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    Calnexin said:
    4* Cage, 4* Fist, 3* Hawkguy

    The countdown tile will be fortified and difficult to match away, so you're probably going to lose 3 strikes.  The good news is that while the strike goes away, the fortification does not.  If you get a few stuck in hard places you get an automatic boost to your next yellow damage.

    Just wanted to make a correction here: Cage's yellow only counts fortified tiles that are friendly specials.  A basic fortified tile does not count.  I've experienced this in a recent match, plus the description says it too. 
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    One of the most fun teams (When it works) is 4* Deadpool 4* Wolverine and 4* Starlord - if you get enough purple black and red you fire Deadpool's purple (this boosts Starlord's red), you then fire Starlord's red (it is boosted so you can one punch most characters), you then fire Wolverine's black often downing another character (if there are enough tiles of that color), this triggers all of Deadpool's countdown tiles (doing huge damage). Very satisfying when it works but it takes a good board to set up.
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    Here's one I tried today.  Mordo, Falcap, and Bl4de.

    It's a rainbow team with only black overlapping actives, which Mordo will take.  Passives are complementary.  Blade creates strike tiles on random colors.  Collecting blue contributes to Mordo's off-color charged black tile generation, and strengthens Blade's strikes.  For offense, you have options no matter what kind of board you get - whatever color's out can be taken advantage of.  Black or blue - start Mordo's stick-swinging and keep matching those tiles until you want the AoE to go off.  Hopefully you can also pick up enough blue for a larger AoE (fire black-blue-black all in a row).  Red starts up Blade.  You can either try to conserve them to generate strikes, or collect them all to start bloodlust.  Either way, if the board is rich you'll have strikes to contribute.  Green is blade again.  The AoE isn't great, but it can become great if you leave red alone and let Falcon buff them.  Purple and yellow aren't offensive, but can be useful.

    On defense, Blade will manage red, making sure Falcap doesn't burn it all in one shot.  If the enemy takes down Blade first, as they are likely to do in this scenario, they risk Falcap collecting enough to nuke.  Mordo's there for cheap damage and make the other colors useful.  Since he's unlikely to be targeted he's likely to get off at least a couple good whacks before the team falls.  Depending on how you build him he can also annoy with AP steal.
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    Here's the latest team that I started using today.

    *** Patch 5/3/5
    *** Starlord  4/5/4
    ****Wasp 5/1/4

    Focus on getting Yellow and Purple as much as possible.  Once you have ten yellow and eight purple, fire off Starlord's Something Good.  This will make five green tiles which will fuel Patch's Berserker Rage, the unfortunate side effect is that you generate six strike tiles for the bad guys too . . . until you fire Starlord's Something Bad (remember the 8 purple before).  Once you fire that, you steal four of those tiles for yourself as well.  From there, keep pulling yellow.  If you get enough, yellow, flip the strike tiles twice with Wasp's Tactical Intuition.  Use Patch for Red, Wasp for Black and just keep collecting Blue to fuel Wasp's passive.


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    This topic is excellent. Here is my team.  All 3-star.

    Quicksilver (5/5/3 or 4/5/4)

    Deadpool (5/4/4 or 5/5/3)

    Spider-Man (5/5/3)

    They are for difficult and long battle. They can fight enemy up to 100 level greater than yours. The game AI cheats from time to time that make us hard to build our game. If you face '1 possible move' many times in a game, try them.

    They are not strong and aggressive but may surprise you.

    Blue for Spider-Man to stun and Quicksilver dealing team damage to enemy team. The locked tiles also avoid enemy getting 30+AP in one turn. 

    Purple creates Protect Tile and build for Deadpool's Whales.

    Red only costs 6 and is cheap.

    Yellow bring your team back to life.

    Black swaps tiles and creates damage. Also help to remove hostile tiles or build your own color.

    Green is OK and makes this a rainbow team.

    Good luck.

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    Haven't posted here for a while (again). This time, I present

    4*Fist (5/5/3) - aka Hobo, as I usually call him.
    Nova (5/3/5)
    Coulson (5/5/3)

    Collect 6 red and 6 blue, and let's roll. Yup, that simple.

