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Bug Status List *Updated (01/16/20)

BrigbyBrigby ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 7,736 Site Admin
edited 21 February 2020, 17:18 in MtGPQ Bugs & Technical Issues
Hey Everyone,

I've created this list below to keep track of various issues that players have reported in the Bugs & Technical Issues thread. This will be a continuously modified list, with no specific update time. In order to keep details organized, this thread will also be locked.

This post is NOT an area for players to report bugs. This is merely a status list of existing ones that have already been reported. If you would like to report a new issue, please start a thread, and Tombstone and I will address it when we can. Thank you for understanding


Samut's Second Ability Only Grants Afflict Until the End of the Turn
Status: Investigating
Discussion Thread: Samut - Affliction ability

Reason's Activate Gem Loses Aura and Effect When Changing Color
Status: Investigating
Discussion Thread: Reason activated gem changes color loses activated aura and effect

Fix In Upcoming Build

God-Eternal Oketra returns to the Battlefield when there are no other God-Eternal Oketra cards in the Graveyard. 
Status: Fix in 4.0
Discussion Thread: God-Eternal Oketra reinforce bug

The player's creature remains disabled when Hixus, Prison Warden is removed from play. 
Status: Fix in 4.0
Discussion Thread: Hixus not removing disable

Syr Carah, the Bold's ability is not fetching the first card from the player's library as expected. 
Status: Fix in 4.0
Discussion Thread: Syr Carah, the Bold's activated ability doesn't draw a card

Cards can disappear from the opponent's Exile without being removed by any observable effects. 
Status: Fix in 4.0
Discussion Thread: Opponent's Exile keeps emptying

Karn, the Great Creator passive not functioning vs. Cataclysmic Gearhulk. 
Status: Fix in 4.0
Discussion Thread: Karn, the Great Creator vs. Cataclysmic Gearhulk

Need More Information

Karox Bladewing Token Converts More Than 2 Gems To Red
Status: Need More Information
Discussion Thread: Karox Bladewing token

Lyra Dawnbringer's Temporary Angel Buff Persists After She Leaves The Battlefield
Status: Need More Information
Discussion Thread: Lyra's FS/LL bonus persisting after she is gone

By Design

Razia, Boros Archangel's Prevent Damage effect is regained too early?
Status: By Design
Discussion Thread: Razia, Boros Archangel Prevent Damage

Vanguard abilities can be used multiple times in a single turn under certain conditions.
Status: By Design
Discussion Thread: AI uses vanguard abilities multiple times in a turn 

Gideon's Triumph will not destroy Creatures in the second or third position while the creature in the first position is disabled. 
Status: By Design
Discussion Thread: Gideon’s Triumph is behaving counterintuitive.

Simic Ascendancy does not provide the +10/+10 buff when it has 15 or more Reinforcements.
Status: By Design
Discussion Thread: Two cards not working correctly  

Goblin War Leader Reinforced Knight Tokens
Status: By Design
Discussion Thread: Weird interplay with tokens in Phyrexia.

Fraying Omnipotence Will not Cast Unless Both You and Your Opponent Have Creatures on the Battlefield. 
Status: By Design
Discussion Thread: Fraying Omnipotence is bugged

Platinum Angel Continues to Absorb Damage That the Opponent Planeswalker Would Take Until the End of the Turn after Being Killed. 
Status: By Design
Discussion Thread: Platinum Angel

Adeliz, the Cinder Wind Not Buffing "Stolen" Wizards
Status: By Design
Discussion Thread: Adeliz doesn't buff stolen wizards


Nine Gems are destroyed rather than the expected three when Avaricious Dragon's effect is activated. 
Status: Investigating
Discussion Thread: Avaricious dragon buffed

The +1/+0 buff from Cavalier of Flame is permanent and can only be applied once. 
Status: Investigating
Discussion Thread: Cavalier of Flame Activate Ability not working

Ajani, Inspiring Leader's +1 ability will still activate if the player selects "Not Now" when receiving the activation prompt. 
Status: Investigating
Discussion Thread: Ajani, Inspiring Leader

A soft-lock can occur when the player has Vraska Swarm's Eminence in play. 
Status: Investigating
Discussion Thread: Vraska's Swarm Eminence vanguard = Infinite Loop/Soft Lock

Dream Eater's Surveil effect is able to be activated while in the player's hand. 
Status: Investigating
Discussion Thread: Dream Eater Surveil without Casting

The opponent's first Creature is not destroyed when Vaevictis  Asmadi, the Dire attacks while the opponents first Creature has Prevent Damage. 
Status: Investigating
Discussion Thread: Vaevictis Asmadi, the Dire - Destroy not working 

