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  • I like his trap cheap AP (esp ambush) and random positioning, make his game play more challenging n realistic (he is blind for cheese sake!)
    What make him unusable is too many ways to disarm his traps, especially overwrite abilities.

    Buff suggestions :
    1. remove trap disarm using overwrite ability.
    2. on lvl 3 red, generate 2 ambush trap.
    3. reduce ambush damage deal to 50%.

    I put 111 DD-85 OBW-117 LT on S1 simulator suprisingly much less attack than putting 111 Pun/OBW/LT.
    So I assume he have quite intimidation effect : "he just need 1 ambush n 1 of my char down!", "his DD covering OBW blue n purple...!" SKIP lmao
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    Maybe, just maybe we should give Daredevil a bone and cause overwrites to activate traps instead. He would then become a good counter for Daken and still be useable for a good portion of the cast. I don't think destroying the tile should behave any differently but adding a strike, attack, or countdown tile on a trap should activate the trap and remove the tile. This might be a problem though since the AI queues up actions instead of going one by one.
  • I think simply allowing us to place the trap tiles, rather than having them be random, would be a huge benefit. The reason they're so weak in part is that half the time it places them on a lone tile nowhere near any matches.
  • Mawtful
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    I think I'd actually rather have all traps placed completely randomly - so random location AND random colour - than being able to place them manually. He suddenly becomes increasingly scary as soon as he places the first trap.
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    You could actually fix DD if you changed where his traps went.

    Blue is probably okay

    Purple, I think it would be better if this AP stealing skill, went onto a purple tile

    Red, very simple, have the trap tiles go to black, boom, he's fixed.

    Now his damage tiles don't get overwritten and strike tiles are only created on red, green, yellow, purple as far as i know except punisher's who are random. The only place DD would have to worry is Latveria, but I'm okay with a character having an enviorment that works against them.
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    Phaserhawk wrote:
    You could actually fix DD if you changed where his traps went.

    This, a thousand times this. Put red traps on black tiles and blue traps on green. I'm actually totally fine with purple traps on environment tiles.

    I've said before, but I'd also like to see powers that destroy tiles still disarm traps, but powers that pick up tiles trigger them.
  • So am I reading the patch notes right? DD's traps can no longer be overwritten?
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    Pretty sure you are reading too much into this:
    - Daredevil (Classic): All abilities

    - Traps will now trigger properly when they are matched but otherwise cannot be re-placed due to having not enough of that color tiles on the board.
    What that most probably means is that if you match away your own traps, they won't be re-placed if there are no suitable tiles (no basic red for Ambush, no basic blue for Equalizer, and no EAP for Radar Sense).
  • yes, i am wondering what does the changes made to DD do. Now i had a clearer picture. Thanks locked !
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    Just a bug fix rather than the buff that we are hoping for icon_e_sad.gif
  • Phaserhawk wrote:
    You could actually fix DD if you changed where his traps went.

    This, a thousand times this. Put red traps on black tiles and blue traps on green. I'm actually totally fine with purple traps on environment tiles.

    I've said before, but I'd also like to see powers that destroy tiles still disarm traps, but powers that pick up tiles trigger them.

    devs, i really hope you are reading this. this one change would make DD totally viable. he's in my opinion, one of the most fun heroes you've created, but you made him so he's simply unusable.
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    I was thinking about how unreliable daredevil is currently-- either he does super well if traps goes off, or he does nothing. I suppose it's "balanced" as in over hundreds of games his damage works out to decent for the ap cost, but the variation is a bit too much. I'm wondering if a potential solution is to remove some of the power from the traps to add an initial effect. For example, his red could drop from 7k damage on trap to say 4k, and he will initially deal 1k. His blue will initially stun for 1 turn, and his trap at max will stun for 3/4. And his purple could have some initial steal. His covers can be split from giving his traps a boost, or his initial ability a boost. (Of course these numbers are just made up, play tests will have to adjust numbers accordingly)

    Another way would be to have him be like Nick Fury with a lot more traps, with his abilities adjusted to compensate.

    Making daredevil more reliable seems to be the way to do it.
  • Not a bad idea. I'd also be okay with a stronger self-match effect.

    Like when you match your own trap, red turns into a strike tile, blue turns into a protect tile, and purple turns into a critical tile. These effects would replace damage, AP generation, AP steal respectively. Or, you could go with half of the enemy-match effect on a self-match but the trap gets removed.
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    I'd love it if trap tiles were more thought out in general. Trap tiles are very interesting but Daredevil's implementation feels very unfinished. I like the idea of revealing traps but they're still armed, just much less effective because you now know what will happen.

    For example:

    1. Trap tiles are still randomly placed and hidden from the enemy.
    2. If the enemy has a way to overwrite tiles where a trap may be, the trap is then revealed.
    3. A revealed trap tile now much less effective depending on the ability. DD's red would be 1/10 as effective, blue would stun for 1 turn, and purple would steal 1 of each color if the enemy decided to then match the tile to get rid of it.
    4. A revealed trap can then be overwritten by an ability that overwrites tiles.
    5. The owner of the trap could match the revealed trap to move the location and become hidden again. A revealed trap wouldn't gain any of the self matching bonuses an only move locations.

    I'm sure this is way too complicated for the current iteration of the game and communicative real estate in game is tough. But anyway, just a thought
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    I just got hit by Dare Devil's Equalizer by making a green match. I'm 100% certain it was green because it was the primary and only match on the turn, and I was building for COS. I also checked my AP stocks right afterwards and it shows me with 0 blue AP. There was no cascade.

    There were other blue tiles on the board, so I can't think of a single reason the enemy DD would have placed the Equalizer trap on a green tile. Yet my Hulk is sitting stunned right now for making a green match.
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    If you used Thunder Strike, it could have converted the trapped blue tile to a trapped green tile. It must have. Or, alternatively, Hulk Anger could have done that.
    Has happened to me (the trap conversion, not the stun). People seem to forget that Thor doesn't destroy traps because Daredevil events are so few in between (thank goodness).
  • scottee
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    Hmm, that must have been it then. I did use Thunder Strike earlier.

    And yes, I had to double check Dare Devil's ability descriptions, cause who the heck uses DD.
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    I played vs Daredevil and he put a trap on a enviromental tile. In the turn I killed him I used the enviromental tile (and creating an extra turn). I am not sure if he actually stole (lowered) my AP however his Thor could use the red attack with 8 AP (it was flashing and he used it in his turn), although he only had 3 red AP. The same happened then with the yellow attack. He didn't had enough AP, but he could use it.

    I tried to make a screenshot but it turned out black.
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    It's not a bug. If you kill Daredevil with a match that contains any of his traps, those traps DO trigger. All other traps disappear.

    You should have seen the Jazz Hands animation; it signifies a successful AP steal.
    Edit: this one
  • Killinstinct
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    But the bug was that Thornton could use his Red attack while he only 'had' 3 AP