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    Suggested change for his Blue power.
      Web Interference - Blue 5AP
      Spider-Man picks a strategic spot for a web countdown tile. Opponent powers using the chosen color are unusable for 2 rounds. When the countdown is over, just the webbing remains.
      Level Upgrades
        Level 2: Powers are unusable for three rounds. Level 3: Countdown tiles powered by the chosen color are halted. Level 4: Protect, Strike, and Attack tiles of the chosen color stop functioning. Level 5: Interference lasts for 4 rounds.

      This is interesting, but what about Spidey against Spidey? Shouldn't he be immune?
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      I was playing against in Cage Match pvp when i came up against a Patch-Spidey-Cmag combination.

      I thought it would be easy with Patch, Ldaken and Lthor team, but oh boy was i wrong.

      Spidey generated so many protect tiles that i did very little dmg at all. Plus all the web stun, it just slow me down a lot. That slow down my killing of cmag, while he use MT to deal heavy dmg. And after i kill cmag, spidey still has heal, and patch just kept regenerating.

      I almost lose the match but was still able to win it. But the match probably took 6 mins, much longer than expected.

      That got me thinking that spidey may still be good on defence to slow down opponents. Also, his protect tiles will be a great counter against sentry.

      (but well, he would still suck on offence...)
    • fight4thedream
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      Now it's no secret that I'm a really big Spidey fan! (off topic: And one of the few that think ASM2 is the best Spider-man movie ever!)
      So i just wanted to take a moment to thank the devs for finally shining the spotlight on our friendly neighborhood webslinger. We currently have the wallcrawler going toe-to-toe with the Hulk in the pVe (of course with some help from Punisher et anyone who has the actual firepower to take the Gamma Goliath down) and his covers are currently the main prize in the Hollowpoint Kiss tourney which i'm assuming will mean he will be the featured character for the next pvp. So obviously (and despite my forum knowledge of his current mediocre status in the MPQ universe), i'm super stoked!o(*^▽^*)o~♪

      Not only did i get lucky and pull a blue spidey cover in one of the event tokens but i also have a good shot at getting his purple cover and finally having him fully covered! [yeah, yeah but you won't have him at his best build. Everyone knows that if you are going to run spidey at all you need him at 5 purple. <Silence! I know this man! You got to learn how to crawl before you can walk! Baby steps dude, baby steps!>]


      Sorry about that. Anywhoo, i had the strange misfortune (or perhaps good fortune?) of starting MPQ early February right after they gave away Spider-man covers like candy on Halloween. Well after that, there was no more candy! For like 5.25 months!! i waited and waited and waited, and occasionally i was blessed with the always welcome token surprise. And now finally the day has come where i can have him fully covered! (plus GSBW if i can find the time to do both pVp and pVe. And of course no disrespect to that lovely, deadly lady! She was my first 3* cover <3)

      However, having come this far and having a good go with him in the pVe has opened my eyes to the realization that Spidey is a support character in this game at best. For better or worse, i did not have the stun-lock god experience that he was in his prime (but from what i understand he was definitely OP and boring to play with/against). Nor am i asking for those days back. i just want to ask the mighty gaming gods to bestow upon our hero the power to not only stun and defend but also the power to attack!!! タタタタッッ≡≡≡≡≡ヾ(  ̄ヘ ̄)θケリ!★)゚3゚)゚ away with you fiend!

      i know IceIX has mentioned they are monitoring Spidey and i hope that he is still a work in progress. my ideal is not to have Spidey be the most powerful character in the game (well if it's black suit Spider-man...< that's a different story>) but something akin to the Punisher, a well balanced character who is perfect for those players transitioning from 2* to the 3* level. i'm grateful to the Punisher and his wonderful tag-team partner OBW for getting me this far but i hope that someday Spidey can have that kind of role too. It doesn't have to be today, it doesn't have to be tomorrow but someday (hopefully sooner rather than later but someday!!)

      So please devs, make Spider-Man Amazing!★

      Now if you ladies and gentlemen will excuse me, i have some Hulk busting and Spider-man covers to fight for!! <3

      Your True Believer,
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      I personally hope that the realised that "True Healing" came as an added nerf to the already nerfed Spidey and consider changing his Yellow ability to something different. Healing is so bad now that it should come as a bonus to other effects, not as the main focus of an ability.
    • mohio
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      It's really a shame that in all likelihood the most popular marvel character is relegated to bottom (okay maybe just low) tier status in this game. Sure he's not completely useless and people even played with him for a while after the nerfs happened, but now (and even then) I imagine people only really use him if he's their highest leveled/covered 3*. Instead we see Daken as one of the most used characters...

