What Marvel character are you hoping for? (post movesets)



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    Good point. If I follow through with my design intent, she's steal Steal Power, which besides stealing mostly yellow AP (to fuel another steal) wouldn't do anything. So it would probably be better to treat her as a mook, in that case.

    My original wording didn't use "Worthy" and "weaker", instead it just stole a power "if possible, otherwise deal x damage". I didn't like it because it didn't signify WHY it would work or not. But perhaps it would be better to adopt something like that just to allow for exceptions when stealing a power from a character doesn't make as much sense; two standouts from the list above are Nick Fury and IM35.

    Actually, originally, her powers were a little cheaper and Energy Drain set the target up for the drain (giving the most recent drained target a mark, like the mark after Deadpool takes a bit off the top) and Steal Power would steal the power of whoever had the mark. I did it that way because I wanted you to be able to steal a power even if energy drain downed your opponent, to let you use power steal for a while without replacing it, and to make Rogue have her own play style. But building up Black then Purple/Yellow THEN whatever you needed to use the stolen power seemed like it was too long a process and fidgety.
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    Most likely this has already been said but Doc Strange or Cable. Do a little Cable and Deadpool event. Or Bob, Agent of Hydra. He could be the new Bagman.
  • Galactus****


    blackflag.pngHunger - Passive

    1 Cover: At the end of your turn Galactus loses 10% of his max. hitpoints and 2 AP from every color pool.
    2 Covers: Galactus only loses 5% of his health.
    3 Covers: Only drains 1 AP from each color pool.
    4 Covers: Galactus only loses health when you have less then 7 Black AP.
    5 Covers: Only drains AP from your blue, black and purple pools.

    blueflag.pngDevour World - 30 AP

    Galactus creates a 7 turn blue countdown tile. When the countdown tile activates he instantly downs the entire opposing team. Can't be used without "Hunger".

    1 Cover: Costs 30 Blue AP and creates a 7 turn countdown tile.
    2 Covers: AP cost reduced to 25.
    3 Covers: Countdown reduced to 5 turns.
    4 Covers: When the countdown tile activates it also restores Galactus to 100% health.
    5 Covers: When the countdown tile gets matched or destroyed and there are other basic blue tiles on the board, the countdown resets and the tile respawns at a diffent location.

    purpleflag.pngPower Cosmic - 18 Purple AP

    Galactus unleashes his vast cosmic powers. He creates a 2 turn purple countdown tile that will shatter up to 1 tile of each color every turn. Does not generate AP.

    1 Cover: Shatters one tile of every color.
    2 Covers: Shatters up to 2 tiles of every color.
    3 Covers: Shatters up to 3 tiles of every color.
    4 Covers: Duration increased to 4 turns.
    5 Covers: Whenever the tile activates, it also adds 5 blue tiles to the board.

    Only problem would be how to force people to train his black to level 1 icon_lol.gif

    Maybe he should be a PvE only character like the Devil Dinosaur icon_cool.gif
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    LnD-Rash wrote:

    Let me see if I can tweak this for you.

    blackflag.pngConsume - Passive
    When Galactus attacks by making a Black match, does an additional x damage. Heals for additional damage.

    Level Upgrades
    Level 2: Also does damage for and heals when making a Blue match.
    Level 3: Also does damage for and heals when making a Black match.
    Level 4: Increases damage and heal.
    Level 5: Does damage and heals for ANY match Galactus makes.

    blueflag.pngDevourer of Worlds - Passive
    At the end of your turn Galactus loses 10% of his max health. If Galactus has 30 blue AP creates a 7 turn blue countdown tile and drains all Blue AP, if not drain 2 AP from every color pool. When the countdown tile activates he instantly downs the entire opposing team.

    Level 2: Galactus loses 5% his max health each turn. If Galactus has 25 or more blue AP creates countdown tile.
    Level 3: Only drains 1 AP from each color pool. Countdown reduced to 5 turns.
    Level 4: Only drains AP from Blue, Black, and Purple AP pools. When the countdown tile activates it also True Heals Galactus by as much health as the opposing team had.
    Level 5: Galactus only loses health when you have less than 7 Black AP. No longer drains all Blue AP on creation of Countdown tile, but will not create a Devourer Countdown tile as long as one exists on the board already.

