What Marvel character are you hoping for? (post movesets)



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    Loki - my version icon_razz.gif

    illusion (passive)
    Loki sets illusions to confuse enemies, disables targeting.
    whenever there is more than 10 black
    damage received by targeted ally is randomly distributed to another ally
    level 5: 10% damage reduced

    confusion (passive)
    Loki confuses enemies by making tile colors appear different than they are.
    whenever there is more than 10 purple
    AP generated by enemies is distributed randomly.
    level 1: randomly distribute blue and yellow AP i.e. match 3 blue, 3 AP randomly distributed across blue/yellow
    level 2: red also
    level 3: purple also
    level 4: blue
    level 5: all colors affected

    mind control
    15 green
    Loki takes control of the enemy by using astral projection, player dictates enemy's next move on tile match
    level 2-5: cost 1 AP less
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    The marvel characters I want the most would probably have to be Shadowcat, Ghost Rider, Modok, Rocket Raccoon, and Mystique.

    I don't want to go into detail about skill ideas at this point in time... too many listed.
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    Here goes. Note that colours may not mesh together well; I'm not knowledgeable enough to know what goes best together - at least, not yet. AP costs are kind of up-in-the-air as well. Feel free to suggest changes.

    Hawkeye (Ronin) - 3*

    Ability 1: Ready Quiver [Black] (PASSIVE)
    Ronin readies his arrows. As long as the team has at least 10 Black AP, add a black Strike tile to the board each turn.

    Ability 2: Parry [Red] (5 AP)
    Shift one tile diagonally in any direction.
    (I've always wanted this ability, but it's hard to think of way to scale it up beyond "shift two tiles..." etc.)

    Ability 3: Quickshot [Blue]
    Ronin fires multiple arrows, dealing X damage plus X more for every black Strike tile on the board. Strike tile power is decreased by 50%.
    (Could scale by increasing damage, allowing other Strike tiles to "count" for damage purposes, or decreasing the amount of tile power reduction.)


    Off the top of my head - would obviously pair well with Doctor Doom as his Blue would keep the black AP flowing. Loki would either be a help (as an ally) or a hindrance (as an enemy) by creating or removing Strike tiles.

    Again, I probably haven't taken balance into consideration, so my version of Hawkeye will need a bit of retooling in that regard. The main thing here is the abilities - I welcome feedback.
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    Silver Surfer vs Thanos; Mandarin (NOT the cop out version from Iron Man 3!); Doc Ock; and Elektra
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    So many good characters to create from Silver Surfer to Professor X. Dr, Strange, Rogue, Thanos, Mystique, Luke Cage and last but not least Deadpool !
    Marvel Universe is huge icon_e_biggrin.gif

    Ps: Next time I post some moves/skill, let me think
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    Disclaimer: I just play the game, I have no influence over the new characters, although I hope the devs read this thread and think it's a good idea.

    I know everybody has their favorites for who would be a good Marvel character to add to the game. Rogue is definitely not my favorite character, but I think her skills would add a unique twist to the game. Most of the new characters that have been added recently don't really make things all that interesting, and a few have been complete flops. Their all designed to be unique and original, but most of the time, the things that make them unique and original also kind of suck.

    I think we could combine element's of Invisible Woman's color synergy, Moonstone's Control Shift (only, we make it usefull this time), Caps count-down tile AP regen, and Hawkeye's position jumping. Here's what I would suggest for Rogue:

    I would take two colors (yellow and blue), and put a synergy between them similar to how invisible woman's powers work: One color places an "absorb" tile, the other color activates it, but can also place an absorb tile if no tile is already present.

    Yellow: Rogue absorbs the energy and ability of the target for a short time. Rogue places an "absorb" 6 turn countdown tile on the targeted tile, and deals ??? damage to the target. If a previous "absorb" tile was already on the board, that tile's timer is reduced to zero and is destroyed. The strength of the damage this deals being equivalent to classic storm's yellow AOE counter attack. This should take 6 AP. Increasing covers should do some combination of reducing the amount of AP, increasing the length of the countdown, and strengthening the damage it does initially. When the counter goes to zero, it should return 3 yellow AP (similar to Cap's blue and red), but Rogue will no longer have that skill absorbed.

