Explain your team!!



  • DormammuDormammu Posts: 3,521 Chairperson of the Boards
    Jaytmc said:
    3* Wolverine 5/3/5
    3* Falcon 3/5/5
    3* Strange 5/3/5

    Best for nodes with goons
    Good team! Try subbing out Falcon for IM40 to speed it up. One cast of his yellow will fill up Patch's green and Strange's blue. Stun whichever goon is the priority based on countdowns on the board and then cast Patch's green. Now watch as Strange's blue and yellow passive chew everyone up.
  • bk201bk201 Posts: 75 Match Maker
    3* Blade 5/3/5
    3* Falcon 5/3/5
    3* Strange 5/3/5

    This is very similar to what Jaytmc just posted. Best for nodes with goons and I find it very effective in wave nodes.

    As you don't have red powers, as soon as there're enough red on the board, Blade will start creating Strike tiles, boosted by Falcon's yellow. You can aim for Strange's blue to stun the priority goons, Falcon's purple for an AoE and Blade's black for a single target damage plus ap steal. After a few turns, Strange's passive will gain a nice damage boost from the strike tiles, as the other active powers.

    4* Blade 5/5/3
    3* IM40 3/5/5 or 5/3/5
    3* Strange 5/3/5

    Another option I'm using frequently, as Dormammu said, is replacing Falcon for IM40, but I also change Blade for it's 4* version. IM40 will generate red and green for Bl4de and blue for Strange to stun the priority goon. Their passive will do the job, plus an AoE from Bl4de and eventually strike tiles depending on the board.
  • StraycatStraycat Posts: 962 Critical Contributor
    5/5/3 Mockingbird
    3/5/5 Venom
    4/5/4 Riri

    Mockingbird's passive helps trigger Venoms passive so the board will be littered with 1 strength enemy protect tiles. Let the enemy make match 4s and you have a ton of good options. Could fit other blue users in Riris spot

    5/3/5 Vulture
    5/5/3 Sandman
    5/5/3 Nova

    Let vulture fly to battery for his own blue, Novas red, and Sandmans green. Sandmans purple can make yellow for Nova. Novas yellow and red do the rest.
  • JaedenkaalJaedenkaal Posts: 3,357 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited October 2017
    5/5/3 Ragnarok
    4/5/4 Riri
    IM40, Star-Lord, Mockingbird, or anyone else that makes Blue and/or Red AP or makes powers cheaper.

    Ragfinity is real. Thunderclap to make Blue, Mag Repulsors to make more Red. When you're down to one, finish them off with RC Gauntlets. 

    Major props to Anon for inspiring this. Their original combo used Cyclops instead of Riri, which I'm sure also works; I think Riri is better though.
  • STERLING21JJSTERLING21JJ Age Unconfirmed Posts: 103 Tile Toppler
    for 3* players

    need 3* Deadpool 5/5/3
    need 3* Gambit 0/0/5
    inter changeable 3* Kamala 5/3/5 or Scarlet Witch 5/3/5

    I made a 3* Gambit to power my 5*/4*s, this can be used for 3*s also.  Let gambit build your red and purple to desired power you want to use but you can typically have whales by turn 5 if you match purple.  Meanwhile your firing a little off the top and can kick in KK passive to heal team before firing whales.  Many uses for 3* teams but that's a team I like.

  • TyrlaanTyrlaan Age Unconfirmed Posts: 7 Just Dropped In
    I'm really digging:


    No Red powers, which helps avoid any temptation to match them and starve Blade's Thirst. Meanwhile, Starlord's yellow and Blade's black powers can hook you up with a LOT of AP, not to mention they're AP denial for the opposing team, which is further boosted by Strange's blue. Add to that the potent stun that comes with Strange's blue, Blade's awesome purple power, and the cascade/AoE of Starlord's green and things get ugly fast for the opponent.

