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    Is there a how to play this character for dummies guide out there?
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    BradUF said:
    Is there a how to play this character for dummies guide out there?
    1) Aim to keep all colored AP at 0 for maximum effect.

    2) Only collect AP that you have an outlet for.

    3) When you want to lower excess AP, match teamup tiles (they don’t count against Chasm’s algorithm.) 3 AP, (typically), will burn in order of strongest to weakest color of the toon who matched (the one in front). One can systematically reduce each color given enough teamup matches available.

    4) If you want Chasm to do the most passive damage, make a Black match. It’s his strongest color.

    5) Make sure to have at least 3 Abyss tiles on the board at all times and aim to match Abyss tiles whenever possible. This will ensure lower AP collection and more web/abyss tiles for high health respawns/security.

    6) It’s all about this toon tanking; he needs it for the team to be successful else he won’t propagate Abyss/web tiles for resurrections. Be aware of this in regards to your roster.

    7) He will be the centerpiece of your team and your primary focus. If other toons get the AP to fire skills off, fine. Gravy on top if you will. But do not prioritize their strengths over his as you will have competing goals within your team, effectively reducing your rates of winning, speed of match, or both. 

    I think that sums it up. Have fun. I like him.
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    Playing with or against Chasm I find to be boring.