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  • Tiger_Wong
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    2 teams for my newly ascended Echo

    AsEcho 5/5/3
    Ph5 Cyclops 3/5/5 (Fantasticar lvl 3 support)
    Jessica Jones 3/5/5

    AsEcho is a great black color generator when you choose Kun L’un as her red. It costs 7 and puts 9 black tiles on the field. Once you have 12 AP, it becomes a cheap nuke. Her black passive may be her best power, despite her making a pathetically weak strike tile. If a power is fired, her match and ability damage go up dramatically. So her red and her purple almost double in power each time an opponent power is fire. And her purple passive is solid as well. The only problem being, you don’t know which purple or black trap tile you should destroy to get the nuke damage.

    That’s wher JJ comes in. After getting 6 blue AP, you can see where enemy trap tiles are. That includes the ones Echo create with any match 4s

    Cyclops pumps up Echo’s match damage with his yellow and creates more red with his green.

    The other team is

    AsEcho 5/5/3
    Ph5 Colossus 5/5/3
    As 3Magik4 or 5 5/3/5

    Echo makes more black for Magik to drag the team to limbo. And once in limbo, Echo becomes the red and purple match maker to take advantage of the match damage bump.

  • Falconfreak
    Falconfreak Posts: 119 Tile Toppler it possible to have a fun Black King team for PVE? I tried using 4* Cap or 5*mThor just doesn't seem to fit. Tried Black Knight as well.

  • qandols
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    I just rediscovered 5* Magneto. Paired with Kitty and Carbage he will punish tile-spammers. Magneto red destroys enemy tiles when they are laid. His yellow makes good SAP tiles. Carbage makes attack tiles when you match any SAP tile. Kitty does what Kitty does best.

  • WhiteBomber
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    5quidCat, 5Heim, 3Magic

    1. 6 blue fortify pinks with Heim
    2. Magic pink makes black (including changing the fortified pinks, which now makes Goose black only 3)
    3. You should now have some black, Goose black should get you more blue and pink
    4. Endlessly cast Goose black and alternate fortifies and Magic pink until done, pretty fun.

    Once you have enough black for Limbo, throw your team with Heim yellow to save health, once they land, Limbo will trigger for the extra match damage fun from all the cascades.