What if any of these 20 buck 1 stars worth it if any



  • JoeHandle
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    @BriMan2222 said:
    5 star ascended storm offer just popped up

    Sure enough, thar she blows ... No, not suggesting Storm is a 🐳

    IIRC this is the 3rd time she has been offered ... or 4th? I enjoy seeing these "savings bonds " continue to be offered, but it's strange how they aren't on a rotation.

  • BobDucca
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    Agreed. Still need Spidey and Yelena. I think they've only been offered once. Storm has been offered at least twice since either of those have been offered.

  • slidecage
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    around june 18 last one was offered

    lets see on storm
    got one at level 461 and one 232 not really sure if i want another

    not sure if i spend money on spiderman its been offer 1 star accended to 3 for 1000 hp just go that way

    got one accended to 4 star 285
    got one acceneded to 3 166
    they offer one more 3 for 100

    got one 3 to max merge them with the other 3 turn that 4 into the other 4 boom 5 star

    I skip even though I got another vemon I skip on storm not sure how much money I really want to keep pushing. Maybe every other month if offered