What Marvel character are you hoping for? (post movesets)



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    Ild like to see Skrulls come into play. Something along the idea that one of your characters is actually a Skrull and either turns against you and fights for the other team or brings in two other Skrulls (random characters?) and the fight becomes a three way.
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    Let's face it, when it comes to things that have sprung from Wolverine's DNA, Daken just pales beside....

    X-23 (***)
    At Max Level: 6200 HP / 52/60/11/12/10/67

    Red: Trigger Scent – 8 AP – Laura enters a feral rage, creating a 3 turn red countdown tile. While the tile is on the board, Laura does double damage when matching tiles that bear her symbol. If the countdown tile is destroyed, Laura deals [4 red tile match] damage to her allies.
    -Level 2: Laura’s damage increases to 2.5x normal while the countdown tile is active.
    -Level 3: The countdown tile increases to 4 turns.
    -Level 4: Damage increases to 3x normal.
    -Level 5: Countdown tile increases to 5 turns. Damage increases to 3.5x normal.

    Black: Precision Strikes – 11 AP – Laura strikes her opponent with deadly precision, inflicting a wound that continues to bleed and deal damage for 3 rounds. The initial attack deals 500 damage at max level and 150 bleed damage each subsequent round. Bleed effects do not stack, though multiple uses of Precision Strikes against the same character will extend the effect duration.
    -Level 2: Bleed Damage increases to 250 per round.
    -Level 3: Bleed Damage lasts for 4 rounds.
    -Level 4: Bleed Damage increases to 350 per round.
    -Level 5: Bleed Damage lasts for 5 rounds.

    Yellow: Healing Factor – 5 AP – Laura’s healing factor kicks in, creating a yellow countdown tile that activates every turn, healing her for 200 HP at max level. This tile costs 1 Yellow AP per turn. Only one Healing Factor tile may be active at a time (per team).
    -Level 2: Healing increases to 250 HP.
    -Level 3: Healing increases to 300 HP.
    -Level 4: Healing increases to 350 HP.
    -Level 5: Placing a Healing Factor tile heals Laura for 500 HP.
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    -Black (15 ap)
    Choose a color on the board, random active skill of enemy team is used of that color
    lvl ups reduce ap cost

    -Red (10 ap)
    much like Hoods yellow but starts off with just one 3x3 block and generates no ap
    lvl 2- two 3x3 blocks
    lvl 3- one diagonal slash from corner to corner
    lvl 4- diagonal slash from other corner
    lvl 5- add 2 bleed tokens base damage 50

    -Yellow(Passive) - 'Breaking the 4th wall'
    Much like Hawkeye(Modern) purple power Deadpool steps out of combat to the back of the lineup to chat with the player as long as 12 yellow are on the board
    lvls drop required amount of yellows
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    Ok, let's have some fun.

    Obligatory Deadpool Build:

    Deadpool (Awesome) ***

    Moderate health, Decent damage output.

    STABBY STAB (8 AP) - Deadpool cuts through the enemy with his katanas. White and Yellow text boxes both rejoice.
    Level 1 - X damage, 8 AP
    Level 2 - Causes opponent to bleed. Creates one bleed tile, causing x damage per turn. Cost 9 AP
    Level 3 - Damage increase.
    Level 4 - Creates two bleed tiles. 10 AP
    Level 5 - Damage increase.

    BANG BANG (12 AP) - Deadpool unloads his submachine guns on the enemy team. What, you though only Punisher could use bullet hoses?
    Level 1 - X damage to enemy team.
    Level 2 - AP reduced to 11
    Level 3 - Damage increase.
    Level 4 - AP reduced to 10
    Level 5 - Damage increase.

    JIBBER JABBER (10 AP) - The Merc With the Mouth stalls for time, letting his healing factor kick in. Creates a one turn continuous countdown tile that heals Deadpool each turn. Now THIS is what awesome feels like!
    Level 1 - Heals 5% of max health. Costs 1 yellow AP each turn.
    Level 2 - Lowers cost to 9 AP.
    Level 3 - Heals 6% each turn.
    Level 4 - Lowers cost to 8 AP.
    Level 5 - Raises cost to 10 AP but no longer needs to be fed yellow AP. Heals as long as the tile exists.

    A lot of fun little abilities that can play well with others. But why let DP have all the fun? Sounds like Fury could use some help. Maybe the Heroes for Hire?

