What Marvel character are you hoping for? (post movesets)



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    Red hulk 4 star hulk

    Earthquake (10 Red AP): Red Hulk smashes the ground to knock his foes off balance. Destroys 10 tiles and deals (X) Damage to the enemy team. Does not generate AP.
    Level Upgrades:
    Level 2: Increased Damage
    Level 3: Destroys 13 Tiles
    Level 4: Increased Damage
    Level 5: Destroys 16 Tiles and Increased Damage

    Tactical Master (14 Black AP): Red Hulk makes use of conventional weapons in his attack, while setting up his own trap. Creates 1 (X) Strike tile & 1 trap tile. When matched by the opponent, destroys all enemy Protect/Strike/Attack/Countdown tiles, dealing (X) Damage for each destroyed. If YOU match the trap, creates 1 (X) Strike tile.
    Level Upgrades:
    Level 2: Increases initial Strike Tile
    Level 3: Increases Damage for destroyed enemy Tiles
    Level 4: Increases trap created Strike Tile
    Level 5: Increases Damage for destroyed enemy Tiles

    Overheat (Passive Green): Red Hulk is burning with anger! When damaged for over 5% of his health, a random basic Green tile becomes a 1 turn Countdown that changes 1 basic tile(s) to Red. If more than 12 Red tiles exist, also changes 1 Red tile to an enemy Protect tile.
    Level Upgrades:
    Level 2: Increases Red tiles created to 2
    Level 3: Increases Red tiles created to 3
    Level 4: Increases Red tiles created to 4
    Level 5: Increases Red tiles created to 5

    (Yeah, I know 2 of these moves are just slight variants of Hulk's Black & She-Hulk's Red, though his Green does embodies how he can become weaker if he gets too hot. The Black skill I think really embodies Red Hulk's calculating nature, as well as his willingness to use weapons like that giant gun he stole from S.H.I.E.D. to kill Abomination. The fact that it also turns that weakness in his Green skill into even more damage should his trap go off goes along with that spirt. God Help Us All in a Red Hulk PvP event.)
  • Colossus


    Colossal Crash - 12 Red AP

    Colossus charges forward and uses his steel body as a battering ram. Deals xxx damage to a single foe and destroys an enemy Strike Tile.

    2 Covers: destroys up to two Strike Tiles
    3 Covers: increased damage
    4 Covers: destroys up to 3 strike tiles
    5 covers: stuns the target for 2 turns

    Organic Steel Armor - Passive

    Colossus organic steel form protects him from incoming attacks, making him more resilient to all damage. All damage dealt to Colossus is reduced by xx.

    2 Covers: Increased damage reduction
    3 Covers: Increased damage reduction
    4 Covers: Damage dealt to Colossus ignores Strike Tiles
    5 Covers: Colossus can't be stuned and attackers suffer a fraction of the damage dealt to Colossus.

    Vail of Steel - 9 Blue AP

    Always prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice, Colossus devotion to his team mates knows no bounds. Colossus turns a random basic tile into a 3 turn blue countdown tile. As long as the tile remains on the board he will leap to the front of the team to take all incoming attacks, but he also suffers 25% more damage to himself.

    2 Covers: Increases countdown tile duration to 4 turns
    3 Covers: Increases the countdown tile duration to 5 turns
    4 Covers: As long as the tile remains on the board Colossus takes only 50% damage from all enemy attacks
    5 Covers: Turns into 3 xx strength blue Protect Tiles when matched

    He'd be the bane of Sentry/Daken. World Rupture ain't taking down this guy, with his passive build in Protect Tile you need to hit him hard and all at once.
  • nerfherder007
    Phoenix red power telekenisis (10AP)
    1 cover-Phoenix controls the board by converting 2 basic tiles to pink tiles
    2 covers-converts 3 tiles
    3 covers-converts 4 tiles +2 AP
    4 covers-also does x damage
    5 covers-add y damage

    Pink power Telepathy (18 AP)
    1 cover-Phoenix uses her psychic powers to destroy her enemies by converting 3 basic tiles to strike tiles. Her unstable powers cause x damage to her in return.
    2 covers-strike tile damage increases
    3 covers-creates 4 tiles
    4 covers-strike tile damage increases
    5 covers-damage to Phoenix decreases

    Resurrect black power (0 AP passive)
    1 cover-once per game when a team member is downed Phoenix restores 3% health
    2 covers-restores 5% health
    3 covers-restores 7% health
    4 covers-restores 10% health
    5 covers-restores 15% health
  • Im looking forward to seeing
    Professor X
    X-Men Unite (12 Blue)
    Professor X uses his telekinetic ability to bring his x-men members to battle.

