What Marvel character are you hoping for? (post movesets)



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    RageFace wrote:
    What marvel characters have self regeneration? I want those characters. Seriously not sure who they are though.
    Dakens and Wolverines have self healing (and it's true healing) abilities

    I also feel like Ghost Rider and Sabertooth would but I'm not sure.
  • RageFace wrote:
    What marvel characters have self regeneration? I want those characters. Seriously not sure who they are though.

    Deadpool. Why they haven't introduced him by now is beyond me. He'd be a great addition and may even get me to drop some real money on the game.
  • Carol Danvers either as Captain Marvel or Miss Marvel.
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    I know I said in that other thread I'd prefer if D3 reworked some of the less popular characters before introducing any more but I'd really like to see Domino turn up at some point.

    I thinking something like a hybrid Hawkeye/Yelena/GSBW skillset would work quite well for her - placing and/or generating crit tiles (she's lucky), damage mitigation like avoid (did I mention she's lucky?) and some sort of direct damage/cascade generator like Hood's Twin Pistols or Widows Sniper Rifle but maybe not quite as powerful. Make them purple, black and green/red and she covers off a less-used colour combination too.
  • What we need is a whole new bunch of 2** characters.
    3DP has got to stop making new 3*** for a while. (A Long While)
    And they have to be in the context of the period of DARK REIGN that's Norman Osborne's reign.

    So no Silver Surfers or Phoenixes or Super Skrulls or Thanos or whoever that was not involved in DARK REIGN.

    Gotta keep this game fresh. We need new 2** or the game is getting out of reach for new players.
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    Professor X - Charles Xavier ****

    9 Black Ap - Telepathic Illusion - Colour Blindness (stuns the enemy with colour blindness)
    Level 2: Cost 1 less
    Level 3: Stuns 2 turns
    Level 4: Cost 1 less
    Level 5: Stuns 3 turns

    7 Blue Ap - Psionic Shield (protects the energy of the allies to 20% of the attacks)
    Level 2: Cost 1 less
    Level 3: protects the energy of the allies 40%
    Level 4: protects the energy of the allies 60%
    Level 5: Cost 1 less

    11 Red Ap - Mind Possession (use a enemy attack against him 40%)
    Level 2: Cost 1 less
    Level 3: Use 60%
    Level 4: Cost 1 less
    Level 5: Use 80%

    *I think the first skill should be really cool icon_e_geek.gif
  • Omega red***

    Red: Death Spore
    Deals X damage to enemy team and heals .5X damage to allies.
    Level 2-4 increase damage and healing
    Level 5 becomes true healing

    Black: carbodanium tentacles
    Removes all temporary (false?) healing on enemy team. If none exists, stun the enemy for one turn
    Level 2-4 stun increased by 1
    Level 5 whole enemy team stunned 2 turns

    Yellow healing factor
    Heals X damage whenever a yellow match is made below 50% health
    Level 2 below 60%
    Level 3 also with red matches
    Level 4 below 70%
    Level 5 also with black matches
  • Black bolt***

    Black: sonic scream
    Deals X damage and destroys 10 random tiles, not generating ap
    Level 2: 1 ap less
    Level 3: 15 tiles
    Level 4: 1 ap less
    Level 5: 20 tiles

    Yellow: electron manipulation
    Destroys all yellow tiles on the board
    Level 2: 1 ap less
    Level 3: also destroys black
    Level 4: 1 ap less
    Level 5: also destroys blue

    Blue passive: terrigan mutation
    Every black match deals double damage
    Level 2: black match 4s create crit tiles
    Level 3: yellow match also deals double damage
    Level 4: yellow match 4s create crit tiles
    Level 5: blue match also deals double damage, blue match 4s create crit tiles
  • Mr Fantastic

    Blue: smartest man in the world
    Increases all enemy countdowns by 1 and destroys one enemy attack and one enemy defense tile
    Level 2: 1 ap less
    Level 3: increases countdowns by 2, destroys 2 attack and 2 defense tiles
    Level 4: 1 ap less
    Level 5: increases countdowns by 3, destroys 3 attack and 3 defense tiles

