What Marvel character are you hoping for? (post movesets)



  • Cyber (Classic):

    Latent - Adamantium Skin: Give him health levels approaching Hulk or Thor. I'm thinking about 3,500 HP to start.

    Purple - Hallucinogenic Claws: They should keep the board the same, but make it look like it is shifted on the enemy for a turn or two. I was thinking if someone can't make a match in this state it should do 50 dmg until they finally resolve the hallucinogens.

    Yellow - Super Strength: Allows him to slash rows much like classic Hawkeye.

    Professor X:

    Purple - Mind Control: Allow player to control enemy actions for 1 turn. Highest form of this power should allow you to set off one of their special powers against them.
    Yellow - Call The X-Men: Summon multiple X-men to fire off their powers in succession, much like Nick Fury's power.
    Green - Turn: Make enemies believe they are fighting you when they are really fighting each other. Brings a single adversary over to your side for the duration of the match. (Should be very expensive.)
  • Dr. Strange.
    Blue: Eye of Agamotto: 9 AP
    1: remove 1 random enemy countdown tile.
    2: remove 2 random enemy countdown tiles
    3: also remove 1 random enemy protect/strike/attack tile. +1 AP cost
    4: remove 1 additional enemy protect/strike/attack tile
    5: remove all enemy special and countdown tiles +1 AP cost

    Purple: Book of Vishanti 6 AP
    1: place 1 purple protect tile on any basic tile
    2: place 1 additional purple protect tile
    3: increase protect tile strength
    4: increase protect tile strength
    5: can place protect tile on any non-environment tile

    Black: Sorcerer Supreme 8AP
    1: randomly destroys 2 tiles gaining AP.
    2: also creates 2 critical tiles.
    3: also steals 2 AP of each color from opponent. Increased AP cost by 1.
    4: also deals 800 damage to enemy team. Increased AP cost by 1.
    5: also stuns enemy team for 2 turns. Increased AP cost by 1.
  • Rhino/Rarity: Uncommon


    Rhino Hide (Passive) Black: When anybody matches Black Rhino puts a Defense Tile on the board.

    Charge: Green: Rhino charges his opponent doing a lot of damage.

    Crash Red: Rhino runs through just about anything and everything. Destroys a row of tiles and damages opponent does not generate AP.

    Lizard/Rarity: Common


    Claws and Teeth(Green): The Lizard attacks his opponent with his claws and bites them. Does damage, and creates a attack tile.

    Tail Whip(Red): The Lizard attacks the opponent with his tail, doing damage and knocking them down(Stuns them)

    Regeneration(Passive Black) When The Lizard is Downed there is a possibility(%) that he regenerates and comes back to action.


    Electric Bolt(Blue): Electro Throws a bolt of electricity at his opponent

    Charge(Passive Yellow): When the teams makes a Yellow match, Electro puts additional juice into the teams special tiles increasing the damage/defense by so many points.

    Lights Out (Green): Electro drains the power in the city blinding his opponents(Stuns the Team) and Increasing the damage done to them from various attacks. (Turns so many Enviro tiles into attack tiles)
  • OzarkBoatswain
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    high health (just under Hulk levels)

    Plasma Storm
    Yellow 15 AP
    Does considerable damage and destroys a random 5-tile "+" section of the battlefield. No AP generated.
    Level 2: diamond-shaped crater, 13 tiles max
    Level 3: also converts a regular tile into an attack tile
    Level 4: bigger diamond, 25 tiles max
    Level 5: creates 4 protect tiles around the attack tile

    Sentinel Force
    Purple passive
    Backup drones are launched. When a purple match is made, deploys one 3-turn countdown tile on a purple tile. When it goes off, it is destroyed for damage and AP.
    Level 2: also blue
    Level 3: also black
    Level 4: 2-turn countdown
    Level 5: two countdown tiles per match

    Hard Drive
    Black 5 AP
    Destroys the top row for damage but not AP.
    Level 2: Destroys the top 2 rows. AP +1
    Level 3: Destroys top 3 rows. AP +1
    Level 4: Destroys the top 4 rows. AP +1
    Level 5: Destroys the top 5 rows. AP +1
  • Bullseye(Classic)/Rarity: Legendary

    Main colors : Red, Black, Purple.


    Bullseye (Red Passive): When Bullseye makes a critical match he hits for additional damage(starts at +100 points and maxes at doing 3.0 X his total critical damage)

    Weapons Everywhere(Purple Passive) : When your team makes a Environment match a Countdown block comes to the board as Bullseye collects various items, and when it hits zero Bullseye throws the items making them weapons and doing a lot of damage to the opponent. (The block starts at 4 and at max goes down to two.)

