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For a long time I have wanted a thread that, rather than just listing some combinations of character that work well together, actually seeks to explain how to play that combo, what it is effective at and when you use it. I'm hoping this kind of thread is useful and doesn't turn into a back and forth about a particular team. Instead, I just want people to post their ideas (free of external comments) so that other players can generate their own ideas and try something new.

Personally I know I would have benefit from this while I was trying to figure out what Winfinite was or how to run a team with Patch+Loki. I'm only a little bit past that (four 4* champed) and hope that others can learn from our mistakes and wisdom.

I'd like to keep this to 2*/3*/4* teams and for the sake of these posts, let's assume that each character is champed. While that might not be true for many people trying things out, it provides a more consistent basis for discussion.

So here is the first team that I'd like to talk about:

3* icon_wolverine.png 5/3/5
3* icon_doctoroctopus.png 5/5/3
3* icon_ironman.png 5/3/5

This was/is my DDQ Big Enchilada team. It got me through the closing of my 3* roster and starting the slow 4* transition.

The rationale is pretty straight forward. The point is to build 6 yellowflag.png as quickly as possible. Fire Ironman's Recharge then focus on grabbing 3 blueflag.png or 3 greenflag.png while that is happening. The premise of the whole team is that you fire Berserker Rage, then Best There Is to get a bunch of enemy enemystrike.png tiles on the board. Follow that with Ock's Manipulation, which gets a boost from the extra strike.png and drop people quickly. After Ock's Manipulation you will likely get some cascades that might trigger Insult To Injury. This will put some attack.png tiles on board, which will also benefit from the strike tiles.

This play works well for TBE because you often have the time needed to generate your Recharge AP. Once that is done, the trick is to try to keep the cascade going. When firing BR, BTI the Manipulation you want to do that within 2 turns of the recharge. Champed IM will likely be tanking yellow and red, leaving only green to Patch. But once IM is stunned, Patch has more tiles, which is good for his damage.

Usually I target the weakest opponent while collecting yellow and firing Recharge. After Recharge goes off, I use Berserker Rage to finish off the weakest, then use Best There Is to go after the second weakest, finishing with Manipulation on the strongest. That will get through many TBE rounds, but then you have the next round to deal with. Your matches and attack.png will be doing heavy damage each turn, so you might be churning through rounds quickly. While this is happening you can decide to either grab more yellowflag.png to run Recharge again, grab purpleflag.png to trigger more Ock attack.png or if you are concerned about health, grab greentile.png to have Patch taking damage (since he can heal some back each turn).

The common traps this falls into are firing Berserker Rage too early/often and leaving a ton of enemystrike.png for the enemy to use against you. A board with poor yellowflag.png stalling the whole thing. TBE 1st rounds with strong non-goons (although this isn't really an issue). But the biggest issue almost always poor round management, ending a round with a match rather than a power, allowing the AI to fire a power on the next turn. Sometimes this is unavoidable, but using either Berserker Rage, or Best There Is to end a round is for the best. You can end it with Manipulation, but it is best to do so with a second Manipulation in the bank.

That is that. Again, my hope is for other people to post similar descriptions of teams they like and how to play them. I'll probably post more, but I know there are more creative people out there with better rosters and great ideas, so I'm hoping they will chime in as well. I don't want this to turn into a critique or discussion about each team, then it will just devolve (although those discussions are valuable) into a back and forth. Maybe those should be spun off in different threads that can be linked in this one.


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    Just below this (at least at the time of this post) is Jeff's Guide to Stormfinite Team, which is exactly the type of thing I was hoping to see more of. If this thread just turns into a aggregation of existing threads, that is fine with me. Thank's for writing this, Jeff.

  • TobiBlackmore
    I am finally champing some 3*s, but currently, this is still my go-to team on the big enchilada:

    star.pngstar.pngicon_bullseye.png 3/5/5
    star.pngstar.pngicon_storm.png 5/5/3
    star.pngstar.pngicon_magneto.png 3/5/5

    I honestly love just about any team that makes it impossible for the opponent to do anything. The big enchilada allows this to be easier because the waves most commonly exist of only one playable character if at all. This means only one character needs to be taken down ASAP... or stunned.

