What Marvel character are you hoping for? (post movesets)



  • Rogue should be a 2*, and she should be the better version of moonstone. I think she should also be able to "steal" ap and damage players. Her health should be around 2500-3500 at maxed level. Cyclops also should be 2*.
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    Does Rogue ever even appear in the Dark Reign event?
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    I may be a minority here, but I think a 3* Captain America would be awesome. I think the concept of the CD tiles for his boomerang shield are spot on. However, I think having that be the mechanism for all 3 of his power is off and clearly the 2* Cap A has abilities that are way too expensive and not that powerful. So this is how I would imagine a 3* Cap A:

    Keep in mind I imagine him as a tanky character similar to Hulk. That is what would make his 'Selfless Leader' ability so attractive since his max HP is very high.

    Shield Ricochet 9 AP (This one is a bit complex, so I hope this translates)
    Damages the opponent and creates a red 3 turn countdown tile. When CD tile hits 0 it relocates to a new red tile destroying it's original position and delivers additional damage (similar to sunder) while returning 5 red AP
    Level 2: Increased Damage
    Level 3: Decrease to 2 turn +2 AP (11AP)
    Level 4: Increased Damaged
    Level 5: Adds 2 new CD tiles when original counter hits 0 +1 AP (12AP)

    Selfless Leader 11AP
    Captain America takes one for the team. Creates a random tile that when destroyed takes 10% health from Cap A and adds 20% of his health to teammates
    Level 2: 1 AP Less
    Level 3: Adds 30% to teammates
    Level 4: 1 AP Less
    Level 5: Full heal to teammates

    Energy Shield 10 AP
    Captain America's shield deflects damage to the entire opponent team. Creates a random yellow reflect tiles (New tile type) that protect and create damage to the opposing team
    Level 2: Increase Reflect Tile strength
    Level 3: Creates 2 Reflect Tiles (Add 2 AP)
    Level 4: Increase Reflect Tile strength
    Level 5: Creates 3 Reflect Tiles (Add 2 AP)
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    More than enough characters already, probably too many. Nobody uses most of what we have, except when they are forced into it. Maybe make changes to existing characters to make them more viable before we add new ones.
  • Ice Man...(** or ***)

    Blue Ability
    ICE BARRIER, 10ap
    Ice man creates a shield of solid ice. Converts 2 chosen basic tiles to blue protect tiles, each with a strength of 10
    Level 2: increase protect tile strength
    Level 3: Can convert enemy strike tiles and enemy protect tiles
    Level 4: increase protect tile strength
    Level 5: Can convert countdown tiles

    Purple Ability
    COLD SNAP, 12ap
    Intense cold slows enemy progress. Damages the enemy team. Enemy matches do not generate ap for 1 turn.
    Level: Increase damage to enemy team
    Level: Enemy matches do not generate ap for 2 turns.
    Level: Increase damage to enemy team
    Level: Enemy matches do not generate ap for 3 turns.

    Black Ability
    FROST BITE, 9ap
    Ice Man hits the target with a sub zero blast. Does damage to target and steals blue ap from the enemy team.
    Level: Reduce ap cost by 1
    Level: Reduce ap cost by 1
    Level: Reduce ap cost by 1
    Level: Increase damage to target
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    grunzadin wrote:
    Does Rogue ever even appear in the Dark Reign event?

    Probably not, I'm going for classic x-men.
  • I like the Captain americas ability where he reflects a percentage of damage back as long as his Ability tile is on the board, maybe like 30% at max level would be cool. We could also use a good 3 star Hawkeye that doesn't suck.


    Red: Overload, If you have a certain amount of Red AP when phoenix dies, she transforms to Dark Phoenix and adds additional effect to her other abilities, this ability would become a passive that would take down her health every turn by a certain percentage like 2 or 4% to compensate for how strong she becomes, like a timer.

    Yellow: Knocks back a whole row of tiles by 1 and deals damage for every non environment tile pushed back, damage varies between colors that she uses and not. Dark Phoenix effect: Creates a psychic tile on the board that when matched triggers the same effect again?

    Black: Hits all enemies with a psychic blast similar to Thor's Green. Dark Phoenix effect: Stuns enemy team for 3 > 2 > 1 turns in that order.
    Night crawler: an ability that produces a countdown tile of 1-2 turn that keeps swapping locations and deals damage every time it does until its matched.
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    Namor (Dark Reign) 2/3 Star Villain/ Hero (explained below)

    With Fury and Osborn both mentioning the Cabal, this is the logical continuation of the story and Namor played a role in the Dark Reign story-lines as well. For those not in the know, the Cabal is basically a secret society put together by Osborn behind the scenes to control the world. The Cabal was made up of Osborn, The Hood, Doctor Doom, Loki (in her female body), Emma Frost and Namor. Since we have most of the bad guys already and we just got a psychic X-Man so Emma can wait a bit, I think Namor would be an awesome addition to the game.