    Black passive: I'm rubber, you're glue
    Whenever an enemy deals damage over 30% of Mr Fantastic's health in one turn, that attack's damage is reduced by 50%, with 50% being dealt back to the enemy
    Level 2: reduced by 60%
    Level 3: when enemy deals over 20%
    Level 4: deals 60% back
    Level 5: when enemy deals over 10%

    Yellow: bounce
    Deals X damage to enemy and avoids the next attack that would damage Mr Fantastic
    Level 2-5: 1 ap less
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    I think Deadpool is a given and a huge question why he isn't in the game yet. He's basically the one who accidently help Osborn into power! How is he not in the game???? Oh well, but I loved going through people's suggestions. I love the idea of Gambit. He's just badass. Then a 3* Juggs would be really cool!! But my suggestion is a 3* Hawkeye. The 2* version is stupid as hell! I'm not all that creative with the skills, but here's my attempt:

    Precise Explosion-10 Red AP: Hawkeye shoots an area on the board (of your choice) that explodes. No AP earned. His precise aiming also takes out X AP from each color of the enemy team.
    Lv1: Explosion is 3x3 brick. Takes out 3AP of each color
    Lv2: Damage increases to 5x5
    Lv3: Takes out 4 AP of each color
    Lv4: Takes out 5 AP of each color
    Lv5: Damage increases to 9x9 brick and takes out 6 AP

    Multi-Shot-16 Purple AP: Pretty much like Bullseye's Murderous Aim cause honestly, who doesn't love critical tile where you want them??
    Lv1: Creates 1 critical tile placed on board of your choice
    Lv2: Costs 1AP less and creates 2 critical tiles
    Lv3: Costs 1AP less
    Lv4: Costs 1AP less and creates 3 critical tiles
    Lv5: Costs 1AP less and creates 4 critical tiles

    Always Watching -Passive green: When your team has 10 green AP, Hawkeye is eyes on the enemy. Whenever the enemy creates a protect, strike, attack or countdown tile, he will shoot it down in an explosion of mass proportions (aka 5x5 brick)
    Lv1: Shoots one protect, strike, attack or countdown tile
    Lv2: Shoots two tiles down
    Lv3: Shoots three tiles down
    Lv4: Shoots four tiles down
    Lv5: Shoots all tiles down

    I like the last just because green is used all the time and it's never a passive color. So why not!! Plus, it takes a pretty good amount of green to become active. It could be changed to it takes 10 green AP to use, but we have enough tinykitty people using green IMO. But yeah, there's my take on a Hawkeye I'd actually like to use!
  • Iceman (Classic) 3-star

    Mid-low Health (equivalent to Patch, Punisher, CMags, etc.)


    Ice Beam (10 Blue)

    Iceman shoots a blast of frigid energy that damages an opponent for X damage and stuns them for 2 turns.

    L2 - Damage up 25%
    L3 - Stuns for 3 turns
    L4 - Damage up 25%
    L5 - Also stuns enemy teammates for 1 turn.

    Freezing Barrier (9 Purple)

    Iceman creates an wickedly cold ice barrier that freezes enemies who touch it. Transforms a random basic color tile into a Protect tile with value X that is also a trap tile that stuns the enemy for 3 turns if matched by the enemy team.

    L2 - Protect up 25%
    L3 - Stuns for 4 turns
    L4 - Protect up 25%
    L5 - Can choose tile location.

    Bitter Cold (Black Passive)

    Iceman keeps the air temperature around his foes frigid, dissipating heat and energy at a dramatic rate. Red and Yellow matches made by the enemy team yield 1 less AP per match.

    L2 - Also affects Green matches
    L3 - Also affects Purple matches
    L4 - Also affects Black matches
    L5 - Affects all enemy color matches
  • Lazy Devil Dinosaur - 3* (Gold)

    Power Bite - Green 6 AP

    Devil Dinosaur smashes the enemy in his massive jaws, dealing X damage to the target.

    L2-L5 - Damage increases.

    Roar - Red - 10 AP

    Powers up Devil Dinosaur and intimidates the enemy, creating one strike tile and destroying a random enemy strike, protect, or countdown tile.

    L2 - Creates 2 strike tiles and destroys 2 enemy tiles.
    L3 - Also stuns opponent for 1 turn.
    L4 - Creates 3 enemy tiles and destroys 3 enemy tiles.
    L5 - Stuns opponent team for 1 turn.