    I also like that I have 3 options for spending purple. This way if RNG is hating me and I've got no red on the board, I can do something with purple besides just sit on it. 

  • M3rGuEZM3rGuEZ Age Unconfirmed Posts: 9 Just Dropped In
    Tyrlaan said:
    I'm really digging:


    Can you precise their templates please ?
  • M3rGuEZM3rGuEZ Age Unconfirmed Posts: 9 Just Dropped In
    4* Carol /  mine is 4/4/1
    3* Spidey : 3/5/5
    3* SW : 5/3/5

    Two stuns
    Match purple to create defensive tiles, boosted by C4rol

    I enjoy playing this team.

  • TyrlaanTyrlaan Age Unconfirmed Posts: 7 Just Dropped In
    M3rGuEZ said:
    Tyrlaan said:
    I'm really digging:


    Can you precise their templates please ?
    Whoops, my bad - 

    Blade - 3/5/5. I'm actually using his black power, but it's plenty effective at 3, but his green passive and purple powers are worth every point.

    Star-Lord - 5/3/5. I have his purple at 3 because it's the most situational/random, not to mention I'm way more likely to use purple on Blade anyway.

    Strange - 5/3/5. Again it's the purple power at 3, also for the same reasons as Star-Lord. and of course his blue and yellow powers are ridiculous.
  • alaethalaeth Posts: 446 Mover and Shaker
    Latest hotness...

    Gambit 3/5
    Captain Marvel (Carol)
    Logan/Carnage/Blade4/IF3/(any special tile generator)

    Bolt is super popular, but I've found running Logan is very effective (mostly because my Black Bolt isn't covered).  

    Respec your Carol to 5 yellow, to maximize the use of Gambit's purple CD tiles.  Super fun with Carnage as Gambit over-writes the enemy ones, and your's get boosted.

    With Logan the heal-pack use is minimal.
  • BlackBoltRocksBlackBoltRocks Posts: 2,355 Chairperson of the Boards
    I'm having way more fun than I should be having in the 4* Elektra node in Unstable Iso-8 with the following:

    Elektra 5/5/3
    Quake 5/3/5
    GladiaThor 0/2/2 (lv270 boosted to 360)

    Bullseye creating his Protect tiles? Elektra's gonna steal them! Oh wait he has more Protect tiles? Thor's Asgardian Tactics laughs at them! And Thor's like, Hey I've got my own Protect tiles too!

    Oh Ares is using his Rampage? Quake laughs at that! Ares using Onslaught? Hey look i have 11 Green AP! Time to Earthquake the Dark Avengers into oblivion!
  • DormammuDormammu Posts: 3,521 Chairperson of the Boards
    Spider-Man is the essential 3-star for the current PvE (Unstable ISO-8) so last night I was looking for a team that he could compliment and this is what I came up with:

    Moon Knight (5/3/5 - boosted for this event)
    Cloak & Dagger (any build is viable)
    3* Spider-Man (5/3/5 - also boosted for this event)

    This is a very resilient team with some nice synergy. Cloak & Dagger ties the whole thing together. First, you have Spidey making some obscenely strong defense tiles with every purple match. C&D can use the purple AP to do a bit of damage and flip back and forth between their power sets. You're going to want C&D to be in their black-tile-generating set most often, but you can switch to the healing set if they take some significant damage.

    The reason you want them generating black tiles is for Moon Knight. With a steady stream of black he's going to provide 95% of the offense. Boosted, my level 271 Moon Knight does over 13k damage with his black and healing a big chunk if he downs an opponent with it. That's nice, because he was tanking his colors (black and purple most importantly).

    So basically Spidey's tiles were shutting down most match damage, Moon Knight was taking what little damage did come through, and once his black was filled by C&D he'd take down an enemy and heal it all back. If an enemy had more health than MK's black could do in one shot (for the heal), I'd soften them up a bit first with C&D's purple. 

