Devil Dino vs Squirrel Girl!



  • ClydeFrog76ClydeFrog76 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 1,350 Chairperson of the Boards
    Did her on the fifth attempt with my 2/3/5 lvl 101 Dino. Boosted +2R/Y, +2G/B, +100% match damage. It was all thanks to the cascades created by his disco arms! I'd really like to know if anybody had a closer victory icon_lol.gif
  • NickHewitt12NickHewitt12 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 116 Tile Toppler
    I've come reasonably close multiple times (~1000-2000HP to go) with my 1/1/1 lv78 Devil Dino. I'm going to try and race to 1k in the PVP event, hopefully pick up 1-2 more covers from tokens on the way up/Galactus, and try a few more times before the event closes, but it does seem doable.
  • Lee TLee T Age Unconfirmed Posts: 318
    1/2/1-94, never brought her down below 2k. I even had some insane cascades in my favour, but there's no way to deny her greentile.pngpurpletile.pngyellowtile.png long enough before she either destroys you or make DD damage disapear wih yellowtile.png bar a very lucky board.
  • metabelianmetabelian Age Unconfirmed Posts: 67
    1/5/5 166 Dino. 2RY 50% RY 50%BP. Won first try, but just barely. Was going to die next turn due to her purple.

    Opened the legendary and got a OML red! 0/1/2 now, just need a black and he might actually be useful.
  • PylgrimPylgrim Posts: 2,296 Chairperson of the Boards
    Won easily due to having 5 red covers (1/5/5) even at level 120. Chomped her over and over to death. Obviously opened my 10000000th Invisible Woman. It's uncanny how I always get the very few covers that I have already maxed, while most of my other 4*s have 0-3 covers in each colour.

    Speaking of 1/5/5 Dino, any chance that a Green cover is rewarded at some point? :/ I opened two purple (which I already had maxed) and PVP rewards Red. It seems that another year will go by without me improving my dino at all.
  • Beat her finally. Match so many that I finally whacked her with 30/30 red green...
  • MikeG72MikeG72 Posts: 111 Tile Toppler
    Took me three tries. Used All color boost, All color damage and red+yellow. Got a couple of favorable cascades and kept her from getting yellow. Got Blue Nick Fury to make it 2-2-1. I just MAY have a shot against Cyclops next time. icon_lol.gif
  • So they lock out Dino for the entire year and now in the hardest possible node (is rather face galactus again) you need a half decent one. That's just idiotic. I have a 212 Dino, came close a few times but everytime I can deny her from all her colors every single match she does cascades into a yellow/green/purple match or the board shuffles.
  • PuceMoosePuceMoose Posts: 1,367 Chairperson of the Boards
    Second try for me with my level 172 1/3/5 Dinosaur. The first try things went miserably - she dropped her yellow early, and I don't think I managed to chip away more than 3,000 health off of her before I was a dead dino. On the second round I boosted +80% match damage and +2 green, +2 red, and won with a Dino at about 1/3rd health. My prize was a green X-force wolverine - not exactly inspiring, but hopefully my 5/2/3 X-wolf will have an easier time of things the next time his node rolls around, compared to my 4/1/3 X-wolf prior to the introduction of the legendary tokens.
  • stochasticismstochasticism Posts: 1,181 Chairperson of the Boards
    Started the day with a L70 1/2/3. Fought a few times, came nowhere close. Bumped him up to the max, L131, and still nitvclise even with boosts. Got a green from an anniversary token from a Galactus goon node (thanks D3!) and bumped him to L140 2/2/3. Boosted g/b match damage, all match damage and crit boost. Opened with two match 5s and a third from a cascade and won with 4k health left.

    From my experience today I'd say 7 covers and being decently levelled gives you a fighting chance and even better is having multiple covers in each ability.
  • DaveR4470DaveR4470 Posts: 931 Critical Contributor
    Happy postscript to my earlier posts: I got her down on about the 15th try. Boosted all six colors by 50%, just plugged away using the advice in this thread.

    Reward: Surfer blue.
  • Buret0Buret0 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 1,591
    Not an easy win, but I was able to deny green and purple well enough that she only got Furious Friends off once and never hit me with her nuts.