    Okay, let's be more elaborated. This is another strike-tiles-centric team. (You probably can guess by now that I'm a fan of strike tiles). The key here is spamming cheap power so that Coulson's blue will dip those strike tiles and shake the board, while Coulson's yellow generate more random ap for those cheap powers. Coulson's purple can triple-dip the strike tiles if you can make the swap such that each swapped tile causes a match. This team also a rainbow team. I usually use Nova's black instead of Hobo's, unless the board is already filled with black strike tiles. But if Nova's black would win you the match, go for it. For yellow, I like Coulson's yellow better for more ap rebate (at 5 covers, it rebates 10 ap) and more board shake. For blue ap, I usually use Hobo's. Coulson's is too conditional (the enemies have to have something for you to steal). On top of everything else, Hobo's green can double dip the strike tiles on the last opponent as well. (I don't think this is a bug, since the power specifically says 'then' deals more damage)

    Back story:
    I cracked my cp/Lt piggy bank two seasons ago and champed Hobo and Coulson. The funny part was I was quite skeptical about Coulson being a good 4* since the team people kept mentioning about back then relied heavily on other characters (5*Hawkeye and 4Marv). He seemed not so useful in other teams to me back then which I was wrong. On the other hand, I quite like Hobo's 'cheap' powers (blue and green). I consider them cheap from the ap rebate. So effectively, his blue drops 300 strike tiles for 2 ap and his green hits for 4k for 4 ap which are spectacular in my opinion. So, while I was making all mix and match to find a team for those two, I ended up with Spider Gwen on the third seat, which becomes Nova's eventually.

    Note: I also tried 4Cage in place of Nova, but I'm still not convinced that Hobo works with 4Cage, set aside working well.
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    This is just a pairing but holy heck, Medusa and 3* Storm work great together.  With Storm spamming attack tiles for Medusa to keep the team healthy it's just insane.  Basically, you just fire Storm's black as often as you can and every time one of the chincy attack tiles gets matched, voila, big time heal for your team.  Team them up with a red and blue user, I had success with both IM40 and 3*Cap but really, any red/blue user will give you a rainbow and do you well.
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    Roland113 said:
    This is just a pairing but holy heck, Medusa and 3* Storm work great together.  With Storm spamming attack tiles for Medusa to keep the team healthy it's just insane.  Basically, you just fire Storm's black as often as you can and every time one of the chincy attack tiles gets matched, voila, big time heal for your team.  Team them up with a red and blue user, I had success with both IM40 and 3*Cap but really, any red/blue user will give you a rainbow and do you well.
    Sounds like fun. Maybe pair them with a black battery like C&D, 3Fist, Dr Doom. You wont get the rainbow but good fuel to storms black :)
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    In Nefarious Foes I've been using Mordo, 3* Iron Fist and Scarlet Witch for a ton of fun.

    Basically the whole purpose is to get enough purple and blue to fire Mordo's Staff as much as possible.  Occasionally you get enough green to use Hex Bolt, but for the most part you are trying to put black on the board, keep firing Staff as much as possible, and when you get enough Blue you use your Boots to feed into black and do team damage.  I don't think it is viable outside of boosted Mordo, but it has been effective against all but Medusa/Carnage teams so far (it took down one of those, but it was costly).
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    Beast, Coulson and 4* Captain Marvel are absolutely crushing Beast's PvP, so I decided to try them in the simulator and it works just as well.

    Beast 5/5/3
    Coulson 5/4/4
    4* Capt. Marvel 5/5/3

    First priority is get 6 blue so you can fire Beast's blue.  This not only creates special tiles to boost, but also immediately boosts them.  After that you want to get purple so you can fire Coulson's purple and get more blue, yellow or green.   The new priority is to fire powers as much as possible because this creates more Coulson tiles, which will buff your specials and make them devastating.  Getting yellow is a bonus that allows you to drop CDs immediately.  If you can get Coulson's yellow off the game will end quickly.  If needed that yellow can be spent on Beast's yellow to get health.

    The times that this has struggled was when there was no blue on the board, or Beast's blue didn't give me any attack tiles.  Using Cap to boost three protects is not going to win you the game quickly.
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    I am transitioning from 3 to 4 star and am surprised that certain combinations were not represented in this thread.