    The way to get the party started doesn't really rely TOO much on any color so this team can be used in not just one color-rich board situation.

    purpletile.png mean Bullseye will passively place protect tiles that can eventually reduce the opponent's regular attacks by swapping to 1 damage. Not just that, but Magneto will also fuel up his purple ability that spawns 3 selected bluetile.png tiles and a bunch of redtile.png tiles randomly. In most cases there will be enough space for this power to create a crit tile with the blue tiles as long as there's at least 2 close without special/team-up tiles interfering. This does not only cause cascades and crit tiles but also fuels Storm and Magneto's most powerful abilities.

    bluetile.png mean Storm gets to charge up her most powerful ability that will deal between 40-80% of the opponent's health depending on what you're facing. Since Magneto is also using his ability as mentioned above to fuel this, you will get to use this ability so often that your opponent won't be able to move if not wiped out by the insane damage output.

    redtile.png mean Magneto gets to charge up his most powerful ability that does quite some damage as well as generate AP surrounding it. This move is not as good as Storm's but it still does some single-target damage that you don't want to waste using Storm. Not only that but it is great to take out the final character left standing so you will start the turn the next wave!

    greentile.png mean Bullseye gets to do damage and destroy 5 tiles to create cascade and possibly take out special tiles that are unwanted. This generates more AP for your team, has a nice damage output and could possibly create crit tiles.

    blacktile.png mean Bullseye can create even more cascades and possibly take out special tiles! Not just that, you will be making crit attacks up to 2 if you fully power Bullseye in this power. It is quite expensive but with all the AP you have dancing around from all the crazy cascades you will have it in no time by the second wave.

    yellowtile.png doesn't matter.

    I love this team so much because I'm constantly looking at my powers deciding which one to use. Storm's Wind Storm will only be used on a full wave or a wave I'm having trouble with while targeting the most dangerous opponents to stun them. I use the abilities to collect all the AP I need as well as finish off the last guy to be first in the next wave. I end up having all my powers ready at many points to the point that I even waste some because I will have max AP.

    Of course this team has drawbacks. You do actually need to start getting the AP you need. Blue and Purple will become mandatory by the second wave (especially if it has a playable character). If you don't have the AP you need to get going, trying again will usually do that trick that time. AP draining opponents might become an issue because you're heavily relying on getting AP in the first place. Also, that one opponent (sentries?) that are also able to make matches and use the swarm ability will be a tough opponent with this team. It's not really clear which you need to stun as well as them just destroying everything you need and placing all these special tiles that you can't change the color of.

    Nevertheless, still had fun with this team even in PvP. The drawback in PvP is that you can't plow through them as much because you didn't have a wave in which you could collect AP but it still works really well. Unfortunately, Storm is a glass cannon and 2* characters don't become that high of a level so your team will be picked off by others easily.
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    I originally dropped this into a different thread, but I'm reposting it here cause it fits right in with what you're asking, not to mention, one of my go to teams:

    So, I found a pretty good team of mostly despised characters that I wanted to share with you all.

    icon_kamalakhan.png 5/5/3
    icon_colossus_new.png 5/5/3
    icon_beast.png 5/5/3

    Now I know 3* Cyclops is a better character for the same set of colors as Colossus, and there are better alternatives for the Beast color spectrum as well but hear me out.

    You need six blue AP to get Beast going with Mutagenic Breakthrough. From there your primary focus is on getting as much Green as possible, to fire off Beast's Animal Inside. I get approximately 2K in AOE damage every time it hits. Not necessarily a huge number but when you've got KK's Purple funneling into Green and the relative cheap AP cost for both powers, it's not unheard of to get three or four hits of this power in a match. Colossus helps out with Immovable Object, tanking for everyone and getting rid of half the damage.

    A quick summary of the powers that I called out above . . .

    icon_beast.pngblueflag.png 6AP
    icon_beast.pnggreenflag.png 9AP
    icon_colossus_new.pngyellowflag.png 8AP

    There are three relatively cheap powers that are continually firing off, each one triggering Kamala Khan's passive heal.