    My DD is 1/4/1, so I was able to save up 9 purple and use dancing dino in three successive rounds to make a match three black in the top left corner... but most of my damage had to come from 1200 damage red bites and a 100% match damage boost.

    Thankfully this time they didn't make us fight a maxed level SG... I can't remember her level, but I think it was something like 230 instead of 270.

    My three dino covers are still 26 days away, so hopefully I can get a few more free covers from Anniversary tokens.
  • slowej25slowej25 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 52
    2 tries. First with 3/1/3 and no boosts got her to 2k health and she fired her shields and nuts to take me out.

    Then pulled another greenflag.png Dino cover, leveled to 165 and went in with boosts and won easily. My first 4* DDQ victory and got a Thing greenflag.png!
  • AaronTheLuigiAaronTheLuigi Age Unconfirmed Posts: 187
    Got very, very fortunate with the green-heavy board on my first attempt using my lowly 2/1/2 Lv. 111 icon_devildino.png with +100% boosts in all colors, redtile.pngyellowtile.png and greentile.pngblacktile.png .
    She fired Nuts from Above twice and the Sonic Boom team-up, but I chomped her down to size with nearly 3k of my 8k health left.

    I'm not able to come close with any of the other star.pngstar.pngstar.pngstar.png DDQ nodes (my next best is 1/1/2 icon_wolverine.png at lv. 94.) so this was an amazing victory for me.
  • Lopan15Lopan15 Posts: 222 Tile Toppler
    5/5/3 level 170. First try and definitely the easiest so far. I got lucky with a yellow starved board so kept grabbing green and red til she was down.
  • TazFTWTazFTW Posts: 695 Critical Contributor
    edited October 2015
    Survived with 531 health left on a 1/2/3 level 131 Dino. I used maxed rainbow, crit, and green/black damage.

    Legendary gave me my first Hulkbuster cover, blackflag.png
  • 2/3/1 L 127 Dino (Currently tied for highest level character.)

    Can't win.

    And out of healthpacks and boosts, been buying Iso boosts

    and bought one 100 HP all match damage boost because I'm that desperate.

    And scared of the idea of trying one more time... as she was down to 500 health last time.

    Is it worth it...or cut my losses while I can.


    I don't know.

    I got 6 minutes to figure it out, though.


    It took over 10 tries. It took many thousand Iso. It took 200 HP buying All Match Damage boosts.

    And it was won via getting like 5 5s in a row and winning with barely taking any damage at all.

    But it is over on my last shot for the night.

    And now, to sit on this token until I can get another roster spot ready. I got to reserve a spot for the icon_elektra.png I got earlier today, first.

    But. Bleh.

    I feel ill about it (and what the leveling may do. At least it'll disorganize my roster for a while) but I won.

    Sorry, Doreen. icon_e_sad.gif
  • DD 2/1/2. So many tries i've lost count. 40 anniversary tokens, just one cover i got to help me with this. Bought 4 anniversary tokens. I've been even so desperate to waste 500g on matchmaking bonus. Once i left her at 552. That's the closest i've been, coz it was totally useless. One legendary token that goes away from me. And now, i need to get to 1000p in the devildino pvp event to get the progression reward of the legendary token. If i can't make it, due to the low level of my **** DD, everybody be ready for my vengeance, coz im gonna hack servers and erase this character even from our memories icon_evil.gif
  • Doc LDoc L Posts: 279 Mover and Shaker
    I did it first time, with my level 152, 1-4-2 Dino, and I really enjoyed - Squirrel Girl being level 222 meant that whilst she was stronger, it was doable, slightly more of a Puzzle than impossible. I hope this implementation is continued in future DDQ fights, as it makes it a lot more attractive than you level 135 taking on a 270 with limited chances of wining.
  • Never did beat SG, but it was a nice change to feel like I had a shot with my semi-decent DD.

    Dare I say, it felt kind of like a puzzle containing an opportunity to progress? icon_e_surprised.gificon_e_wink.gificon_lol.gif

    Here's hoping for more 4* DDQs wherein those of us who don't already have fully or mostly covered and leveled 4*s will be able to play and maybe build some of our 4*s! icon_e_biggrin.gif

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