R192: Champion Rewards Updates



  • TwystaTwysta Posts: 1,597 Chairperson of the Boards
    IceIX said:
    Twysta said:
    Will this retroactively give us all the rewards for characters we've sold previously too - that are no longer on our roster?
    No. Like other previous retroactive rewards, they need to be in your roster to receive. So if you've been farming 2-Stars for the last 4 years, you're not going to suddenly get the pay day of the century.
    It sure would've been nice though :(
  • abennessabenness Posts: 213 Tile Toppler
    D A M N
    This is better than I was hoping for, and I was reasonably optimistic to start with.
    On behalf of all the lower and mid-tier rosters, who don’t have the full stable of champed 4* and 5*, thank you! I am really excited to see this come into action.
  • PuceMoosePuceMoose Posts: 1,445 Chairperson of the Boards
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    Holy mackerel that's a lot to take in! It looks like a pretty solid positive change. I guess it makes sense to max champ all of the two stars and leave them in your roster before the update hits (for the retroactive rewards)? I usually just wait to do a big champ/sell/recruit until they have 50 covers saved up. 
  • DAC169DAC169 Posts: 122 Tile Toppler
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    Also want to say
    3* Gamora gives 4* Gamora
    3* Rocket & Groot gives 4* Rocket & Groot

    Though I don't get why Gamora gives Star Lord when Star Lord already gives himself & I don't see Nebula.
    In fact, I don't get why there are any doubles at all. Or why 4* Carnage gives 5* Doc-Ock instead of 5* Carnage. And I'm guessing that some of these 4*s giving not their own 5*s is because there already was a feeder for their 5* and/or there was a different 5* they were already giving, though that doesn't explain why it was 4* Ant-Man instead of 4* Wasp giving 5* Wasp & 4* Jubilee instead of 4* Jean Grey giving 5* Jean Grey in the first place.

    edit: noticed some more things
    edit 2: fixed some typos, added/changed text for clarity
  • GrimSkaldGrimSkald Posts: 2,063 Chairperson of the Boards
    wymtime said:
    Here is what I am seeing.  For 4* rewards players are losing 62 CP to select the cover you want from the feeder.  You are losing 2 latest pulls or 3 classic pulls.

    for 3* rewards players are losing 14 CP and 200 HP.  

    As someone who counts on earning all the CP I can to try and cover the latest 5* this is a significant nerf.  The reason why is it is not just one character it is all characters across the board.  With 92 4* that is 5,766 CP removed from the economy or 230 latest pulls or 288 classic pulls.  For 3* it is not as significant but overall that is a lot of opportunities to generate CP to get 5* covers.

    this is why shards feel like one step forward and 2 steps back.  I hope we can see this lost CP move back into the game as shards should feel like added progression not sideways and slightly backwards.

    i like the update to the feeders and don’t have an issue with standardized shard collection, my concern is it still is feeling like lateral progress not forward progress.
    The 4* who don't feed a 5* are unchanged, so this only affects the 37 4* who feed 5*, but I do see your complaint about lateral progress.  The fact is the ability to select the 5* cover is only so valuable to the 4 - 5 feeders, since you end up with two of each in the end.  Sure, you may get that cover screwed, but it's unlikely.

    I tend to think the 3* reward change is pretty minor.
  • shardwickshardwick Posts: 1,843 Chairperson of the Boards
    @IceIX So when this goes live if we have one character selected for each tier then those specific characters are going to get a ridiculous amount of shards, right? Also, will this be going live after Wolfsbane and MODOK are in tokens?
  • KahmonKahmon Posts: 610 Critical Contributor
    Looks like I need to champ all my characters with load of saved covers.
  • havokshavoks Posts: 4 Just Dropped In
    edited December 2019
    shardwick said:
    @IceIX So when this goes live if we have one character selected for each tier then those specific characters are going to get a ridiculous amount of shards, right? Also, will this be going live after Wolfsbane and MODOK are in tokens?
    The shards will be for specific characters, not your favorited character. 
  • HoundofShadowHoundofShadow Posts: 4,946 Chairperson of the Boards
    Unbelievable updates!  :open_mouth:

    They deserve at least one Stark Salary from each of the critics.  B)
  • BagPussBagPuss Posts: 60 Match Maker
    BagPuss said:
    The lord giveth and the lord taketh away, Looks like eye candy.

    Amount of CP gained has reduced, number of LTs reduced.
    Amount of HP reduced, so those few PvP players left will have to start spending more on HP. 
    Why couldn't the shards compliment current rewards?

    For the newer players it "seems" to open up opportunities, until you realise it's a 6 year old game and the entry point into the game should have been lowered (i.e every 1*, 2* already provided for you)... But this is a mobile game and related P2P dynamics 

    I'll take the loss of CP and LTs for definite rewards of more 5 star covers in colors of my choosing, which this provides, instead of using that roulette spin to get a 4 star or 5 star that I've not been actively chasing.
    Confirming that 64CP lost to have a choice of colours of low tier 5* like Wasp/Banner/Insert your Character ? :*
  • jkzljkzl Posts: 34 Just Dropped In
    edited December 2019
    @IceIX - one question of clarity please

    in situations like 2* and 3*, it shows "cover for primary" -- will it be a random color, or consistent?  (spreadsheets want to know)

    also - to everyone complaining about why shards aren't in PVE/PVP rewards yet, i would humbly ask that you be patient, considering we've been pining for new feeders since the last one ~5 months ago (Miles->Fi5k 7/9/19)
  • maltyo9maltyo9 Posts: 131 Tile Toppler
    Unbelievable updates!  :open_mouth:

    They deserve at least one Stark Salary from each of the critics.  B)
    I'll buy 5 Starks right now if they update the feeders and bring back BHs at a higher rate than before.  Honestly, that's all that was required in the first place.
  • Daredevil217Daredevil217 Posts: 3,178 Chairperson of the Boards
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    Re: retroactive rewards; if I have a 4* character at level 300 and received a 5* cover, would I get 500 shards retroactively?
  • KGBKGB Posts: 1,538 Chairperson of the Boards
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    Thank God I've kept a set of 3* max champs in addition to my 3* farm. Those with multiple sets of 2/3* max champs are going to earn an awful lot of extra shards assuming they give them for every duplicate character!

    I guess it also means it's time to make sure all the 4* characters that are going to now feed a 5* get champed and have saved covers added to at least 280 for the first free 5* cover (looking at you Emma Frost sitting at L150 with 12 saved covers and drooling over that Kitty Yellow...).

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