**** Maria Hill (S.H.I.E.L.D. Operative) ****



  • abenness
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    So, if she is invisible, does that mean she gets to hide from the countdown from her black going off? That would be cool.

    I’m shaking my head at the removal of shield training.  Why do this? I enjoyed it as a way to try out non-meta teams in a low-pressure, un-timed event. Those are rare.
  • Kletvar
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    R.I.P.   S.H.I.E.L.D. training
  • Vhailorx
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    Seems like the black cd should do less damage as you get more covers, or maybe she is immune when invis.

    EDIT: damn autocorrect!

    First take is that is a worse Kate bishop.
  • zodiac339
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    My immediate feedback on no SHIELD training:
    1. Guys, it’s a free character cover. Stop complaining when there’s a required character you haven’t finished. It’s been quite a while since we required a character you couldn’t at least pull for.
    2. I’m probably going to an earlier start time for the following event, and not already having the cover from Training will delay being able to do the required 4* mission. Which is bad.
    Bottom line: please run SHIELD Training. It’s a good thing and is only helpful.
  • shardwick
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    Seems pretty weak. I think an ability similar to 5* DD would have been better. Her black kills off 90% of her health if the cd expires but then health regen and tile buff kicks in. And getting rid of Shield Training is lame when all it needed was to be tweaked a bit.
  • turbomoose
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    With all the stuff you have removed I hope you have some new stories or something different to interest us 

    as others have already said, shield training was a good resource builder and the only complaint we had was the occasional use of a new character as essential 
  • Kletvar
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     Tell the game designer and the developers to buy a compass because they are lost.

    I was playing online games for 11 years and i haven't seen a studio trying so hard to kill it's own game, and then, in October 2018 i started playing MPQ. EVERY patch/release notes since April 2019 is pushing the game to it's grave. 
    It's normal to think that after so much ranting from the playerbase about bad patches the game studio and it's crew will learn from their mistakes because you are smart guys with PhDs, but as it was shown numerous times before greed > intelligence.

    I'll stick around until Hill's events finish so i can get few shards and covers for her and then i'll probably leave the game until you fix the game and start listening to your playerbase (which i doubt will happen).
  • jredd
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    wow. what a boring, awful character. that black is horrendous.

    maybe take a break from releasing characters if this is what you're now offering up as a 4*. 

    work on the game instead. 
  • rdvargas1
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    Shield and shield training was an effective way for people to get 4*s. Nobody was complaining except for the previous 4* being used as an essential. I really don’t care because I’m a5* player, but it’s another misstep. 
  • jamesh
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    Even if "Get Out Alive" allows her to avoid the damage of "Best of Intentions", the AI probably won't play the powers that way in PVP.  Taking a character into battle that is likely to commit suicide on defence seems like a bad play.

    The power description doesn't specify which colour tile the countdown will be placed on either.  If it is placed on a random colour, it will be difficult to gauge how easily you'll be able to match away the tile.  Contrast this with Kate Bishop, where her black power is relatively safe if there are a lot of black tiles on the board (and even then, the downside isn't too bad if you can't get rid of the countdown).

  • Vhailorx
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    IceIX said:
    I'm guessing the cool down and and Invisibility works hand and hand? If you're invisible you won't take the cool down damage right?

    Correct. If she's Invisible, the CD tile damage fizzles since it now has no target. Originally, Get Out Alive made her Airborne (the animation is a SHIELD Jetpack!), but that didn't work since the Countdown tile doesn't count down while the user is Airborne. So Invisibility it is! Just for reference, you can send her Airborne with another character like Colossus, then blow up the CD with Captain Marvel and she won't take damage either.

    So basically, anything that prevents her from taking damage entirely when that goes off is effective, but no damage reduction will help. And Deadpool won't jump in front. He'll just laugh at her.

    Or, you could just match the CD away before it goes off. That works too.
    This is not evident from her description at all.  The game treats self damage very differently from enemy damage (e.g., protect tiles are useless against self damage).  Does her black CD count as enemy damage?