    Blue: If there is an "absorb" tile on the board for an active skill, rogue unleashes the ability she absorbed when she placed that absorb tile on the board. If there is not an "absorb" tile on the board, or if the absorbed skill is a passive skill, this power instead places a new 6-turn count down "absorb" tile on a random tile of one of the target's ability colors (and in the case there was an "absorb" tile before, destroys it). Unlike her "yellow" skill, if she places a new "absorb" tile, it does _not_ do damage to the target. I would probably start this requiring 12 AP with one cover, and reduce the required AP for every cover collected.

    Rogue has shown on several occasions to exhibit altruistic behavior, sacrificing herself for the good of others (taking a bullet for Mariko, absorbing Colossus' melted body power into herself, etc). This, I think, would be the basis of her third power, which is in a way, the opposite of 2* Hawkeye's purple skill.

    Purple (Passive): Rogue defends a critically injured teammate. Any time there are more than 8 purple tiles on the board, Rogue will place herself in the line of fire when a teammate with less than 20% health is attacked, receiving the damage of the attack herself instead. Gaining more covers reduces he number of purple tiles required for this.

    Finally, amount of health: When Rogue permanently absorbed the powers of Ms. Marvel, she benefited from some amount of the Skree physiology, giving her extra strength, stamina, durability, and immunity to toxins and poisons, making her nearly invulnerable. Therefore, she should have a relatively high amount of health. She should certainly have more health than the other female characters in the game (widow, storm, invisible woman, moonstone, yelena and psyloche. I see her as being a bit of a tanky character. Not as much health as say Thor, Rags, Ares, Hulk, Cap or Wolverine, but should be in the top 20 to 25% in terms of health. The proposed passive defense skill would be pretty useless if she didn't have the health to survive it a few times.

    I see this as a pretty solid 3* character, and it would add a very interesting dynamic to the game play, because:
    a) You never know if Rogue is going to turn the tables on that heavy-hitter you added to your lineup.
    b) Rogue's defending skill may give you a few extra turns for your critically injured secret weapon to unleash his attach before he is dispatched.

    So, anybody got a critique of this suggestion? I think this would make a much better new player to be introduced than most of the others that have come out recently.
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    I definintly like the idea, but maybe instead of having an absorb ability, she would copy the ability of the front enemy and only doing 1/4 of the dmg.
  • Marvelous
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    Silver Surfer
    Dead Pool
    Ghost Rider
    She Hulk
    The Thing
    Swamp Thing
    Captain Marvel
    Professor X
    Jean Grey (she could have an ability that turns her into The Phoenix)
    War Machine
    Doctor Strange

    ...just to name a few, lol.
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    11 Red Ap - Weapon X (max. 2250)

    Level 1: Damage 1150
    Level 2: Damage increase + 350
    Level 3: Damage increase + 350
    Level 4: Cost 1 less
    Level 5: Cost 1 less plus damage increase + 400 (+500 if is below 20% of health)

    8 Yellow Ap - Wolf of the Rice Wine

    Level 1: Creates a atack tile with the strength 255
    Level 2: Creates 1 more tile for every 3 black
    Level 3: Atack tile increased to 355
    Level 4: Creates 2 more tile for every 3 red
    Level 5: Atack tile increased to 555 costs 1 less

    0 Black Ap - Healing Factor (2 truns timer)

    Level 1: Health increase 3% every trun
    Level 2: Health increase 7% every trun
    Level 3: Health increase 14% every trun
    Level 4: Health increase 18% every trun
    Level 5: Health increase 20% every trun plus 50% if is below 20% of health

    It maybe nothing new but it's my first try icon_e_biggrin.gif
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    3* blade
    wesley snipes style

    blade toss
    returns AP like cap america's shield

    day walker
    uses serum to suppress thirst for blood,
    heal and heat like daken

    silver bullet
    guns blazing like the punisher
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    CYCLOPS and GAMBIT!! (my favorite X-Men). Glad to see there are quite a few others asking for them icon_e_smile.gif
    oh, and DR. STRANGE and SILVER SURFER would be cool too.
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    I wouldn't mind seeing Omega Red as a 3*. I'm no good with calculating numbers for abilities, but it may be cool to see him have moves such as

    Tentacle Thrash (Red): Destroys tiles in an X fashion from top left to bottom right and top right to bottom left and dealing damage. Creates 1 tentacle tile of random color. Locks tile on board. Destroyed if matched. This would not generate AP.

