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What’s New

New Collection: Dungeons & Dragons - Adventures in the Forgotten Realms has arrived!Get your hands on over 200 new cards, 6 new Planeswalkers, 1 new event and more! Now in Magic: Puzzle Quest!

New Mechanics

Pack Tactics

  • Pack Tactics is the Magic: Puzzle Quest version of the flavoured Pack Tactics that takes into consideration the total amount of power of all attacking creatures in order to trigger an effect

  • In Magic: Puzzle Quest, Pack Tactics is a named trigger that activates special effects if the player controls 2 or more buffed creatures at the beginning of combat. Pack Tactics reads:
    “At the beginning of combat on your turn, if you control 2 or more buffed creatures, perform the following effect(s).”


  • Venture is the Magic: Puzzle Quest version of Venture into the Dungeon that enables players to play dungeon cards from outside the game and advance through their rooms.

  • In Magic: Puzzle Quest, when players Venture into the Dungeon, if they don’t already control a Dungeon at play, a prompt (similar to STX’s Learn) will be presented for players to choose one to be put into play. When they do, the dungeon will enter the board as a support of its first room, triggering its effects. If they already control a dungeon at play, they’ll advance to its next room and trigger its effects.

  • When a dungeon is completed, the player will earn Dungeon Spoils, a player evergreen that lists all completed dungeons, used for payoffs for having completed a dungeon.

  • Venture is both a keyword and an evergreen that reads:
    “If you don’t control a Dungeon, pick and create a Dungeon support under your control. Otherwise, destroy your Dungeon support. Then, advance to one of the available rooms.”

  • Dungeon is both a subtype and an evergreen that reads:
    “When you Venture into the last dungeon room, perform its effects, gain Dungeon Spoils, and destroy your dungeon support.”        

          Venture                                           Dungeon                                   Dungeon Spoils

Roll a D20

  • Roll a D20 is the Magic: Puzzle Quest version of AFR’s cards that ask the players to roll a die.

  • In Magic: Puzzle Quest, when players Roll a D20, their board will shuffle. This is designed not only to provide the randomness flavor of a die, but also so that board mechanics (like KHM’s Foretell/Foretold) can be more adaptable and easy to trigger.

  • After shuffling, the player’s D20 evergreen will be updated with a random number from 1 to 20. Cards that roll a die perform different effects according to the value displayed on the D20 player evergreen.

  • Roll a D20 is both a keyword and evergreen icon that reads

    “Shuffle the board and roll a D20. If you don’t have a D20 evergreen, gain one. Then, perform one of the following effects according to the value displayed on your D20 evergreen.”

  • D20 is player evergreen icon that reads:
    “Whenever a card rolls a D20, randomize a value from 1 to 20.”

                                                                     Roll a D20                               D20


  • Hired is the Magic: Puzzle Quest version of cards that trigger special effects when mana from a treasure was used to cast them

  • In Magic: Puzzle Quest, treasure tokens will be adapted to give the evergreen icon named Hired to whichever cards they give mana to. Some cards will activate special effects if they have the Hired evergreen when cast. Hired reads:
    “This card received mana from a Treasure.”


  • New Planeswalker:

Grand Master of Flowers

“The title of Grand Master of Flowers is given to the senior monk at the Monastery of the Yellow Rose. However, this particular Grand Master accumulates many other titles as another persona: Bahamut, the dragon god of justice.”

Max Level Stats


Monk of the Open Hand 

(White) Creature - Elf Monk (1/1) Token

When you cast your second card each turn: Increase this card's Level by 1.

When this card's Level is increased: Reinforce this creature. Then: Disable target opposing creature without Double Strike, First Strike, or Vigilance until the beginning of your next turn. This effect can trigger up to 3 times per turn.

As long as this card's Level is 7 or more — This creature gains Double Strike.

(See Planeswalker Progression HERE)


“Mordenkainen’s paranoia made him so careful that most of the powerful spells found in books were of his creation. Those that face Mordenkainen might say he’s just a paranoid old man - they don’t say that twice.”
Max Level Stats


Faithful Hound

(Blue) Creature - Dog Illusion (1/1) Token

“When this creature attacks: Remove all Buffs from the first opposing Buffed creature.

When this creature enters the battlefield: It gets +2/+2 for each card with a different name in your hand.”

