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    SnowcaTT said:
    Borstock said:
    Everytime I've queued you in PvP you were running okoye/ihulk. Along with posting here about the travesty of Okoye on MPQ stop using that combo yourself.

    If you truly are so sad to see everyone using okoye... Lead by example! 5* iron man & Rescue can work I'm sure!

    I don't think it's at all hypocritical to run the meta team and still be unhappy that it is so prevalent. You'd be cutting off your nose to spite your face.
    I'd also point out that non-meta teams aren't even safe to float, anymore. With my Hulkoye team, if I float in PvP, I usually bottom out around 500, since other pairings can be queued by someone starting their climb. Why attack a Hulkoye team that early if you don't need to, right? Well, I climbed the other day using something like JJ and Prof X, and got knocked down from 900 all the way to 200. It didn't matter. I was just floating, but it should be noted how desperate people are to face ANY OTHER TEAM than Hulkoye.
    Killah has joked to me: "You had 550 Okoye before it was cool." Of course I'm running Okoye constantly, I did before (with Thor) I am now (with iHulk). I've run Okoye 95% of the time in all matches possible since her initial release.

    I don't -care- that it's Okoye everywhere. I did the same thing so many others have done: hoarded heavy, broke -only- for Okoye vaults, got fat Okoye that made every other character better.

    When I list how many fat Okoyes are there on the LB, mine is always included! And that's my point with these threads: it's not "Oh boo hoo, Okoye everywhere!". Okoye was - and is - one of the best characters in the game. One of the only ones you can manage CL10 PVE with!

    So we all either have to accept that of -course- everyone hoarded for her and has her. And of -course- she's the highest level character on their roster - and they'll be using her with a "good 2nd" no matter what the good 2nd is, no matter how the meta changes - because their Okoye is by far their biggest character!

    We all also have to accept that of -course- the amount of rewards available will 'shrink' as more and more people get a very big version of one of the best, if not the best, character in the game. And that of -course- you're therefore going to see players - like myself - run her all of the time, for every event, since she's the only way for many rosters to compete for those rewards.

    What can be done about it? Not much. Nerfs, or changes in rewards, or changes by devs to play requirements. Maybe an even stronger character released.

    Until that time: expect this to continue. Every match you see will be Okoye, for good or ill. I still tell people: hoard for Okoye, BH for okoye, pull for all Okoye vaults - there is no reason not to unless one of those drastic changes is made.

    I agree. It's not because Okoye broken, it's because she's just the 'best' (meta-) character to use in top play because she makes every attack bigger, which makes everything go faster. That's why everyone competing for leaderboards is sporting her. 

    I also know I'll probably never grow out of a 'baby' Okoye (mine is 453) and that's fine. That's just how I choose to distribute my resources. 
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    Borstock said:
     or maybe people just like you more, but doubtful. 
    WTH  .....what is it you are trying to say???
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