    Lacking black and purple matches, you can always go for green (MK) and yellow (Spidey) but I rarely managed to have matches last long enough for me to get off either of those nukes off due to the abundance of black always available.

    One side note: both Moon Knight and Cloak & Dagger will spit out the occasional attack/strike tile. I had a couple of matches where their combined efforts were tacking on 2-3k extra damage per turn through these - not insignificant.
  • bob554bob554 Posts: 169 Tile Toppler
    Mockingbird and Coulson + a Green/Black character depending on circumstances.

    Against a special tile spammer, either Venom or Vulture. 
    For tanking and damage, Chulk or black bolt
  • DormammuDormammu Posts: 3,521 Chairperson of the Boards
    bob554 said:
    Mockingbird and Coulson + a Green/Black character depending on circumstances.

    Against a special tile spammer, either Venom or Vulture. 
    For tanking and damage, Chulk or black bolt
    Explain your team!
  • bob554bob554 Posts: 169 Tile Toppler
    Dormammu said:
    bob554 said:
    Mockingbird and Coulson + a Green/Black character depending on circumstances.

    Against a special tile spammer, either Venom or Vulture. 
    For tanking and damage, Chulk or black bolt
    Explain your team!

    Fair point, I'm lucky there's no more downvoting :smiley:

    Mockingbird 5/5/3 and her Red is the key here. At lvl 5 it's a 2-turn Fortified that has the potential to completely demolish a single opponent, and the Fortified is essential to keeping both intact to get the full damage and avoid self-damage. 5 covers in her yellow to get the most out of the opponent making Match-4s and speed up AP generation.

    Coulson 4/5/4, use his purple to generate AP or triggers cascades where you can get team-up AP. Importantly, getting team-up AP speeds up the CD tiles, especially Mockingbirds Red to potentially blow up an opponent in the same turn that you lay down Mockingbird Red

    This leaves green and black uncovered:
    - for Special tile spammers and especially C4ge, I use Venom at 5/5/3 to negate the effects of Protect Tiles and his green is cheap high damage.
    - another option is Vulture, everytime he fires black he generates AP for the others and sets a CD for Coulson. If he fires green he can potentially hit the entire team same turn, and sets a CD for Coulson. meanwhile his blue does high damage and rids you of pesky special tiles.

    for tanking and damage: Chulk sets a CD which can be sped up by Coulson and sets off damage and green AP generation, while Black Bolt gives you more and more Charged Tiles which Coulson's purple can match to generate lots of AP quickly

  • DormammuDormammu Posts: 3,521 Chairperson of the Boards
    This team has been discussed here and elsewhere (I certainly didn't invent it), but I've seen a lot of boosted Ragnarok this week (LRs, Divine Champs) and I've been using this team a lot. It works well and I wanted to break it down step-by-step.


    Ragnarok (x/5/x)
    Riri (5/x/x)
    IM40 (x/x/5)

    1. Gather 6 yellow AP and cast IM40's Recharge.
    1a. Prioritize red, blue, and green (in that order) in the absence of yellow, and also while protecting IM40s countdown tiles.
    2. Get 24 red AP for 4 casts of Rag's red power. You may need to do 1 cast of Riri's blue to get it. (Note: your opponent should no longer get another turn after this point.)
    2a. Cast Rag's red 4+ times in a row. This is going to generate a lot of blue tiles and minor cascades - don't make any manual matches unless it's a match-5 which allows your turn to continue.
    3. You should have a lot of blue AP by now. Cast Riri's blue as many times as you can until you run out of blue AP, or until you have 30 red AP built back up from her charged red tile generation.
    4. Repeat steps 2a & 3 as needed until all your opponents are downed and you win. (Note: when you're down to one opponent under 10k health, Riri's red will finish things quickly.)
    5. If at any point the winfinite falters, you have Riri's green to handicap the opponent into an airborne status while you reset things.