    Mind Control (15 Red)
    Reaching into his enemys minds to control there actions. Professor X controls his enemys next turn, and turns there abilities against them.

    Mind Games (12 Black)
    Professor X uses his mind controlling ability to confuse the enemy team stunning them for 4 turn to allowing his team to plot an assault.

    All abilities are at max level.
  • You've heard of 2* Daken (Dark Avengers). You've loved 3* Daken (Classic). Now, get ready for... 4* Daken (Post-Counseling)
      Pheremone Chill - Purple Passive
      (PASSIVE) Daken releases a scent that brings his enemies onto his level, using their mellow chill to his advantage. Whenever the opponent makes a Green match, the enemy team is stunned for 1 turn.
      Level Upgrades
        Level 2: The enemy in front is stunned for 2 turns Level 3: The enemy in front is stunned for 3 turns Level 4: The enemy in front is stunned for 4 turns, while the other two are stunned for 2 turns Level 5: Daken now realizes he's fighting in a tinykitty match-3 game and not just chilling with the enemy. Allied green matches now make 1 strike tile, while opponent green-matches stun
      Max Level: 2 Strength 57 Strike tiles on allied matches; 4-turn stuns on enemy matches
        Healing; Hold the Heat - Black Passive
        (PASSIVE) Daken’s healing factor allows him to recover 3% of his health every turn... period icon_eek.gif . Oh, you wanted to make this power a double-edged sword? Well then maybe you shouldn't have sent the homicidal sociopath to drug-counselling and cured his heat addiction
        Level Upgrades
          Level 2: Heals 5% per turn. Level 3: Heals 6% per turn. Level 4: Heals 7% per turn. Level 5: Heals 10% per turn.
        Max Level: Heals 680 HP per turn
          Initial Overreactions - Blue 5 AP
          Daken uses the peaceful conflict-solving skills he learned in "Serial Killers Anonymous", letting his opponents know that perhaps they overreacted and should instead protect Daken, who is a victim of his upbringing. Converts two blue tiles to green, and converts up to two enemy strike tiles to friendly protect tiles doing 50 damage per strike tile converted
          Level Upgrades
            Level 2: Increases cleared strike tile damage to 58. Level 3: Converts up to 3 strike tiles. Level 4: Converts up to 4 strike tiles. Level 5: The opponents feel so bad for bullying Daken that they give him 3 Purple, Black, and Blue AP to apologize
          Max Level: 623 base damage, 435 per strike tile converted, up to 4.Gain up to 3 Purple, Blue, and Black AP
        • 4* x-force deadpool!

          Purple: Whales, whales, whales! (See current)

          Red: Did someone say chimichangas...
          Where are the chimichangas? Maybe under all this ap. Steals 1 ap of every color from the enemy team and deals x damage for every ap in the color the enemy team has the most of.
          Level 2: maybe he ate the chimichangas. Lets check! Deals more damage
          Level 3: hmm, wasn't in their colons. Where are you chimichangas?! Steals 2 ap of each color
          Level 4: oops, forgot to check the rest of them. Deals damage to all enemies
          Level 5: there you are, you glorious Mexican food, you. Also steals all ap from the enemy's second largest color.

          Black passive: ...no, it was just the sound of my brains healing.
          Oh, are you itching my brain? A little to the left! Heals x damage every turn deadpool has less than 60% health
          Level 2: whoa, how'd a bullet get in there? Heals less than 75%
          Level 3: bet you've never seen one of those grow back! Increases healing per turn
          Level 4: oh, man, that's gonna be lodged in there until next issue. Heals less than 90%
          Level 5: twelve arrows in the spleen? That's gotta be some kind of record! Increases healing, heals less than 100%
        • razuya

          Also posted this in Immortal7's Thanos thread but think this is where it belongs

          Thanos would be a 4* or 5* character. Thanos can only wield 3 of 6 possible powers, each relating to an infinity stone, at any time. This would mean players could have different Thanos colours and Thanos could be speced with any 3 colours. Match damage is equal for all colours until he is covered and then damage for the covered colour increases at the expense of a non-covered colour. Might need a new mechanic so that covers won matched existing covers once up to 3 colours?

