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    I know the current meta is all about Medusa (and it should be), but with Mordo boosted last PvE I wanted to try to find things that work with him.  Mordo + IF is great, but his black is less awesome when not boosted.  So I decided to try something built around his purple!

    SW (5 blue, 3 purple, 5 green)
    Mordo (3 black, 5 blue, 5 purple)
    Kingpin (5 black, 3 purple, 5 yellow)

    The general idea here is the KP and Mordo are going to try to deal damage through KP's black and Mordo's blue and purple.  SW hopefully gets you enough purple, which (when champed) is 750+ per enemy AP while also dropping that color by 5.  With all of the rapid AP accelerators out there, opponents have plenty of AP to fuel Mordo's purple.  It isn't some top tier team, but it has been fun to mess around with (although I just got roasted by a C+D, 4* Blade, 4* Gamora team).
  • Sykosonik
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    Sentry 3/5/5
    Carol 5/5/3
    4* Grocket 5/5/3

    You spawn with strikes, focus on green and fire off World Rupture ASAP. Every single CD should trigger Carol's passive, actually boosting World Rupture's damage as it processes. 
  • Dormammu
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    I've been having fun with this team lately. They are a denial team.

    Peggy (blue at 5)
    She-Hulk (green at 5)
    3* Luke Cage (red at 5)

    When you're running low on health packs this team becomes more attractive. It can be a slow team but you can safely hide behind Cage's red defense tile for a good long while. With it set at 5 it should mitigate 75% of incoming match damage. She-Hulk and Peggy team-up to prevent the enemy from casting powers via Peggy's yellow and She-Hulk's green.

    The tipping point comes when you get enough AP to use Peggy's blue, which will completely shut down the opponent with its stun. The trick is, you want to have enough damage in-hand to take down the one un-stunned opponent immediately after casting Peggy's blue (with her red, or Luke's black/yellow)

    1. Cast Peggy's blue
    2. Down the un-stunned opponent
    3. Match around Peggy's blue countdown tiles and let them resolve
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    Falcon 3*/Wasp/C4ge

    Start by targeting purple and yellow, if the otherside gets some hits in before this it will trigger Luke's Defender power for free shields to help damped damage. Fire Falcon's purple then Wasp's yellow and enjoy the strike tile filled board. Match damage alone will now be several k and Wasp's black is like a 10k hit, you can concentrate on more yellow for C4ge and red whilst Falcon buffs tiles, although I find it tends to go quickly once you have flipped the shields to strikes at my level (early 4* transition)
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    It dawned on me recently that I only use my 3-star Thanos for two things: the 3-star wave node in DDQ, and for the three easy nodes in PvE (teamed with throw-away 5-stars). So, while Thanos was getting daily use he wasn't providing me with any meaningful contribution. It seemed like a waste given that my Thanos is currently a respectable level 214 without ever having been set as a bonus hero. So last night I tried playing him on some of the harder PvE nodes in ISO Brotherhood. This was the best team I found:

    Thanos 5/3/5
    Vision 5/5/3
    Hood 5/5/3

    I tried this team because to get the most out of Thanos' purple he needs to tank his colors, and to get the most out of Vision's blue he needs to tank his colors. Well, their rainbows are opposite. I chose the Hood as a third because he gave me an active use for black, could shorten Thanos' green countdowns, steal AP for me, give me a better use for yellow than Vision's (which I don't like), all while hiding behind the other two bulkier characters because together they tanked his colors (except yellow, which I wasn't actively prioritizing).

    I found this to be an effective team. No complex strategy here and pretty straightforward, with everyone sort of doing their own thing. Of course, they didn't last long because of Court Death, but then again - neither did my opponents. They managed five clears of a node before I had to bench them, but it was a nice change of pace and made me feel like mighty Thanos was contributing.
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    I’m currently in the thick of 2* land, and making progress with the 3*’s I have. Would anyone care to post more 2* teams for those still in that realm? TIA!
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    I’m currently in the thick of 2* land, and making progress with the 3*’s I have. Would anyone care to post more 2* teams for those still in that realm? TIA!
    My fave in 2* land was Thor/Magneto/Storm. Works best if Mags is at least close to Storm in level, if not above her, so he tanks blue for her. Mags picks up purple to make blue and red, and feeds blue to Storm. Thor gets the yellow.

    Depending on what you need, either Thor or Mags can use red, and either Thor or Storm can use green, but it's often best for Mags to get the red and Storm the green.

