Adventures with 5* Wasp.



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    In short:

    Goose got 4 covers and is 454
    Hunter got 6 Covers and is 454
    Hex-23 got also 4 covers is 3/1/3 - I bought 1 green with shards as it is safe. I have 2 more covers with shards = 4 needed. At least one more will be from PVE, so I need 3 more.
    Magik got that needed shards and is 450 and I had 17 pulls left and with that I bring one cover for Colossus (3/2/1).

    In total 77 pulls with 14 covers so its just nice. In the end I have decided to broke hoard fully to champ Magik 'cause next pull session will be in ~two months, just after both Goose and Hunter will leave LLs. No need for more lvls for Hunter and no need to speed up Hex-23 champing too. I got Goose and Hunter champed after 31 pulls but decided that I want Magik champed today rather than wait few weeks and gave it a try and managed to to that.

    In the end I have ~100K ISO (all from lv up), 0 LL and ~200 CP left. Marvel Hoard Puzzle once again it is.

    Others updates:
    All 1* ascended after I got last needed cover for Venom. Spidey and IM are lv 144 and I am building next copy of them.
    ~4,8M ISO needed for 4*. I just got under 5M. Yai.

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    A quick update.

    Collossus is on the way but after some more digging Jeff will be next. His green is cheap and nice counter against mThor.

    Also been doing some testing and started to like Goose with Kitty. So far, my faster and safest treat for mThor/SC. So I went all in more to get more flerken covers and managed to champ Weapon Hex too (who feels amazing too). But after they will leave LL, I'll wait for Hunter to leave too before next pulling. I like her but she is not worth my effort and not even near as fun as even pre-rework Wasp has ever been to me. And I am not crazy about Victor so far so I can just champ him and forget.

    So far Goose is 458, Hunter 456 and Weapon Hex 453. Colossus is 5/3/3 thanks to all the extra stuff and some luck. And 4* Wasp went to 341 so far. In 3 cover she will catch up with Ant Man which means that I will try to max champ them together. I really want to ascend them fast so I can try that Hope/Janet/Scott combo.