          Soul Gem (Green AP) - Allows the user to steal, control, manipulate and alter souls.
          Thanos manipulates the targets soul, stealing up to X AP of their strongest colour and stunning them for Z turns
          Upgrades - steals more AP, stuns for longer, steals all AP of the colour, does damage
          Psylockes blue with stun

          Space Gem (Purple AP) - Allows the user to exist in any or all locations, move any object anywhere throughout reality and warp or rearrange space.
          Thanos alters the very fabric of space and avoids match damage for X turns
          Upgrades - team also avoid match damage, Thanos also dodges powers (no effect), team also dodges powers
          Pumped up version of Hawkeye's Avoid

          Mind Gem (Blue AP) - Allows the user to greatly strengthen and enhance mental and psionic power and access the thoughts and dreams of other beings.
          Places X random colour tiles on board that increase Thanos' match damage.
          Upgrades - place more tiles, increase team member damage too, decrease enemy match damage.

          Reality Gem (Yellow AP) - Allows the user to fulfil wishes, even if the wish is in direct contradiction with scientific laws.
          Change X random basic tiles to a random colour.
          Upgrades - more tiles, effects strike/ attack / countdown tiles, does damage, player choses colour to convert to when casting
          A customisable Thunder Strike

          Power Gem (Red AP) - Accesses all power and energy that ever has or will exist, and can boost the other gems' effects. Allows the user to duplicate almost any physical superhuman ability and grants Omnipotence.
          Thanos casts a team mates ability at no AP cost. Can't fire downed team mate abilites.
          Upgrades - can fire downed team mate abilities, fired at increased effect, fire enemy team abilities, enemy cannot use fired power for X turns.
          A modified team-up mechanic

          The 6th stone (Time) is orange which doesn't match a game colour. Guess you could make a black power in its place.
          Time Gem (Black AP) Allows the user total control over the past, present and future. Allows time travel, can age and de-age beings and also be used as a weapon by trapping enemies in unending loops of time.
          Sounds like a heal/stun power with possible damage.
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          razuya wrote:
          Thanos can only wield 3 of 6 possible powers, each relating to an infinity stone, at any time. This would mean players could have different Thanos colours and Thanos could be speced with any 3 colours. Match damage is equal for all colours until he is covered and then damage for the covered colour increases at the expense of a non-covered colour. Might need a new mechanic so that covers won matched existing covers once up to 3 colours?

          Perhaps narrowing those down to 2 of the 6 you listed, then making his 3rd move something that alters which colors are his strongest.

          Something like:
          By using the powers of the Infinity Gems, Thanos changes his very being. Every time the initial move matches 2 colors, change Thanos' strongest colors to the newly matched pair. If he already is strongest in either of these colors, increase match damage.

          This could actually lead into his other powers if they were color dependent, like changes all X color tiles into strength, protect, or attack tiles. Or destroying all tiles of a selected color. This would add some interesting dynamics to his play style...though might be a bit OP.
        • Iron spider

          Yellow: Mechanical arms
          Steals 2 ap from 3 enemy colors with at least 2 ap, performs 3 tile swaps, one of which is chosen, and deals x damage to each enemy
          Level 2: steals 3 ap from 3 colors with at least 3 ap
          Level 3: 2 swaps are chosen
          Level 4: steals 4 ap from 4 colors with at least 4 ap
          Level 5: 3 swaps are chosen

          Red: camouflaging armor
          Sets 3 random traps that deal x damage and convert into protect tiles when matched. Deals .25x damage when you match it and relocates to a chosen tile
          Level 2: choose location of 1
          Level 3: choose location of 2
          Level 4: chose location of 3
          Level 5: creates 6 traps

          Black: override
          Deals x (heavy) damage to each enemy and creates 3 (powerful) strike tiles. Iron spider is stunned 1 turn for each enemy this attack effects
          Level 2: max stun of 2 turns
          Level 3: max stun of 1 turn
          Level 4: no stun
          Level 5: creates 6 strike tiles
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          I'd also like to see Rogue come to the game as well would be nice in my eyes to add her along with Taskmaster and Rocket Raccoon.
        • spawn2012
          Hi everyone!

          I would like to see prof X as a 4* character.
          blue, purple and yellow powers.
          Xavier could controll enemy characters - ie purple power 12 AP
          level 1 - he stuns whole enemy team
          leve 2-4 - proffesor X controlls one, two or three (depends on level) of the enemy character (which gives him 1-3 extra moves)
          level 5 - Xavier can use enemies all special powers

          blue power makes enemy chracters or whole team forgot who they are and what they are doing thus losing some amount of AP of all colours.

          some passive power that allways places attack tile and protect tile, for proffesor X anticipates enemy strikes and leads the team so thay are more efficent.


