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Riri Williams (Ironheart) :ironheart:
4 Star Rarity (Legendary)
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Riri Williams's health has been increased. At level 270, her health has been increased from 10,976 to 15,641.

Magnetic Repulsors - 9 Blue AP
The power now deals damage. 4 enemy special or random basic tiles are moved to the center of the board. The 4 center tiles are then converted to red basic tiles (they are charged at power levels 4 and 5).

Remote Control Gauntlets - 11 Red AP
The power now deals damage to all enemies that are not in front. If there is only one enemy, it deals twice the damage to the enemy.

Selfless Intervention - 8 Green AP
The power deals damage to the target, sending them Airborne (3 turns at power level 5). If there are at least 4 enemy special tiles, Riri is sent Airborne for one turn.

*Old Abilities*
At 70: HP: 2964 10/37/42/8/33/9/23/3.0x
At 270: HP: 10976 13/74/85/11/65/12/43/3.0x

Magnetic Repulsors 9 bluetilepng AP
Riri uses her magnetic repulsors in her armor's gauntlets to disarm her opponents. Attract 2 enemy Attack, Protect, and Strike tiles to the center of the board.
    Level 2: Attract 4 tiles. Level 3: Attact 6 tiles and lock 1 of them. Level 4: Attract 8 tiles and lock 2 of them. Level 5: Attract 10 tiles and lock 4 of them.
At 270 these numbers are exactly the same.

Remote Control Gauntlets 11 redtilepng AP
Riri launches her gauntlets, maneuvering them remotely towards her opponent. They attack from the flank dealing 1169 damage to the target and placing a 4-turn Countdown tile that unlocks and removes 1 enemy Attack, Protect, or Strike tiles.
    Level 2: Deal 1555 damage, place a 3-turn CD tile that removes 2 tiles. Level 3: Deal 1987 damage, place a 3-turn CD tile that removes 3 tiles. Level 4: Deal 3133 damage, place a 2-turn CD tile. Level 5: Deal 5401 damage, place a 2-turn CD tile that removes 4 tiles.
At 270
    Level 3: Deal 3871 damage, place a 3-turn CD tile that removes 3 tiles. Level 4: Deal 6102 damage, place a 2-turn CD tile. Level 5: Deal 10520 damage, place a 2-turn CD tile that removes 4 tiles.

Selfless Intervention 8 greentilepng AP
Riri makes a split second decision and flies into the action. Deal 521 damage to the target. Her armor reacts to the impact sending Riri Airborne for 2 turns and her target Airborne for 1 turn.
    Level 2: Deal 797 damage. Level 3: Deal 1146 damage and send the target Airborne for 2 turns. Level 4: Deal 1698 damage. Level 5: Deal 2584 damage, send Riri Airborne for 1 turn and the enemy for 2 turns.
At 270
    Level 3: Deal 2231 damage and send the target Airborne for 2 turns. Level 4: Deal 3306 damage. Level 5: Deal 5029 damage, send Riri Airborne for 1 turn and the enemy for 2 turns.
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  • VhailorxVhailorx Posts: 5,208 Chairperson of the Boards

    More detailed analysis later, but she seems very underwhelming.
  • notamutantnotamutant Age Unconfirmed Posts: 855 Critical Contributor
    Blue is the new number 1 contender for most useless skill. Her red is much more powerful than HB, but she has no accelerators, and the secondary condition isn't that great nor will it activate all that often. Her green is like a weaker version of Nova's red. Her health is among the lowest health in four star tier. Biggest miss in a while.
  • geno685geno685 Posts: 52 Match Maker
    im holding in my opinion until i play her, her blue does sound bad but also really good in some situations, imagine fighting someone like 2* Bullseye, he creates only pink protect tiles, if those are only special tiles on board then in theory they should match up when pulled into middle of board which is nice. And plus i dont think this power is meant to be a super awesome top skill, it is devs trying to answer the issue of "why do all the enemies special tiles keep going in the corner where i cant get them", this power allows you to literally move them into the middle of the board where you can most likely get rid of them. yes i know that there are skills that can overwrite them or destroy them, but gotta at least admire the fact the devs tried, albeit in a weird way.