  • KatienKatien Age Unconfirmed Posts: 5 Just Dropped In
    One of my current faves is 3* Gambit, Coulson, and C4rol.  

    Gambit 5/3/5
    Coulson 5/3/5
    C4rol (5/5/3 - but play her how ever you will)

    There may be a more efficient setup, but I am too lazy at times to modify covers.

    My Carol is strongest, so I want the enemy tp match whatever fuels black ap to get those strikes out.  Gambit gets the CD's rolling with purple and does chip damage with red.  Coulson's active purple is not available, but you won't miss it.  His yellow and blue are more important.  You want to put Coulson's CD's with yellow and steal ap with blue as he and Gambit flood the board with CD's. Damage flows as the CD's expire.  You can use Carol's yellow when you need to speed up a select CD depending on what you need.

    I lost to this team in Shield Sim and would love to give credit to the player that beat me with it.  This team can punch above its weight when facing slower opponents.
  • KatienKatien Age Unconfirmed Posts: 5 Just Dropped In
    Another new favorite of mine since I just champed Vulture is Vulture, Riri, and 3* Iron Fist (Can sub C&D for Fist).

    Vulture - 5/5/3
    Riri - 4/5/5
    Fist - 5/5/3 (Can be changed, but I'm lazy)

    Get black and get Vulture charging up the team.  That 5 purple from fist helps to make sure black is constantly on the board and the occasional chin check.  The fun comes with this team due to the options that you have with green and blue!  Want to stop a big nuke or AOE, let Riri use the green.  Want to do massive AOE damage, let Vulture have green.  You need to remove pesky special tiles, let Vulture use blue.  Need to charge up a couple nukes of your own and shake the board a little, let Riri use blue.  Riri's red hits hard especially if Vulture's green has struck. 

    I had fun with this during Vulture's PVP event, along with a few other Vulture teams. 
  • DarthDeVoDarthDeVo Posts: 2,156 Chairperson of the Boards
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    I like this team for the most part: 

    Vulture 5/5/3
    Mockingbird 5/5/3
    Peggy Carter 3/5/5

    For starters, there's full rainbow coverage for match damage. The only color that doesn't have an active is yellow, but they're covered by two of the stronger passives in the game, IMO.

    Vulture black fuels his green and Peggy's blue. Red and purple go to Mockingbird. 

    My Vulture happens to be leveled the highest of these three, so black is my strongest color. That can make it hard to use against C4rol teams, as black tends to be the strongest color on those teams as well. However, it also means Mockingbird's purple will fuel Vulture's black. 

    Under ideal conditions, six black gets things going. So long as I can make another black match when Vulture is airborne, I can send him right back up. If I've made a green match, One Fell Swoop goes out.

    By this point, there's usually enough blue to fire Do As Peggy Says. I stun either the two with the most health or whoever is close to firing a power. Typically by the time Vulture lands (as long as his CD tile survived, which it usually does), Peggy's CDs will mop up the rest, especially if I've fired Bombshell too.

    Add to the fact that Opportunist will likely fire fairly high-damage powers for free, as long as I have enough AP, it's fairly rare the enemy team gets to fire a power. It typically only happens if the AI lucks into a cascade. 
  • DormammuDormammu Posts: 3,521 Chairperson of the Boards
    Katien said:
    One of my current faves is 3* Gambit, Coulson, and C4rol.  
    I like this team a lot, but I've had it falter a few times on black-starved boards and take too long to get up and running. It hinges on strike tiles being out, otherwise all those countdowns are going to waste. But once they're out, Gambit is a frigging one-man wrecking crew with his red.

    I've honestly had more luck subbing out Gambit for Cloak & Dagger. C&D generate black tiles and really speed Carol up significantly. Once you have Carol generating strike tiles, C&D have a very cheap purple they can spam to proc Coulson's countdowns.They can generate yellow too, to fuel Coulson, if you so desire, but my foes rarely last long enough for that to happen.
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