          Quicksilver 2* (maybe 3*)

          blue power 4AP
          Quicksilver could move from 2 to 4 pair of tiles (he could build himself a 5tile extra move or destroy some special tiles)
          at higer levels he could move special tiles.

          another power ie Red could make him run circles making a vacum ale stunning targes for 1 turn.

          one passive power to avoid most of the attacks or dogde all normal tile damage but not special power damage.
        • quadiak
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          I vote for Groot, as there is no truer healing ability than to regrow back from a twig. For special attributes he should have the ability to restart every match with full health with no timer. Every match he should start with full health no matter the previous outcome. obviously he would have to be a tank, with amazing physical abilities akin to the hulk but slightly lower hit points as he is vulnerable to a blade.
        • ronin_san
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          quadiak wrote:
          I vote for Groot, as there is no truer healing ability than to regrow back from a twig. For special attributes he should have the ability to restart every match with full health with no timer. Every match he should start with full health no matter the previous outcome. obviously he would have to be a tank, with amazing physical abilities akin to the hulk but slightly lower hit points as he is vulnerable to a blade.

          I'm fine with starting every match at full health, but he should only be able to attack once you've accumulated enough greens, so he can pop out of the flower pot and slap someone in the face.
        • ErikPeter
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          That's a good idea, but hard to quantify in terms of power levels from 1-5 covers. Unless he also has some really good healing ability. Like a passive heal every turn, or when you make a green match.
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          quadiak wrote:
          I vote for Groot, as there is no truer healing ability than to regrow back from a twig. For special attributes he should have the ability to restart every match with full health with no timer. Every match he should start with full health no matter the previous outcome. obviously he would have to be a tank, with amazing physical abilities akin to the hulk but slightly lower hit points as he is vulnerable to a blade.

          (How hard is it to find a Cover prominently featuring Groot? Answer: VERY!)

          I AM GROOT! Groot smashes his foes with all the force of the forest. Does X damage, plus an additional x damage for every Green tile on the board. Drains all Green AP and destroy's all Green tiles on the board, does not generate AP.
          Green (13 AP)
          Level Upgrades:
          Level 2: Increases Base Damage.
          Level 3: Increases Damage for destroyed Green tiles.
          Level 4: Increases Base Damage.
          Level 5: No longer drains AP, AP cost increased to 15.

          I am Groot?
          Black (Passive): Groot's amazing healing abilities cause him to regrow his lost limbs. Recovers 3% of his health for every Green match made by either team.
          Level Upgrades:
          Level 2: Heals 4% per Green match.
          Level 3: Heals 5% per Green match.
          Level 4: Heals 7% per Green match.
          Level 5: Heals 9% per Green match.

          I am Groot.
          Blue (11 AP): Groot sprouts additional limbs to aid in his battle. A selected tile changes to Green and 5 random tiles of the same color also change to Green. Ability does change special tiles, but does not change effects.
          Level Upgrades:
          Level 2: Transforms 6 tiles.
          Level 3: Transforms 7 tiles.
          Level 4: Transforms 8 tiles.
          Level 5: Transforms all tiles of the selected color.

          (It's obvious that his Black is inspired from A.Wolvie, just with set percentage values and either team green matches. This plays well with his Blue which is a more versatile version of Doom's Blue, but a slightly higher AP cost to balance it's greater flexibility. Finally his Green AP drain balances against his potential to be a Green battery, but the Level 5 upgrade does force an interesting choice of how to build him. I think that the AP cost of his Green could be raised/dropped if the damage scaling is balanced appropriately, but is intended to be used by the AI before CotS or Sniper Rifle.)
        • There are obviously loads of great characters out there, but some of the really powerful ones wouldn't seem to make sense in a game like this. Seeing the immortal Apocalypse getting "downed" by a Daredevil ambush would seem a little unrealistic and (for me at least) detract from the sense of immersion somewhat.

          Perhaps there could be some sort of "Super Boss" characters that only exist in the game to fight against in the PVE mode in a 3 against 1 type battle?

          Still, i'm a great fan of the alien symbiotes, so as well as wanting a 3* Venom to join the ranks and do him justice, i'm hoping for the addition of Carnage at some point.