    The afterthoughts of this team are Red and Black, both of which Colossus can fire off when you get enough AP. You can do major damage with Colossus' Colossal Punch and if you get enough black you can throw Beast into the air. Also, if you need a heal, hold onto Yellow for a bit longer and use the heal that Beast provides (again, double dipping with KK's passive)

    With this set up as long as I have a gadget from Beast's Blue on the board, his Green does more damage than KK's, not to mention the board shake up that you get. Plus the extra levels given to KK's Purple and Yellow really drive the team. Yellow keeps everyone healthy and purple continues to generate green for Beast.

    The only real downside that I've found with this team is when you can't get two blue matches early on. Also, if you run into a team with Quake, this isn't the team to use.

    The upside is that it's fast and with KK's healing and Colossus's active tanking you don't take a lot of damage allowing you to tear through multiple levels without taking a heal. As a side note, I've used this team in PvE to great effect, it's a horrible defensive team as the AI will miss pretty much any and all of the strategy.

    One other great reason for this team, you've got a valid way to use Beast and Colossus to great advantage.

  • Alsmir
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    icon_kamalakhan.png 3/5/5
    icon_ironman.png 3* 3/5/5
    icon_vision.png 5/5/3

    Kamala built for offensive, hence maxed purple instead of yellow. Vision built for heavy strike, IM40 maxed yellow and blue (I don't use his red in this composition).

    Missing blacktile.png, but it doesn't matter much.
    Priorities yellowtile.png > whatever you need next.

    Your two main powers: KK's greentile.png , Vision's redtile.png .

    Ideal scenario - match yellow two times, use recharge, match at least one green before recharge tiles resolve. Then you have 12 green/red/blue. Kamala's bash, Viosn - Denisty: Heavy, Heavy Strike. In my case it deals 6,6k to entire enemy team.

    Density: Heavy only uses 5 bluetile.png AP, so eventually you will have enough blue to fire Ballistic Salvo.

    Your main weakness will be boards without yellow tiles, although it will just make your games last longer. With plenty of yellow you will generate enough AP to fire power after power (which will also trigger passive healing).
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    One team I have been using during my 4* transition is a variant of a winfinite team. It uses:

    4* icon_cyclops.png 5/3/5
    icon_kamalakhan.png 5/5/3
    3* icon_storm.png 5/5/3

    It can be a little slow to get started, but here is the general gist. You use KK's purpleflag.png to flood the board with green, then use Storm's greenflag.png to collect AP of all colors. When using KK's purpleflag.png you want to target black because that is the wasted color in this scheme. So when Storm's greenflag.png goes off you get a slew of the rest of the colors. From then you try to use a combination of cyke's redflag.png & blueflag.png with Storm's yellowflag.png and possibly more KK purpleflag.png to keep the whole thing going. Eventually cyke will be dealing big damage and start knocking people off easily (I'm running this with an undercovered cyclops and it still works just fine).

    The areas where I run into trouble are getting off of the ground. It can be tempting to fall for bluetile.png & redtile.png because those are the best damage dealers, but the key is getting enough green to get off the ground. So in general it is a race for purpletile.png , then greentile.png and if the board is **** for both of them yellowtile.png . You might take a few hits before everything is humming, but KK's yellowflag.png will heal that back pretty quickly.
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    One team I've grown particularly fond of came from another player on these forums and led to me testing it out. It works great in pvp and non-goon pve.

    star.pngstar.pngstar.pngicon_lukecage.png (3/5/5)
    star.pngstar.pngstar.pngicon_ironman.png (3/5/5)
    star.pngstar.pngstar.pngicon_shehulk.png (3/5/5)

    I like that IM40 is more than just a battery. He's a key part of the offense along with She-Hulk. I still prioritize yellow for his Recharge, which fuels this team's main features - AP denial and group damage. His blue group attack is the main source of damage. I don't use his red.

    Cage is on board for one reason and one reason only - his defense tile. This mitigates match damage against me to -1 per turn, so I make sure his red is set at 5. If I gather at least 12 black AP I'll use his Jab, but it's not a priority. I don't use his yellow because I'm funneling that to recasts of IM40's Recharge.