    The Thrill of the Kill(Black Passive) : When a member of the opponents team is downed Bullseye in his psychopathic joy regains some health and puts a random attack tile on the board. (Starts out as 20% of his lost is healed and maxes out at 60%, the attack tile starts out at 20 power and maxes out at 300 power)
  • OzarkBoatswain
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    Spider-man (Six-Armed)
    Health: very low

    Surprise Grab
    Red - 6 AP
    Turns a random red tile into a 1-turn red countdown tile, which while on the board counters all damage dealt to Spider-man with an attack of 60% the damage received. Tile does nothing when its countdown ends.
    Level 2: Spider-man only receives 60% of damage dealt when tile present.
    Level 3: When Spider-man becomes stunned, also stuns front enemy when tile present.
    Level 4: Tile has a 2-turn countdown.
    Level 5: Stuns on Spider-man are ineffective and reflected onto enemy when tile present.

    Note: if opposing characters both have stun reflection, stuns do nothing to them.

    Cats' Cradle
    Blue - 6 AP
    Creates 1 random blue web tile. If no enemies are stunned, stun front enemy for 1 turn. If there are 6 web tiles on the board, the icons disappear and Spider-man regains health (max around 500).
    Level 2: Also restores 25% of regain to other team members.
    Level 3: Creates an additional web tile.
    Level 4: Can stun enemy if another is stunned.
    Level 5: Fully restores Spider-man's health.

    Yellow - 6 AP
    Gain 2 Black AP.
    Level 2: Also gain 2 purple AP.
    Level 3: Also gain 2 green AP.
    Level 4: Also gain 2 blue AP. Stuns Spider-man for 1 turn. Turn ends.
    Level 5: Also gain 2 red AP. Stuns Spider-man for 2 turns. Turn ends.

    Note: red ability can affect yellow's stun, but turn will still end.
  • Colossus

    Black: Organic Steel. Cost: 5 AP
    Colossus transforms his body into organic steel, placing a X strength protect tile on a random basic black color tile.
    Lvl 2: Increase base tile strength
    Lvl 3: Costs 1 less AP
    Lvl 4: Increase base tile strength
    Lvl 5: Costs 1 less AP

    Red: Guillotine. Cost: 9 AP
    Colossus lets loose a massive swing, dealing X (low medium) damage to the current target, and destroying a random row of tiles (does not generate AP).
    Lvl 2: % Increase base damage
    Lvl 3: Destroys 2 rows
    Lvl 4: % Increase base damage
    Lvl 5: Destroys 2 selected rows

    Blue: Valor (passive)
    If your team has 9 or more black AP, Colossus sacrifices himself taking damage in place of any team mate.
    Lvl 2: Requires 8 AP to activate
    Lvl 3: Requires 7 AP to activate
    Lvl 4: Requires 6 AP to activate
    Lvl 5: Requires 5 AP to activate

    Something I came up with. Thoughts?
  • Iceman(Original) Rarity: TBD

    Primary Colors Blue, Yellow, Purple


    Ice Ball(7 Blue)= Ice Man throws balls of Ice and Snow at the opponent doing damage, and eventually freezing(Stunning ) the opponent. Starts at 50 damage, maxes out at 300 damage and a 2 turn stun.

    Ice Slide(Passive Yellow)= When Iceman or a teammate is attacked Iceman generates a ice slide which gives them a 25% chance to dodge all damage from matches, and carries them to safety after receiving so much damage. The Ice Slide gives a small chance to dodge all match damage for the turn, but after so many matches does carry Iceman or teammate out of the way preventing further damage. At Level 1 after 5 matches all damage done to Iceman or Teammate is negated for additional matches this turn, at max level only the first match of any turn damages Iceman, or his teammate. (AKA Cascade killer)

    Decoy(15 Purple)= Iceman sets up a special "Decoy" block on the board, if the decoy is not destroyed and a opponent attacks Iceman, or a Teammate with a special attack, it hits and destroys the decoy, generating AP for the enemy of the color of the block destroyed. At max level the cost for Decoy goes down to 12 Purple, Generates Three Decoy Blocks, and generates 4 AP for the enemy per block destroyed.
  • Mr. Sinister
    3 Star Rarity (Rare)
    At Max Level: HP: 5800