    Your Purple is fine as is. So I modeled the new Black on OBW's Black. I just feel that 15 turns to collect 25 Blue AP seems a bit farfetched 083.png, especially if you are losing 1AP every round already. Giving him a simple heal (but one that requires him being part of the fight) does make that a bit more doable without boosts. This also promotes leveling him, since any instant kill moves should require a fully leveled (or at least mostly leveled) character. How much **** would it be for people to be carrying around a bunch of level 70 fully covered Galactuses (what is the appropriate plural term for multiple Galactus?)

    I simply merged your original Black & Blue ideas together, and reworked the levels a bit. Seriously, not losing health could make him downright unstoppable, so Level 5 seems like a more logical place for that bonus.
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    LnD-Rash wrote:

    I don't really like the idea of a character with a straightforward win condition like that. (And I don't think he's very playable as written.) But as a boss monster for PvE, he could be pretty cool.
  • Thing was one I had really been hoping for and he should have had Colossus skill set (with the exception of Fastball Special).

    Scarlet Witch could satisfy a spot as both a mutant and an avenger. As could Quicksilver.

    Doctor Strange would make for a really interesting build. Something similar to Invisible Womans invisibility to rep his ability to walk the spirit realm.

    Also... hoping for a 3 star Bullseye in his classic costume and with an added 3rd power to make him more useful. Something that represents his ability to make anything a weapon.
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    Muttly wrote:
    Also... hoping for a 3 star Bullseye in his classic costume and with an added 3rd power to make him more useful. Something that represents his ability to make anything a weapon.

    If they do a 3* Bullseye, I hope he has 3 fresh new powers. Think OBW & GSBW.
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    Pwuz_ wrote:
    If they do a 3* Bullseye, I hope he has 3 fresh new powers. Think OBW & GSBW.

    Challenge Accepted.

    BULLSEYE (Perfect Game)

    (Damage values are at level 166) Not much commentary here, except that yes, I intended that he be a bit slow to get started but dish out a ton of extra damage over time. Synergizes very well with an attack-tile user. Damage order is Black/Purple/Red. To give him a bit more focus, it might be fun to have Vendetta increase damage for the enemy team as well, based on their black. npxo

    redflag.pngI Only Need One 16 Red AP
    Bullseye mercilessly finishes his opponent. Deals 1600 damage and destroys all strike tiles, not generating AP, dealing 160 additional damage for each strike tile destroyed (maximum 1600 damage). If his opponent is downed by the primary attack, it violently ricochets, dealing the additional damage again to the next target.
    Level 2: Increases base damage to 2400.
    Level 3: Increases damage per strike tile destroyed to 200 (maximum 2000 damage).
    Level 4: Increases damage per strike tile destroyed to 275 (maximum 2750 damage).
    Level 5. Increases damage per strike tile destroyed to 310 (no maximum).

    purpleflag.pngVendetta 10 Purple AP
    Bullseye will stop at nothing to pursue his murderous agenda. Creates a purple countdown tile that activates every turn, adding one friendly red strike tile and black enemy strike tile of base strength 20 to the board. The strength of the friendly strike tiles increases for each black AP your team has. (Roughly 3 per AP)
    Level 2: Base strike tile strength increases to 30.
    Level 3: Base strike tile strength increases to 45.
    Level 4: Base strike tile strength increases to 60.
    Level 5: Enemy strike tile strength reduced to 30.

    blackflag.pngAce of Spades (PASSIVE)
    In the hands of Bullseye, anything is a weapon. Whenever he makes a Black match, add one strength 20 strike tile to the board and increase the strength of all other friendly strike tiles by 10.
    Level 2: Base strike tile strength increases to 30.
    Level 3: Base strike tile strength increases to 45. Other friendly strike tiles are increased by 15.
    Level 4: Base strike tile strength increases to 60.
    Level 5: Other friendly strike tiles are increased by 20.
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    ErikPeter wrote:
    Challenge Accepted.

    redflag.pngI Only Need One 16 Red AP

    purpleflag.pngVendetta 10 Purple AP

    blackflag.pngAce of Spades (PASSIVE)

    Wow, that sounds pretty awesome. Though I think that Ace of Spades may be a bit too powerful with both creation of and enhancement of all strike tiles. Considering Falcon can only boost 3 tiles max, I would venture just letting Bullseye focus his boosts on the same number of strike tiles would be more than a vicious ability. Considering he has a way to spit out those strike tiles pretty quickly with Vendetta stacks really well with it.