    Luke Cage (Classic) **

    Big health, Low power

    Bulletproof (Passive) - Luke Cage is a tank and he knows it. As long as he has the most current health on the team, he will jump to the front and take damage intended for others.
    Level 1 - Takes damage in place of current person in front. Reduces damage by 10%.
    Level 2 - Reduces damage by 20%.
    Level 3 - Reduces damage by 30%.
    Level 4 - Reduces damage by 40%.
    Level 5 - Reduces damage by 50%

    Power Punch (8 AP) - Forget special powers, what works better than a mega punch to the face?
    Level 1 - X damage to current target.
    Level 2 - Damage increased.
    Level 3 - Power of the punch staggers the enemy. Stuns 1 turn. AP increased to 9.
    Level 4 - Damage increased.
    Level 5 - Stuns for 2 turns. AP increased to 10.

    The Power to Protect (12 AP) - Luke Cage was paid to protect and that's what he's gonna do.
    Level 1 - Creates 1 Protect tile strength x, plus 1 for every 12 tiles in play that bear his symbol.
    Level 2 - Increases tile strength.
    Level 3 - Creates tile for every 10 tiles that bear his symbol.
    Level 4 - Increases tile strength.
    Level 5 - AP reduced by 2.

    A good defensive character for 2* teams with ability to be used as a bridge tank in 3* starter teams. Now for his partner....

    Iron Fist (Classic) **

    Great power, but squishy.

    Fists of Iron (8 AP) - Iron Fist attacks the foe head on, throwing a volley of punches at the enemy.
    Level 1 - X damage, 8 AP
    Level 2 - Damage increased.
    Level 3 - Iron Fist's onslaught boosts his team's morale. Creates one strike tile, strength of x.
    Level 4 - Damage increased.
    Level 5 - Creates two strike tiles. AP increased to 9.

    Heart of the Dragon (14 AP) - When Danny Rand slew Shou-Lao the Undying, he became imbued with great power. Time to put it to good use.
    Level 1 - Creates a Dragon tile. While the tile is on the board, Iron Fists attacks increase in power by 20%.
    Level 2 - Attack power increased to 25%.
    Level 3 - Lowers AP cost to 12.
    Level 4 - Attack power increased to 30%.
    Level 5 - Creates two dragon tiles, each with a power increase of 25%. Tiles stack.

    Spirit of K'un-Lun (11 AP) - The martial arts master becomes a whirling dervish of limbs, striking the opposing team.
    Level 1 - Hits enemy team for X damage.
    Level 2 - Increases damage.
    Level 3 - AP cost reduced to 10.
    Level 4 - Increases damage.
    Level 5 - Knowledge of martial arts helps Iron Fist focus on pressure points. Stuns enemy team for 1 round.

    Good damage dealer, but again, squishy. Having Iron Fist and Luke Cage on a team together actually benefits, as they help each other. Just like Marvel intended....

    So that's the list. Tried to give different incentives to each level 5 ability to encourage different builds. Please leave feedback, it would be greatly appreciated.
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    No more new characters!!! Thank you..
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    This has probably already been done but
    Spider-man (Symbiote suit) (****) balanced health so in between X force wolvie and IW

    Self-Absorbtion (Passive) (Black 0 ap)
    When there is more than 8 black tiles Spider-man gains 1 purple ap
    level 2: 1 Purple AP and 1 yellow AP
    level 3: 7 black tiles
    level 4: 6 black tiles and 1 black ap
    level 5: 2 ap of each per turn

    Web bandages (yellow 7 ap)
    Spider-man uses web bandages to heal himself only for 10-100 hp (based on level) multiplied by how much black ap the team has (Consumes black ap) max 10. ends the turn.
    level 2: 20-250 hp (based on level)
    level 3: max 15 black ap consumed
    level 4: 25-400 hp
    level 5: does not end the turn

    Spider-sense (purple 13 ap)
    spider-man protects himself and uses the enemys attacks against them for the next 5 turns any damage done to spiderman creates a protect tile at 25% of the damage done
    level 2: 12 ap
    level 3: 33%
    level 4: 50%
    level 5: 100%

    i realise I've made him fairly op but i think legendarys should be
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    if i were to build him i would probably go 5/3/5
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    Mimic (Dark X-Men)

    He could mimic the best three colors/powers of the opponent (and allies?) until three different colors/powers have been obtained, as determined by damage and scaled to the current level of Mimic. So if red is best for the opponent, then red first and then the best out of whatever colors remain for the second, and again for the third. The same color can't be duplicated once it's been selected. Or... (wacky thought)... could it...?
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    Recently finished the Deadpool PS3 game, so it got me thinking-