    She-Hulk is the one who makes this team shine. Her green is my second priority for matches. That match AP combined with IM40's Recharge keeps her in enough green to completely deny the opponent any AP throughout. This means the only damage being done to me is the -1 per turn from their matches (after Cage's defense tile soaks up the rest). Her red is the secondary offense. It doesn't do massive damage, but it does hit the enemy group, provide board shake, and is great to get rid of those pesky tiles that get buried in the corners.

    After yellow and green I prioritize blue and red to fuel IM40's and She-Hulk's group attacks (also expedited by Recharge). While this offense isn't the fastest, it doesn't matter because the enemy team isn't damaging me... at all. Some black for Cage is gravy and I don't have a need for purple.

    I think the AI can handle this basic concept pretty well so I've gotten a surprising number if defensive wins out of this team in the Simulator, and it's never failed me on offense. Quake is obviously an enemy to avoid, along with Dr. Strange, but there aren't too many other opponents I'll skip.
  • imsel
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    My DDQ team tends to be:

    star.pngstar.pngicon_blackwidow.png 3 purpleflag.png 5 blueflag.png 5 blackflag.png
    star.pngstar.pngicon_wolverine.png 5 greenflag.png 5 redflag.png 3 yellowflag.png
    star.pngstar.pngicon_ms_marvel.png 3 redflag.png 5 blackflag.png 5 yellowflag.png

    The team covers all the colors so no match is wasted and is always building towards a skill. OBW denies AP and heals (plus extends the timers on countdown tiles until you can match them). Wolverine is the damage engine. Ms. Marvel can nuke protect tiles in a pinch with her red, Strategic Command can get those hard to reach countdown tiles, or generates team up AP. Sonic boom for AOE.
  • bigsmooth
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    Dormammu wrote:
    One team I've grown particularly fond of came from another player on these forums and led to me testing it out. It works great in pvp and non-goon pve.

    star.pngstar.pngstar.pngicon_lukecage.png (3/5/5)
    star.pngstar.pngstar.pngicon_ironman.png (3/5/5)
    star.pngstar.pngstar.pngicon_shehulk.png (3/5/5)
    Interesting team. I would bet that one of the reasons it's relatively successful on defense is that when someone enters a battle with you, they are not expecting IM40's blue (or even Luke Cage's red) to be at 5 covers. They are both used a lot in PVP but not with those builds, which could lead to people making mistakes in team selection/early game strategy.
  • WalrusBrigade
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    I'm using this in the current PvE with a boosted Quake and IM40. Only IM40 is champed, but it works pretty well with the other two under covered and leveled.

    icon_quake.png 5/3/5
    3 star.pngicon_ironman.png 5/3/5
    icon_starlord.png 5/3/5

    This team is best against goons, but has worked on PvE teams with at least 1 good. Basically you are collecting yellowtile.png , waiting for a goon's power to go off and trigger SL's yellowflag.png . This reduces the cost of IM40's yellowflag.png , and Quake's greenflag.png & blueflag.png . Fire IM's yellowflag.png to get some bulk AP, then you use Quake's blueflag.png to get rid of colors you don't want ( purpletile.png , redtile.png and tutile.png ). Yes, you don't want Red because IM is generating plenty for you. As those colors disappear more cascades will likely happen. You should also have enough left over to fire Quake's greenflag.png and SL's redflag.png (I assume, my SL doesn't have a red . . . ) dealing your damage. It isn't quite infinite, but it is pretty darn close because you get to fire multiple powers most turns.

    If you are playing against a team that drops special tiles, the SL's purpleflag.png helps you overwrite them. My one problem with this team is it can be pretty slow even when things start going. Quake's greenflag.png and IM40/SL's redflag.png are doing most of the work and they might not hit hard depending on level/boost.
  • Orchedelia
    Transitioning into 3* Land at this point...all 2's Champed or MaxChamped and farming.

    This is the 2* team I continue to use in DDQ and/or the more difficult nodes when I'm tired of experimenting and just want the job done.