    Red looks pretty good for me, i am more of a casual player so AP cost doesn't bother me all that much, and it hits pretty hard, having this skill at 5 will make her crash a breeze

    green looks like a decent use of airborne status. it allows for a bit of relief if an enemy is about to hit something nasty on you

    overall i think she is on the lower to middle end of the mid tier, most likely lower, she aint no elektra or devil dino, but she inst as good as kate, thoress, moon knight, c4rol, or SL to name a few
  • AnonAnon Posts: 1,216 Chairperson of the Boards
    Does her red destroy the tile or convert it to basic?

    Her blue is awful though.
  • SkygazingSkygazing Age Unconfirmed Posts: 165 Tile Toppler
    Anon wrote:
    Does her red destroy the tile or convert it to basic?

    Her blue is awful though.

  • KjempenKjempen Posts: 117 Tile Toppler
    On paper she looks like she will fit near the bottom end of 4*s (along with Wasp, Devil Dino, Mr Fantastic and Venom). There are better options for dealing with special tiles among the 4*s. Though, as someone pointed out, she gets a plus for potentially making match 5s or cascades with her blue power (not just 2* Bullseye but also FalCap). The fact is not so many opponents stick to making special tiles on only one color.
  • vinsensualvinsensual Age Unconfirmed Posts: 458 Mover and Shaker
    In what situation is locking up enemy special tiles more preferable than conversion or removal?

    Flavor wise she's supposed to be the new smartest human in the marvel universe, but this armor is the least relevant of the models.
  • himatakohimatako Posts: 268 Mover and Shaker
    I don't understand how the dev's approaching ways to deal with special tiles recently. It seems like they are making removing special tiles more bothersome? With JG, you can just erase most of special tiles with 11 purpletile.png with no conditions whatsoever. But Riri has to

    1.) Spend 9:blue: and hope that the special tiles you want to remove will be locked. And you can remove 2 or 4 special tiles.
    2.) Then spend 11 redtile.png to creates a CD tile.
    3.) Wait for 2 - 3 turns for that CD tile to resolve, all the while hoping that
    a.) The locked special tiles won't be unlocked from being matched
    b.) The CD tile won't be matched away or removed in some ways

    So it takes 20 AP and waiting for 2 - 3 turns for Riri to remove 2 or 4 special tiles, dealing around 10k damage to a single target whereas JG can remove more tiles than that in 1 turn and deal 10k AOE damage for 11 AP?

    What justifies this design, seriously?

    Her blue needs to do something else rather than attracting and locking special tiles. Otherwise, it's useless when fighting an opponent team that doesn't produce special tiles. JG's purple is already useful as an AOE attack even when there is no enemy special tile. Heck, even DocOct's blue at least rearrange the board and you can hope for some chaotic cascade with special tiles removal + damage as a bonus.

    I guess the point is they were hoping that most of the tiles attracted will be of the same color,thus resulting in a match-5 that erase most of the special tiles. The rest that survive from this match will be locked and thus it only lock 2 or 4 tiles.

    It would be interesting if they make her blue stun the target opponent. This would make her the first character with two ways to stop her opponent: stun and airborne. Dealing damage would be nice too since I don't think we have that many blue active ability that deal damage in the 4* land other than Cyclop's blue?

    Why CD tile?? Who wants a CD tile that the only thing it does is removing special tiles in a very restrictive way? The effect of a CD tile should be something scary that you'd really want to stop it from activating. Her red should just remove the special tiles right away. If you really want to add a CD tile to this ability, make it scarier than this please. Some ideas include:
    - Unlocking and converting them to fortified friendly special tiles + buff ( I mean, you want her to work well with Cage right? We need more special tile fortifiers anyway)
    - Dealing more damage that depends on the number of locked tiles
    - Destroy enemy's AP pool
    - Etc. Almost ANYTHING would be better than "unlocking and converting them to basic tiles"

    This is probably her most useful power. Sending yourself airborne is interesting since it allow you to dodge some nasty attacks.

    I love Riri and I'm really excited to see her here. It's sad to see her power set so underwhelming like this. Really hope they'll buff her later. icon_e_sad.gif
  • HighdarkHighdark Age Unconfirmed Posts: 75 Match Maker
    How am i suppose to pronounce her name? I keep doing Rere which used to be what we called **** people. Everytime i look at her i think shes special and cant take her seriously. Good blue Riri...
  • PolaresPolares Posts: 2,592 Chairperson of the Boards
    So her blue is very situational but in some cases it can be great, her green is ok, and her red is really good.