    3 Star
    At Max Level: HP 5800 Tile Damage: 60/67/12/11/10/52

    Merc Mayham – 10 Red AP
    Deadpool slashes the battlefield destroying a random row and column, doing damage but not generating AP. He then replaces 1 basic color tile to a strength X Strike tike
    Level Upgrades
    Level 2: Increase Strike tile damage
    Level 3: Creates 2 Strike tiles
    Level 4: Increase Strike tile damage
    Level 5: Creates 3 Strike tiles
    Max Level:

    Teleport – 7 Yellow AP
    I’m in your base killin your doods! Ha vidjagames!
    Deadpool teleports to opponent team, grenade in hand. Deadpool exits the battlefield leaving a 2 turn Countdown tile. Each turn tile is still on the board, 1 AP of each color is stolen. When tile is finally activated, Deadpool returns and
    damages opponent team for X. If tile is destroyed, Deadpool returns and takes damage.
    Level Upgrades
    Level 2: +% Damage
    Level 3: +% Damage, Increase countdown to 3
    Level 4: +% Damage
    Level 5: +% Damage, Increases countdown to 4
    Max Level:

    Healing Factor – Black Passive
    I can heal just as good as you can Wolvie, plus I use black tiles. Black is the best!
    (PASSIVE) Every turn there are 12 or more Black tiles, Deadpool’s healing factor restores 59 health
    Level Upgrades
    Level 2: Requires 11 or more Black tiles
    Level 3: Requires 10 or more Black tiles
    Level 4: Also recovers 12 health is there are fewer than 10 Black tiles
    Level 5: Recovers 59 health in all circumstances
    Max Level: Restores 371 health per turn

    3 Star
    At Max Level: HP 7250 Tile Damage: 52/12/67/60/10/11

    Plasma Cannon – 9 Yellow AP
    Cable opens fire across the battlefield destroying the two center rows. He deals damage for each tile destroyed and an additional X damage to the current target
    Level Upgrades
    Level 2: Increases damage
    Level 3: Increases damage, destroys the four center rows, +2AP
    Level 4: Increases damage
    Level 5: Damages all enemies, +2AP
    Max Level:

    Temporal Grenade – 12 Blue AP
    Cable damages enemy team for 59 and stuns target for 1 turn.
    Level Upgrades
    Level 2: +% Damage
    Level 3: +% Damage, increase stun for 1 additional turn, +1 AP Cost
    Level 4: +% Damage
    Level 5: +% Damage, stuns entire team, +2 AP Cost
    Max Level:

    Telekinesis – 9 Purple AP
    Cable manipulates the battlefield to his team’s advantage, swaps the location of 14 basic tiles
    Level Upgrades
    Level 2: Swaps 16 basic tiles
    Level 3: Swaps 20 basic tiles
    Level 4: Swaps 24 basic tiles
    Level 5: Swaps 30 basic tiles
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    I was hoping for this


    Web Bandages
    Power Cost Yellow 13 AP Spider-Man makes make-shift slings of webbing for his friends. Removes all Web tiles, and all allies heal 118 health for every Web tile removed (minimum 118, maximum 1892).

    Level Upgrades:

    Level 2: Costs 1 AP less.
    Level 3: Costs 1 AP less.
    Level 4: Costs 1 AP less.
    Level 5: Costs 1 AP less.

    At Max Level:
    3 covers: Heals 741 health per web tile (up to maximum 11864 health).
    4 covers: Heals 741 health per web tile (up to maximum 11864 health).
    5 covers: Heals 741 health per web tile (up to maximum 11864 health).

    All Tied Up
    Power Cost Blue 6 AP Spider-Man wraps up the target in webbing, adding a new Yellow Web tile to the board and then stunning the enemy for 1 turn for each Web tile on the board (to a maximum of 5 turns).

    Level Upgrades:
    Level 2: Costs 1 AP less.
    Level 3: Costs 1 AP less.
    Level 4: Costs 1 AP less.
    Level 5: Costs 1 AP less.

    Purple Passive (Passive) Spider-Man's senses tingle and he moves to protect his team. If there aren't any friendly Purple Protect tiles, he creates one when his team matches Purple tiles. New Protect tile Strength is based on the number of Web tiles in play.