    Devour - Yellow - 15 AP

    If the opponent is at 30% health or less, Devil Dinosaur devours them, KOing them instantly.

    L2 - 35% health or less.
    L3 - 40% health or less.
    L4 - 45% health or less.
    L5 - 50% health or less.
  • Here's my list of who I'd like to see added to the game:

    Professor X
    Doctor Octopus
    Titanium Man
    Ms. Marvel
    Jean Grey
    Doctor Strange
    Scarlet Witch
    Irving Forbush
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    anything 2* maybe another 3* but no more 4* characters for a while... only the rich and corrupt can even use a 4* but the others are at least somewhat attainable icon_neutral.gif
  • Wasp

    Yellow: Bioelectric blasts
    Deals X damage and stuns enemy for 1 turn
    Level 2: 1 ap less
    Level 3: stuns 2 turns
    Level 4: 1 ap less
    Level 5: stuns enemy team 1 turn

    Black passive: Insect size
    Whenever a damaging ability is directed at Wasp, that attack deals 50% damage to Wasp and 50% to her ally with the most health.
    Level 2: deals 40% to Wasp
    Level 3: deals 40% to ally
    Level 4: deals 30% to Wasp
    Level 5: deals 30% to ally

    Red: Giant form
    For the next 2 turns, Wasp deals double damage. Insect Size does not work for those turns.
    Level 2: 3 turns
    Level 3: triple damage
    Level 4: 4 turns
    Level 5: Insect Size works at level 3 effectiveness
  • Pwuz_
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    Mr.Fantastic (Reed Richards)

    Purple: Quantum Research
    Purple AP converted to all other colors (at max 4:1 ratio) & destroys all Purple tiles for damage, but not AP.
    Black: Bounce Back
    Passive; Reflect back a % of any damage inflicted on Mr. Fantastic, but costs 1AP each time being used. Increase % based on how much Black AP team has stored.
    Blue: Hammer Fist
    Raw Damage, shatters a random section of the board, size of section based on remaining AP, up to full board clear (30AP - Cost).

    The Thing (Ben Grimm)

    Yellow: Rock Hard Skin
    Passive; Any time Thing takes more than 5% damage creates a defensive tile. (Works like Hulk's Black)
    Raw Damage move, cheap AP cost, but increased damage based on remaining Red AP.
    Purple: Defensive Position
    Passive; Anytime "X" purple tiles are in play, Thing jumps to the front to protect his teammates & takes only 80% of the normal damage.

    Thing is the embodiment of the Tank and as such should include Record High levels of Health.

    This would cover the full rainbow for any team of 3 members of the Fantastic Four.
  • Jean Gray (Phoenix)

    The idea here is to have a character based largely around utility and AP-gathering, with very low health, who transforms into dark phoenix on death if certain requirements are reached. Dark Phoenix is then absolutely destructive. Likely to partner well with either Doom or Black Panther for the sake of generating the black necessary for her incredible Dark Phoenix mode.

    Lowest Life Tier (around 3500 at max level)

    Phoenix Inferno (8 red)
    Jean Gray shatters 5 black tiles, dealing damage and generating AP.
    Level 2: Shatters 6 black tiles
    Level 3: shatters 7 black tiles. Costs 9 AP.
    Level 4: shatters 9 black tiles. Costs 11 AP.
    Level 5: shatters all black tiles. Costs 14 AP.

    Healing Field (10 Yellow)
    Jean Gray brings up a field around her, healing them whenever they find lifeforce to absorb. For the next two turns, whenever she makes a match, she heals 3% of her life.
    Level 2: Heals whenever he takes damage, 4%
    Level 3: Lasts 3 turns, 6%
    Level 4: Also applies to allies at 3%
    Level 5: 8% and 4%, respectively

    Dark Phoenix Rises (black, passive)
    Jean Gray is damaged to the point she can no longer hold back the forces within her! If Phoenix is downed and has 30 black AP, depletes 20 AP of each color and revives her as Dark Phoenix! Ends enemy turn on activation.
    Level 2: Level increase of Dark Phoenix powers, requires 27 black AP
    Level 3: Level increase of Dark Phoenix powers, requires 25 black AP
    Level 4: Level increase of Dark Phoenix powers, requires 23 black AP
    Level 5: Level increase of Dark Phoenix powers, requires 20 black AP.