Cards are not returned to the player's hand when the player is forced to discard a card due to an effect while Tamiyo, Collector of Tales is in play. 
Status: Investigating
Discussion Thread: Tamiyo, Collector of Tales discard protection NOT WORKING

Across Ixalan's Special Rules' effects are counted as Spells when triggered. 
Status: Investigating
Discussion Thread: Across Ixalan node effects

The Lifeless Objective counts Lifelink added to creatures by supports in the Avacyn's Madness event. 
Status: Investigating
Discussion Thread: Avacyn's Madness - Summon no creatures with Lifelink objective bugged

The opponent's Creature remains on the battlefield when Callous Dismissal is cast while the opponent has a full hand. 
Status: Investigating
Discussion Thread: Callous Dismissal not working properly

Nicol Bolas, the Ravager does not transform after destroying a creature with the Bolas's Rising ability. 
Status: Investigating
Discussion Thread: Bolas2 Doesn't Properly Flip

Effects That Trigger After a Card is Drawn Remain Inactive While Alhammarret's Archive is in Play. 
Status: Investigating
Discussion Thread: alhammaret archive doesn't draw cards 

Destroying a Djinn's Wish Support results in app lag.
Status: Investigating
Discussion Thread: Djinn Wish fetching from the library still lags

Trostani Discordant Does not Generate Lifelink Soldier Tokens When Put Into Play From Outside the Player's Hand. 
Status: Investigating
Discussion Thread: Vivien's Invocation + Trostani lead to no tokens being generated

Embalm Activated Gems are not Created When Replacing Creatures with Embalm.
Status: Investigating
Discussion Thread: Embalm gems are not created when I build over creatures 

Flusterstorm Only Drains 2 Mana from the Cards in the Opponent's Hand Regardless of the Number of Cards the Player had Played on This Turn.  
Status: Investigating
Discussion Thread: Flusterstorm Card Text Discrepancy

Arcades, the Strategist Does not Apply the +X/+0 Buff to a Westvale Abbey That has had its Power and Toughness Reduced to 0/4 by Deep Freeze. 
Status: Investigating
Discussion Thread: Deep Freeze + Arcades

Certain Objectives Not Working In Various Events
Status: Investigating
Discussion Threads:
Certain Cards Still Show Each Card Prompt When Summoning Multiple Tokens
Status: Investigating
Discussion Thread: Token spawning animations

Split Card Enter Graveyard On Wrong Side When Enemy Insidious Will On Board
Status: Investigating
Discussion Thread: Insidious Will and Split cards...

Boil Is Displayed as Valid to Cast When the Opponent Has no Blue Supports in Play; However, the Card is Unable to be Properly Cast in This Case. 
Status: Investigating
Discussion Thread: Boil does not cast

Soft-Lock Occurs After Replace Creature Prompt With Tokens
Status: Investigating
Discussion Thread: Freeze after Replace Creature selection on Token Stack

The A.I. Opponent Will Sometimes Target Their Own Creatures and Themselves When Casting Spells Such as Beacon Bolt. 

Status: Investigating
Discussion Thread: AI shoots his own creatures (and himself)

Trostani Discordant Buffs the Created Lifelink Soldiers Twice When Entering the Battlefield.
Status: Investigating
Discussion Thread: Trostani Discordant buffs Lifelink Soldier tokens twice 

"Clear Filters" does not clear selection of Zendikar vs Eldrazi set 
Status: Investigating
Discussion Thread: "Clear Filters" does not clear selection of ZvE set

Dispersal Not Consistently Returning Creature To Hand
Status: Investigating
Discussion Thread: Dispersal doesn't bounce a creature, but does force the discard

Agrus Kos Missing Legendary Evergreen
Status: Investigating
Discussion Thread: Agrus Kos isn't Legendary!?

Graveyard Hint Appearing Too Frequently
Status: Investigating
Discussion Thread: Graveyard Hint Appearing Too Frequently

Stasis Snare Does not Exile the Last Opposing Creature When Returned to the Battlefield by Starfield of Nyx.
Status: Investigating
Discussion Thread: Stasis Snare and Starfield of Nyx

Arcades, the Strategist's Text Reads "creatures with Defender or Vigilance get +X/+0" Rather Than "your creatures with Defender or Vigilance get +X/+0"  
Status: Investigating
Discussion Thread: Wording / functionality issue : Arcades

Special Event Rules Are Being Counted as Spells, and Will Count Toward Objectives and Trigger Effects as Such.
Status: Investigating
Discussion Thread: Across Ixalan 2nd node "exploring the wilderness" and Scab Clan Berserker  

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