Prognostic Sphinx's Resourseful not working [Investigating]

BongoTheGrey Posts: 345 Mover and Shaker
The Resourceful 3 ability on Prognostic Sphinx is not working. You can draw all the extra cards you want while it is on the battlefield that the sphinx won't get hexproof of restrain Greg


  • BongoTheGrey
    BongoTheGrey Posts: 345 Mover and Shaker
    Shouldn't this creature also have flying? The paper version has flying and is also a winged creature but the PQ version is not a flyer.
  • Anonymous2112
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    Since this post hasn't had any movement since... January 21, I thought I'd bump it back up to the top of the pile since it still appears to be broken. Where "broken" means:

    • The EtB effect doesn't appear to be doing anything remotely similar to what the card reads. It looks like it creates a bunch of "Deny" gems (the gems that, when matched, create Time Bubble supports), but doesn't look like it's knocking off any shields on token supports.
    • I can draw all the extra cards I want, but it doesn't get Hexprooff, nor does it restrain my opponent. (Per BongoTheGrey's post.)
    • It doesn't have the "Flying" evergreen. I mean, c'mon... a sphinx without flying is like a spider without reach. Literally EVERY other sphinx in this game has flying.