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    jp1 said:
    Play style matters so much too. As @Daredevil217 pointed out, he values Cable and Loki more than I do. I won’t use them unless forced to because they (especially Cable) are not fun in their mechanics and offer me less than some of my better 4*s in pretty much every way. Maybe I’m missing the boat on them, but it’s such an annoyance to bring them out unless they are boosted that I just don’t bother.

    Loki is a natural pair with Doom as a climbing team. They both have gigantic nukes and true heal. They also provide a puzzle aspect I like. Basically, Loki places his tiles on black. Obviously you want to match them to fuel Doom (and get more countdowns), but if the AI matches them you still get more CDs and siphon their black thanks to Doom’s passive. When Loki dies and drops his trap it can often land in a hard to reach place. Doom’s board shuffle has allowed me to revive Loki more than a few times. Not only that, his cascades into matches have multiplied Loki’s CD tiles as well. Before Professor came along Loki had the best purple in the tier. So there is value in that alone, as strong 5* purples are hard to find. 

    Cable is a bit tougher. I’m hard pressed to find many better active greens, but the tier isn’t exactly hurting for those. He was my “charged tile guy” but now I have Storm. He was my “stun guy” (paired with DD), but now I have Iceman. Even OML works better for strikes and I JUST champed him (fan favorites store). He does a lot of things okay, but doesn’t excel at anything. As I’m writing this, maybe he is a tier lower than the other people I mentioned. I used him a lot more before the current batch of Latests dropped. I think his current place on my roster would be a third on an X-Men theme team (Storm/ Gambit, Professor/ Someone). Pretty niche. I do also sometimes just pair him with another self-sustaining character with minimal overlap like IW Cap or Jessica Jones just for the heck of it. His CD/Repeater fortification is nice, but I have Goblin who fortifies more and does so without having to chase a color. 

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    Khanwulf said:
    wymtime said:
    Khanwulf said:
    So... I'd appreciate practical advice: to cash in hoard or not for [Carnag5]?

    Is it better to dump the accumulation now before he moves into Latest?

    I know the quick answer is "it's too early to tell"--but part of the equation is whether the current Latest are significantly valuable. In my case I have zero PX and a handful of Iceman and Storm covers... enough that when boosted they are useful for 4* PVE-land.

    It will depend on how many pulls do you have.  Do you have enough pulls to cover Storm?  Also do you have a strong partner for her?  If you will not comfortable cover storm keep hoarding.
    Storm currently has 4 covers and Iceman 5. Current hoard is 105+ pulls (52 LL, remainder CC)... so not enough to guarantee coverage. 

    The rest of my 5* roster is similarly scattered. I think Hawkeye and Thanos are most complete at 11 and 12 covers, respectively, and then a few at 8 and less. BB, notably, is at 4 covers.

    I don't have PX at all, and am willing to accept that Storm may need to slide off the list in order to ensure acquisition of a full clean slate later.

    Yea I would keep hoarding 
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    Updated with character identity and numbers. Incoming Carnage!
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    Well they listened to us.. Carnage won’t be required right away. Riots averted 
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    Here we go again! *Flameshield on*

    It's still a 3/5/5 for me.
    Strike tiles are more useful than Attack tiles for me. He's quite a straightforward character.  :|
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    Thank you for not requiring him right away. Seriously, thank you. I'm all for trying different distribution methods, even if I personally don't think the HP route is ideal. It was the requiring of PX immediately last time that really rubbed me the wrong way. 

    On to Carnage. His match damage and health look good. That's about it. 

    I *think* the idea is to run him with Kitty so she can buff those somewhat weak tiles. But he doesn't spit enough out fast enough to be viable. Especially if you're playing *against* an enemy Kitty.

    Someone else did a pretty good breakdown earlier in the thread, but basically enemy Kitty will gobble up your tiles before you get enough to start buffing and making them actually hit hard. It'll be further exacerbated if your tiles get matched away. 

