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    @BongoTheGrey and @naabaldan - but isn’t is correct that the keyword hired doesn’t do anything for the majority or the 5k cards in MTGPQ?

    So why enable a card to gain an evergreen that doesn’t do anything for that card? Furthermore, this method increases the cumbersomeness of rearranging cards with the hired mechanic, so those cards can use their full potential.
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    It is correct, most of the 5K don't have any hired effect. I can't speak for the devs and I am far from being a game developer or understanding how this game works in term of coding, but I see this as an effort to standardize Hire and mitigate possible bugs. Since it is an evergreen that is granted after a condition is met I think it is easier to make it available to all 5K cards rather than just a select group that could then generate a specific bug with the countless other interactions we have on this game.

    It does indeed increases the cumbersomeness of rearranging cards in your hand. But I prefer that and being to complete a game.

    I'm just saying that it is easy to understand how it works. I'm not trying to sell it as a good or bad mechanic. I will probably almost never use it like enhance but that's just me. Everyone has their own preferences
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    It is easy to understand how it works 
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    critman said:
    Can I also say since it's been mentioned that I really dislike the way that MTGPQ has taken the term "evergreen" from paper MTG but used it in a different way. I find that confusing.
    I agree, and I've raised it a number of times in the past.  The wiki does its best to reduce the confusion.