Polaris has ruined PVP???



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    pook0203 said:
    The only thing left of this game I haven't truly figured out is how PvP matchups are done really. Honestly I wished it would let us go head to head send challenges to those online at the moment your on and let the best man win I ain't ever quite felt like it's all that great to attack others with the CPU being the opponent instead of the actual person who has that roster you know. Plus it would cut out the over powered rosters from jumping you to like i want even attack people with far lesser teams than my own I will look at every opponent's roster and see if they can even get their redemption against me. I say it's leeching cause i look at every A-hole that attacks me I look and see they have super teams and i check the standings and I don't even see them ranked anywhere in the group if they are in a different group on my level then it must be what's happening but that also is **** just cause they for instance are fighting level 8 and chose a different start time than me they should be only able to fight with those in that start/end time group if that's even capable the whole thing I have never really reached out to y'all on here to find out. As for Polaris I can neutralize her easy I got plenty of firepower and I'm very tactical with how I play each match and I know almost all characters powers and what they do and who I can utilize to make a problem opponent not that difficult to battle I know what I'm doing it just lately literally pisses me off that all I see anymore is the same teams and yeah I do get that's the last team that person used but shoot they gotta do something on it. I aint whining and crying like no lol b**** naw I'm not it's just making my favorite game the only game I even play get dull and lame it's like you can't even have any matchup with a variety of teams and if you happen to find one shoot it's suicide to fight some cause they are matchups way overpowered than myself. I made this thread though to gauge and see how others felt on it and im glad I got some pointers in here I'm not as seasoned as some are I could have been I should have stuck with this game all the way back when it first launched back when it was 1s and 2s life went to hell back in them days I had much worse things going on but I been hardcore everyday for well over 2 years now got almost 13 covers of every 4 star and almost all 5s to my 3s and 2s I farm them out always assuring I got least 1 of each for specific events. I just wanted to see some views on it and get any pointers as well thanks to all who shared some skill knowledge 
    Sir, this is a Wendy's.

    Ok sorry, that was not very nice, but it's really hard to read your post!  If you can be more specific and concise about what you're asking, lots of people here can help.  PvP is really complicated and it doesn't make much sense, but players have figured it all out over the years.
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    Putting spaces, commas and dots usually help people to read things.
    And about how it works pvp system, people interested use to figure it, or question others, or search for it.
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    I've been playing less than 1 year now and i'm a 4 star player. i don't have issues countering Polaris with Groot and BRB. I knew that she was going to be used a lot in pvp, so i focused on a team built to beat her and all her variants. I use champed 4* Deadpool, 4* Spiderman 2099 and 4* silk. Once i get the black, blue or yellow matches going, you get large damage and heals (very large amount of heals going on with Silk!) to counter the polaris mechanics. Also, as soon as polaris starts hitting you all the time, it triggers Deadpools ability to hit her back for 3k+ damage. she goes down in 2 turns with this team, so she's not a issue. BRB can be very annoying if he gets his countdown tile placed, but even with his protect tiles being put out, Silk counters it with her blue power and BRB can't turn web tiles into protect tiles. I actually target BRB first in all matchups because i don't see Polaris as a threat in these matchups because she actually hurts the opponents team than helps it. Her constantly launching attacks when she matches the strike tiles only triggers Deadpool even more so BRB gets taken down quickly. Uprising on spider Man 2099 is also very good to take out Polaris and BRB. 
    A long time ago, one of the most popular 4star simulator teams was a combination of Gamora, R4g and another. Usually medusa. A fun team to play against them was H3lk, D3ken and C4rol, and you have Hulk tank, Carol set to 5 5 3, and you just flood the board with black 1turn countdowns which give you green AP and make red strikes and it all worked nicely together to melt the enemy team within 3 turns if they didn't get a lucky cascade and you could get hulk tanking.

    You team reminds me of that. I'll have to try it out at some point as I really like d4adpool as a character (and his powers hit really hard when he's boosted). 
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    The recent 5* counter to Polaris teams was simply Colossus.  I feast on the BRB/Polaris/Kitty teams using Colossus/Hood/Chavez.  Colossus deals so much match damage so fast along with the Chavez crit tiles and Hood giving you the AP advantage to get Chavez working turn 2 at times, it overwhelms the very brittle Polaris, even with a few shots of boosted protect tiles from Kitty.  I have only every lost 2 matches to that team when attacking, once on a mega cascade where the AI got 7 blue on their first turn and stunned my Colossus and once when I couldn't get the AP advantage due to a horrendous series of enemy match 4/5 s and cascades and BRB/Kitty got their flow going really early because of that.  Otherwise I have probably beat that team easily with the above team made up of a 5*/4*/3* well over 50+ times or more (probably an underestimate but you get the point). I usually can kill Polaris by turn 3 and then focus on BRB (denying him blue) and kill him within a few turns with crit damage.  Sometimes I will try and match one or two protect tiles away if the opportunity presents itself in order to stop Kitty just in case.

    I believe the OP was irked at teams with one 5* capped rosters with either Kitty or BRB it sounds.  Well Colossus may be the best individual 5* (there are other arguments to be made of course) if I had to only have one 5* champed.  His damage output and more important protection from match damage allows me to use the above team to beat most 5* teams,  Except other Colossus teams and Hulkoye teams for obvious reasons.  
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    “go big or go home”  >:)
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    I can understand anyone who's tired of facing the same few team combos time after time, event after event. It's unfortunately what this game has become with the lack of vision the devs have. They've made so many poor development decisions that have painted themselves in a corner and created much of the mess this game is in today. 

    I don't see much changing anytime soon or ever regarding the OP's gripes though. They can rebalance characters, something I'm strongly in favor for but it will never fix anything that's broken. Seems like all you can do is decide wisely which new characters you chase after, make sure any counter characters you have rostered and covered to deal with flavor of the month/year teams/combos. Still doesn't make seeing the same teams time and time again any more fun really, but at least easier to deal with. 

    I kind of pool my resources these days. Wait to see what new characters come out, if they are great or meta, or a must have counter character before I do any pulling. I don't really try to collect them all, even know I'd like to. But the way this game is super heavy on having both metas and counter characters, I like to make sure I have the sufficient resources to cover them once they come around. For the new 5s I don't feel like pulling for, I end up getting my 1 cover via shard rewards so I can do their required node when it comes around. The new 4s I always complete from various rewards within a month or so. 
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    Has everyone forgotten that Morbius is the perfect counter to Polaris? Remove their specials and those teams do nothing. 
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    Nerf Polaris!!!!!!
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    Unfortunately there will always be players with no imagination that use meta teams as a crutch to compensate for that . I’d love MPQ to put a limit on how often a player can be used , much like health packs , a use would regenerate every X minutes .