Mordenkainen's Penultimate Cogitation

(Blue) Support Card - Emblem (5) Token 

“When you cast a noncopy Spell card for the first time each turn: Roll a D20.

1 - 10: Copy that card. It gains half of its mana. 

11 - 18: Copy that card. It gains full mana. 

19 - 20: Copy that card. Then, each Spell card in your hand gains full mana.”

(See Planeswalker Progression HERE) 

Lolth, Spider Queen

“The queen of the Demonweb Pits, the goddess of the Drow, the Dark Mother: Lolth. Those who oppose her rule soon become part of her legion - willingly or not.”

Max Level Stats


Demonweb Pits

(Black) Support Card - Emblem (3) Token

“When a creature you control dies: Gain 2 Loyalty. 

If that card is a nontoken creature -  Create a Black Spider token. 

If this support has the Darkness emblem. - When a nontoken creature dies: Create X Black Spider tokens. X is equal to that creature's toughness.”

Black Spider

(Black) Creature - Spider (2/1) Menace, Reach, Token

(See Planeswalker Progression HERE)

Zariel, Archduke of Avernus

“Once an angel of the Seven Heavens, now an archdevil of the Nine Hells. Zariel, the Archduke of Avernus commands her legion of devils in the neverending Blood War.”

Max Level Stats


Red Devil

(Red) Creature (1/1) Token

"When this creature dies, the opponent’s first creature takes damage equal to this creature’s Power."

Blood War

(Red)  Support Card - Emblem (4) Token

“When your first creature attacks: Reinforce that creature. It gains Double Strike until end of turn. 

If this support has the War emblem — When a creature dies: Deal X damage to your opponent's Planeswalker. X is equal to that creature's power.”

(See Planeswalker Progression HERE)

Ellywick Tumblestrum

“The bearer of Morningmist brings joy and excitement wherever she sets foot into. Legends? Romances? Adventures? When Ellywick Tumblestrum sings, everyone that listens is able to join the stories.”

Max Level Stats



(Colorless) Support Card - Artifact Treasure (1) Token

"When this support is destroyed: Gain 3 mana.”

Adventurous Song

(Green) Support Card - Emblem (4) Token

When you make your first match during your turn: Venture into the Dungeon. Then: For each Dungeon you've completed, trigger the following effects — 

Dungeon of the Mad Mage: Each card in your hand gains 3 mana. 

Lost Mine of Phandelver: Your creatures get +2/+2. 

Tomb of Annihilation: Gain 3 life for each Legendary card on the battlefield and in all graveyards.

(See Planeswalker Progression HERE) 

Dungeon Master

“The Dungeon Master is a mysterious mage with vast knowledge and power.  His goals are mostly unclear, although they seem to be aligned with restoring the equilibrium between order and chaos.”

Max Level Stats


(Colorless) Support Card - Artifact Treasure (1) Token

"When this support is destroyed: Gain 3 mana.”

Dungeons &...

(White, Blue) Support Card - Emblem (4) Token

“When you Venture into the Dungeon or Roll a D20: Increase this card's Level by 2. 

At the end of your opponent's turn: Draw a card. 

If this support has the Wealth emblem: You gain X mana. 

If this support has the Challenge emblem: You gain X life. 

If this support has the Heroism emblem: Your first creature gets +X/+X. X is equal to this card's Level.”

(See Planeswalker Progression HERE) 
  • New Event:

    • You've Found An Entrance

      • PvE

      • Progression Rewards

      • No Entrance Fee

      • Standard

      • All Planeswalkers’ colors are allowed

      • 10 Encounters

      • There’s an initial encounter related to a node that may unlock another node according to the objective completed

      • Some of the encounters spawn event supports

      • Recharge Time: 8h
      • Initial Charges (per node): 1 | Max Charges (per node): 4
      • Duration: 46h


    • Fixed some text issues.

    • Fixed an issue with The Omenkeel card, where the card’s crew was also triggered for the opponent’s creature. 

    • Fixed the issue with Elven Bow, that wasn't giving reach evergreen to elf token creature cards 

    • Fixed an issue with the Quest objective not being counted if the Quest was received when the player was in a match.

    • Fixed the issue where Fractal token freezing the game on right conditions.

    • Fixed an issue with the Kaya, The Inexorable 3rd ability, where the token mechanics didn't work with supports.

