Objective of finishing battle below x life is failing due to planeswalker healing after end if duel

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The objectives of the Shivan dragon node in the ultimate planeswalk event are:
Take 50 or more damage during a single fight.
Win the fight with 30 or less HP remaining.
I was playing with Nicol Bolas, the ravager and got down to 7 health from full health. I finished the dual. Immediately, before the objectives were scored, he healed 100 health. Then the objectives were scored, and it showed that I had 107 health and had taken 25 damage, failing both objectives. The match was quick, so if there was any background healing it should have been minimal.
I've noticed similar behavior in other events with the same objective.


  • BongoTheGrey
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    There is a difference between taking damage and losing life. Those objectives can only be achieved by taking damage that puts you below the objective's limit. That happens because after you finish any match your PW auto recovers any HP lost by life loss. It won't recover any HP lost by effects that explicitly say "deal damage" or combat damage.

    That's how it has been working for quite a while now. Is it a bug? I honestly don't know since there was no rule previous to this that explained which HP was recovered after a match and which HP wasn't.

    I would love if @Oktagon_Support could clarify this subject so we actually know if it is a bug or if it is working as designed

  • MforVendetta
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    I’m encountering the same thing, but I’ve never seen the objective behave this way in any other event. I finished at about 20 health, but had recovered to 70 or something

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    Used Peer into the Abyss on myself and game said I had over 70+ health after I let Shivan beat another 40 hp out of Me. Objectives need to spell out their conditions. I've taken 50+ damage I have less than 30 hp when the match ends. I MEET the stated conditions. Still didn't get the 30 under ribbon.

  • BongoTheGrey
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    Yeah, Peer into the Abyss makes you lose life instead of take damage so that's recovered ad the end of the match

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    the difference between lose life and damage needs to be removed. It's unclear, mostly doesn't work, and makes no sense.

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    Another thing that could mess it up is by gaining life while at full health, in the past it would add that too after the match.

  • Magic:PQ Support Team
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    Hello guys,
    Thank you for all the information provided, this issue will be investigated!
    If you have any additional information that you consider relevant, please don't hesitate to send me 😊

  • Tremayne
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    @Oktagon_Support - Can we get an update to the FAQ with a new item relating to the life gain situation, now this is working as intended?