    Her red is amazing, for 11AP you get almost 1k/AP and then it also also places a countdown that can remove up to 4 enemy special tiles. When buffed this is going to be close to 21k damage! This power is similar to MoonK green, but this one is cheaper, you can chose who you want to target, and it does more things! (It is also great to help Carol icon_e_biggrin.gif)

    Green is good too, the airbone part might be a bit annoying if not played correctly, but 5k for 8AP is still quite decent (Kate's black is a bit stronger).

    Blue at first looked very bad, but depending who you fire it against can be really good, just forget about locking tiles and removing special tiles, this power is a cascade/match5 creator! (against chars that create special tiles always in the same color). Against PH or OML for example it can be really strong, because most certainly it will cause a cascade.

    So, I think all in all she is quite decent, buuuuuut it doesn't really bring a lot to the game. Blue mechanic can be interesting against some chars, and her red nuke is quite good, but I would probably still use Kate or MoonK instead of her. Maybe blue will be much better than what I expect, this power needs to be tested to know how good it is. Blue is the wildcard here.
  • QuebbsterQuebbster Posts: 8,070 Chairperson of the Boards
    Can her red remove special tiles that aren't locked?
  • JarvindJarvind Posts: 1,684 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited January 2017
    Blue will actually be pretty good against anyone that makes tiles, since the tiles will be brought together and probably matched. Not bad for yanking troublesome ones out of corners either.

    Yes, it is useless against anyone that doesn't make specials, but there are already powers that are useless in certain situations so that's nothing new. It really should attract countdowns though.

    3/5/5 build for certain.
  • VhailorxVhailorx Posts: 5,208 Chairperson of the Boards
    I think she will be wasp tier (i.e. strong in very specific circumstances, but otherwise below average. Then again, i was optimistic about wssp when announced, so what do i know?!)

    Red is the best thing about her, doing above averate damage/ap, and offering a nice cookie in removing enemy specials. Unfortubately here is a list of 4* red offensive powers that ate clearly or arguably superior:
    (1) cyclops (similar cost, but targeted destruction makes this more valuabe)
    (2) 4* thor (open ended damage)
    (3) flaptain (open ended damage)
    (4) nova (cheap strikes or decent damage +2 turn airborne with no drawbacks)
    (5) imhb (scales higher with more ap, evenbif less efficient)
    (6) xpool (true heal!)
    (7) carnage (super efficient aoe)
    (8) Star Lord (9.5k for 6ap if used right)
    (9) Winter Soldier (massive damage, even better with carol in the game now)

    So woohoo! Another solid red nuke.

    Blue will be very divisive. It may be very powerful against teams that spam tiles on a single color (say 3* blade + daken). But it will be noticeably less useful against teams that spawn tiles on random colors. And at 9ap it's pretty expensive. Compare the value of this power to something like iceman or peggy. A power this niche should not be so expensive. At 5 or 6 ap i would be a lot more enthusiastic.

    Green is a weaker version of nova's red. It does just a bit more damage, but sends riri airborne, so it can't be used multiple times. It also costs 2 more ap. It doesnt have the strike tile requirement that niva has; but that is hardly a significant negative given how useful strike tiles are.

    So we have a decent power lost in a sea of similarly good powers, an expensive and niche special tile power, and an airborne power that is very similar to and noticebly worse than an existing power on a character with superior secondary skills.

    Like all 4*s she will be fine when boosted, but i see almost no reason to every use her in a default state. She offers very little over the existing 4* pool.

    Also her health is a bad joke! She is prof. X or dr. Strange levels of squishy, but her powerset is only average at best. Rather than a glass cannon she is a leaky glass water pistol.

    If i were conspiracy theorist i would suspect that demi really doesn't like this character.
  • StraycatStraycat Posts: 962 Critical Contributor
    My original interpretation was that she could manipulate all special tiles, and the countdown would remove them every turn. Even then I thought she would be an ok character. Seeing her now, she hits harder than I thought but is much less useful as a support character. Airborne is a less effective stun and sending yourself airborne doesn't support the team. You also can't use it to save her from getting hit if there's one enemy left. Being limited to attack strike and protect tiles really hurts her. I would generally prefer antman blue to steal the tiles at the same cost.