    Seems like he's pretty meh. ☹😞
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    10 points for Gryffindor for listening and not making him essential the very next event, that was literally the only complain about Chak release.

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    More 5* garbage. My lvl370 4* carnage makes stronger special tiles. Whoever's designing these **** 5*'s, please, try your hand at something else 'cause character design isn't your strong suit. So disappointed.....

    P.S. As an added bonus he'll be slow AF in pve.
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    IceIX said:
    Updated with character identity and numbers. Incoming Carnage!
    Oct sneak peak update to follow? 
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    @IceIX does Knull & Void gather AP on the auto-turn, or is it Banner-town?
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    I'm not a big fan of the sex god (fellow Swedes and Norwegians know what I mean). He's subpar as a third for Thorkye as well as Gritty.

    Can he be good enough with Medusa and 5* Iceman or Medusa and 5* DD?
    Medusa would do a lot of self heal and also gather a lot of purple, blue and green.
    I just don't know if either of the teams would be fast enough to really matter.
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    Meh. Not chasing this one.
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    I can't really see Carnage working without Kitty, and it looks like he's been pre-nerfed to not work too well with her.

    But I will be interested to try Kitty+Carnage+Sabretooth vs Gritty, or Gritty+Carnage vs BSSM or other non-Gritty teams.

    Would have been very interested to see the overall reaction if the Black power created more than 1 strike.
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    I was waiting on the values for those strike and attack tiles...    wow, that is just dissapointing. He makes specials about as strong as a bad 4*, this is just not good enough and he doesnt make enough of them to justify such low numbers.

    "But but, Kitty will buff them!"...   I dont care, he feels pre-nerfed indeed.
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    Pre nerfed indeed. 
    It's like more than one person was looking for ways to rein in him with Kitty, and they didn't coordinate... :D
    So, tiles are weaker 'cause Kitty will buff them... 
    But he can't make too many too quickly, or Kitty buffing may go through the roof! 
    And the AoE can't be big either because there'll be strikes... buffed by Kitty. 

    Trying to look for something positive, has it been answered (discord maybe?) if his passive will spit out 1 tile each for every tile matched or destroyed? If so, that should at least help with another tile spammer around. Friend or foe. 
    Also, would it trigger when matching a fortified special tile? 

    Still can't see how the supposedly buffing of his tiles would work if he's also supposed to be destroying all the tiles constantly. Maybe everyone is missing something and it turns out better in practice (tiny hope) but looks very disappointing... 

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    So, is the general consensus that if one were deciding to bust a hoard including either Carnage or Storm, that Storm is a reasonable choice?  I don’t even have Kitty, and she seems to be the character most mentioned as a good partner for him...
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    Keep hoarding for me
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    edited October 2019
    Guys, with this high match damage... there's just no way we gain AP from Carnage's free matches. 
    I sure hope to be wrong here but, there's just very little chance after seeing this.

    A free match in Carnage colors is 1900 to 2500 damage on it's own.

    EDIT: Well I'm hearing that the free-move Does earn AP and that is big positive here. We'll see how much of an actual impact this becomes.
  • sinnerjfl
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    So, is the general consensus that if one were deciding to bust a hoard including either Carnage or Storm, that Storm is a reasonable choice?  I don’t even have Kitty, and she seems to be the character most mentioned as a good partner for him...
    Depends what other 5*'s you have at the moment.

    Storm is all right, mid-tier, great board control, a bit lacking in the damage department because she needs charged tiles and also actively removes them all.

    If you have the usual 5*'s everyone loves (Thor, Okoye, JJ, Kitty etc) then sure, go for Storm, she is leaps ahead of Carnage and she brings board control to the 5*, not many contenders in the tier.

    If Storm would be one of your first few 5*'s, heeeehhhhh, I'd just hoard and skip both Storm and Carnage (who seems to be going for the title of worst 5* ever released).