          Still not sure exactly what abilities he should have, but I think the key features of the character to represent in his powers are:

          Symbiote Regeneration
          Not as powerful as the regen or healing of some other characters so I was thinking of a minor passive regen like Daken but without the healing persisting outside of the current battle like Black Widow's Anti Gravity device.

          Symbiote Weaponary
          A hallmark trait of Carnage is his ability to form weapons (both melee and ranged). Perhaps a direct damage to all enemies type ability?

          Chaos and Insanity
          My favourite trait is his insanity and chaotic nature. Combining that with his version of "Spider Sense" and his tendency to directly attack even the most powerful opponents, I thought he could use some sort of passive power that gives him a % chance to receive half damage from ability attacks and a % chance to evade them entirely. Not sure if this would work well, but I like the idea of having to consider the possibility of wasting a powerful ability when targeting him in PVP.

          Admittedly, not much thought has gone into balancing, so the suggestions above may not work well in practice, but a character with 2 passive abilities would make some interesting team options.

          Regardless, all that really matters to me is that the iconic features of the characters get represented in their powers!
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          What do you think of these possibilities for Bullseye's third cover? Could they be fit to another unreleased hero/villain?

            greenflag.pngUnrelenting (PASSIVE)
            Bullseye relentlessly tracks his opponents in a deadly game of cat and mouse. When you make a green match, gain 1 less green AP. Instead, gain 1 black AP.
            Level 2: Gain 1 black AP when the enemy team makes a green match.
            Level 3: Gain 2 black AP (and 2 fewer green) when you make a green match.
            Level 4: Gain 2 black AP (and 1 less green) when you make a green match.
            Level 5: Gain 2 black AP when you make a green match.

            This power would let Bullseye quickly build up black AP to trigger Murderous Aim, at the cost of green (until rank 5), and combo well with his Dark Avengers allies, creating a strong competition for green. The level 2 effect is signature but might be too powerful, so I considered adding a thematic clause, for example, becoming "If there are at least two purple protect tiles on the board, Gain 1 AP when the enemy team makes a green match." This would allow players to prevent him from gaining black if they can match the green before Bullseye "gets into position". I think black AP generation would give Bullseye more utility, possibly showing him more use in tier 94-140 play and opening up new strategies. Also, as a passive, the AI can take advantage of it without too much trouble.
              greenflag.pngSet the Trap 10 Green AP
              Bullseye prepares to ambush his foes. Creates a green 4-turn countdown tile that, when activated, converts into a critical tile.
              Level 2: Creates 2 countdown tiles.
              Level 3: Reduces countdown to 3 turns. Costs 11 AP.
              Level 4: Creates 3 countdown tiles.
              Level 5: Reduces countdown to 2.

              This power is obviously designed to combine with Murderous Aim's once-in-a-lifetime insta-kill clause. I don't know if I would max this over Adamantium Bones, but I think it's good enough to be a difficult decision. Thematically, I like this power; creating tiles can occasionally backfire and let your opponent take advantage of them and fits with Bullseye's psychotic fearlessness. I'm not sure about the balance of countdowns here; they might be need to be increased.

              Alternate: Lying in Wait. As above, but add "While these countdown tiles are on the board, Bullseye is invisible and can't be targeted." Costs 16 AP.
                greenflag.pngExpose 10 Green AP
                Bullseye leaves cover to unleash a deadly barrage. Damages the target for x damage, and destroys up to 2 friendly Defense tiles, dealing y damage for each Defense tile destroyed.
                Level 2: Increases base damage to (x * 1.5)
                Level 3: Destroy up to 3 Defense tiles.
                Level 4: Increases tile destruction damage to (y * 2)
                Level 5: Increases base damage to (x * 3)

                I think this power would be a nice alternative to Murderous Aim. Comparable to Daken's Chain Reaction, it's not super cheap, but could lead to some nice little cascades to think of it as maybe a mini-GSW Sniper Rifle. The level 5 increase makes it usable as a decent damage ability (like Punisher's Retribution) even without any defense tiles on the board, but offers a good spec choice depending on playstyle. At level 94, I' envision damage values around x = 400, y = 200.
                  greenflag.pngVendetta 4 Green AP*
                  Bullseye is obsessed with victory at any cost, heedlessly attacking with a barrage of projectiles. Destroys up to 5 random protect tiles, dealing x additional damage for each tile destroyed. (Does not generate AP). Costs 1 more AP for each protect tile destroyed.
                  Level 2: Increases damage to (x * 1.5) per protect tile destroyed.
                  Level 3: Increases damage to (x * 2.25) per protect tile destroyed.
                  Level 4: Destroys all protect tiles.
                  Level 5: Friendly protect tiles explode, destroying surrounding tiles, dealing damage for each tile destroyed but not generating AP. Base cost 7 AP.