    Ares greenflag.pngredflag.pngyellowflag.png
    Human Torch redflag.pngblackflag.pnggreenflag.png
    OBW purpleflag.pngblueflag.pngblackflag.png

    Torch's redflag.png is first priority - deals 2k damage fast (8).
    greenflag.png - take any green, any chance you get after that. If it's a green-heavy board, don't stop until you exhaust it. THEN, fire the Flame Jet and pray for a bottom corner where it wants to just sit unnoticed, dealing sweet damage every turn. Also, if you rack up more than a dozen green, you now have the option of obliterating a large enemy. So your choice greenflag.png - trickle the damage or obliterate. If there are few greens on the board, you have black and yellow killers.

    Torch's blackflag.png will hurt them with 4-8 attack tiles and that's 110 EACH tile. Try to make that happen once per round in DDQ.
    Ares yellowflag.png will deal 2500 fairly cheap (10) and yellow is usually available on the board. You need to protect a 2-turn countdown tile to get your "rebate," but that's not too hard to do and is usually not a game-breaker anyway.
    Ares redflag.png is about 1k for each team member - not too shabby, yet something I rarely do.

    Finally, keep OBW happy with life-giving blueflag.png (often not necessary for single matches) and purpleflag.png which is the great bonus for stealing and can make an "almost there" situation into a totally "armed & dangerous" situation. The blueflag.png is nice to extend countdowns, and you should be comfortable with playing blue just to buy extra time on the tiles.

    Them's my thoughts about my favorite 2* team.
  • Peelman
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    I'm just over a year into the game and close to making the 4* transition. I have 33 champed 3* and basically two go-to PVE teams:

    icon_lukecage.png 5/3/5
    icon_ironfist.png 3/5/5
    icon_falcon.png 5/5/3

    Long-time favorite that I don't hear about much anymore. Always use for Big Enchilada and goon nodes in events. I usually try to get to 5 blue AP in my first few matches to activate Redwing to deal with the countdown and other special tiles. I'll try to get to 12 black AP after that. If I get 5 purple before I get 6 black, I'll go ahead and fire Fist's purple to help generate black, otherwise I'll save the purple for when I get 12 black AP. Once you get to 12 black, you can fire Fist's green to put out some strike tiles. I will sometimes fire that one early if I want to end a wave on a power. Fist's purple starts doing over 4k damage for 5ap, you can double up Cage's black to do over 1k and then 4k with the stun, and if you happen to get to 13 yellow AP along the way (with Falcon will also boost the protect, strike, and attack tiles that are out) then Cage's yellow will hit for over 7k. Even with Cage's red at only 3, the protect tile is usually enough to negate most match damage, especially after boosted a few times with Falcon.

    My other favorite 3* team:

    icon_lukecage.png 5/3/5
    icon_magneto.png 3/5/5
    icon_scarletwitch.png 5/3/5

    yellowflag.png Use Cage's yellow at 13 AP to finish off an opponent or take them down 7k+
    redflag.png Use Magneto's red at 8 AP to do quite a bit of damage and remove the tutile.png for some board shakeup.
    blueflag.png SW's countdown sometimes auto-matches and helps build to 10 AP for CMag's swap power. ~5k damage
    purpleflag.png SW's big 14 ap power to do 2k+ team damage and random 5-turn stun. I'll often get one or two enemies down to 2k or lower, so when I fire this I'm left with one opponent that will be stunned 5 turns. Kinda sucks when the random stun lands on a guy you can kill with one match, so I try to avoid that.
    greenflag.png Weak SW ability, but at 8 AP can help you pick up just one or two more AP you may need for another ability. I'll often target the corners so I know exactly which 4 AP I"ll be getting. Can also be used to try and remove any problematic Attack, Protect, or Strike tiles.
    blackflag.png I'll save up to at least 12 to double fire Cage's power. Combined over 5k damage with targeted stun.
  • Dormammu
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    One of the things I don't like about Mystique is that she doesn't play well with many others. Rainbow teams suffer because to truly shine Mystique's blue Infiltration needs to be in play. Also, she'll eat all your purple and black in order for her to have any offensive use at all. With this in mind, I decided to pair her with two more passive characters and let Mystique do all the work.

    icon_mystique.png 3/5/5
    icon_spiderman.png 3/5/5
    icon_scarletwitch.png 5/3/5

    The idea here was two-fold.

