Feedback Wanted: Character Balance

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Hey all,

Wanted to stir up a bit of conversation, this particular time for a subject that many of you know to be near and dear to my heart: Character balancing.

Like to get a temperature check as to what people are looking for here and now. I mean, sure. There’s tons of data that we can pull from over the past zillion years, but I’d like to know: How do you feel about character balance right now?

I’ve placed a couple of vote options to just kind of get a gauge of where you sit as a whole. But as always, the real meat of opinion will be in what you say, and who you say it about.

I’ll note that I’m not saying that we’ll jump on all this immediately. We’ve got near future plans already set, so even if there’s a total consensus on a given issue regarding balance I wouldn’t expect it to be hopped on in a week. But what it *does* do is gives a real time right this second impression of what you, the player, are currently experiencing in the meta and what you’d like to see happen to it.

So, what’chu think? Star-Lord need a buff?

Feedback Wanted: Character Balance 302 votes

Balance is fine right now
Tony_FootCodexNMANOZ1Bad 4 votes
Some characters could use a dusting of nerf powder
nbperpOzarkBoatswainantreas1911zonatahuntsinnerjflelvy75xKOBALTxT_REZ5000entrailbucketabmorazNajboljiLHammerejmussteakleatherLFChikarasonfrachrUNC_SamuraiArctic_Oneliminal_ladtiomono 58 votes
Some characters could use super soldier serum
SidlondkffivBeast1970ThanosDragon_NexusZeiramMRafsplatTalahamutPorkBellyfreakygeekKolenceTwystaWonko33YasuruColognoisseurfirethornekillercoolCubRobthedarkphoenixCNash 240 votes


  • ThisisClemFandangoThisisClemFandango Posts: 9 Just Dropped In
    Some characters could use super soldier serum
    Dear lord yes, where you start I have no idea
  • marshallmarshall Posts: 160 Tile Toppler
    Some characters could use super soldier serum
    I think some characters like 5*Banner could use some mechanics overhauls, but mostly we just need basic upgrades to match damage/health on Phoenix, Goblin, Kraven and other small numerical reviews to make them relevant.
  • captainheathcaptainheath Posts: 111 Tile Toppler
    Some characters could use super soldier serum
    It stinks to have a roster of 200+, but not even know what some of my championed characters do.  There is no reason to use way too much of my roster.  Simple tweaks to numbers would make so many of them useful.
  • HilkHilk Posts: 108 Tile Toppler
    Some characters could use super soldier serum
    some of the older 5* could use a bump up...
    hulk/banner/SS? - perhaps allow AP from the Hilk’s matches and make transformation faster.
    Phx, green goblin - match damage, health? 
    Rescue - 
    kingpin - 
    Wasp - has no synergy with anyone...

    Bishop and perhaps Worthy Cap should be adjusted, as 4*, they basically require 5* to not be used against them ( they almost require a 4* or lower vs them)..
  • TalahamutTalahamut Posts: 228 Tile Toppler
    Some characters could use super soldier serum
    For sure, the older 5*s need hp/match damage increases to bring them closer to modern 5*s. An overhaul of the worst 5s (Banner, Wasp, KP, AA) powersets wouldn't be bad either.

    Idk what life is like in 4*-land, but it seems like there is probably a lot of 4* that have almost no usage, either due to a poor powerset or lack of synergy with anybody.
  • SluggoSluggo Posts: 503 Critical Contributor
    Some characters could use a dusting of nerf powder
    Nerfs: obviously, Bishop. The fact that the end of Shield Sim every season is a sea of Bishops is a sign that he's out of balance and needs a tweak. I'm sure the rest of the community will be along shortly to repeat this many, many times. 