    I Only Need One may be a bit OP considering how littered the board will be with Strike tiles his battles may be (especially when paired with Daken.) That initial strike should insta-kill most anyone (even that level 331 Sentry at the end of the Gauntlet), on top of the cascades it would create. I'd drop the extra ricochet damage, and even then it might still be too powerful with no damage cap. I know Chemical Reaction is almost 1/3 the cost of this, but that only converts 4 tiles max, without the potential cascades. I really like the idea of destroying all strike tiles, but the damage is just a ton considering the board is likely to look like a piece of swiss cheese.
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    (major edits)

    I'm not sure. I'll admit that I haven't thought about the numbers much. I don't think he's as immediately abusive as Sentry, and as written (assuming his HP is medium low) I'd rather face him than level 166 Hulk, Human Torch, Thor and Sentry. Ace of Spades is definitely going to be his most unavoidable power, but isn't hard to counter by matching black yourself.

    I Only Need One is a bit crazy factoring tile damage and cascades, but has a huge cost. Wolverine's The Best There Is does 5-8k for 15 AP (with the right team), Magneto's Blue does about 5500 (plus a small cascade chance) for 10 AP; Without a limit, IONO could be 20 tiles for 8k damage base and 6k ricochet, so that's pretty nuts, but really only the Ricochet pushes it over the line, especially with the setup it takes. You need to get 10 purple, then lots of black, AND 15 red for it to be on par with other high-damage red powers. Contrast other slow builders; GSW needs roughly 11 green and 9 purple to do ~4k to the entire enemy team. Thor needs 14 Green to do 8k total.

    I wouldn't fight a nerf. I think a small change I could make that might "fix" it is make IONO only destroy friendly tiles. That way, if you manage to get 10 tiles out there (with Vendetta) you probably have a bunch of enemy tiles as well, and many will stick around after the strike.

    When designing his powers I was looking at 10 tiles on the board. When there's 10, Ace of Spades is about as good as Falcon's Inspiration. I don't think it's easy to get more than 10 friendly strikes on the board (and players should be rewarded for creating synergies that allow for it.) If it turned out to be too good, I would try making Ace of Spades create friendly tiles in a specific color, e.g. black, meaning he can only ever make tiles on red and black, making it hard to get that many at once by himself. Opening up a good synergy for other characters who make strike tiles on different colors.

    Or Vendetta's countdown could be two or three turns instead of one, or cost 1 AP a turn like flame Jet, but the enemy strikes would have to be toned down or the power would be lackluster; besides, it will often just get matched right away.

    Thanks for the input! I love element design and it's fun to pick apart these speculative character powers.
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    I previously specced out a couple powers for Cyclops, the most prominent X-man currently missing from MPQ. Here's my revised take on him. He's a low-cost character with a support lean, sharing Spider-Man's colors and offering a tactically-useful enemy team stun.

    I want him to synergize with Mohawk Storm and Patch Wolvie. Cyclops will fill in Purple and Blue, and his third color is Yellow. He also makes blue special tiles to help Beast. By design he doesn't synergize with OBW/espionage, because that would be... crazy. I tried to implement Red in his color scheme but it didn't make much sense given the powers I created. If you're ok with a red stun, Optic Blast could be easily color-switched.

    My favorite part of this build is how he's relatively self-sufficient--he can protect himself, deal moderate AoE. create purple and use it to blast his opponents. But he's much better when teamed up with someone else, e.g. someone with strike tiles or a more serious purple-user.

    Cyclops (Modern) ***
      purpleflag.pngPiercing Beam Purple (PASSIVE)
      Cyclops' visor allows him to control his energy beams with precision, bouncing them off of any solid object. When he makes a Purple match, deal match damage to each other enemy.
      Level 2: Also damage each other enemy when he makes a Blue match.
      Level 3: Cyclops' purple match damage ignores enemy Protect tiles.
      Level 4: Cyclops' blue match damage ignores enemy Protect tiles.
      Level 5: Enemy protect tiles count as friendly strike tiles when making a Purple match.

      Cyclop's signature move. Ultimately, not super powerful, but synergizes incredibly well with Master Tactician and any character with Strike tiles. Level 5 might be excessive. If it's too good this whole tree could have a moderate Team-Up AP requirement like Black Panther's Battleplan, which would also boost his connection with Storm.
        blueflag.pngOptic Blast 6 Blue AP
        Scott unleashes a powerful burst of energy, stunning the enemy team for 1 turn and draining the team's Purple AP, dealing additional x damage to the target per Purple AP consumed.
        Level 2: Increases damage.
        Level 3: The blast hampers the enemy team, creating a blue protect tile.
        Level 4: Increases damage.
        Level 4: Creates 2 protect tiles.