                  This is another design I like because I think it offers utility and is pretty cool at the same time. Mechanically it will probably end up being a lot like GSW's Sniper Rifle, but changes based on the state of the board. Note that it can destroy enemy protect tiles too, not just his own. It can hard counter (or synergize with) Falcon and CMags, at a cost, but usually would work as a small cascade generator, and give the AI something to do, but might be problematic if Bullseye always kills his own tiles. The level 5 could be bonkers, which is why I don't give it a damage boost; it costs more because it could help destroy countdowns and enemy special tiles. At level 94, damage should probably start at around (x = 150), which means the typical case (2 protect tiles) is a bit low, damage-wise, but at the high end (10 protect tiles) could deal better than 200 damage/AP and have additional cascade damage.npxo
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                  I think Loki is okay, thanks to his situational usefulness, but nevertheless could use a buff, in the form of a power tweak and an additional cover. Loki is especially weak on defense; Both his powers are often useless or avoidable; Additionally, Illusions is inexpensive AND has a frustrating time-consuming animation. If left unchanged, Illusions would be the clear 3 power in his build, since it gains only limited usefulness at ranks 4 and 5.

                  Other forum users have suggested Loki green powers that combo with his Trickery. I think a green power that creates strike and/or defense tiles for both teams would be the obvious choice, and probably fun to play with, but I have gone another route with this first spec.

                    blackflag.pngTrickery 15 Black AP
                    Unchanged, except
                    Level 4: Costs 1 AP less. Deal 1150 (at 166) damage to a random enemy.
                    Level 5: Costs 1 AP less. Randomly deal 1150 (at 166) damage to two enemies, or one enemy twice.

                    The powers below are both quite desirable at rank 5, so Trickery needs something that makes rank 4 and 5 stand out.
                      purpleflag.pngIllusions 5 Purple AP
                      You can't count on anything when Loki's around. Steal 5 AP (in random colors, including team-up AP) from the enemy team.
                      Level 2: Steal 6 AP.
                      Level 3: Steal 7 AP.
                      Level 4: Steal 8 AP.
                      Level 5: Steal 10 AP.

                      The 3-star meta needs a bit of AP steal. This power would be cheap, somewhat unreliable, but still pretty great. Just to be clear it steals the listed amount of AP, total, and not from one color necessarily, so it might steal 3 red, one blue, and one team-up AP, e.g.
                        greenflag.pngSpreading Paranoia 7 Green AP
                        Loki's lies provoke friend and foe alike, escalating the situation. Creates a 3-turn Paranoia countdown tile which, when activated, changes up to two random basic tiles into Paranoia countdown tiles if there are fewer than 6 on the board.
                        Level 2: Create two tiles. Maximum 8 tiles.
                        Level 5: Create 3 tiles. Maximum 10 tiles.
                        Level 4: Countdown tiles create one additional Paranoia countdown tile. Maximum 12 Paranoia tiles.
                        Level 5: Decreases countdown to 2.

                        "Creates" means changes basic tiles into countdown tiles, as usual, but I opted for brevity. If the enemy doesn't match them away, the spreading Paranoia countdown tiles could cause major cascades, and additionally muck up the board a bit. Keeping the board shuffling seems like a Loki-like thing to do, and is reminiscent of Illusions' current effect.

                        Without the maximum, it would get out of control in no time. Still, 12 CDs triggering every 2 turns is nothing to sneeze at.

                        I considered making this power do minor damage (and changing Loki's third color to Red), but I think there'd be too much synergy with strike tiles; it'd be like a potentially endless World Rupture. In that version I also considered having it create red countdown tiles; if they stuck around for a few cycles, you'd be flooding the board with red, like a red-AP snowball version of Hulk's Anger. Most of them would match themselves away but the others would linger, creating more chaos later on. I think that power, or one like it (in a non-red color), could be great red-generator for Red Hulk or Phoenix, or any other character whose power builds to uncontrollable levels. I'd love to see something like it.