    3* black widow - green and purple at 5, red at 3
    3* Thor - yellow and red at 5, green at 3
    3* switch - blue and purple at 5, green at three

    Thor red and yellow, widow purple, and switch blue, all serve to feed black widow green.

    There is no black, but it's just not needed.  This combination of out damage very quickly, because it focuses on one outcome, and shakes the board a lot.

    In my transition to 4* I use a combination of two 4* and one 3*

    3* Hawkeye - blue and purple at 5, and black at 3
    4* Medusa - red and yellow at 5, purple at 3
    4* Captain marvel - black and yellow at 5, green 3

    They all make special tiles which they all benefit from.  Ends up putting out damage in the thousands (over 4000 for a match three, for example) for any match, plus healing, plus ap stealing.

    My favorite right now though is:

    3* im40 - yellow and blue 5, red 3
    4* Peggy Carter - yellow and blue 5, red 3
    4* Spider-woman - red and black 5, purple 3 (though this can change ,if you are facing heavy special time users more in purple could be beneficial)

    Iron Man is a battery to generate ap

    Spider woman stuns one enemy, with massive damage to one target and a bit to the others.

    Peggy Carter stuns the other two while her countdown tiles wait to go off.

    If the enemy team is still alive after that, usually only if facing a higher level team, spider woman black will keep the team alive while resetting with so from im40.
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    I really like Vision. He has a great concept and can be quite effective both offensively and defensively. That being said, he's almost impossible to play because he needs to tank all three of his colors (red, blue, yellow) in order to really shine. As a result, he's usually warming my bench. But the Simulator PvE can really force a guy to plunge into his roster; I was digging deep to find some teams and avoid using health packs in the current Simulator run and came up with this:

    Vision (5/5/3)
    Iron Fist (3/5/5)
    Quicksilver (5/3/5)

    Iron Fist's colors are Vision's opposite, and Quicksilver's only crossover with Vision is blue - which Vision will tank unless there's a wide level gap. This is good. There's also excellent synergy here because you want to chase blue for Vision's 'Heavy' power, which will trigger Quicksilver's blue passive and speed him up. Another good Synergy is Iron Fist's purple feeding Quicksilver's black.

    Prioritize blue, black, and purple. If there are no matches there, get red and green.

    Feed as much black as you can to Quicksilver with matches and Fist's purple. Cheapen Quicksilver's powers with blue matches. Get Vision's blue Heavy tile on the board, which will give all his matches 1k+ extra damage. With Heavy now on the board, Quicksilver can start swapping tiles for Vision to match for big damage.

    Vision's red and Quicksilver's green will provide you with some extra punch (literally!) and if you keep an eye on enemy AP you can fire Vision's yellow 'Light' before an enemy uses a power to try and soak it up.

    I had a lot of fun playing with these three. Puzzle-y for those who enjoy that type of thing, which I do.
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    Riri (5/5/3)
    IM 40 (x/x/5)
    Patch (5/x/x)

    Get 6 yellow. Recharge
    Once the AP pops, assess the red AP.

    If you have 22, then pop Berserker rage, use Remote Control Gauntlets twice and likely kill the side two guys. Then use Magnetic Repulsors to replenish the red and use Remote Control Gauntlets again for the double damage.

    If you have less than 22, use Remote Control Gauntlets to target the high priority kill, then use Magnetic Repulsors to try to replenish red and use it again. If the priority target is still alive, then gauge whether to use Selfless Intervention based on whether their power move is available or if the priority target can be killed with it.

    That's the basic pattern.
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    My favorite team for shield sim is:

    Medusa (5/4/4) EDIT: I originally put 4/5/4, that is wrong
    Carnage (5/5/3)
    Iceman (5/5/3)

    Carnage spams the board with 3 friendly and 3 enemy attack tiles every turn until you have 10 special tiles out. This acts as candy for Medusa, every time a special tile is matched, if friendly you get burst heal, if enemy you gain either 3 green, blue, or purple ap. That's where Iceman comes in, Medusa giving you blue? Stun one of them for 4 turns. She giving you lots of blue? Punch one of them for decent damage. Giving you green? All the easier to charge up Iceman's awesome aoe. What to do with the purple she gave you? Well you can make that Whiteout more powerful, spam yourself some blue on the board to charge a stun/punch, reduce the enemy red ap to avoid a nuke. Or you can use Hair Meddle and steal those enemy attack tiles Carnage put out, I generally do this once I've stun locked the last enemy.