    Pheromone Sickness (Black): Generate a 3 turn countdown tile that damages opponents' team for (___number) damage. Continues to remain active until tile is destroyed.

    Life Force Absorption (Yellow/Passive): Heals Omega Red for (___number) health when there are more than (___number) of yellow tiles on board. Heals (___number) health extra for each tentacle tile on board.

    Again, numbers, I'm no good with, but they would follow suit with similar abilities, either increasing health healed/damage dealt or decreasing number of tiles required.

    I'll be thinking of others, but would like to see a lot of the others listed in the forum as well.
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    EMMA FROST (Dark X-Men)


    After Norman asked Emma to join his Cabal, she was given leadership of a special team of Dark X-Men. Is Emma loyal to her species, or to her own personal gain?


    Mental Taxation

    Whenever the enemy team makes a purple match, the current target takes (very minor) damage.
    2nd cover: also triggers on blue matches
    3rd cover: also triggers on yellow and red matches
    4th cover: also triggers on black matches
    5th cover: also triggers on green matches


    Diamond Smash 9AP

    Emma destroys 12 random gems, dealing damage for them as well as an additional 250.
    2nd: after gem destruction, turns a basic green tile to a protect tile.
    3rd: cost one less AP
    4th: after gem destruction, also turns a basic green tile to a strike tile.
    5th: costs one less AP


    Perish the Thought 11AP

    Emma places a Blue countdown tile on the board. After 5 turns the tile triggers, draining the enemy's highest AP pool.
    2nd: reduces the cooldown to 4.
    3rd: costs one less AP
    4th: reduces the cooldown to 3.
    5th: costs one less AP
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    If it's to be a better duplicate of an existing character, an improved Venom would be nice (a Stun ability much like Spidey, Devour and maybe a self-healing thing).

    Where new characters are concerned, I'd like to see Cyclops, Sabretooth, Toad, Mystique, Jean, Iceman, Beast...
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    I say Proffessor X.

    Yellow........ he uses his mental ability make the other team turn on each other. Their next 1 or 2 moves, when the enemy team makes a match, they take the damage instead of you.

    Blue....... he uses his mental ability to turn off the enemy teams powers. So they can't use any of their abilities for 2 to 4 turns.

    Black........ he sends nightmares into the minds of the enemy to stun them for 3 to 5 turns.
  • Joker117
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    Carnage with black and red powers and any other 3rd color.

    Venom with black green and yellow powers ?


    Green goblin with maybe a trap like power where it'd be bombs , green yellow and black .

    Cyclops blue , yellow and red powers


    Scarlet witch
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    edited September 2014
    I do enjoy a bit of creative design and general wishful thinking. This list includes a bit of both.

    It's worth noting here that I really, really like the idea of skills that gain additional effects or otherwise behave in interesting ways the more ranks you dedicate to them. I don't like having one skill that very obviously needs to be at max rank and 2 others that don't really matter, so I do try to keep all my skills interesting or quirky. I think that a skill should be good at rank 3, since that's the minimum level a skill will stay at, and offer "rewards" for being ranked past that to level 4 or 5. These sorts of skill get people really thinking about how they use the character and should also offer a bit of flexibility, so that there's a bit of variation between teams. You'll see a lot of skills like this below. It's like my way of being able to put my signature on these existing characters.

    I'd like to be consistent, but I'm not entirely sure of the colour codes that are used, so for now you'll have to use your imagination. I'll keep this post updated as I complete more characters.

    Spoiler tags used to cut down on Wall-o-text.