    Because 2* Storm's green shatters more tiles if you have more green stored up, if you get a ton of it, you can often then get enough yellow by spamming it that Thor can then generate a bunch more green in turn. It's not guaranteed, but with a good board, it's possible to go winfinite with it. Mags's red can help too, since you do get AP for the tiles it destroys, but it's mostly for setup. Because it's a countdown, you have to let the turn go unless you also have an Intimidation or Executive Decision Teamup.
  • buddhabear
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    It just so happens my Thor is 120, Mags is 117, and Storm 115. Thank you for your explanation and insight. Time to take them out for a spin.  :)
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    3* Falcon (preferably 5 cover for yellow)
    4* Iron Fist
    4* Nova

    This team main power is its strike tiles creation, using Nova to get strike tiles out asap, then use Iron Fist's blue to fortified the strike tiles while matching yellow to boost the tiles' damage.
    As there are 2 black in this team, there a re 2 ways of using this team:
    If you want to focus on Nova's black, the strike tiles that is fortified let you match your strike tiles without destroying them, thus increases chances of using Nova's black nuke.
    If you want to focus on IF's black, first use Falcon's purple, then you can convert his protect tiles to strike tiles using IF's black. It will be good if you put 5 covers at Falcon's purple for this.
  • Dormammu
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    (4*) Carol (5/5/3)
    Red Hulk (3/5/5)
    Scarlet Witch (5/3/5)

    I just tripped into this team because both carol and rhulk were boosted for PvE and they didn't have any color usage overlap, so I threw them together and mixed in a little Scarlet Witch to speed rhulk up. Oh my...

    The key here is to get carol's black countdown on the board generating strike tiles, so prioritize black matches early. Once it's up change your match priority to rhulk and try to keep him in front by matching green, purple, and red if you have to (even though you have no use for it). You want rhulk taking any big hits to trigger his red passive, which creates countdown tiles that will trigger carol's green passive, which will beef up her strike tiles. Meanwhile, Scarlet Witch's countdown is doing the exact same thing while generating you free purple matches beefed up by those strikes.

    It doesn't take long before you're doing massive match damage (I was at 6k-12k depending on the life of strikes) and rhulk's green AoE becomes absolutely lethal.
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    OJSP said:
    TPF Alexis said:
    Executive Decision Teamup.
    There is no Executive Decision Team-Up, because of its passive component.
    Good to know. It is kind of odd how some of the ones with passive components/self-targeting effects can be given as Teamups, and others can't.

    Now I'm trying to remember which one I got with a passive component the other day that weirded me out.
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    I’m currently in the thick of 2* land, and making progress with the 3*’s I have. Would anyone care to post more 2* teams for those still in that realm? TIA!
    Back in the days of the 4 wave Big Enchilada, I used the Thor, Storm, Magneto team a lot. Thor's Yellow makes Green for Storm or himself, while Mageto's Pink makes blue for Storm. 

    Right now, in the 2* locked parts of the DDQ, I use Magneto, Storm and Hawkeye. Magneto's Pink can give you the 5-matches you need for Hawkeye's pink passive skill, which you should max out in this build. 
  • WalrusBrigade
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    I'll throw support behind 2* Storm, Magneto and Hawkeye.  If they are leveled in my farm they are my go to team because they can rattle off damage quickly through AOE or Speed Shot.
  • WalrusBrigade
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    Champed Coulson makes so many interesting things possible.  I'm going to throw something out there that isn't in keeping with the tradition of this post.  I'm going to include a 5* in my list.  

    5* Hawkeye
    4* Coulson
    4* Drax

    My Hawkeye is 3/2/0 and has no extra levels.  My Drax is 5/2/3 and is around ~140.  The point here of this team is to generate, and trigger, as many CDs as possible.  Hawkeye does most of the lifting with his blue, which is the main priority for initial collection.  Once that blue fires you will be getting extra AP through Coulson, and an extra dip of 2 blue and 2 red from Hawkeye per CD.  So if you are luck enough to draw to blue matches to start, then fire the power.  You are looking at collecting four random AP plus 4 blue and 4 red.  The red fuels Drax, who can hopefully keep firing red to generate more Coulson tiles.  

    The strange thing about this team is that the damage (in an ideal world) is largely indirect.  Coulson's Super Secret Tech and Drax's Secret Weapon will deal damage each time a CD goes off.  Ideally that is ~1800 per Secret Tech.

    My Drax isn't leveled enough to really test this idea, and the team definitely suffers from Hawkeye being up front and taking damage while it gets going.  But there is a lot of stuff happening during a turn, and the damage just seems to mount up on opponents.
  • Dormammu
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    Rogue (3/5/5)
    3Cage (5/5/3)
    Kate Bishop (any build is viable)

    Rogue and Kate cover your rainbow. Cage adds an active yellow nuke to give you a use for yellow AP.