    Top it off with his relationships to the cast (he is a war time ally of Captain America, hunted Iron Man for awhile on the behalf of Osborn, has been waging a war against the Black Panther (and is now working with him in the Illuminati) and is in love/ obsessed with Susan Richards). The story can start with Namor on Osborn's side, fighting with the Dark Avengers like Hulk was. He is a real pain in the... and cocky to boot. LOL you'll hate to fight him but love it when you beat his smug self. As the event continues tho, interactions with Sue and Cap will bring him over to our side.

    Powers (not really my forte but I'll give it a try).

    Red (Imperius Rex)
    Namor screams his infamous battle cry and puts a 1 turn red countdown tile on the battlefield. The amount of tiles it shatters is based on the team's red AP and will drain it completely after use. This also ends his turn due to exhaustion.

    Blue (Drowning)
    Namor summons a flash flood and drowns the opponent. Namor gains two strike tiles cause he is in his element and puts a blue drowning tile on the screen. Similar to Psylocke's black, it hurt the opponent till it is matched.

    Purple (Cocky)
    Namor laughs and puts out an invisible purple tile (ala Daredevil), if the opponent matches it, he dodges the attack (no damage) and retaliates with his trident spearing them, reflecting their damage back on them. At level 2: 1.5 damage reflected, level 3: 2 tiles, level 4: double damage, level 5: 3 tiles. A purple AP abusers worse nightmare hah.

    Also Marvel Puzzle Quest can get a one up on Avengers Alliance and actually have a character they haven't introduced yet in their game.
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    ha ha I will be happy to see Gambit but i was thinking on psylocke, so it is already cool. Sorry for basic attacks names, i need more vocabulary in english icon_eek.gif

    Volley of Cards - 5 Red AP
    Gambit creates 4 randomly tiles as this : 1 tile with counter a 1 turn countdown, 1 tile with a 2 turn countdown, 1 tile with a 3 turn countdown, 1 tile with a 4 turn counter. When reaching 0, a tile deals 28 damage and desctruct a 3x3 square tile.
    Level 2 - Raises Damage
    Level 3 - Raises Damage
    Level 4 - Raises Damage
    Level 5 - Raises Damage

    Backlash - 8 Yellow AP
    Gambit is stunned for 1 turn. Create 1 green slash tile on board. When Gambit matches yellow and slah tile is on the board, add 144 damage to the attack.
    Level 2 - Raises damage
    Level 3 - stunned for 2 turns. Create 2 green slash tile.
    Level 4 - Raises damage.
    Level 5 - stunned for 1 turn. Create only 1 green slash tile. Raises damage.

    Slash - 10 black AP
    Dealing direct 58 damage.
    Level 2 - Raises Damage - cost 1 AP less
    Level 3 - Raises Damage - cost 1 AP less
    Level 4 - Raises Damage - cost 1 AP less
    Level 5 - Raises Damage - cost 1 AP less
  • Mystique

    Bad intention - 7 black AP
    Mystique choose a tile and create a copy from a tile present on the board.
    Level 2 - cost 1 AP less
    Level 3 - cost 1 AP less
    Level 4 - cost 1 AP less
    Level 5 - cost 1 AP less

    Mirror protection - 2 purple AP
    Mystique create a random shield tile and a random attack tile.
    Level 2 - cost 1 AP more. Tile strentgh protection increased. Attack tile increased.
    Level 3 - cost 1 AP more. Tile strentgh protection increased. Attack tile increased.
    Level 4 - cost 1 AP more. Tile strentgh protection increased. Attack tile increased.
    Level 5 - cost 1 AP more. Tile strentgh protection increased. Attack tile increased.

    Silent infiltration - 10 yellow AP
    Mystique deals 212 damage and steal 3 yellow and 3 black AP.
    Level 2 - Raises damage
    Level 3 - Steal 4Y and 4B
    Level 4 - Raises damage
    Level 5 - cost 1 AP less
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    Not enough people know about X-Factor, and it's so sad because the cast is amazing. Here's my bid for Multiple Man, based around Attack Tiles to act as his duplicates.

