What Marvel character are you hoping for? (post movesets)



  • I would love to see a few team up only abilities from characters who will never be able to have their own character . Who wouldn't want to use the unkle Ben team up "with great power" or oatu the watcher dropping some sort of ability

    I guess the only thing holding this back would be the need for extra art assets
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    cjsutt1 wrote:
    Lazy Venom/Carnage/Toxin

    Anti-venom and agent venom ?
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    Typhon13 wrote:

    Black: glaive throw
    Deals x damage and places a random black countdown tile. When the countdown reaches 0 it deals .5x damage to a random enemy and returns 5 black ap.
    level 2: increase damage
    Level 3: countdown deals .75x damage
    Level 4: increase damage
    Level 5: countdown deals x damage to a chosen enemy

    Red: vampire bite
    Deals x damage and heals .5x damage to blade
    Level 2: increase damage
    Level 3: heals .75x
    Level 4: increase damage
    Level 4: heals x damage

    Yellow passive: daywalker
    Every turn there are more than x yellow tiles on the board, a random yellow protect tile is created. Every turn there are more than x black tiles on the board, a random black strike tile is created
    Level 2-4: increase tile strength, decrease number of necessary tiles by 1 each
    Level 5: you may choose location of tiles

    What about his sword and he's not a big bitter for a "vamp" .

    What about morbius ? (Spelling) the psy-vamp

    He could drain health to "true" heal himself or something Everytime something's matched or some **** ..
    3 star
    At level 1:
    Red- rampage
    Attacks target for 200 adds 2 purple
    Purple- symbiote swarm
    Carnage absorbs target dealing 500 damage ends turn
    Black- regeneration
    Costs 10 black regenerats 30% health ends turn
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    3 star
    At level 1:
    Red- rampage
    Attacks target for 200 adds 2 purple
    Purple- symbiote swarm
    Carnage absorbs target dealing 500 damage ends turn
    Black- regeneration
    Costs 10 black regenerats 30% health ends turn

    The absorb could also stun maybe for 1 turn at some level ?
  • The lizard

    Green: claws and jaws
    Deals x damage, creating 1 random attack tile for every 5 green ap you have and 1 green strike tile for every 7 green ap
    Level 2-5: decrease ap necessary for tiles by 1 each

    Black: reptile control
    Swaps up to 3 green special tiles with a random tile, creating a copy on the swapped tile.
    Level 2: swaps 4 black or green specials
    Level 3: swaps 5 black, green, or purple specials
    Level 4: swaps 6 of any special tile
    Level 5: swaps with chosen tiles

    Purple passive: reptilian regeneration
    Creates a 3 turn random countdown tile that heals x damage to lizard whenever he is damaged by an enemy ability. Limit 1 on the board at a time
    Level 2: limit 2 on the board
    Level 3: 2 turn countdown
    Level 4: limit 3 on the board
    Level 5: 1 turn countdown
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    I would love to see:

    Black Bolt and the power of his voice
    Thanos and the power of the infinity gems
    Galactus and his hunger
    Scarlet Witch and the power of "no more mutants"
    Quake and the power of a earthquake
    Doctor Strange and the power of the Eye of Agamotto
    Professor X - the psi-master
    Jean Grey and the power of the Phoenix
    Emma Frost - the formidable telepath
    Namor aka Sub-Mariner and the power of "Imperius Rex"
    The Thing and his "Clobbering time"
    Nightcrawler - the teleporter
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    They should do a big 2 week pve with the monster big power houses like galactus , thanos ,Ultron , apocalypse , mr.sinister (the "lackies of the big guys) and leading up to this release ..

    Silver surfer , some more x-men , guardians of the galaxy members , F4 (the thing, 3 star IW , mr.Fantastic .) .

    Before that event do one similar where they release characters related to the avengers vs x-men story lines .

    Then civil war!! icon_e_smile.gif

    Sure they don't need to be 2 weeks but I figure the big one should .

    Also ghost rider?
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    Also I feel they should buff/fix or just re-release some of the older/oldest 3-4 stars .

    Loki for example doesn't hold up well , IM40 was much better when he was first released but now not as much though I don't mind I know others do even punisher to some people needs a boost or diff power .

    When the game first started I remember it.. Even then IW and X force (they need more x-force characters) wolverine sucked ...

    Most peoples teams were either Iron man 2 star with someone or if you worked hard maybe white storm , 2 star Thor , 2star HawkEye etc..

    Now you have IM40 , Hulk and punisher and only hulk really held up the best out of the 3 first 3* characters I can recall .

    I mean all characters have their flaws but how about dr.doom does he or Loki or Rags even have a 3rd power ? ...
  • Idea for x-force buff: just cut the cost of his green and red to 10 each, let us choose the middle tile for his green, and make his healing work like patch's.
  • Ghost Rider: Hellfire Chain, Ethereal Fire and Penance Stare.
    Maybe even a power to do with his bike and destroying tiles??
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    It occurred to me that Nightcrawler might have the same color scheme as oBW (severely underrepresented), here's my take on his amazing BAMF abilities.

    Rarity: 3*
    Color strength: purple/blue/black
    Crit multiplier: 4,5x
    Health class: Human Torch class (5950 HP), healing factor

    Teleporter's Tricks - 7 AP
    Nightcrawler teleports himself and chosen assets through another dimension and then reappears suddenly in smoke. Choose any basic tile and remove it from the board. On the next turn, replace any basic tile with the one you have and deal damage (~1200).*
    Level 2: target/replace all basic and strike tiles.
    Level 3: also target/replace CD tiles.
    Level 4: target/replace any tile.
    Level 5: target and replace 2 tiles at once (double damage, ~2400)

    BAMFed! - 8 AP
    Kurt Wagner is mischief incarnate amidst the enemy flanks. He deals minor damage and stuns target for 2 turns. The target's strongest color will not be accumulated by the enemy over the next 2 turns.**
    Level 2: stuns for 3 turns.
    Level 3: damage increased. ~1500 when maxed
    Level 4: stuns for 4 turns.
    Level 5: the target's two strongest colors will not be accumulated.