    I was thinking about a new ability around the idea of an "Unstoppable Force". The core of the idea is that an "Unstoppable Force" should still be influencing the game even when stunned. This idea would certainly be appropriate for a higher tier Juggernaut, but could equally be applied to a few other characters in the Marvel universe. In the end, I picked Colossus, since he's due to arrive anyway, and he allows me to create some other interesting moves to round out his set. I tied the ability to the Bands of Cyttorak, so there's still a little bit of Juggernaut in the flavour of the ability. Without further ado, here's my take on "Unstoppable" Colossus.

    Colossus (AvX)
    3 Star Rarity (Rare)
    At Max Level: HP: 8700 Tile Damage: yw 60/rd 12/bu 67/pu 10/gr 52 /bk 11

    Avatar of Cyttorak: (Blue) Passive
    Colossus is empowered by the Bands of Cyttorak.

    Rank 1: When Colossus becomes stunned, generate 1 Green AP.
    Rank 2: Also generate 1 Yellow AP.
    Rank 3: Also generate 1 Blue AP.
    Rank 4: Generate 1 AP of each color.
    Rank 5: Colossus continues to generate 1 AP of each color every turn that he is stunned.

    I spent a lot of time thinking about what color to make this skill. Ultimately, I though that blue was the best fit. It creates a nice kind of symmetry with Dormmamu's Aid (a demon/trans-dimensional entity empowering a mortal and granting AP per turn), and means that Colossus will most likely end up tanking blue for any support-types in the team. For what it's worth, I think that it could also be Purple (same goes for Hood's passive).
    As for the ability, I think that it really does speak for itself; you already know that the core idea was for the character to be unstoppable. The ability is tempered by the fact that Colossus needs to be stunned before the AP generation kicks in. Ranks 4 and 5 both fit the mould for the sort of "rewarding" comittment that I like.

    Iron Curtain: (Yellow) 8 AP
    Colossus steps in the path of incoming danger.

    Rank 1: Turns a Yellow tile into a 3 turn countdown. While the countdown is active, Colossus switches to take damage for his allies.
    Rank 2: When the countdown ends, return 2 Yellow AP.
    Rank 3: Cooldown is reduced to 2 turns.
    Rank 4: When the countdown ends, return 4 Yellow AP and create a Protect tile with strength (level/2).
    Rank 5: Cooldown reduced to 1 turn and Protect tile strength increased to (level).

    Another ability that gains some cool/weird features if you invest past rank 3. This absolutely was designed as both a "taunt" ability and as something that would synergise with the AP generating passive. The strength of that ability is tempered by only generating AP when Colossus is stunned, and this provides a way for Colossus to get on the front line more often. Investing in this skill lets you leave behind Protect tiles to help mitigate some damage even when Colossus is stunned. I think that tile strength equal to character level seems to be pretty fair/comparable.

    Haymaker: (Green) 10 AP
    Colossus winds up and unleashes a haymaker.

    Rank 1: Colossus deals "X" damage and knocks the target to the back of their team.
    Rank 2: Damage increase.
    Rank 3: Target is stunned for 1 turn.
    Rank 4: Damage increase.
    Rank 5: If Colossus' allies have been KO'd, he converts a friendly Protect tile into a Strike tile.

    This was tricky. The first two abilities have a high level of synergy between them and I didn't want the third ability to feel tacked on. The ability growth at rank 5 will synergise well with the protect tiles from his yellow, making Colossus a very deadly "last man standing" - further emphasizing his tank/taunt style character.
    I'm a little unsure about the costing. It shouldn't be spammable, but Colossus can end up fueling himself - assuming he's stunned for 1 turn, then it requires 3 matches which I think feels about right.
    Moonstone (Redesign)
    This idea originally came from a "nerf OBW" thread that had turned into a "provide options other than OBW" thread. That is to say, the issue isn't that OBW is necessarily more powerful than other characters, it's that she's often the only option for a number of different roles (AP Theft, Healing, CD Control). Someone had suggested that a buff to Moonstone could be an interesting way to balance OBW - that a counter pick would be enough to temper the "danger level" that OBW presents.