    Dark Phoenix (Phoenix)
    Lowest life Tier
    Doubled match damage strength: R/B/P

    Phoenix Inferno (8 Red)
    Dark Phoenix shatters 5 black tiles, dealing damage to the enemy team and generating AP. Additionally, the fire burns them for 7 damage per tile
    Level 2: Shatters 6 black tiles, burns for 10 damage.
    Level 3: shatters 7 black tiles, burns for 15 damage. Costs 9 AP.
    Level 4: shatters 9 black tiles,burns for 17 damage. Costs 11 AP.
    Level 5: shatters all black tiles, burns for 20 damage. Costs 14 AP. At max level: 400 damage per tile (not sure about scaling)

    Psychic Crush (10 purple)
    Dark Phoenix reaches into the mind of her adversary and destroys it. The character is stunned for 2 turns, and Dark Phoenix depletes a color of an active ability the team uses at random by 5.
    Level 2: Stuns for 3 turns
    Level 3: Depletes by 7
    Level 4: Stuns for 5 turns
    Level 5: Depletes all other colors by 3 as well.

    World Shatter (8 black)
    Dark Phoenix unleashes her full power, scorching the planet. Destroys all environmental tiles and deals damage to all other characters for each.
    Level 2: Deals more damage
    Level 3: Deals more damage
    Level 4: Deals more damage
    Level 5: Costs 20 AP. Downs all characters other than Dark Phoenix.
  • I don't know if anyone else has posted about it, but the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie has me really thinking about one character I would love to see.

    I want them to have Groot as a character in the game. I haven't really thought about what his powers would be, but two of them should be named "I am Groot" and "I'm Groot". Maybe the third one could be something about Rocket.
  • Since we have Sentry, I would have made him a 4* and then have a 3* named Void.

    I'd like Carnage as a 3*. Red/Black/Yellow

    Red Hulk @ 3*. Similar to Hulk, but drop Anger for an energy attack of sorts, and make it yellow

    Cable @ 4*. Red is a hard hitting gun attack. Blue is a telekinetic attack that destroys all of a selected tiles so all greens if you choose, but does not collect AP. Purple freezes time for opponent, they can't attack for two moves.

    Antman 3* (Hawkeye). Take the two attacks from the one star Hawkeye then add a third attack called giant stomp (black) that would function like publishers green, blowing out a foot shaped area of the board, and placing strike tiles in various places.
  • Mister Fantastic

    Reach for the stars
    Yellow=9 with his elastic arms reaches for the opponents and steal 3 environment tiles + damage to target
    Lv2 6 environment tiles + damage
    Lv3 9 environment tiles + damage
    Lv4 12 + damage
    Lv5 12 +1 of each color tile + damage

    Words of wisdom( rubber band holds better then glue )
    Blue= 10 before things get out of hand mister fantastic gives advice to jonny (if paired up with human torch) inferno does not consume blue ap and stuns target one turn
    Lv2 does not consume blue ap and stuns target 2 turns
    Lv3 does not consume blue and pink ap. stuns target 2 turns
    Lv4 does not consume blue, pink, yellow ap stuns target 2 turns
    Lv5 blue ap 12 cost, inferno does not consume ap+ (if paired up with invisible woman grant invisibility drops to 10 yellow) and stuns target 2 turns and targets team for 1 turn
    If not paired up with any fantastic four uses stun abilities

    **** slap
    Pink=12 with his rubber band like body reaches todestroy a vertical line in the middle of the board earning ap and doing damage
    Lv2 can chose what line to destroy + damage
    Lv3 can choose between vertical or horizontal line + ap+ damage
    Lv4 can chose from vertical, horizontal or across (/,\) line +ap + damage
    Lv5 pink ap 13 cost and a destroys a big 4 in the middle of the board+ ap + damage

    So obviously blue would have to be used before using Human torch ( inferno) and invisible woman's grant invisibility, this guy could be a 2* star character or a 3* with low health kind of like hood.
    The reason for bringing this guy up would be to actually put invisible woman in use.

    Anyways let me hear your thoughts on this and if it's too exaggerated or if it's to low for the ap consumption or too complicated.