    Level Upgrades:

    Level 2: Creates up to 2 Purple Protect tiles.
    Level 3: Increases base Protect Strength by 25%
    Level 4: Creates up to 3 Purple Protect tiles.
    Level 5: Increases base Protect Strength by 25%

    sign here for spiderman! give him back to us a bit more usefull icon_e_biggrin.gif
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    Eat Planet: Win Game
    Costs 30 of each color
    Level 5: Costs 26 each
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    Lazy Juggernaut

  • Unknown
    Doctor Strange


    Black: Mystical Summons (14AP)
    1: Shield of the Seraphim {small defense tile placed anywhere, including occupied spaces}
    2: costs 1 AP less
    3: all above + Bolts of Balthakk {medium defense tile + minor damage attack}
    4: costs 1 AP less
    5: all above + Crimson Bands of Cyttorak {medium defense tile, attack, 3 turn stun}

    Purple: Mystical Artifacts (12AP)
    1: Cloak of Agamotto {can't be targetted for 2 turns}
    2: costs 1 AP less
    3: all above + Eye of Agamotto {destroys 1 random enemy attack or shield tile for each AP over 10, does small amount of damage for each}
    4: costs 1 AP less
    5: all above + Orb of Agamotto {creates 3 minor attack tiles}

    Red: Sorcerer Supreme (13AP)
    1: creates a 4 countdown tile on a random red square, high damage
    2: countdown reduced by 1
    3: two tiles (+40% total damage)
    4: countdown reduced by 1
    5: three tiles (+40% total damage)
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    Lazy Juggernaut


    I would love a Lazy Juggernaut with a Third ability such as momentum that creates momentum tiles and the more there are the stronger his headbutt is and the less damage it does to him.
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    So I'm thinking with Venom essentially worthless and Spidey now dead, it would cool to have a gold (I don't say lazy b/c he'd have different powers) Spider-Man in the symbiotic/black suit.


    Rage (mid-cost active black power)
    Spider-Man feels anger he never has before and charges at the enemy, not wondering or caring if an ambush is in place. Does X damage but creates 3 enemy strike tiles
    Lv 2: Only 2 strike tiles
    Lv3: Does more damage
    Lv 4: More damage
    Lv 5: Only 1 strike tile

    Blending In (expensive passive blue power)
    This new suit takes many shapes, including those of Spider-Man's foes. If you have at least X blue AP and make a blue match, then Spider-Man cannot be targeted the next turn (like IW invisibility)
    Lv 2: Reduces AP cost
    Lv 3: Reduces X blue needed to allow blending in
    Lv 4: Reduce AP cost
    Lv 5: Reduce X blue needed

    Get it Off! (Active Red power)
    The suit is taking a life of its own! Spider-Man will need time to get it off, and so needs to find a fortified location to do so. Stuns Spidey for three turns and creates 3 mid-power protect tiles
    Lv 2: Makes 5 protect tiles
    Lv 3: Stuns Spidey for two turns
    Lv 4: Makes 7 protect tiles
    Lv 5: Stuns him for 1 turn
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    I really want (Carol Danvers) Ms. Marvel to be introduced, as pretty much the animation is present in form of Moonstone...
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    2* Fantastic Four:

    2* Torch (Lazy 3* Torch)
    2* Thing (Lazy Hulk)
    2* IW (with new powers)
    2* Mr. Fantastic.

    I'm not creative enough to figure out the new powers.
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    2* Fantastic Four:

    2* Torch (Lazy 3* Torch)
    2* Thing (Lazy Hulk)
    2* IW (with new powers)
    2* Mr. Fantastic.

    I'm not creative enough to figure out the new powers.

    IW (Green/Purple/Yellow)
    Pep Talk (Active Green): As a leader of the F4, Sue reminds her team what they're fighting for. Heals allies for X and creates 1 Fantastic tile on the board
    Lv2: Heal more
    3: Cost less
    4: heal more
    5: Creates 2 Fantastic Tiles
    Force Field(Active Purple): Sue protects a member of her team, but as time goes on it drains her strength. Creates a 2 turn countdown tile. As long as the tile is in play the selected character cannot be damaged, but every turn is in play costs 2 green AP, 2 Yellow AP, and drains Sue of X life.
    Lv2: Increases CD tile to 3 turns
    3: Only costs 1 of each AP per turn
    4: no longer damages Sue
    5: costs 1 green and yellow when tile's placed, but no longer costs every turn
    Invisibility (Passive Yellow): Sue attacks her enemies, but due to her psionic powers is not even on their radar. When she matches yellow she doesn't go to the front.
    Lv2: Does extra damage when she matches yellow
    Lv3: Doesn't go to front when she hits on PurpleLv3:
    Lv4: Extra DMG on purple
    5: Extra DMG on all colors (like espionage)

    Invisibility is made to allow her to be a nice support without being slaughtered considering her to-be squishy nature on offense. On defense it's not really a power until Lv 2. Also, the plan is to have a full rainbow with each character hitting on two colors assuming you use HT (red/black), Thing (Yellow/blue) and Sue or...