    Overall, I think she's ok. I don't think she is very good at dealing with special tiles, which is what she was designed to do. But she can do damage and a little bit of crowd control.
  • SpiritclawSpiritclaw Posts: 397 Mover and Shaker
    How does she get all of that hair in and out of that helmet? Talk about helmet head...
  • poomermonpoomermon Posts: 300 Mover and Shaker
    Other than her health which is really low she is not that bad really. Her red is actually very strong. Straight 10k dmg with no **** conditions for 11 ap is great and comes with added benefit of removing special tiles. Green has decent dmg and airborne is strong if there is just 1 enemy left. Blue is weak but situationally useful at least. I can see myself using her when she is buffed. Her health might be a defensive problem in pvp though.
  • DesertTortoiseDesertTortoise Posts: 392 Mover and Shaker
    Her health is absolutely her biggest hindrance. 3/5/5 on paper looks to be the way to go. Her blue could get some niche use, as most people said, against enemies with special tiles all the same color. Her red stands on its own as a great power strictly by its AP:damage ratio, the countdown's effect is a bonus. Green is okay, nice that she has some crowd control and a cheap ability to go with her big nuke.

    I've been hoping for another green/red user for the teams I'm trying to construct. War Machine is fairly good but seems like he thrives in longer bouts. Thing's damage is inferior to Riri's across the board and has equal crowd control, but has a nice (if unreliable) passive to go with his kit. I think if you're looking for damage out of a green/red user, you could do a lot worse than her.
  • VhailorxVhailorx Posts: 5,208 Chairperson of the Boards
    Low health canot be overlooked! She has simething like 70% of the standard 4* healthpool. Why?! Her kit is nowhere near strong enough to support that.

    Also, re: red/green users in 4* land, wouldnt blade be superior? Sure, he doesnlt actually use the red for an active power, but he puts out a ton of damage, and can hit for aoe + true heal with that green. Seems like a better 3rd wheel for her unless you absolutely need that red nuke.
  • seraphielseraphiel Age Unconfirmed Posts: 56 Match Maker
    Even at level 5, of her two powers that do things to enemy special tiles, neither one affects countdowns.

    It was already of very limited usefulness in most situations; with this configuration it's almost entirely useless against goons. So she can be deployed against a few very specific opponents and hopefully almost maybe do something to handle their tiles.

    On top of being a meh set of powers it's more of Marvel's "All Rehashed, All Tokenism" thing and yet another Iron Person instead of one of the many still-missing characters, which doesn't help to make her interesting.
  • PolaresPolares Posts: 2,592 Chairperson of the Boards
    Vhailorx wrote:
    Low health canot be overlooked! She has simething like 70% of the standard 4* healthpool. Why?! Her kit is nowhere near strong enough to support that.

    There is no relation now between damage output and health, you just need to look at Thanos or Rhulk (It used to exist this relation a long long time ago, but not anymore). Hit points are assigned in function of how tough the character is in the comics.
    Vhailorx wrote:
    Also, re: red/green users in 4* land, wouldnt blade be superior? Sure, he doesnlt actually use the red for an active power, but he puts out a ton of damage, and can hit for aoe + true heal with that green. Seems like a better 3rd wheel for her unless you absolutely need that red nuke.

    The big difference is that Blade needs some turns to build up his red reserves and somebody else in the team producing more red (his black is not that good) before he can start doing some serious damage. Then his green power is quite meh, one of the worst AoE around.

    Riri would be quite ok, not great but mid tier+, if it was not for her hitpoints, this probably makes her low tier. Even when buffed she will be killed quite fast :S (its own red, can kill her in one go :S)

    Someone with an IM armor should not have a health pool that small!!! How is it possible that Jean or Iceman or Cyclops have more hitpoints ?!?!?!! (just to name a few) She is obviously faster and stronger/resistant than those!

    PS: And yeah for the build 3/5/5 and when fighting against someone like PH or daken or similar probably respec to 5/5/3
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