                        Just in case you hate that idea, or think it fits a better character, here's a mini-Patch for Loki to use all by himself. His tile strength seems a bit high right now, but is tempered by being potentially cancelled out by the opponent tiles.

                        greenflag.pngDiscord 7 Green AP
                        Loki's lies provoke friend and foe alike, escalating the situation. Creates 2 random Strike or Protect tiles for each team of strength 13 (80 at level 166).
                        Level 2: Create 3 Strike or Protect tiles.
                        Level 3: Create 4 Strike or Protect tiles.
                        Level 4: Ally Strike or Protect tiles created at strength 16 (100 at Level 166)
                        Level 5: Ally Strike or Protect tiles created at strength 20 (122 at level 166)npxo
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                        Anyone have feedback? It'd be cool to know whether the devs even give this thread a glance from time to time. No worries, though, it sure is fun to speculate.

                        ROGUE (Classic)
                        My first attempt at speccing powers for Rogue was a 1-star. In that version I was aiming for simplicity, and continued usefulness during the 50-85 zone. With the meta shift, level bump for higher rarities, and 2-star covers dropping as PvP rewards, the game doesn't need another 1-star hero. Additionally, new, complex powers like those of Deadpool and Colossus has given me a new perspective on what is possible. So I have returned to Rogue, my favorite X-man, with a 3-star power spec. Damage numbers below are aimed to level 166, "Gold" standard; all of the numbers look a bit high right now.

                        The goal of this design is to evoke Rogue's abilities, including her signature power stealing and super strength. Her abilities must be concise, simple and easy to understand; synergize with each other but be effective by themselves (counterexample Daken, Invisible Woman); and not require many more art assets than a typical hero. I also designed her with support in mind (though she'll be able to dish out some good damage), since that fits with the flexibility of power stealing. npxo

                        The power stolen is not random; each hero/villain in the game gives up a specific power. Mook enemies take extra damage. The powers stolen are generally A.I. friendly support powers, to maintain Rogue's role as support or last-line defense. She should have middle-of-the-road health. As a character with a True Healing power, Rogue heals quickly out of combat.

                        So without further ado, here's my power spec.
                          greenflag.pngCrushing Blows 11 Green AP
                          Rogue lashes out with superhuman strength. Punches two holes in the board, dealing 300 damage to the target and destroying a tile with each punch.
                          Level 2: Deals 440 damage per punch.
                          Level 3: Destroys 3 tiles.
                          Level 4: Destroys 4 tiles.
                          Level 5: Destroys 5 tiles.

                          The punches happen in random locations. My intent for this power is that there is a tile drop between each punch to trigger strike tiles and tile cascades (like when countdown tiles activate.) Also, the tiles destroyed should generate AP. It's a nice hybrid damage-support power. I can't predict how often this power will generate cascades--it might turn out to be very potent.
                            blackflag.pngEnergy Drain 7 Black AP
                            The gloves are off! Rogue touches her opponent, draining their life force and healing her wounds. Deals 600 damage to the target, and Rogue restores 600 health.
                            Level 2: Increase damage and health restored to 725.
                            Level 3: Energy Drain weakens her enemies' attacks, creating a strength 132 defense tile. Increase damage and health restored to 875.
                            Level 4: Increase damage and health restored to 1000, and stuns the target for 1 turn.
                            Level 5: Increase damage and health restored to 1200, and stuns the target for 2 turns.
                              yellowflag.pngSteal Power 9 Yellow AP
                              Rogue can temporarily absorb the memories and abilities of her opponents! Steals 10 AP in random colors (including Team-up AP). Also, steal a power (at rank 1) from a worthy target; weaker foes take 300 damage instead. The stolen power is replaces this one.
                              Level 2: Steals a power at rank 2, or deals 400 damage.
                              Level 3: Steals a power at rank 3, or deals 550 damage.
                              Level 4: Steals a power at rank 4, or deal 750 damage. For active powers, half of the AP stolen will match the stolen power's color, if possible.
                              Level 5: Steals a power at rank 5, or deal 750 damage. For active powers, the AP stolen will match the stolen power's color, if possible.

                              A "worthy" target is any non-mook hero. The matching clause is to help use stolen powers faster, but could kind of be a wash if she is stealing a passive. It might be smart to have passives not apply to the AP match. You use the stolen power at the level you have in Steal Power, regardless of the foe's ranks, and deal damage based on Rogue's level, not the target's. I originally made this power purpleflag.png purple, to avoid overlap with other purple AP stealing powers, but based on how many of the powers she steals are yellow, I've decided to make it yellow, for now. I'm not sure which I like more.