      Anyway, just as OP said, I wouldn't want to see him become OP again or anything close, but if I can use him every now and then (and not just against seed teams) that would be great.

      edit: I also started in the "no-spidey-rewards" era, so mine isn't as close to being fully covered (I think 5/2/3 currently, so I *could* max cover him potentially soon), but i'd still use him if he were any good just cause spidey is awesome.
    • No offense, but despite what the movies may have you believe, Spidey is a support character. Usually, he uses science or his smarts to defeat his enemies. He does not beat them to a pulp like Thor/Hulk or blast them like Iron Man/Punisher. Your own pic kind of proves that point.

      I do think spidey is undervalued, but that was becuase he went from overpowered to underpowered instead of just to average. Probably, if the purple had not been based on number of web tiles in play and/or created a web tile , it would have been closer to average. He really is just on the cusp of being usable, it would only take a tweak.

      However, he will not be doing massive damage any time soon. That said, stunning a WR countdown or Sentry pre-Supernova is not a bad ability.
    • Disclaimer - mine is level66 (1/2/2), so never used much, but playing him buffed to 156 in the PvE is rather fun. I can see him being a top PvE support character, especially when buffed. That said, not seeing a lot of PvP use for him.

      I would say prior to this PvE, I underrated him and I think the average opinion of the forum in general underrates him.
    • FaerieMyst
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      Spidey was my first 3* character . . . . and then I waited and waited and waited. Months went by with no more covers Meanwhile I started getting other 3* characters. Finally I started getting covers.

      My first build was 5/5/3 and I used him for healing and stunning. After the nerf, I re-specced him to 4/4/5 and use him so much more now. His protect tiles are amazing and the stun and shield/heal is helpful.

      Yes, I've had occasions when Spidey was the last spider standing and he won the match. I beat a Hulk this week with him. He may not have attack power but the ability to stay in a fight should not be underrated. His protect tiles are great for minimizing the need for healing.
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      I usually find myself pleasantly surprised when forced to use a character, but this isn't one of those times. Yes, it's nice to easily get out strike tiles when the opponents are spamming world rupture TUs, but why is this ability inferior to Bullseye's similar ability? Opponent matches should generate protect tiles too. And why is his stun inferior to Venom's? In general, 3* characters shouldn't have abilities that seem worse than similar abilities in 1*s and 2*s. And for crissakes, nerfing the 1*s and 2*s isn't the solution (see: Storm). Regardless of Venom's stun, so far in this PvE, I've never been in a situation where a one-turn/one-character stun felt worth spending 5AP.
    • Kelbris
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      Parker Spidey should always be defensive. He generally goes out of his way to be responsible and not severely hurt anyone.

      Superior Spider-Man should be the offensive one. Spider-Bots for attack or strike tiles etc, give him a black/red where he cuts a ****
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      . Pre-nerf he broke the game, I admit i bought blue covers to get him up to 5 in the early days but only because as a level 50 5 blue spidey, I could take on lvl 230 enemies with boosts which my underlevelled roster could not handle. Then they nerfed boosts by changing them to HP only and introduced crazy scaling tm and then I stopped using him - I got a lot of mileage out of him though and he earned my a lot of my first 3 star covers.

      So I started off with 3/5/5 pre nerf, shifted to 5/3/5 after his nerf and then back to 3/5/5 after trueheal tm for the current pve.

      Actually, I've been using spider-man a lot in the current pve, even in the nodes where his use is not compulsory and he has been pretty awesome. I have been using him and with his defence tiles and he has been trivialising lvl 385 hulk. I use him with almost everyone and I can get through a round of both the normal and hard subs without having to resort to health pack usage (pro tip, find someone that can use the purple tiles that he collects and you're golden -there's not too many of them!).