        It's not supposed to be heavy damage, suppose around 150 per AP at level 166. The protect tile(s) can be moderate as well. The primary goal is to give him an inexpensive team stun to be used at just the right time to set up a 4- or 5-match.
          yellowflag.pngMaster Tactician 8 Yellow AP
          Scott orders his team into an advantageous position, converting 7 random basic tiles to purple tiles.
          Level 2: Converts 8 tiles.
          Level 3: Converts 9 tiles.
          Level 4: Converts 11 tiles.
          Level 5: Converts 13 tiles.

          13 tiles will likely cause a reasonable cascade and trigger Piercing Beam. Even 9 should create some options when the board is locked up. 4- and 5-matches are even more likely if the lower part of the board is clogged with Storm's attack tiles. I like it thematically, as Purple is often used for powers that take advantage of the other team in some way, or provide support, and Cyclops' leadership provides more opportunities to do so. Obviously this power will also be useful with another strong purple-user.npxo
        • Angel **
          Archangel ***
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          Really hoping for Billy Ray Cyrus as the next ** or maybe even a * character.

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          greentile.png I posted this on Reddit yesterday. I'm most proud of the concepts of Iceman, and Ghost Rider. I think Ghost Rider has some serious potential.

          Iceman (above all; my favorite character).
          yellowtile.png COLOSSAL 2* storm blue ability,
          blacktile.png ice armor protect tiles,
          bluetile.png a blizzard that doubles the number of blues on the board.

          Secret Wars Doom (more of the pew-pew type)
          His colors would be greentile.pngblacktile.pngbluetile.png

          Green Goblin (with a molotov-like pumpkin bomb that poisons),

          ALL The Sinister Six.

          Kraven should have GSBW style sniper shot, a multi-trap ala Fury that stuns, and a pounce ala Venom.

          Octopus should have a number of countdown tiles that attack and smash nearby team-up tiles (tentacles)

          Electro should generate yellow tiles ala Cap's yellow, but without the protect aspect. He should also have a strike that stuns.
          He could also generate a protect tile when any yellow match, ala Bullseye. Finally a green

          Mysterio should have a lot of props that pop out of team-up tiles, traps, and a 180 degree opposite iron curtain via Colossus; You think you're targeting him, but it hits other teammate. maxed, it does half dmg to your teammate.

          Sandman should be able to regenerate a small amount of health when yellow is matched, as well as do a big sand fist attack.

          Vulture should have a life drain that heals him, but not as a true heal.

          Blade (With a Daywalker life-leech attack and swordplay ala Deadpool)

          2* Goblin - Harry -. Just as a variant.

          Jubilee 1* char. generates yellows, purples, and a blue pop-fizzle-stun. Does nominal damage.

          Finally, Ghost Rider. Seriously. He could be so good.
          Penance stare. Place a countdown tile on the board. Increment it each time Ghost Rider gets attacked. When the tile is destroyed, ALL reds on the board explode, doing X damage per.
          Chain flechette. Destroy x row of tiles. Generate AP if maxed. End turn unless maxed. It's basically Hood's pew-pew, but a row or 2 instead of chosen blocks.
          "Fire and Brimstone". FINALLY. Someone generates REDS.

          So the thought with Penance State is that you can't avoid taking damage once it's placed, similarly to not being able to avoid your fate. But it would be based on the number of red tiles on the board as well as the number of penance counters on the tile. Once destroyed, NO MATTER WHAT, you take dmg.
          that's a lot of colors. Sorry to confuse
        • Seriously where is my Ghost Rider? I really like how cool he looks. Even if he has **** abilities I will keep his covers for just his awesome appearance icon_e_biggrin.gif
        • I would love to see Agent Venom.

          purpleflag.png a Spiderman/Venom style stun to keep with the theme

          blackflag.png a tile destruction ability that the player can target since he uses guns quite often

          redflag.png a big damaging ability that will stun him if there's too many Red tiles on the board to represent the Symbiote lashing out as he loses control and he takes a turn to get back in charge.
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          Iron Fist with power colors Yellow,Blue,Red

          Dragon's Touch for yellow

          Lotus Whip for blue

          Surging Fist for red

          these powers would seem legit for him since they are some of his moves from Marvel vs Capcom.
        • I would love Iron Fist, but I think it should be Purple Yellow Green, and that he should have a combination like

          Purple: Fist of Iron, Does straight forward damage based on number of purple tiles. If more than 15 deals 1k to the enemy team as well. 10 AP
          Yellow: Power of Chi, Generate 4 random purple tiles and heal the team for 500. 7 AP
          Green: Strength of Shou Lou, When Iron Fist takes 680 damage or more, he retaliates based upon the percentage of health lost. Passive

          6800 HP
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          Not the best cover. Might look good as a thumbnail on my phone though.