    The strategy is simple - keep Rogue out front as much as possible and shut down the opposing team. Her green is going to eliminate one of the enemy's strongest colors at all times. Her yellow passive is going to mitigate 75% match damage on green/red/yellow enemy matches automatically, and any enemy match/power if she's in front, as long as Cage and Kate are still standing. This mitigation is applied before Cage's red defense tile subtracts its protection value, meaning Rogue is going to keep you safe and take little to no damage.

    Her green is also a wonderful nuke if you need it on offense, but I like using it to siphon black, purple, and blue to fuel Kate and let her provide the bulk of the team's offense, with Cage working in a yellow uppercut when possible to add a little sting. Rogue's red should not be overlooked as an offensive tool either; it has some teeth at 5 covers and can be used to generate more AP for Kate when placed strategically. I've used Rogue's red more than once to destroy Kate's annoying black countdown tile, or enemy special tiles, further adding to its value.
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    I’m currently in the thick of 2* land, and making progress with the 3*’s I have. Would anyone care to post more 2* teams for those still in that realm? TIA!

    I use Mags, Moonstone, and Ares for my 2 star team. Mags should be set to 5/5/3 and moonstone to 3/5/5. I have Ares set at 5/3/3.

    Anyway, use Ares for green/yellow to hammer opponents, and collect purple and use Mags purple to fuel Moonstone's red. I have done over 4K unboosted damage with Moonstone's red before.  :D because this team doesn't have strike tile support, I keep Moonstone's black at 5 to steal what I can.
  • Dormammu
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    My favorite team in 2-star land is Ares/whoever/whoever.

    My second favorite 2-star team is Wolverine/Daken/OBW - Prioritize red early to get as much as you can and reduce the potential red matches, then shift focus to green/blue so Daken can generate strikes and put them to use with his cheap blue. Spam Wolvie's green whenever possible for more strikes - the board should fill up quickly if you have some AP stored up in red. Mix in some Purple so OBW can do a late match steal to put you over the top for Wolvie's (expensive) red nuke when you're down to the last enemy.
  • dadows
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    3* 0/5/5 Gambit
    3* 3/5/5 IF
    5/5/3 Vulture

    This team is obvious and generates a lot of AP. Gambit generates and fires red which creates charged tiles and chips away constantly. He also generates purple for IF. IF helps chip away with his attack tile, fires his purple to generate black to send Vulture airborn. Vulture generates green and blue for his powerful attacks, particularly green which hits the enemy team for almost 6k if laid before he goes airborn and he should be airborn all of the time. He also generates black to stay up and even some red for gambit if his black is at 5 covers. 

    Later in the match, you have enough black that IF is punching for around 4k every other turn with his cheap purple and he can use his green to lay strike tiles that amplify gambit’s red which is firing off even quicker than usual with vulture being permanently airborn. That’s if the team has survived vulture’s green tile attacks. 

    Strange is a bit of a problem because you need to be firing powers, although if his teammates are not very quick then you can prioritize black and whittle him down with match damage and IF’s attack tile until you can use IF’s punch can fire to finish him off and then hit the rest of the team with everything stored up. 

    Otherwise it is a fast team that can start on any board, working mostly independent of matches. The AI can’t even mess this up. 

    Gambit fires red every 2 1/3 turns
    IF fires purple every 2 turns and does around 500 damage every turn his attack tile is out
    Vulture can probably go airborn on turn 2 or 3 and upon landing will have generated 8 green (99% of the time you got a green from a match or AP from gambit’s red power) so you can lay a 6k team damage tile and if you got 4 blue through matches and/or gambit, he’ll fire his blue power doing over 2k to the targeted opponent. 
  • Jaytmc
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    3* Wolverine 5/3/5
    3* Falcon 3/5/5
    3* Strange 5/3/5

    Best for nodes with goons

    Get 5 blue asap for Falcon's redwing to activate, causing countdown & other tiles to disappear.

    Once that is set, or if no moves exist to get blues, focus on red and green for Wolverines powers. His passive power allows him to heal at a great rate so he is also a meat shield whenever possible.

    Once there are strike tiles on the board, Falcon will strengthen them when yellow is matched.

    Strange's blue allows time to freeze an enemy who's countdown tile is about to activate.

    Pink is at your discretion, most of the time I use Falcon as he attacks all and creates protect tiles, but Strange's can come in handy too.

    The real beauty of Strange is his passive ability. If fighting a team of at least one goon, focus on non goons first. Strange's passive attacks whenever an enemy fires a power, which includes goons creating countdown tiles. It also heals the team a small amount.

    Should make short work of those enemies!
  • TPF Alexis
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    Strange's purple can also be really handy in that team to remove the downsides of Wolverine's red and green if you don't have time to wait for Redwing to handle them.