    Jaime Madrox (Multple Man)

    Kinetic Duplication
    Black - Passive
    Whenever Madrox takes damage, he places a random Attack Tile on the board.
    Level 2 - Increase Damage
    Level 3 - Places 2 attack Tiles
    Level 4 - Increase Damage
    Level 5 - Places 4 attack Tiles

    Madrox can destroy a friendly Attack tile and heals a small amount.
    Level 2 - Increase Healing
    Level 3 - Destroys up to 3 attack tiles
    Level 4 - Increase Healing
    Level 5 - Destroys up to 6 Attack tiles

    All Together
    Madrox and his duplicates attacks the enemies all at once, doing X damage for each attack tile.
    Level 2 - Also creates 1 additional attack tiles
    Level 3 - Increase Damage
    Level 4 - Creates 2 additional attack tiles
    Level 5 - Madrox locks down the opponent, stunning them for 2 turns.
  • The perfect Tank Team:

    Uncle Ben *

    Uncle Ben dies before the first turn. Your team gains 6 blue AP.

    Bucky *

    Bucky dies before the first turn. Your team gains 6 red AP.

    Agent Coulson

    Agent Coulson Dies before the first turn. Your team gains 6 purple AP. Agent Coulson is revived if you perform massive brain surgery on him.
  • To give you a short answer:

    Spider Man 2099 Unlimited

    To see my post go to:

    Or Just do a search on Spider Man 2099 Unlimited

    Even though I have not put much thought into the different levels at least I have two of the skill sets that I would like to see him have. . . . . icon_e_smile.gificon_e_biggrin.gif
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    Any ideas for Scarlet Witch or Emma Frost? They are pretty integrated into the Dark Reign storyline.
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    ErikPeter wrote:
    Post your ideas for characters and powers the devs should add next.

    Rogue (Classic) *
    Forceful Punch 7 AP
    Rogue has absorbed the strength and training of fallen foes. She punches with incredible force, destroying a target basic tile and generating AP.
      Level 2: Affects any non-countdown tile. Level 3: Costs 6 AP. Level 4: Costs 5 AP. Level 5: Targets 2 tiles. Costs 7 AP.

    Absorb Power 7 AP
    Rogue's touch weakens her enemy, while increasing the power of her attacks. Adds 1 Purple Strike tile and 1 Protect tile (Yellow or Blue) to the board. (low damage/protect; roughly 6 per tile at level 50)
      Level 2: 2 tiles of each type. Costs 8 AP. Level 3: 3 tiles of each type. Costs 9 AP. Level 4: 4 tiles of each type. Costs 10 AP. Level 5: 5 tiles of each type. Costs 11 AP.

    Passive: Rogue is resistant to all forms of damage. Reduce the amount of damage she takes by x for every 6 purple tiles on the board. (x roughly 10 at level 50)
      Level 2: For every 5 purple tiles. Level 3: For every 4 purple tiles. Level 4: For every 3 Purple tiles. Level 5: For every 2 Purple tiles.

    Rogue is designed to be another common that maxes at 50, and an alternate to Storm (Modern) for utility that focuses more on turn by turn damage instead of OTK. She'd be more resilient and still useful on teams with 85s.

    Cyclops (Classic) ***
    Optic Blast 7 Blue AP
    Scott's visor unleashes a powerful burst of energy.
    Stuns the enemy team for 1 turn and drains his team's Purple AP, dealing x damage per purple AP consumed. (x damage is rather low, but a decent total when you've got a lot of purple AP)
      Level 2: Costs 6 AP. Level 3: Costs 5 AP. Level 4: Costs 4 AP. Level 5: Costs 3 AP.

    Power Surge 6 Yellow AP
    Scott's energy beam sweeps the battlefield, pinning down his enemies.
    Adds 5 Purple tiles to the board.
      Level 2: 6 tiles. Costs 7 AP. Level 3: 8 tiles. Costs 8 AP. Level 4: 10 tiles. Costs 9 AP. Level 5: 12 tiles. Costs 10 AP.

    I designed Cyclops to work pretty well with Storm (Classic) and my version of Rogue (Classic) above. Although he has only two covers, Blue and Yellow as proper for a classic X-man, his third best color for damage is Purple.

