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New Event - Support Circuit Updated (1/28/19)



  • HoundofShadowHoundofShadow Posts: 1,677 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited January 30
    This quote still stands true today:

    "Progression in any RPG eventually slows down, and speeding things up in one place often just hastens the moment when things get slow. "

    I believe many players would already have ~50% (~20/42) of the support that can be pulled if they logged in during the period where the devs gave a total of Beginner (13) and Advance Tokens (5) of a couple different themes freely. There were also 4 starter supports and Rank 2 Wasp Gauntlets given to every players.

    Let's run a scenario when the devs add Beginner Supports into progression  beginning from next week.

    By the next rotation of new Support Circuit events:

    Stage 1: For those with few supports and they got few Rank 1 or Rank 2 supports, they will be happy for a while. For others, Rank 1 and Rank 2 perks are insulting or useless.

    Stage 2: Players will start complaining about getting dupes, and useless Rank 1 and Rank 2 supports, which is actually happening for some. I am probably in stage 2.

    Stage 3: They will ask the devs to put Advance or even Master Tokens into progression because they are not drawing Rank 3 to 5 supports frequently enough. Repeat Stage 2.

    Stage 4: They will request Master Tokens to give a minimum of Rank 4 Supports, increase the odds of getting Rank 3, 4 and Rank 5 across all appropriate tokens and increase the number of Advance/MasterTokens in progression or placement rewards. 

    Stage 5: "Bonus Heroes" for Supports.

    Given that the devs mentioned that Supports could help to increase the longevity of the game for many more years, I'm sure they already have long term plans on how fast they will be releasing supports to the masses. However, many are trapped in a cycle of instant-gratification. This is why the perception that the devs is disconnected from the players will continue. 

    Adding a couple of Beginner/Advance tokens into progression won't hurt, but the implication is the devs has to increase the number of Support tokens in placement rewards.
  • Daredevil217Daredevil217 Posts: 1,980 Chairperson of the Boards

    Now that this thread is dead and no longer stickied, I don’t know who will read it. But, I want to give my unique perspective on this event. 

    On my roster, I dont know who has supports equipped or what they do. I have had horrendous luck with them and despite having a really really great roster, being competitive, playing 1600+ days, etc. I am missing half of them and have never gotten or 4 or 5*.  Not one. Mostly 1s and 2s. It’s been very rough. So despite seeming interesting I decided they just weren’t meant for me. Being F2P I can will and skill my way to completing characters, but supports were always P2W. Fair enough. 

    Now with this new Support Circuit announcement I hear that we will finally have access. Awesome!  Finally I’ll get to play with my contemporaries!

    The Circuit itself is a lot of fun. New teams to face, unstunnable boss nodes sprinkled in. And if I’m being honest a great amount of resources for what feels to me like minimal work (4 clears to nab all progression rewards). So a good return on investment. Every extra bit of CP counts! I don’t even mind the 24 hour thing (though I wish it was longer like others or a revamped gauntlet, it doesn’t KILL it for me). It’s like lightning rounds meet DDQ meet PVE. I actually like playing this game so more stuff to do is a bonus. These are all check marks for me!

    So I played. I caught a fresh flip. Thanos/Grittyd my way through. Cleared optimally. Placed 4th. Great in any other PVE but for this I might as well have placed 50th. There’s still the vault at least! I’ve done the daily deal every day, and of course pulled whatever tokens I won for being fourth. My pulls were as follows:

    2* Thor

    2* Moonstone

    2* Magneto

    2* Captain Marvel

    2* Human Torch x2

    500 iso x3

    1,000 iso

    1,500 iso

    5,000 iso

    500 red iso

    That’s it! I’m going to keep pulling until this vault expires just to see how it turns out (maybe I’m getting the bad pulls out of the way early?), but even if I finally get a “good pull” it’s very likely to be another 3* because of the now jacked up odds. 

    I’m torn on if I’ll try to play competitively again. It was a huge drain on healthpacks, especially given my normal PVE grind was right after. Might just go progression and out. Or optimal clears with a healthpack saving team. 

    But the short of it is, I appreciate the event as a way to get more resources to build my characters. But I actually care LESS about supports than I did before.  I’m pretty sure this wasn’t the intended effect of the developers but I’m going to continue to ignore supports. 

  • TeamStewieTeamStewie Posts: 315 Mover and Shaker
    They should've run this during the boss event instead of Monday this week.
  • TPF AlexisTPF Alexis Posts: 2,815 Chairperson of the Boards
    I didn't notice as much trouble with tapping on the Big Pin instead of 1, 2, or 9. Not sure if that was fixed, or I just got better at tapping in the right place.
    Node 6 should have had Blade or Cyclops in it as the front character, so there would have been a series of three in a row with the front character wearing shades.
    Node 8: Why did you put a team in here with Domino and no active black user? That's not just lacking in synergy, but actually has negative synergy, since it's putting more AP they can't use on the board.
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