    I've used Whiteout 4 times in the same match with this team, though that was very lucky. It is normal to use it 2-3 times per match. It's absolutely normal for me to have 2 enemies stunned at the same time. I have a few SS with enemies stunned 4/3/2 turns or 4/3/3 or 4/4/3.

    And, as an added bonus, my defensive win rate is absolutely better than 50% the last 2 seasons that I've used this team. I've taken out dual champ 5* teams, the HE5/Coulson combo, and any combo of Medusa/Carol/Blade/Wasp with this team. By far my favorite find!!! 
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    Milk Jugz said:
    My favorite team for shield sim is:

    Medusa (4/5/4)
    Carnage (5/5/3)
    Iceman (5/5/3)

    I hate this team. I think this is the worst Carnage+Medusa variant. I picked a fight with this team once a last season (probably you), and I won't come near it again.
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    It's not a good defensive team (I don't think I've had a single defensive win) but simply to combat the current spate of Medusa/Rocket/Gamora teams (and other special tile teams) I run a Medusa/Gamora/Eddie Brock team. Match away the strike tiles to get some quick AP, Eddie Brock continues to churn out opponent 1 damage protect tiles which you can match more for AP, stun Medusa and convert and bolster enemy protect tiles.

    I occasionally get the Gamora Black power to fire too which is incredibly satisfying :)
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    Another favourite which I don't think the AI plays very well is Ghost Rider/Coulson/Starlord. This team is heavily reliant on getting Starlord's passive going, then firing multiple powers per turn to set up CDs. I wouldn't mind playing against it one day to see if I'm right that defensively this team is rubbish :wink:
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    This is a 2-3* team to fight crazy goons CD killer tiles, I just used them to finish a level 330 3-goon node. This team can keep generating useful AP.

    2* Black Widow (Original) 4/5/4

    3* Storm (Mohawk) 5/5/3

    2* Magneto (Marvel Now) 3/5/5

    Black Widow blue increase CD tiles by 4 and gives health. 

    Magneto purple creates 3 more blue for Black Widow, I didn't use his Iron Hammer to save more blue.

    Magneto red does most damages and killings and 5x5 block destruction, hope you are lucky that it can blast up some CD tiles. 

    Storm green and yellow can do some damage and generate AP. Luck can help to remove some CD too. 

    Storm black does the closing and finish the game.

    Be patient and prepare a long game. Get 9 blue for Black Widow with the help of 9 purple from Magneto shouldn't be hard to avoid any blast from goons' CD. 

    So good luck, blue & purple first, any other colors are good for Storm & Magneto. Of cos, try to remove any CD if handy, one CD blast may cause fatal as they don't have much health.

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    Used this in SIM and realized you have exactly 1 active power for each color.  Makes it pretty solid on offense, collect any colors you want and you get to do something good like any rainbow team.  Also then means on defense the AI has no conflicts on firing weaker powers ahead of others as there's only 1 choice.

    Wanted to post as there can't be many combos that create this set-up and after Riri's rework it's a solid team.

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    Recently been using Star Lord/Coulson/Medusa, with Medusa purple @ 3, Star Lord yellow @ 3 and Coulson purple @ 3.  The heavy hitter is of course Star Lord red with lots of countdown tiles.  It has worked fairly well on defense as the only power that the AI has to choose from is 3 purples, of which none are great by themselves, but conditionally are useful (Star Lord's is probably the best in most situations).  AI has to use yellow for Coulson's countdown tile spam ability, it has to use his blue to steal AP, and it has to use Star Lord's red for damage.  Of course each character is also fairly heavy in useful passive abilities.  It isn't the most amazing combo I admit for damage etc but it has been fun to use! The most satisfying is firing Coulson's blue ability with a ton of countdown tiles on the board and stealing nearly all of the AI's AP.  It is actually a great defensive ability but isn't always reliable depending on the board. It's biggest weakness is no green user or black user but that really hasn't hurt me yet.