    • Fixed issue with Event Deck creation, when player created an Event Deck and exited editing without using AutoFill, the AutoFill prompt would stay on screen.

    • Fixed an issue with Rootless Yew, Inevitable End, and Steps Followed, where after the Rootless Yew died or during the card fetch action, a rectangular effect would appear in the middle of the screen

  • Changes:

    • Colors of Magic Rewards Change

      • Reward Booster Packs have changed for all Tiers as follows:

        • 20 Score RibbonIKO to KHM

        • 100 Score RibbonZNR to STX

Card Gallery

Dungeons & Dragons - Adventures in the Forgotten Realms (AFR)
Check the card gallery HERE.



  • Nalthazar
    Nalthazar Posts: 135 Tile Toppler
    How do you get the Dungeons &... support with Dungeon Master? It looks interesting, but it is unclear as to how you get it.
  • Nalthazar
    Nalthazar Posts: 135 Tile Toppler
    Oh, and what is the new icon on the Planeswalkers just above the "Max Level" that looks sort of like an equal sign with a down arrow on top and an up arrow on bottom? Is that a new button to see things like spoils and devotion for your Planeswalker or something entirely different?
  • QuiksilverHg
    QuiksilverHg Posts: 115 Tile Toppler
    Also, I didn’t see a list of what the dungeons are and what each room does
  • Oktagon_Support
    Oktagon_Support ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 3,016 Chairperson of the Boards

    The icon just above the "Max Level" on the Planeswalkers is the evergreen symbol of a new mechanic introduced with Dungeons & Dragons - Adventures in the Forgotten Realms. Planeswalkers now may have passive abilities, besides their loyalty abilities.
    Each new set and Planeswalker may have their passive icon and triggers differently set up - In AFR, these abilities are called Alignment, since they relate mostly to the color alignment of each Planeswalker.
    The Dungeons &... support is a support created by Dungeon Master's Alignment ability, so it may passively be created on the board while you're playing with Dungeon Master.
    These abilities have been introduced mainly as a way to make your monocolored Planeswalkers shine as much as the multicolored ones (aside from some exceptions, like Dungeon Master). Since you have more card limitations to build their decks, they'll compensate this by rewarding you for playing aligned with their colors.

    We appreciate the interest 😊
  • BongoTheGrey
    BongoTheGrey Posts: 329 Mover and Shaker
    That sounds really cool! Just help me understand the Alignment ability a little bit better. It is thought as a way to balance monocolored Planeswalkers because of the smaller card pool they have at their disposal, right? So, will it be a feature exclusive to monocolred Planeswalkers? I understand that Dungeon Master is a exception so it looks like it is exclusive to monocolored PW. And also, will that be implemented on existing Planeswalkers or will it be only for the ones that come after Adventures in the Forgotten Realms?
  • LoboX01
    LoboX01 Posts: 51 Match Maker

    Hi Rebeca,

    Any chance we get the release today?  o:)
  • ArielSira
    ArielSira Posts: 466 Mover and Shaker
    It's out for Android
  • TheHunter
    TheHunter Posts: 248 Tile Toppler
    The big disappointment for me is I thought we'd progress through the dungeons similar to a saga card, but it looks like each room has to be triggered by a card or action from the player. I've put a dungeon into play twice now in ZE but stayed on the first room.
  • Persil
    Persil Posts: 137 Tile Toppler
    edited August 2021
    MPQ is already too much random: random gem cascades, random card drawing, random effects etc., and now on top of that we have D20 rolls and shuffling. Which is even worse, because you shuffle the board after casting cards, so it's your enemy who will get the resulting board, with a risk of powerful matches. I often swap gems so that enemy has no good matches. To me, this D20 effect is another randomness added to the game and as such, a thing to skip.

    Dungeons are dissapointing, too. It felt already with some KHM and STX cards that the descriptions were ridiculously long, and now we get three dungeons, with 5-9 levels, each having effects (and even worse, as criftman pointed out, hidden under hipertext). Thank you, no.