    I liked that concept, and poor Moonstone needs a bit of work on all of her abilities. So I got to work on dreaming up a redesign for a Tanky Support Moonstone. There are some inherent problems with creating a character simply to counter another, including the fact that nothing would stop people simply running both on the same team. The best way I can think to protect against this is to change Moonstone's strong values from Purple > Red > Black to Purple > Black > Red. This means that at equal level, Moonstone will take Black over OBW, no matter what order they lineup, and they will share strength on Purple. This will diminish the effectiveness of Espionage.

    When considering how to redesign her abilities, I wanted to make sure I came up with concepts that both mirrored and countered OBW. So, once again, those core support abilities of OBW are AP Theft, Healing and CD Control, and Moonstone needed to come across as a "Tanky Support" type. I decided that Moonstone would not support her allies, but instead she would debuff her opponents. I only know about Moonstone from the small bit of information on her Roster Profile, but this feel like it was in line with her character.

    Moonstone (Dark Avengers Ms. Marvel)
    2 Star Rarity (Uncommon)
    At Max Level: HP: 4450 Tile Damage: yw 9/rd 39/bu 11/pu 50/gr 10/bk 45

    Gravity Warp (Purple) 6 AP
    Moonstone opens up a Gravity Warp, which deals extra damage to opponents when it collapses.

    Rank 1: Convert a random basic colour tile into a warp tile. When the tile is matched, it destroys all surrounding tiles for additional damage. Tiles destroyed in this way do not generate AP.
    Rank 2: Increase AP cost by 1. Placement is no longer random, select Warp tile locations.
    Rank 3: Increase AP cost by 1. Create an additional Warp tile.
    Rank 4: Increase AP cost by 1. Warp tiles are now linked. When one collapses, all other warps collapse.
    Rank 5: Increase AP cost by 1. Create an additional Warp tile.

    This was a lot of fun to design. (And the original post is from before Nick Fury was teased, so no inspiration there, but happy to see that the "linking" concept is possible, see: viewtopic.php?p=110251#p110251&#41)
    The original Gravity Warp probably needed the most work. The first thing to note about this ability is it no longer deals damage itself. This is intentional to emphasize Moonestone's role as a support character. Instead, this ability can be used to complement the damage dealt by any of the characters in your team - like a kind of Epsionage where everybody gets the benefit.
    Although this is a dreaded increasing cost ability, I felt that was a necessary concession to make, particularly for the higher ranks. If nothing else, at Rank 3 it will cost 8 AP, which is the cost of the current Gravity Warp, and provide much better utility. It still conveinently comes in 1 AP cheaper than OBW's Purple when both at Rank 5.
    I've tried just about every possible combination for ordering which ranks the additional effects are added, and I feel that this is the best way in which good arguments can be made for each of rank 3, 4, or 5 (diverse character builds are great).

    Control Shift (Black) 6 AP
    A master of manipulation, Moonstone takes what she wants.

    Rank 1: Take control of one target enemy strike or protect tile.
    Rank 2: Can also target attack and countdown tiles. As an additional cost, adds 2 Black AP to opponent.
    Rank 3: Take control of two target tiles. Also adds 2 Purple AP to opponent.
    Rank 4: Take control of all enemy special tiles. Also adds 2 Red AP to opponent.
    Rank 5: Stuns the opponent for 2 turns. Adds 3 AP of each color to opponents pool.

    Moonstone is described as a master manipulator, and I don't think the original Control Shift ability really showcased that at all; it's both expensive and conditional.

    My take on Control Shift has a lot going on. I think it's arguable that my version doesn't represent a "master" manipulator either, since Moonstone ends ups giving AP to her opponent, but it ends up synergising well with Photon Blast below.
    The outright stealing of special tiles is inspired by Loki's "Trickery" (which I would actually also rework, but that's another story). Since Moonstone doesn't generate any support tiles on her own, she takes what she wants from other people.
    Secondly, I kept the stun, but moved it to Rank 5 since it's now more like the icing on the cake, rather than the point of the skill. It's 6 AP for a 2-turn stun, which is pretty good. You also get any and all of your opponent's special tiles, but you do end up giving away a lot of AP.

    Photon Blast (Red) 14 AP
    Mana burn edition.