      His yellow is costs too much in light of truehealing but otherwise he provides utility if you're willing to look for it.
    • I still have his blue power at 5. He was my main "Hulk counter character" (now I often use Magneto for that), and he still is useful, thugh no way near as good as he was before both his stunning and his healing ability got nerfed. OK, his 5-turn stun was somewhat overpowered, and the ability was incredibly cheap, so I understand that nerf, but in combination with "true healing"... Playing him really felt disappointing after that.
      Since he's featured in the current PvP I'm playing him a lot currently, and I think he's still fun to play. I had stopped levelling him at lvl 100 (before the levels were changed), and he's stayed there for a long time after the nerf (or at 125, after the level change), but by now he's up on 132, because I feel like feeding him iso again. icon_e_smile.gif

      (Oh, and off topic... I also liked the most recent Spidey movie a lot. icon_e_smile.gif )
    • When i first started MPQ, (all of 5 months ago) I thought about how badass it was going to be to get my favorite characters into a group. I was going to play Daredevil, spiderman and Hulk, and I was going to rock socks. Unfortunately, MPQ just doesn't work that way. There is probably worse groups... but meh, I think that dream was pretty solidly shattered the first time I ran my daredevil in his featured tournament.

      After yelling, 'why do your traps never go off?!' at my phone, I soon regretted the iso I put into him just prior to the tourney.

      Still like hulk, but he's really just a big wad of hit points... and since he's not high leveled yet for me, not quite that big a wad.

      Spidey... I like his play, but definitely could use a bump up in power. Drop the healing shenannigans entirely, since by the time you get that many yellow, it really doesn't help much. If I had any other active yellow during this hulk pve, it never got used.
    • Unknown
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      squirrel1120, if it makes you feel any better, my fave character is in the game only by being on the cover of a **** character, who should be better cua he is 4*

      Edited cua I was wrong
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      eris-wtga wrote:
      squirrel1120, if it makes you feel any better, my fave character is in the game only by being on the cover of a **** character, who should be better cua he is 4*

      & stop calling him xforce, that cover is from sex & violence that was not an xforce book :p (that is a rant aimed at no one in particular.. Sorry I'm really bored)
      Wait, really? Like seriously? Come on, you can do better than that.
    • Wait, really? Like seriously? Come on, you can do better than that.

      Woopsadoodle... That's what I get for just using the art for my bad **** gelaskin lol...
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      I actually like the post-nerf Spiderman (although, to be fair, I never used him pre-nerf - I went for months with a 4/1/4 Spiderman, but never bothered leveling up.) He's an awesome counter to the much-complained about World Rupture TU - even with one Protect tile out you're likely taking single- digit damage while the enemy gets torn up from its own attack. I'll usually do my best *not* to match World Rupture TU tiles if I have one or two protect tiles out, as it hurts the enemy far worse.

      His blue has saved me from an unpleasant Adamantium Slash/Supernova when I've needed just *one* more turn to finish off a pesky hero about to launch an unpleasant ability. It also makes his protect tiles stronger, so it's a win/win if you can stun/match purple, even if it eats one of your own protect tiles (since the newly generated one will be stronger). I love to pair him with Classic Magneto, as even while I'm rendering match-3 damage from the enemy negligible I'm building to a massive nuke (I love my 5/4/4 Classic Magneto.)

      His yellow... well, after "True Healing" was introduced I admit it's kind of a turd right now. It *has* saved my bacon once or twice in a particularly vicious/unlucky match, but I too would like to see it changed. I'd like to see something a bit off-the-wall, like a 7 cost yellow that generates a skill level-1 (minimum 1) turn CD tile - "Spiderman confuses the enemy with his amazing speed and reflexes! As long as this countdown tile is in play, any AP generated by enemy matches is given to your team instead. However, the enemy becomes aware of Spidey's trickery if enough energy is waylay-ed; if the enemy executes a match-four or match-five while this countdown tile is active, a random basic tile is converted to a xx strength enemy strike tile."
    • Spiderman is a nuisance.

      That's all he is right now.

      His purple makes it annoying to fight him.

      His blue annoys the **** out of you.

      His yellow makes you want kill him.

      But leaving him for the final enemy character is almost always the best choice because he can't actually kill anyone.


      It's kind of depressing haha.
    • El_Dude
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      Awesome artwork in the opening post. Anyone know where that's from or who did it?

      Spidey is annoying to face but PvE has given me a new appreciation for him. Facing him in PvP tho is a slog. The enemy throws up shields. I throw up shields. Then it's just -1 damage for several turns until cleared. The matches feel like they take 3x longer.
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      onimus wrote:
      Spiderman is a nuisance.

      That's all he is right now.

      His purple makes it annoying to fight him.

      His blue annoys the **** out of you.

      His yellow makes you want kill him.

      But leaving him for the final enemy character is almost always the best choice because he can't actually kill anyone.


      It's kind of depressing haha.
      You do realize that you just described how Spider-Man is actually written, right?