    Cyclops could use a passive third that gives a team heal if every other living person on his team makes an attack in a single move/ability use (would require a cascade)

    Have it be leadership oriented so that it wouldn't work if he's the last man standing

    Think like an instant Morale Boost
  • Colossus
    - Could also apply to tank characters such as Thing or Luke Cage

    Bell Ringer
    - 10 AP
    - Medium single target damage that stuns a target for one turn
    - Even covers increase damage
    - Odd covers increase the duration of the stun by 1 turn

    - Passive
    - Any time an enemy attacks and Colossus is not the target character he moves into the path of the attack and takes the damage in their place if he has at least 7 yellow AP at the cost of 2 yellow AP
    - Covers 2-4 lower the required AP by 1 each
    - Cover 5 lowers the cost per use by 1 AP

    Steel Skin
    - 13 AP
    - Increases the current health and the maximum health of Colossus by a significant amount
    - Each new cover increases the percent of current and maximum health increase
  • Mr. Fantastic/Fantastic Four/ Rarity: Common


    Inventions Cost 10 purple. This ability puts a countdown tile on the board that has 3 turns before it goes off. It does one of three things
    Destroys so many tiles around it not generating AP but damaging the opponent starting with the 8 random tiles and maxing at destroying the entire board, or it will generate 2 attack tiles starting with 5 power and max at 4 attack tiles with 20 attack power, or it will generate 2 defense tiles starting at 5 power and max at 4 with 20 power.

    Hammer Fists Cost 7 Yellow
    Mr. Fantastic changes his fists to Hammers doing 50 damage and maxing at 780 damage

    Elasticity Cost 12 Blue

    Mr. Fantastic wraps his body around the main villain and their entire team stunning them, starts at one turn and maxes out at 3 turns for the main character you are fighting and 2 turns for the rest of the team.

    Thing/ Fantastic Four/ Rarity 2 Stars

    Rock Body Passive Green

    When anyone matches Green and if there is less than 4 defensive tiles on the Board Thing produces a Defense tile starting with power of 15 and maxing out at a power of 40 while generating up to 6 defense tiles.

    Sunday Punch Cost 8 Red

    Thing hits the bad guy with all his strength. Does 100 damage and maxes out at ???

    Clobberin Time Cost 15 Blue

    Thing rushes the opposing team unloading damage on the team and adding a attack tile to the board, starts out as 170 damage to the entire team and putting a attack tile of power 40 onto the board and maxes out at 850 damage to the entire team and a attack tile with 90 power.
  • Hmmm.. let's see.. more ideas. (Not sure if these would be heroes or villains so I am going to put them down as I remember them)

    Avalanche/ Rarity Common/ Villains


    Avalanche: Cost 10 purple AP. Avalanche destroys the Environment Blocks on the Board and damages the opponent with the resulting debris doing 5 damage per block and maxes out at 20 damage per block.

    Earthquake: Cost 14 Black. Avalanche causes a massive earthquake that destroys the teams environment AP and damages and eventually stuns the entire team. Does 80 damage at first, maxes at 300 damage

    Toad/Rarity: Common/ Villains


    Super Kick= Toad jumps at the opponent hitting them with a front drop kick. Cost 7 Red AP. Damage does 70 at level 1 and maxes at 800 damage

    Toxic Touch = Toad generates a green goo that stuns the opponent. Cost 8 Green At level one stuns opponent for 2 turns eventually stuns them for 6 turns.

    Pyro/ Rarity: Common/Villains

    Burn: Pyro sets his opponent on Fire stunning them and damaging them. Cost 10 Black AP. Effect Pyro sets his opponent on fire doing 100 damage and stunning them a countdown block is created for 1 turn in which the victim burns and is stunned, doing a additional 25 damage. At max level Pyro does 300 damage and the countdown block lasts three turns doing an additional 100 damage per turn while the opponent is unable to act (Is stunned)

    Wild Fire: Cost 11 Red AP. Pyro creates a fire that destroys all the environment tiles on the board dealing 5 damage per tile at first level and 25 damage at max levels to the entire opposing team.

    Stream of Fire: Cost: 12 Yellow. Pyro generates a stream of fire three Yellow or Red tiles become countdown tiles that go off in order (1-2-3) each Red or Yellow tile damages the opposing team when they go off. At level One does 25 damage per tile. at MAX does 200 damage per tile.

    Blob/Rarity: Uncommon/ Villains

    Sunday Punch: Blob Punches the opponent with all his might. Cost 8 Red AP. Starts out at 100 damage and maxes at ??? (TBD)

    Immovable: The Blob sits himself down and cannot be moved. Cost 14 Black. The Blob positions himself between the enemy and his team, a countdown block is created and for so many turns Blob takes all of the incoming damage for his team while at the same time cutting the damage the opponent is doing down by a certain percentage. At level one Blob takes all damage that would hit his team for one turn and takes 25% less damage then normal. At max levels he sits for three turns and takes 90% less damage then normal.

