R192: Champion Rewards Updates



  • shardwickshardwick Posts: 1,819 Chairperson of the Boards
    havoks said:
    shardwick said:
    @IceIX So when this goes live if we have one character selected for each tier then those specific characters are going to get a ridiculous amount of shards, right? Also, will this be going live after Wolfsbane and MODOK are in tokens?
    The shards will be for specific characters, not your favorited character. 
    Ahhh that makes more sense then. Though now I'm sad that I won't be getting a deluge of 5* shards to put towards my 1/5/1 Okoye.
  • tupacboytupacboy Posts: 90 Match Maker
    Talk about early Christmas!
  • Chrynos1989Chrynos1989 Posts: 170 Tile Toppler
    IceIX said:
    Twysta said:
    Will this retroactively give us all the rewards for characters we've sold previously too - that are no longer on our roster?
    No. Like other previous retroactive rewards, they need to be in your roster to receive. So if you've been farming 2-Stars for the last 4 years, you're not going to suddenly get the pay day of the century.
    That made me chuckle
  • TriggerTimeTriggerTime Posts: 72 Match Maker
    edited December 2019
    It would have been nice to get some more notice on this, even if only a teaser post as with the shards feature.

    I've only gone and recently sold almost all my max 3 star champs to fund buying from the shard store...  :/
  • turbomooseturbomoose Posts: 547 Critical Contributor
    #IcelX you should have donned a red hat and shouted hohoho at the end 🙂

    I will need a lot more iso to complete my 5*s when this kicks in next week 

    you definitely earned your money with this update , must have taken you hours to type out 

    Xmas has come early 🙂
  • DAZ0273DAZ0273 Posts: 5,515 Chairperson of the Boards
    I'll just say wow and thanks.
  • Zirtak_the_SecondZirtak_the_Second Posts: 28 Just Dropped In
    IceIX said:

    And it couldn't really come from Iso in all cases, as the values there are already very low. Although Iso value is another conversation to have...
    That's a conversation I would like to have! 
  • CHRISJNCHRISJN Posts: 51 Match Maker
    Thanks d3 for this huge updates.. Players have been clamouring for this, especially for the 5* feeders. Good job! 
  • omenomen Posts: 14 Just Dropped In
    That's amazing Ice! Shards make a lot more sense now. This is a real improvement and just in time for Christmas. Thank you! 
  • tiomonotiomono Posts: 1,600 Chairperson of the Boards

    Is the first rewarded cover a specific color still or will it be colorless? Could it be changed to the equivalent shards for a full cover in the tier if it is not colorless to offset the loss of hp and cp that the later levels remove?
  • HoundofShadowHoundofShadow Posts: 4,800 Chairperson of the Boards
    Based on the table, there's a trend of trading resources for colourless covers.

    Since there isn't any tradeoff for the first cover, it should be a specific colour.
  • Tony_FootTony_Foot Posts: 1,152 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited December 2019
    tiomono said:
    The loss of cp and hp stings. Not sure why we have to lose something to get this update but overall looks like a good change. I am loving the feeder bandaid being ripped off finally. Let the feeders flow.

    I don't get this either. Why not leave it there in place of some of the ISO and then increase the value of the ISO back to normal levels on each individual reward.

    Retrospective rewards look decent but tbh I will not get that many five star covers and will have a load of half sharded 5* that the carrot has been dangled for to finish off. I don't understand why that first cover at 280 isn't just 500 shards. People do have 5/5/2 for example on 5*, why leave the 280 at a specific colour?

  • Tony_FootTony_Foot Posts: 1,152 Chairperson of the Boards
    This point was brought up on Discord and think it's worth noting, what are they going to take away when they put shards in PVE and PVP?

    LT's HP and CP has been made way for Shards in champion rewards, Shards cost us Bonus heroes. Will progression rewards cost us more CP?

    Will we actually get more for nothing? Doubtful.
  • captainheathcaptainheath Posts: 149 Tile Toppler
    I think the first one is a cover because you have to roster the character first.  Has anyone tried to roster a character through shards?
  • xavierixeqxavierixeq Posts: 23 Just Dropped In
    If I missed this being mentioned... Sorry.  Just wondering what happens to the shards for characters already champ maxed?
    This is more for the retro rewards but also curious for the spill over happening during cover pickups.. Shard Overflow so to speak?
  • HoundofShadowHoundofShadow Posts: 4,800 Chairperson of the Boards
    You can save up to 9999 shards. You can go to "Stats and More" page of that character to recruit another dup of him if you meet the min. number of shards.
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