Bug Status List *UPDATE (5/30/2023)

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Hey Everyone,

This is the Bug Status List.Here you will find all the bugs that are being worked on and their status.
Thank you for all the patience,

Issues fixed: 

* New saheeli 2nd creative surge* Awaken the Blood Avatar doesn't gain mana when creatures die* Soul of Emancipation not destroying opposing creature* Dakkon, Shadow Slayer vanguard first ability* Dakkon PW Surveil Ability* Soul of Emancipation* Roil Eruption sometimes sends kicker damage to wrong target* New event - well, you've killed it for me* Urza Assembles the Titans won't cast* Toluz X Mana Does Not Equal Her Power* Quest journal opening packs* Sigarda, Champion of Light Only Gives 13 Mana to Jodah* Maestros charm sometimes doesn't give you the card* The Spell sides of cards with Adventure aren't working correctly* Possible bug? Torrens, Fist of the Angels

Issues to be fixed in the next versions: 

* Plate Armor incorrect activation* Game freezing* Jump Start/Chandra's Incinerator not triggering* Survivor Challenge Doesn't work with Lich's Mastery + Lifelink* nodes of power* doomskar claimant snow node* Griselbrand doesn't work like the Moxes* Prismatic Bridge is Casting when it should be Summoning* Stun Counters don't stack* huntmaster of the fells (freeze)* Maestros charm does not destroy 3 cards on trigger fetching* Dakkon Ult Token Bugged* Guaranteed Rare booster from RP has a vault bug* Unlicensed Hearse kills Ashiok's A3 token* Event bugs* Colors of Magic support not always taking effect* Can't collect daily reward* Prognostic Sphinx's Resourseful not working* Raffine, Scheming Seer Connive Doesn't Trigger If It Selects a Different Creature* Theatre of Horrors is not returning cards from your exile to your hand* Mutilate only reducing power of creatures* Greg still targeting his own creatures with creature kill spells (2022)* AI Will Use Dakkon Vanguard to Exile Own Creatures* (event support) Obscura Infiltrators is a Mess* Two Curse of Vitality bugs* Teferi, Temporal Pilgrim - 2nd ability token creature's level stays at 2* ajani, strength of pride

Can’t reproduce:

* Turntimber not buffing Huntmaster when transformed* Deathsprout not giving fetched land mana* doomskar foretell node* Lolth Demonweb Pit not triggering spider summon after creature destruction* Vanguards can’t be activated / Gem visual glitch* Boards full freeze - unable to complete support effect* Dihada A2 not working* Soft Lock From Hullbreaker Horror* Sword of Dungeons and Dragons/D20 roll bug* Loop Prevention Triggers Once* Rith The Awakener not creating saproling tokens* TUP masterpiece cards don't work* kamigawa player scoring over 140??* Clay champion not giving buffs when ETB* Legions to Ashes PvP* Su-Chi Cave Guard no mana

As designed:

* Riveteers Charm (SNC) - bug in mechanics* Infinite loop timer sure ain't working* Enlist gems not following the "turn owner gets matched mana" rule* Objective of finishing battle below x life is failing due to planeswalker healing after end if duel* Revolving Planeswalk haste objective interaction with Kalemne* Support gem colour swap still not fixed* Raffine, Scheming Seer not targetable by Endless Detour* Display glitch in Zhalfirin Void* Haste and stun counters



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