    To me, it feels that ZNR is the only set which will be going into new rotation and which is useful. KHM, STX, AFR - to skip. But maybe it's just me.
  • jtwood
    jtwood Posts: 1,283 Chairperson of the Boards
    Xucachris said:
    The big disappointment for me is I thought we'd progress through the dungeons similar to a saga card, but it looks like each room has to be triggered by a card or action from the player. I've put a dungeon into play twice now in ZE but stayed on the first room.
    I plowed through about a half dozen dungeons in one game using Nadaar + Triumphant Adventurer + Barrowin. And the dungeons that gave free cards at the end weren't bad. It's not a T1 mechanic or anything, but it does work in the right shell with the right cards. Hell, just TA + Barrowin is pretty nasty giving you a recurring first striking berserking deathtoucher. That's a thing.
  • BongoTheGrey
    BongoTheGrey Posts: 329 Mover and Shaker
    100% agree with Madwren, level 1 PW on the tutorial stages are a huge pain. The idea of those levels is to get a hang of the abilities. Those should be fast matches and the pathetic mana bonuses makes them way longer than they should be
  • Larz70
    Larz70 Posts: 119 Tile Toppler
         The will probably have the information about the dungeons eventually.  We have to do some work collecting all the information but once it's there, it's only a matter of time before someone figures out the optimal route given a particular deck/PW.  I find this part actually exciting, where the game doesn't tell you anything and you're left to explore/discover, like what you'd expect when venturing into the unknown.  Madwren does have a point that they could have made it more intuitive, user-friendly, and not frustrating.

         I hope that the dungeons themselves can be made random and we're not going to be stuck with the same 3 configuration.  The room's effect can be fixed, like Goblin's Lair will always create two goblin tokens, and Cave Entrance will always draw you a card, etc but maybe the number of rooms and the path from entrance to exit can vary more (i.e. randomize 5-9 rooms with increasing risks/rewards where the best effect will always be at the exit, and a random path to it).
  • Larz70
    Larz70 Posts: 119 Tile Toppler
    The dungeon support should probably have been coded as "When this support enters the board, trigger its effect".  Instead it was coded as "When this support is destroyed, trigger its effect"

    It's more intuitive to me to have the goblin tokens created when you enter the Goblin Lair if we treat each room like a card and you're deciding which one to cast.  Either this is a bug or they need to update the release notes. 
  • Mburn7
    Mburn7 Posts: 3,427 Chairperson of the Boards
    critman said:
    jtwood said:
    critman said:
    Ugh, HATE the dungeons. Please stop hiding important card details behind hypertext!
    I have to giggle that they use those itty bitty hyperlinks so much, yet we are told that we can't get targeted support destruction because individual gems are too small to accurately select.
    Is THAT why we don't get targetted support removal??!?!!! I feel like they should re-examine that decision :smile:

    That's been the reason provided at least (I'd find the posts but that takes time and I don't care that much anymore, sorry  :| )  We called them out on it then, but now its just getting ridiculous.
  • BongoTheGrey
    BongoTheGrey Posts: 329 Mover and Shaker
    In Magic: Puzzle Quest, treasure tokens will be adapted to give the evergreen icon named Hired to whichever cards they give mana to. Some cards will activate special effects if they have the Hired evergreen when cast.

    The Hired symbol is assigned to the card that gained mana from destroying a treasure. It shouldn't be random. So if one of your six cards in hand has a special effect when being Hired you want to have that card as the first card in your hand before destroying the treasure token so that specific card gets the token mana and it becomes Hired
  • Tremayne
    Tremayne Posts: 1,543 Chairperson of the Boards
    @BongoTheGrey - I found it extremely confusing that a card without the hired keyword could gain the hired icon. As far as I can gather there is nothing in the keyword description that explains why that is possible and what I get out of it, so I think @critman has raised a legitimate question.
  • naabaldan
    naabaldan Posts: 386 Mover and Shaker
    Every card that gains mana from a gold token receives the hired evergreen. This evergreen is not bound to the keyword/ability some cards have.
  • BongoTheGrey
    BongoTheGrey Posts: 329 Mover and Shaker
    I don't think that it is that confusing. You have always been able to gain mana from popping treasure tokens. After 5.1.0 the card that gained mana from popping a treasure token gains a new evergreen icon called Hired to know that said card gained mana from a treasure tokens. Some cards activate extra abilities if they have that evergreen icon but that evergreen is not exclusive for those cards.

    So, you can Hire any card but only a select group of cards give you an extra bonus if they are hired.

    I see it as the mutation evergreen. You need a mutate creature to activate it but you can actually mutate any non token creature in the game, so the evergreen icon can be assigned to any non token creature when the condition is met.