MPQ Sneak Peek: March 2020 (Updated 3/17/20)



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    I should revise my earlier statement....Carnage will still be Latest in a couple weeks, it's probably still going to be LLLCC, maybe.  But 12 weeks will still be a rapid pace and hard to keep up with.  Still pushing me closer to the edge.
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    People getting on edge just because of a potential 4/5/4/5/4/5 release schedule. 

    Let's look at the last 1 year release schedule:

    3/14: Talos
    3/28: Hela
    4/18: Thanos
    5/2: Ronin
    5/16: Rescue
    5/23: Sabretooth
    6/6: Storm
    6/20: Black Cat
    7/4: Mysterio
    7/18: Iceman
    8/15: Prof X
    8/29: Human Torch
    9/19: WorthyCap
    10/10: SM 2099
    10/24: Carbage
    11/7: Wolfsbane
    11/21: Modok
    12/5: BRB
    12/19: Karolina Dean

    1/9: Northstar
    1/30: Mister Sinister
    2/13: Karnak
    2/27: Havok
    3/12: 4*
    *3/26: 5*

    The potential 4/5/4/5 schedule can only be counted from Karnak release. 

    However, we are missing data for April. So, unless some players have been able to datamine new releases info until the end of April, I will say that people are spreading fear among themselves. 

    Let's assume it is true that it will 4/5/4/5 release schedule until the end of the year, it could mean that it's a trade-off for 4* feeders.

    However, there isn't any data to support this. Alternatively, some 5* might have stayed too long in LT store, so a temporary faster 5* release schedule is needed to boot them out before they go back to "the norm". 

    In the meantime, stop spreading fear among yourselves.
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    I used 1 year of data to make my point and you used 3 months of data to make your point. Of course, fearmongers are going to select limited data to support their point. Why not try using 1 year of data instead?

    People here have always used a 4/5/4/4/5 release schedule as a norm and the last 4/5/4/4/5 ends with Mister Sinister for now. Why are people so inconsistent? 
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    We would also accept a new community manager named Guffman...

    Or Godot?
    I'm not at the point of quitting yet, but all of the changes for quite some time now have felt like net negatives. I don't know how much more it's going to be before the straw that breaks this camel's back, but it seems to be on the way.
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    If things slow down and then speed up, then it "cancels out" each other.

    If you use the last six releases (including the future 2 releases this month), the schedule will look like 4/5/4/5/4/5.

    What happens when you use the last 7 releases? It becomes 4/4/5/4/5/4/5. The assumption of 4/5/4/5/4/5 fails.

    What about the last 10 releases ? it becomes 4/4/5/4/4/5/4/5/4/5. It fails too.

    Since releases are regarded in "batches of 5" here, when we include future releases for the future 5 releases, the schedule will look like:


    Unless someone managed to datamine all April and May releases and can prove within your Line groups that it will be 4/5/4/5/4 for all future 5 ?, then it's simply assumption. 

    Black Widow will be out in late April, so it might look like a 4/5 for the next 2 ?. It could be a 4/4/5 for all we know because "celebration" are typically 2 weeks long. Look at the releases for Endgame which was released on 24 April, it's:

    4/18: Thanos 
    5/2: Ronin
    5/16: Rescue

    Imagining the worst case scenario, let me try to be as negative as possible.

    (Negative mode)

    After the players got their wishes for feeders for all Classic 5*, they were asking for feeders for future Classic 5*. This could be your answer for 4* feeders: new (and faster) 5* release schedule, so that they can "justify" new 4* feeders.

    It has been so many years and many still can't get it, if you keep on demanding the dev to things your way, there will always be tradeoffs. Perhaps, this is the repercussion for forcing them to rain down shards.

    (Ends negative mode)

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    At the end of the day no matter what pattern or w.e they choose to do. We are still playing the game through good and bad. So let's just have fun and chill 
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    Someone forgot about Juggernaut on that list...
    Don't you know who he is?!
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    Oh my goodness... tHe FeAr?!?!?


  • DAZ0273
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    Maybe I am mis-remembering but I thought we had Army of One not that long ago? Probably just me and it has been cycled faster for the 3's as we haven't had the extra 4* PvP's we were supposed to be getting from that announcement back in the mists of time.
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    I wouldn't mind the 4/5/4/5 schedule to slow down 4 star dilution.  If they kicked back new releases to once every 3 weeks, how many people would mind?