    Sabretooth/Rarity: Uncommon/ Villains

    Feral Claws: See Wolverine

    Healing Factor: See Wolverine

    Ambush: Sabretooth bides his time and then strikes. Cost 10 Green. Sabretooth sets up a trap and when your opponent matches the tile that is trapped Sabretooth attacks doing 300 damage at level one and maxing out at 4000 damage. (The tile is Environment tile)

    Mystique/Rarity: Rare/ Villains

    Shape Shifter: Cost 11 Blue. Mystique Changes shape blending in with the opposing team and stealing their resources. Mystique Steals 2 AP from every color from the opponents team at level one and maxes out at 5 AP per color.

    Guns and Agility: Cost 12 Yellow. Mystique puts a special tile on the board . The next time the opponent tries to damage Mystique she dodges the attack (Negating it) and shoots at the opponent that tried to hurt her.(Any enemy, any attack) The shot does 400 damage at level one and destroys the surrounding 12 tiles, doing additional damage according to Mystiques stats and the tiles she destroyed, at max level it will do 1,000 damage and destroy 24 blocks.

    Trap: Mystique lures her enemies into a trap. Cost 10 Black. Sets a Black Countdown tile on the board with a timer of 4 turns, when it goes off, it hits the entire enemies team for 120 damage, and stuns them for one turn, at level one, at max level does 2000 damage and stuns the opposing team for one turn.
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    Ghost Rider
    Mr Fantastic
    Dr Octopus
    Green Goblin
    Dead Pool
    Ice Man
    King Pin
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    [Copied from a singular topic I made. Advised to post it here.]

    I'm a total novice at this, so I'm going to use letters instead of actual numbers because I have no idea what level 1 character stats are. I also apologise if this is in the wrong place, but I thought the character discussion page was built around the idea of existing characters, rather than speculation on what we'd want to see.

    I really like the idea of having Rescue as a character.

    Lower HP than Iron Man, perhaps around the Black Widow mark. Not designed as a tank, so much, but as support. I kinda imagine her as a 3 star, primarily because of her blue move potentially outclassing OBW, and we need a good 3 star healer other than Spider Man I guess.

    Possible moves.

    Magnetic Force-Field
    Cost: 10 purple
    Description: Rescue's Repulsor Tech Node creates an electromagnetic barrier that grows in strongth the more energy remains, shielding her allies from harm. Creates a purple shield tile of X strength for every 5 purple the team has.
    Level 2: Creates a tile for every 4 purple
    Level 3: Defense increased to X+Y
    Level 4: Creates a tile for every 3 purple
    Level 5: Defense increased to X+Y+Z

    Energy Emanation
    Cost: 10 red
    Description: Rescue's repulsor energy may be less directed than Iron Man's, but it's just as powerful. Hit all enemies for X damage + A for every defense tile in play, destroying the tiles and dealing damage but no AP.
    Level 2: Damage increase
    Level 3: Damage increase
    Level 4: Damage increase
    Level 5: Damage increase

    Enhanced Healing
    Rescue's R.T Node can be used to heal her allies, the power grows depending on her stored energy. Heals all allies for X health + A for every defense tile in play, destroying the tiles and dealing damage but no AP.
    Level 2: Increases all countdown tiles by 1 turn.
    Level 3: Increased healing
    Level 4: Increases all countdown times for a further 1 turn.
    Level 5 increased healing.

    Again, sorry I'm not providing actual values here, I am not fully into the mathematics of it all.
    It's likely this build is broken as heck too, I was giving it some thought at work tonight (shows how busy it was, eh?) and this is kinda what I came up with. I liked having her as almost a reverse Wolverine with the shield tile building instead of his attack tiles, also the idea of them acting like a force field she could detonate in different ways. Though perhaps a little far fetched. I suppose the red move could be a little over powered in that sense. I like the idea that she has defence tiles up that she'd need to detonate to use her other abilities, making her more of a risk/reward style character. Sure your heroes are taking less damage, but you really want to heal them, so you need to time it right. Same deal with doing damage. Is it really a good time to drop your defences and go all out with the attack?

    I'd love to know what you guys think.

    Also, if any developer sees this, I will say here and now you are free to use whatever idea sounds good here. I'm not going to go after you if you take any of these ideas and put them to use. I'd just be happy to see Rescue show up as a character =)