    Rank 1: Deals X damage. Photon Blast burns 2 Red AP of the opponent. For each AP destroyed in this way, deal an addtional Y damage.
    Rank 2: Photon Blast also burns 2 Black and Purple AP.
    Rank 3: For each AP pool of the opponent greater than 5, return 1 Red AP.
    Rank 4: Photon Blast burns 2 of each color.
    Rank 5: For each AP pool of the opponent greater than 2, return 1 Red AP.

    Photon Blast now serves as a counter point to AP Theft and synergises well with Control Shift - you can see now why Moonstone would want to flood her opponents' AP pools. This also helps to deter the likelihood of people teaming Moonstone and OBW frequently (stealing AP will reduce the effectiveness of Photon Blast, and PB will reduce the effectiveness of Aggressive Recon).

    Photon Blast should still be a high-mid strength, single target attack. The bonus damage from the AP burn doesn't need to be a huge amount, but it should represent enough of a threat.

    Currently working on: Deadpool, Cyclops, Spider-Man
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    Loki (Tri-Color)

    Trickery ( 13 Black )
    Loki’s trickery turns the enemy’s tools against them, converting enemy Protect tiles to friendly Strike tiles and enemy Strike tiles to friendly Protect tiles.
    Level Upgrades:
    Level 2: Costs 1 AP less.
    Level 3: Costs 1 AP less.
    Level 4: Costs 1 AP less.
    Level 5: Costs 1 AP less.

    Illusions ( 8 Purple )
    You can't count on anything when Loki's around. Randomly changes 3 environment tiles to yellow or black.
    Level Upgrades:
    Level 2: Changes 4 environment tiles.
    Level 3: Changes 5 environment tiles.
    Level 4: Changes 7 environment tiles. +1 AP cost
    Level 5: Changes 9 environment tiles. +1 AP cost

    Schemes ( 6 yellow )
    Be wary of even the most harmless event when the trickster is scheming against you. Adds a random colored Strike tile and a random colored Protect tile to the board, of equal strength. One will be enemy controlled and one will be friendly.
    Level Upgrades:
    Level 2: Increase strength of both tiles.
    Level 3: Increase strength of both tiles.
    Level 4: Adds a friendly strike and protect tile, as well as an enemy strike and protect tile.
    Level 5: Increase strength of friendly tiles.

    To me Loki's core strength is in his black ability and his purple was always pretty useless, certainly not clever enough to be done by the trickster. I lowered the cost of the black and changed the purple to be a feeder, much like technopathy and thunder strike, but split between his other two colors and converting environment tiles.. this just seemed like the perfect way to do a power called illusions. Finally, the core weakness of Loki was that he depended on others to make his black useful. This way he's a dangerous foe, even alone, given the time to allow his plans to come to fruition. His yellow will have a net-zero effect right out of the box (until level 5), but it could easily swing the tide of battle if one side or the other's are destroyed and can be a clincher if he gets a chance to cast his black. This re-do would make him a self-sufficient engine a la Thor.
  • Unknown
    I was thinking, we have Hulk, why not have Bruce as well?

    I didn't quite worked out all his powers, but I would expect 2 to be defensive or about board control, something about his science knowledge since he's no fighter. And one about he giving in to his rage, something like:

    Bruce gets angry and transform in to Hulk smashing the board and dealing ___________ and generating AP every turn. While enraged he cannot use any other skill. After X turns Bruce retakes control, but the struggle causes him to be stunned for X turns.

    I thought this would be a fine mechanic, something new, it would be like Hulk's green power, but even better for generating AP, but with a high cost of loss of control over the character and stun, something like Iron Man's yellow, the 3*. If it's too OP you could even adds that due his lost of control his team can't have a clear shot and they all are unable to use their powers. In other hand, Hulk would probably smash all your CD and special tiles. I would also hope this to be an expensive power, like 20-25 black AP, or green.

    It would be one big risk with a high reward at the end (all that damage and Ap, also AOE damage I think). It would be something hard to use, since it's expensive and make you completely vulnerable for X turns, but at same time something decisive, that most likely would grant you the win if you survive all that.
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