    Regenerative Serum - Yellow Passive
    (Passive) Sinister using his skills as a Master surgeon, geneticist and mechanical engineer has created a regenerative serum. When ever you match yellow heal Sinister for x and create a 2 turn countdown tile that heals the entire team for x.
    Lvl2: +20% healing
    Lvl3: +20% healing, add 2 CD
    Lvl4: +20% healing
    Lvl5: +20% healing, add 3 CD

    Create Clones - Black 12 AP
    Sinister works from the shadows using clones from his vast pool of genetic information to do his dirty work. Create 1 strength x attack tile and 1 stength x protect tile.
    Lvl2: Add an additional strike tile
    Lvl3: Add an additional Protect tile, +20% attack and protect tile strength
    Lvl4: Add an additional strike tile
    Lvl5: Add an additional Protect tile, +20% attack and protect tile strength

    Telepathic Paralysis - Blue 6 AP
    Sinister Telepathy combined with knowledge of genetics brings his enemies to their knees. Sinister stuns the selected opponent for 1 turns.
    Lvl2: Stun for 2 turns
    Lvl3: Stun for 2 turns and "turns off" the selected enemies abilities for an additional 2 turns.
    Lvl4: Stuns for 3 turns
    Lvl5: Stun for 3 turns and "turns off" the selected enemies abilities for an additional 3 turns.
  • Boomerang(Classic)


    Razor Boomerang: Boomerang throws a razor sharp boomerang at the opponent making them bleed after the initial hit. After the razor sharp boomerang does it's initial damage (150 at first level, 700 at max level), a strike tile is added to the board with the power of 25 at first level and maxing out at 100 at max level with a additional +10 for all strike tiles on the board. Cost 7 Black. (Starts at 9 Black)

    Shock Boomerang: Boomerang throws a electrically charged boomerang that does damage and stuns the opponent, starts at 300 damage with a stun of one turn, and maxes at 1200 damage and stunning the opponent for three turns. Cost 10 Blue.

    Acid Boomerang: Boomerang throws a Boomerang that leaves a trail of Acid across the board. Produces Three Strike Tiles with power of 15 at first level and maxing out with a entire row of strike tiles with power of 50 per tile. Cost 12 Green.
  • Deadpool (modern) ***
    The merc with a mouth:
    This character offers a new game dynamic.
    He would also have relatively low health for a *** character.


    Black(passive) - Miraculous Recovery - when deadpool is downed if the player has x black tiles or the board has x black tiles [not sure which way that plays better] a y turn countdown tile is placed on the board. After y turns Deadpool recovers health depending on his level and the level of Miraculous Recovery. He also back-stabs for damage equivalent to the amount he recovered.
    Level 1 - Creates a 5 turn countdown tile which returns 20% of his health and does that amount of damage to the target opponent.
    Level 2 - Creates a 4 turn countdown tile which returns 30% of his health....
    Level 3 - 3/40%...
    Level 4 - 3/50%/damage/ if the tile is matched it is replaced on the board.
    Level 5 - 3/60%/damage/ if the tile is matched/destroyed it is replaced on the board.
    [Percentages would scale with DP's level}

    Red(passive) - I'm a Hero!! - The ever noble merc with a mouth teleports into danger. [similar to hawkeye, but the opposite effect]. If an ally would take enough damage to be downed, Deadpool moves to the front and takes that damage. This ability could have similar requirements to activate as his black ability or could cost the team AP. He also is probably obnoxious enough to get targeted even without his teleporter.
    Level 1 - Imperfect protection DP takes full brunt of incoming damage and ally takes 50%
    Level 2 - DP takes full, ally takes 25%...
    Level 3 - DP takes 100%, Ally takes 0...
    Level 4 - DP takes 75%, 0, decreased activation
    Level 5 - DP takes 50%, decreased activation
    [Percentages could scale with DP level, could also be limited to once per opponent turn, and that could change with the skill level as well]

    Yellow - Katana na na na - DP could be written as a half villain/half hero and skip Killing spree, but this is DPs primary damage dealing ability. This also could be switched to be his red ability. DP attacks without attention or care to his survival or really anything else: dealing damage to all enemy targets. This damage would be related to his health as well - DP never really cares until he's pretty beat up.
    Level 1 (5 yellow) - DP deals damage %[based on level&amount he has take] to the target, ends turn
    Level 2 (6)- DP deals % damage to the target, ends turn
    Level 3 (7)- DP deals increasing damage to ALL targets, damage decreases from front target, ends turn
    Level 4 (8)- increased damage, all targets, ends turn
    Level 5 (9)- yup, yup, yup, doesn't end turn.