                              You might notice Rogue is kind of an all-around character who can deal damage and heal damage. I'd love to try her out. Steal Power is exciting, but in most situations the AP steal is a one-time effect and then it is replaced by the stolen power, which is likely a support power. It is probably fun to use it repeatedly on mooks though.

                              Here is a list of the powers I think are most appropriate for Rogue to steal. I've selected these powers from a mechanical viewpoint as well as a thematic one; e.g., Rogue can steal GSW's deceptive tactics, not her guns. I tried to ensure that the stolen power would never be green or black to avoid overlap, and considered excluding red and making Energy Drain red, for the same reason (as mechanically I don't want her to steal all the big red novas), but then she wouldn't be able to steal from Juggernaut, so no matter what I do there's going to be some overlap, she's bound to have "Green Black Black" for at least one combination. The basic rule is, if the power is yellow, she probably steals it.

                              Invisible Woman
                              yellowflag.png Grant Invisibility
                              Nick Fury
                              purpleflag.png Escape Plan, or NONE, because no one gets the drop on Nick Fury.
                              Wolverine (X-Force)
                              yellowflag.png Recovery
                              yellowflag.png Medical Marvel
                              Black Panther
                              yellowflag.png Battleplan
                              Black Widow (Grey Suit)
                              purpleflag.png Deceptive Tactics
                              Captain America (Steve Rogers)
                              yellowflag.png Sentinel of Liberty
                              Captain Marvel
                              yellowflag.png Energy Absorption
                              yellowflag.png Immovable Object
                              Daken (both)
                              purpleflag.png Pheromone Rage
                              purpleflag.png Radar Sense
                              blackflag.png Life of the Party (aka It's me, Rogue!)
                              Doctor Doom
                              blueflag.png Technopathic Strike
                              yellowflag.png Inspiration
                              The Hood
                              blackflag.png Intimidation
                              The Hulk
                              blackflag.png Anger (or one of the others; since it's so signature, I'm not sure)
                              Human Torch (both)
                              blackflag.png Inferno
                              Iron Man (Model 40)
                              yellowflag.png Recharge
                              blackflag.png Trickery
                              Magneto (Classic)
                              yellowflag.png Coercive Field
                              blueflag.png Bewilder (or maybe Psychic Knife)
                              greenflag.png Judgment
                              greenflag.png Godlike Power
                              greenflag.png World Rupture (tough call here)
                              blueflag.png Settlement
                              purpleflag.png Spider-Sense
                              Storm (Mohawk and Modern)
                              blackflag.png Hailstorm
                              Thor (both)
                              yellowflag.png Thunder Strike
                              Wolverine (Patch and Astonishing X-Men)
                              yellowflag.png Healing Factor
                              yellowflag.png Sunder (tough call)
                              Black Widow (Original and Modern)
                              purpleflag.png Aggressive Recon
                              blackflag.png Murderous Aim
                              Hawkeye (Modern)
                              purpleflag.png Speed Shot
                              Magneto (Marvel NOW!)
                              purpleflag.png Polarity Shift
                              purpleflag.png Gravity Warp
                              Spider-Man (Bag Man)
                              purpleflag.png Switcheroo
                              Storm (Classic)
                              yellowflag.png Raging Tempest
                              Hawkeye (Classic)
                              purpleflag.png Take Aim
                              Iron Man (Model 35)
                              yellowflag.png Armored Assault (Not a fan of this choice, because she couldn't really steal much except his super-intelligence, but none of IM35's powers work that way. Maybe make him "unworthy".)
                              purpleflag.png Symbiote Snare
                              Yelena Belova
                              blackflag.png Payback Mission

                              Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think!
                            • Pwuz_
                              Pwuz_ Posts: 1,213 Chairperson of the Boards
                              ErikPeter wrote:
                                yellowflag.pngSteal Power 9 Yellow AP
                                Rogue can temporarily absorb the memories and abilities of her opponents! Steals 10 AP in random colors (including Team-up AP). Also, steal a power (at rank 1) from a worthy target; weaker foes take 300 damage instead. The stolen power is replaces this one.

                                I love the concept, but I've got one giant wrench to throw at you for this one:

                                What happens when this power is used against an enemy Rogue?

                                I'd make a suggestion, but outside of just treating her like a goon, I've got nothing.