          HAWKEYE (Ultimate) ***
          This version of Hawkeye has some similarities to his 1- and 2-star versions. He is a solid single-target damage dealer, with the regular caveat that countdown tiles happen over time and can be matched away. They should be placed randomly. His self-preserving and support abilities are also really potent in concert and so I tried to make them cost a decent amount without going overboard.
            redflag.pngLongshot 12 Red AP
            Hawkeye fires on his opponents from a protected position. Creates red countdown tiles of 1-, 2-, and 3-turn duration that each deal 667 damage when activated. While these tiles are on the board, Hawkeye moves to the back of the team and takes no damage from attacks that target his allies.
            Level 2: Also creates a 4-turn countdown tile.
            Level 3: Also creates a 5-turn countdown tile.
            Level 4: Increases countdown tile damage to 820.
            Level 5: Increases countdown tile damage to 1001.

            He sets up a barrage that just keeps coming. It should be fun to play against him when he pops this power, as you'd have to scramble to take down the CDs you could, and pay attention to who is getting hit by the ones you let through. 5k damage is actually a bit weak for a power of this cost at rank 5, since it hits over the next 5 turns and is potentially somewhat avoidable. However, blocking many of the red tiles is desirable against Daken and Doom especially. In fact, this power would be so good at clearing out red tiles, it might even make sense in a different color.
              yellowflag.pngPreparation 9 Yellow AP
              Hawkeye identifies a weak point in his foes' defenses, exploiting it before they get a chance to respond. Creates a 2-turn countdown tile which, while it remains on the board, acts as a strength 380 Strike tile. If the Countdown tile is matched, generate 3 Yellow AP.
              Level 2: Countdown tile acts as a strength 418 Strike tile.
              Level 3: Increases countdown to 3 turns.
              Level 4: Countdown tile acts as a strength 499 Strike tile.
              Level 5: Increases countdown to 4 turns, and generate 5 Yellow AP if matched.

              This power is Sentry-reminiscent and can be abused in many of the same ways (see: Longshot), but in this case the drawback is that it doesn't stick around. If you match it on the last turn you'll get it out again sooner. I am waffling on 2/3/4 turns or 3/4/5. Or whether Yellow is the best color fit. I also considered a power that pumps out strike tiles each turn, then destroys all strikes (of that color) when activated, but I think that fits a different character better.
                purpleflag.pngPerfect Aim 11 Purple AP
                Hawkeye can hit any target at any distance. Transform 1 selected basic tile or friendly special tile into a Critical tile.
                Level 2: Also transforms enemy Strike tiles.
                Level 3: Also transforms enemy Attack and Web tiles.
                Level 4: Also transforms enemy Defense tiles.
                Level 5: Transforms any tile.

                The updated, 3-star version of his 1-star power. Even that version has incredible utility, and this one can hit anything when maxed out. I put Defense tiles near the end of the progression instead of the beginning out of personal taste. In comics, it's usually easier to slow down or hamper an enemy than breach their defenses. And I think this spec is pretty powerful, even at 11 AP.

                Tell me what you think.npxo
              • falsep77
                DRACULA *** (just in time for halloween)

                (if you guys use the recent Legacy of Kain looking one


                instead of the Classic Dracula looking one


                I will NEVER forgive you!!!!! icon_razz.gif

                purpleflag.png (Mist) Dracula turns to mist, takes no damage. Basically, Modern Hawkeye's old Avoid.

                blackflag.png (Vampire Hypnotism) Dracula uses a variation of Moonstone's Control Shift, but it costs less, also converts an enemy controlled tile into a critical tile. Stuns when there's no enemy tiles to take control of. Stuns even at level 1. Stuns regardless.

                redflag.png (Lord of Vampires) Dracula feasts on the blood of his foes!!! Target a red tile and produces a countdown tile. Destroys tiles in a radius like Modern Magneto's Magnetic Flux skill, generates AP AND gives your team a divided share of the damage as TRUE HEALING.

                BONUS: Dracula's red skill ALSO heals your team for the damage done to the enemy team after the match has ended (overkill bonus)!