    No, but seriously, this would be neat. icon_twisted.gif
  • 3 or 4 star Gambit
  • Cyclops would be great. Plus any other X-Men.
  • Don't know about coming up with movesets for them but how about some of the newer marvel characters?

    The new Younger Nova, Ms Marvel, and Power Man. You can make them 2 star characters and then you can publish adult 3 star versions with slightly tweaked move sets. That way it makes some sort of sense that the two versions of characters (new/younger and Origninal/Adult) have similar but slightly modified abilities.

    For the younger Power man since he's a martial artist, if you make both a Danny Rand Iron fist and Luke Cage you can have one ability you can reuse for Rand or for one from Cage

    Oh and for one star characters you should totally put in some Great Lake Avengers icon_e_smile.gif I'm totally serious, if they are too jokey characters to put in. how about some people from the Champions? or Excaliber/MI13?
  • Morbius: The Living Vampire/Rarity 3 Stars/ Starts with 800 HP/ Maxes 6,300 HP/ Primary Colors: Purple,Red, and Black.


    Hypnotic Stare/Mind Control: Cost 10 Purple Morbius temporarily takes control of the enemy causing him to damage his own team mates. Effect: A countdown tile is added to the board the first level of which is one and max level is of 4. For this amount of turns the enemy will damage a target of the opposing team according to Morbius's choice. No one else on the opposing team is allowed to make a play except the one Morbius is in control of. If at max level the tile is not destroyed before the countdown ends then the effect then the tile goes off stunning the victim for a turn.

    Blood Drain: Cost 7 Red. Morbius grabs a hold of the enemy and bites them, draining their blood and replenishing part of his life,as well as holding(Stunning) his victim. Effect: When put into play put a countdown tile on the board. The tile starts at 2 and maxes out at 5. (It will be a Red one) Morbius holds (Stuns) his victim for that number of turns as long as the tile is not destroyed and every time Morbius damages the victim he replenishes a certain amount of his life, equal to a certain amount of damage done, starting at level one 10% and maxing out at level 5 at 100% (So if he does 175 damage at level one he would regain 17-18 HP and at level five 175 HP) in addition to that if the tile is not destroyed before the countdown goes off, Morbius regenerates another 50% of his life that he has lost. (Note: no other teammate will be able to attack except Morbius when this ability is in play)

    Midnight Son: Black Passive. Morbius is a child of the night and is far stronger at that time. Effect: If your team has at least 10 Black AP Morbius will unleash havoc on the battle field with each additional black match, adding at level one +10 damage to each Black Match, and a Black Strike tile of 20 power, at max level Morbius will add +200 damage to all Black Matches and add a 200 power Strike tile to the board of Red, Black, or Purple.
  • Be nice if we get Phil Coulson icon_e_smile.gif
  • Nellyson
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    It seems like they've been creating characters as new Marvel movies come out. In that case, could we see some sweet X-men people??? But I would like to see Ant-Man and see what they could make of that! If anything, it would be super entertaining!
  • I am surprised they haven't done Coulson and Deathlok yet, seeing as to how they are on Shield(ABC Tuesday Night cheap plug) but you have to remember nothing has come from the Spider Man movie, it would be nice to see some X-Men (I would love to see Nightcrawler, Beast, Iceman, Cyclops, Jean Grey, etc.)
  • Carnage

    3 star

    Red 10 ap

    Symbiote Blades
    Carnage slices the target with sharp symbiote blades. Creates 1 Environmental Symbiote tile and deals damage
    Upgrades reduce AP cost, increase damage, etc.

    Black 15 ap
    Carnage grabs the opponent and bites viciously. Deals XX base damage + extra XX damage per Symbiote Tile
    Upgrades increase damage

    Pink 7 ap
    Symbiote Snare
    Carnage flings symbiote webbing at his target, stunning them for 1 turn and creating 1 Environmental Symbiote tile.
    Level Upgrades:
    Level 2: Costs 1 AP less.
    Level 3: Costs 1 AP less.
    Level 4: Costs 1 AP less.
    Level 5: Stuns whole team, costs 3 ap more, creates extra Environmental Symbiote tiles per each opponent snared

    I made him Red/Black/Pink, because his symbiote suit is red and black. Devour and Symbiote snare are similar to Venom's, because he's Venom's offspring. However, he's more focused on damage because he's Carnage.
  • Talahamut
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    Relias27 wrote:
    you have to remember nothing has come from the Spider Man movie

    It sucked so bad, they nerfed him! icon_razz.gif