading that as the amount of iso to take a level 40 to 166 stays the same and that they're changing it so that the lower levels are cheaper and making the higher levels more expensive.

    Whilst I agree, the sum total to 166 will remain the same, this does address the levels between

    For example if I spent 400iso for level 41, because 41 is my lucky number, but now 41 is 300iso....i deserve a 100 refund

    That's a reasonable assumption, but it's not how the post explains it. Assuming that the statement is accurate as written, he says that existing characters won't have their levels changed, but will become cheaper to level up.

    The only way for it to be true that existing characters will become cheaper to level up is if the total ISO required to level 3*s and 4*s is reduced, and the ISO required at any given level is reduced. Otherwise, if it's the same total amount of ISO and it's just shifted to be more top heavy, someone with, say, a level 269 Xforce wouldn't find it to be cheaper to level up their character. In fact, it'd be more expensive for anyone with at least one level of ISO put into their in a 3* or 4* to level up their character, since that first level would have gotten cheaper.

    If that's not the case, hopefully they'll clarify the OP like they did the Surgical Strike description. And if it is the case, that's just piling on people who maxed out their characters prior to that, especially people who maxed out 4*Thor and XForce.

    Thank you for the update to the OP confirming that the total ISO cost to level a character will be reduced.

    Please consider some form of compensation for those who have already maxed their characters. This has already been a pretty lousy month for your loyal customers.
  • They're reducing the cost of leveling up characters. REDUCING. To all of those that are **** about having already leveled up characters, just stop whining ffs. If you bought a TV for $500 and a few months later they reduce the price to $400 you wouldn't demand $100 back. Just be glad that it won't cost as much to level up from now on.
  • This game has been nerfed so much of late I had to make sure that D3 was not owned by Hasbro!
  • They're reducing the cost of leveling up characters. REDUCING. To all of those that are **** about having already leveled up characters, just stop whining ffs. If you bought a TV for $500 and a few months later they reduce the price to $400 you wouldn't demand $100 back. Just be glad that it won't cost as much to level up from now on.
    Many of the people who are complaining did it recently, not months ago. You also may have noticed that this is not the only thing they are complaining about. Many of these people are long time veterans that are upset about all the recent nerfs, ones that have basically took all of the hard work and effort they put into developing their rosters and basically spit on it. They are upset because all of the advantages are going to the newer players. D3 is showing absolutely no loyalty to their long standing customers.
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    These are the characters didn't get any health buffs.

    All 1*s
    2* Black Widow
    2* Storm
    2* Ares
    2*/3* Thor
    2*/3* Daken
    3*/4* Wolverine
    The Hood
    Iron Fist
    The Hulk
    Professor X
    Devil Dino

    I agree with the AP stealers (OBW, Loki, Hood) and the true healers. 2* Storm is disappointing -- maybe they kept it the same because of the passive? (Same with The Hulk.)
  • Stax the Foyer
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    They're reducing the cost of leveling up characters. REDUCING. To all of those that are **** about having already leveled up characters, just stop whining ffs. If you bought a TV for $500 and a few months later they reduce the price to $400 you wouldn't demand $100 back. Just be glad that it won't cost as much to level up from now on.

    To be fair, it's not just the price drop, it's the price drop in combination with the nerfs to the 4*s that people have sunk huge amounts of ISO into.

    It's not just that the TV got cheaper, it got worse, too.
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    whitecat31 wrote:
    Bullseye will have like 15K hitpoints at level 395. SOB
    Don't worry, the shills and white knights are telling us these nerfs will make PvE scaling awesomely low. You know, just like it DIDN'T after the spidey nerf, the Patchneto nerf, the GT nerf...
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    Today I'm thinking 5/3/5 for Invisible Woman, just because the higher blue levels aren't that great -- an extra bubble (who cares) and a 50% stronger protect tile. Yellow 3->5 goes from protect tiles of around 200 to 736. Green 3->5 roughly triples the damage.