Panda's Card Tier List - Updated for 1.3 Patch



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    Murder Investigation, in tandem with Knightly Valor, is a deadly combo. You get a 3/3 soldier with vigilance that "resurrects" for free. That kept me alive at 2 lifepoints and I can safely save up my mana for big creatures knowing that the 3/3 solider will be able to defend my opponent's creatures and chipping away their toughness plus attacking each turn without me spending a single mana or loyalty points to keep it "alive" on the board.

    Don't forget that Murder Investigation is also a cheap support card. At a cost of 5 mana, you can quickly buff up Blessed Spirits with +2/+2
  • Yes murder investigation combo has been mentioned before.

    It is low rank however because it is generally not useful in a high power deck and I ditched it in about 95% of the games I've played.

    It -can- save you but the point is to never get into that situation in the first place.

    I will be doing another review of the tier list sometime this weekend, I've been busy and haven't played the past week.
  • Is this thread dead now?
    Did you review it?
  • Have there been any card updates? I was thinking about moving some chandra stuff around.

    I moved a few stuff around. Red had a few changes, I'm still not happy about the ranking of the different creatures, chandra's creatures all feel kinda weird to me. Except volcanic rambler. That card is just a beast.

    I changed the ranking of some colorless stuff.

    I haven't played the game in about 2 weeks. I only really want one more rare but I'm too lazy to figure out which quick battle I'm supposed to participate in lol
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    Infinite Obliteration - this spell is in its current mutation quite weak, especially being ranked as mythic.

    I would mark it as B/C.

    It might fit few decks, but never as a core spell IMO. There are two problems right now: the cost (12 is too much to be really effective from the beginning) and that it affects only certain, unknown cards on hand (although this might be considered a plus sometimes).

    It would be much better at 10/lower cost OR if at 6 cost with discarding only one (first) creature.
    OR perhaps if it would discard all creatures from hand..

    So far I'm finding it to be rather equal to the common spell Nightsnare. Which is a shame for mythic (and big disappointment for me to recieve this as a second mythic).
  • OK.

    Also mythics being about as good as commons/uncommons happens a lot. Many of them are completely unusable.

    Can someone confirm dark petition still works with Liliana 1? If it doesn't, I will derank it.
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    pandabear wrote:
    Can someone confirm dark petition still works with Liliana 1? If it doesn't, I will derank it.

    Absolutely. Still happily corrupting/reanimating Hangarback Walkers. And finally got Unholy Hunger in the last black event (only one more rare to go), so now doing it with more success than ever.
  • Heyyyyyy guys, I'm going to go back to China very shortly (pretty much right as BfZ releases) so I likely won't be able to update this at all for quite some time.

    I encourage others to start their own guides and discussions.

    I will probably not be much of a presence on these forums for a while.

    Its been fun, keep challenging the meta! (or not, you know, cause thats why this thread was made XD).
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    Jace, about to get nerfed so hard, there goes my best deck.
  • The greatest card in the game ... is the very simple and common Lone Rider. It costs nothing, and has first strike... and if you couple it wat the saint of ... It is unstoppable. I typically end a round with it having a power of 30/30...
  • By far, I think Exert Influence is one of the strongest cards currently available.
    10 mana cost
    "Gain control of target creature if you control 2 or less creatures."

    As long as you do not have 3 or more creatures, you can essentially steal any creature of your opponent.

    Creature has hexproof? easy, use a global disable or "first creature" disable and steal it. It allows you to use any creature of any color, thus using your opponents game-ender against them.

    The cost is cheaper then the cost to produce many of the powerful mythics, rares, and uncommon available.
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    The actual content of this thread is charming but so incredibly out of date that it should really get unpinned. I would hate someone new to the game to go: "I've got to get Kothophed, Soul Hoarder. A 6 attack for only 14 mana sounds amazing." Times have changed.