    Mr. Fantastic (Purple/Green/Blue)
    Flexibility (Passive Purple): The enemy tries to strike Reed but just cannot land a punch without Mr. Fantastic striking them from behind. Every time he's damaged for X% of his life, damage enemy in front for Y damage
    Lv2: Increase damage
    3: Increase damage
    4: Lower % needed
    5: Increase damage and lower % needed
    Pep Talk (Active Green): See IW
    Ingenuity (Active Blue): On the fly, Reed reassesses the situation and changes his team's tactic. Select 2 tiles. A chosen basic tile is destroyed, a chosen protect tile becomes a strike tile, a chosen Fantastic Tile becomes basic and heals your team for X, and chosen strike tiles become protect tiles
    Lv 2: 3 tiles
    3: 4 Tiles
    4: Can use up to two of your four to destroy enemy strike/protect tiles
    5: Turns those enemy tiles into your own

    Thing (yellow/blue/green)
    Clobberin' Time! (Yellow active): The Thing charges at the enemy, and destroys the entire surrounding area. Does direct dmg to guy in front and destroys X tiles randomly. Tile damage hits whole enemy team. Levelling up switches off between increasing direct damage and breaking more tiles
    Hard as a Rock (Passive Blue): Creates a protect tile (up to 3) on every blue match if the Thing has under 40% max life
    Lv2: under 50%
    3: up to 4 tiles
    4: up to 5
    5: under 60%
    Team Player (Passive Green): Does 15% more damage if at least 6 Fantastic tiles are on the board
    Lv 2: 20%
    3: Only need 4 Tiles
    4: 30%
    5: Back to 25% but only need 3 tiles

    Torch: (red/black/green)
    Hothead (Active Red): Hothead Johnny ignores the plan and risks team cohesion for a flashy stunt. Does X damage (large amount) but destroys all Fantastic Tiles and 2 friendly strike/protect tiles randomly:
    Lv 2: Increase damage
    Lv 3: Only destroys half of the Fantastic tiles
    4: Get to choose 3 total tiles to destroy (includes friendly strike/protect/Fantastic tiles)
    5: Hurts rest of team for X damage but only destroys 1 random tile
    Black: Same as before. Really good thematically because it hurts AP needed by the rest of the F4
    Team Player...Sometimes (Passive green): See thing's "team player". Same thing but with less Fantastic tiles needed and smaller percentages for damage increase
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    Moon Knight ***

    Bio: After his heart stops, mercenary Marc Spector had the Egyptian moon God Khonshu appears to him in a vision, offering Spector a second chance at life if he becomes the god's avatar on Earth. Spector awakens, wraps himself with the silver shroud that covered Khonshu's statue in a temple in Egypt and decided to fight crime back in the United States as Moon Knight.

    His years as a mercenary make him a formidable combatant, but his unstable mental condition and multiple personalities make him truly dangerous.

    Rage of Khonshu (red passive)
    When Marc is wounded in battle, Khonshu demands vengeance and Marc sees red! Anytime Marc is below 15% of his full health, all attacks are more vicious - match damage is increased by 5% and ability damage is increased by 10%. As ability level and character level raises, the % of health loss required for passive to kick in goes up (max 45%?) and damage % increases.

    Vigilante justice (blue - 9 ap)
    Moon Knight dispenses justice the only way he knows how - with EXTREME prejudice. Moon Knight moves quickly and decisively, pummeling his opponent for 900 hp (scales to 3200 at max level fully covered)

    Self destructive behavior (black - 8ap)
    Moon Knight can't help hurt himself sometimes. Moon Knight sends out a flurry of crescent darts blessed by the cult of Khonshu, placing strike 1 strength 60 strike tile, but the voices in his head cause him to lose focus and damage his own team with those same darts, placing 1 strength 45 strike tile for the enemy team. Ability scales up to max of 3 strength 150 strike tiles for your team and 3 strength 100 strike tiles for the enemy.

    I honestly have no idea about the base damage numbers or percentages for these abilities, so it could be way off there... But I think it's an interesting color combo and move set.

    Bring on Moon Knight!!!
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    What marvel characters have self regeneration? I want those characters. Seriously not sure who they are though.