    Circus Acrobat - passive
    If you try to catch the blue elf, you might get in for a nasty surprise instead. When there are 10 or more black tiles on the board, Nightcrawler receives half and deals half the damage to the targeted enemy, and removes 3 random black tiles from the board.
    Level 2: requires 9 black tiles to activate.
    Level 3: removes 2 black tiles.
    Level 4: requires 8 black tiles to activate.
    Level 5: receives 25% of the damage.

    * It's like Gravity Warp only non-random and delayed for one turn.
    ** If the target has identical values for strongest colors (Ragnarok, all goons), the targeted color tank(-s) is(are) random.
  • Loki - Green
    Power Cost Green 9 AP
    Loki's jealousy drives him a bit mad, causing him to believe in his own illusions. Transforms 6 basic Green tiles to Purple tiles.
    Level Upgrades

    Level 2: Transforms 7 tiles.
    Level 3: Transforms 8 tiles.
    Level 4: Transforms 9 tiles.
    Level 5: Transforms all basic Green tiles.

    I've thought about this for a bit, and Loki deserves a Green power. This power allows him to take the wind out of the sails of his brother Thor while simultaneously working well with Thunderclap as a lead in. Fits his personality and power set as a support character. It's pinched from Dr. Doom, obviously, but that's not important.
  • i'd like to see Carnage
  • Carnage

    Red: symbiote growth
    Stuns enemy team for 1 turn and creates 1 web tile
    Level 2-5: increase web tiles and stun to selected enemy by 1 each

    Black: symbiotic blades
    Deals x damage and creates a random attack tile for every web tile on the board
    Level 2-5: increase damage and attack tile strength

    Yellow: symbiotic regeneration
    Removes up to 5 web tiles from the board, healing x damage from carnage for each and creating a strike tile for each
    Level 2-5: increase healing and strike tile damage
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    3 new powers for Dr. Strange or whoever. npxo

    purpleflag.png Essence Drain - Purple 7 AP
    Randomly changes the color of up to 5 basic Blue tiles.
    Level 2 - Changes all basic blue tiles.
    Level 3 - Changes all blue tiles.
    Level 4 - Changes blue tiles to any color except blue or green.
    Level 5 - Changes blue tiles to either Yellow, purple, or black.

    yellowflag.png Prismatic Field - Yellow 4 AP.
    Creates 4 special White tiles. When you match these tiles, gain 1 AP of each color.
    Level 2-5: Create 5-8 white tiles.

    blackflag.png Chaotic Visions - Black 10 AP
    Create 2 black countdown tiles. Every 2 turns, the tiles deal 234 (level 166) damage to the opponent with the fewest HP and relocate.
    Level 2: Create 3 tiles
    Level 3: Tiles deal 279 damage
    Level 4: Tiles deal 331 damage
    Level 5: Costs 7 AP
  • Oh this is easy and I've been wondering when they'd add more people actually. I'm not hat creative to make abilities but here are people I'd like to see used. Also here are some ideas for the covers.

    Rocket Raccoon (Classic) - Version of him in the blue uniform http://i2.cdnds.net/13/48/618x943/comic ... ic-day.jpg
    Rocket Raccoon (Modern) - Version of him from the movies and this cover http://x.annihil.us/u/prod/marvel/i/mg/ ... 3c6c31.jpg
    Star Lord (Classic) - The same uniform as the classic Rocket as well.http://www.comicrelated.com/graphics/co ... cKlein.jpg
    Star Lord (Modern) - new modern, movie star lord.
    http://www.mtv.com/crop-images/2014/04/ ... 001cov.jpg
    Iron Man (Hulk Buster) - the iconic hulk buster armor with abilities that hit harder but need more AP
    (Sadly I don't know of an iron man cover with the hulk buster on it, but let's be honest there probably is one out there)
    Spider-Man (Superior) - I don't like the story behind this, but the period when Doc Ock took over Spidey's body.
    http://i.annihil.us/u/prod/marvel/i/mg/ ... edible.jpg
    Scarlet Spider (Clone) - Pete's clone who went off and did his own thing.
    http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/e ... t_(variant).jpg
    Venom (Agent) - the Flash Thompson gun wielding Venom.
    http://www.blueravencomics.com/wp-conte ... Cover1.jpg
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    As another suggestion for Doom's 3rd skill

    Dimensional Destruction:
    9 Purple AP
    The Doctor's experiments in the Astral Dimension destroy part of this world. Destroys 6 Purple tiles for x damage each, but not generating AP.
    Level 2: Destroys 7 tiles.
    Level 3: Destroys 8 tiles.
    Level 4: Destroys 9 tiles.
    Level 5: Destroys all basic Purple tiles.

    (I figure this would give him some nice board shake up, while not dramatically shifting how he would be played. I don't think this should be a high damage move, but something that is used more for it's ability to change the board. I also think this fits with his personality of of arrogantly moving ahead with actions, despite cutting off his future use of the same power.)
  • Red hulk 4 star hulk
  • Wasp: Thinking about it.

    Black AP: Giant, destroys two rows of tiles.
    Purple AP: Shrink, Deals less damage.
    Yellow AP: Bio Sting: Deals damage