    Buffs: there are too many unused characters in MPQ and it's probably unrealistic to ask for all of them to be buffed. But there's probably an easy win in giving a little nudge to older 5's in the match damage department. They don't need to be equal to current 5's, but maybe split the difference so they don't feel completely weak? 
  • SnowcaTTSnowcaTT Posts: 3,316 Chairperson of the Boards
    Some characters could use super soldier serum
    I voted buffs. Agree the 4*'s are where the nerfs need to be right now, but so may 4* and 5* alike that sit on my bench like bums.
  • pfarewellpfarewell Posts: 52 Match Maker
    Some characters could use super soldier serum
         I think it would be ok to return Old Man Logan to his pre nerf state. Phoenix needs a boost. What would be really cool is if you changed her powers to boss Phoenix. 
            Other 5* characters could use match damage and health  buffs to make them more competitive. 
             Please overhaul 5* Wasp, Kingpin and Banner
  • starlord1982starlord1982 Posts: 14 Just Dropped In
    Some characters could use a dusting of nerf powder
    Nerf bishop and hammercap. There is no reason for them to be overpowering for 5s but to be so weak against their own tier. For instance xfdp is very good in his tier, he can even slightly punch upward but he is not meta where most 5* rosters would skip over him. 
    The saddest thing about bishop is in SIM every season, where people will float for 2 weeks without losing points. Is it kitty or r4g that people are skipping? Nope is the instant stun lock of bishop. 
  • KolenceKolence Posts: 698 Critical Contributor
    Some characters could use super soldier serum
    I've voted for buffing, but really believe a tiny few could use a bit of toning down of their power. 

    Ideally, if anything comes from this, it should be a combination of buffs for the weakest, least used, worst win success characters (across tiers?), some standardization of 5-star match damage, and either gentle nerfs of troublesome characters or actual counter play options, possibly added onto the newly buffed characters.

    That's my dream scenario off the top of my head... :) 
  • starlord1982starlord1982 Posts: 14 Just Dropped In
    Some characters could use a dusting of nerf powder
    And you better not nerf Starlord!!!
  • sinnerjflsinnerjfl Posts: 1,143 Chairperson of the Boards
    Some characters could use a dusting of nerf powder
    Nerf Bishop and Hammercap. They are basically impossible to fight with 5*'s because mere match damage activate their AP generation and stun, they're everywhere and counters dont work.
  • GlockomaGlockoma Posts: 63 Match Maker
    Some characters could use super soldier serum
    I am thoroughly proud of the dev team. Pretty much everything that will be divulged in this thread Will most likely address the current distresses of the gameplay; because it is long overdue. 

    I remember years ago (3-4) when there was an across the board health adjustment to all in game characters. 

    In my opinion, This, (along with match damage), would be a great springboard. 

    Thank you again, and hopefully, this can be an ongoing endeavor from the development team instead of letting the pot boil over.
  • Projectus2501Projectus2501 Posts: 148 Tile Toppler
    edited 21 January 2020, 01:50
    It's hard to "choose"

    Most 5* need a buff and you could even make money from it selling the "improved" versions on stores

    But in the 4* realm... What the hell is bishop and broken cap doing there??? Just nerf those guys already!!! Without the need for a "get a temperature" speech.

    Ps: broken cap and bishop are the reason pvp sucks. Just check the numbers on how many people skip those guys on pvp
  • Tiger_WongTiger_Wong Posts: 389 Mover and Shaker
    Some characters could use super soldier serum
    I voted for buffs but..... Bishop’s blue gain is insane for a character with a 4 turn stun. 

    Phoenix needs buffs/overhaul
    5* Hulk as well
    5* Wasp needs an overhaul. 

    And would it be too much to ask to put Mr.Fantastic back to his last version?
  • tiomonotiomono Posts: 1,565 Chairperson of the Boards
    Some characters could use a dusting of nerf powder
    I said nerf powder but overall I'm more on supersoldier serum. Just I feel the few characters that need dusted would be easier to deal with than bringing a larger group up to meet them.

    Primarily what I want to see though is the 5* tier equalized on match damage. Older 5*'a hit like wet noodles compared to newer people. Every other tier has the same match damage across all characters. It makes it much easier to plan out who will tank and when. But if you play 5* you just know your older characters are gonna sit in the back even if you want them up front more often like daredevil or oml.

    I said nerf dust for one reason and I hate nerfs. Having an enemy jump in front of your wet noodle matching 3 and hit them back for 2 times the damage while gaining 5 ap is not cool. Bishop is extremely stupid vs 5* characters. He 100% nullifies their match damage and stuns people entirely too fast because of his massive ap gain. And let's not forget he destroys 6 of his targets strongest color when he stuns for 4 turns. He is insane.
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