    #1 Keep the purple flowing for stuns, either from Mystique if I had enough black to use her Masterstroke, or Switch's Reality Crush if I didn't. Meanwhile, Spidey is flooding the screen with defense tiles. So purple was my priority match.

    #2 Deny the other team AP. Many teams rely on Red/Green/Yellow so blue matches were my second priority, to use Mystique's Infiltration and keep my colors dominant. This also helps keep the purple flowing, which is always the top priority.

    I tried using this group anytime I was looking at an opposing team I knew would rely heavily on red, green, or yellow. Match damage against me was insignificant after a couple of purple matches and Spidey's defense tiles were on the board. I'd usually have 3-4 of them on the screen at any time, so they'd mitigate a lot of AP power damage against me as well. This allowed my team to go deep into matches if needed.

    If the board was favorable, I found myself using Spidey's blue stun a lot. On unfavorable boards I'd lean on Mystique's blue to shift the board back in my favor. On black-heavy boards the matches didn't last long; my Mystique's Masterstroke does 7.6k damage when she's shapeshifted. When black was in short supply, I'd use Switch's group attack as my main offense; trying to keep my enemies stunned with her and Spidey while I regrouped.

    If this strategy sounds like it took a while... it sometimes did. But Spidey's defensive tiles really helped manage my opponents from doing any significant damage during the longer games.

    Offensively in the SHIELD Simulator this was a fun team to play. Defensively... they didn't do as hot. The AI isn't anywhere near as adept at controlling the board as a player.
  • CT1888
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    My Big Enchilada team:
    All 3*S:
    Left icon_thor.png 3/5/5
    Middle icon_rocket.png 5/3/5
    Right icon_blackwidow.png 5/3/5
    This team, once it gets up and running, can be brutal, and you can run through waves 2-4 without them getting a turn in.

    Rocket&Groot in the middle means he tanks 3 colours, then can heal with the yellow when necessary.
    Collect Blue, purple, red and yellow. For wave events I spend the first wave getting us much AP as I can, get out I've Got a Plan if possible then finish the round with a power, preferably red, as it's less likely to cascade away your tiles.
    Red feeds into yellow, and yellow and purple feed into green, with yellow then purple giving you great options to make many match 3s to maximise damage from Rocket&Groot 's tiles.
    Another great thing for end of a wave is to use purple to make one match 3 to down the opponent and the rest to set up one or more match 5s, so that when the next wave comes in, you can Call the Storm, then match 5 out some more death onto the enemy if needed.
    If you can get 2 '...Plan's out, they opposition folds like a deck of cards.
  • cooperbigdaddy
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    This is the team I use for goons, ANY level:

    3* icon_wolverine.png 5/5/3
    3* icon_ironman.png 3/5/5
    2* icon_blackwidow.png 3/5/5

    Get 6 yellowflag.png as soon as possible. Once you have that, while the countdowns are on the board, get 2 redflag.png and a team up or low level match. Once countdown is done and you've got your AP, the fun starts:

    You now have enough blue to use OBW to prevent any countdowns from going off.
    Launch that red for huge damage and nice strike tiles. Iron Man is now stunned, so Wolverine's red gets damage for EVERY green/red/yellow tile.
    Then launch his green for even more strike tiles.
    Match OBW the rest of the time if possible. That's two hits of big damage every match, thanks to Espionage. And a tip on this-match blue for the next two turns IM40 is stunned because you will get the Espionage. Once he is back to normal, OBW will not double match on blue.

    If you have enough yellow, you will never get hit and it's pretty quick. I've bested goons that are level 300+ with this team, unscathed.

    NOTE: Will not do that well against Ultron Sentries, because as we all know these "goons" are not actually goons, but superpowered matching characters with insane passives.
  • Roland113
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    As a brief aside, this is one of the best, most useful threads on an ongoing basis. I know the OP wanted straight information and not discussion so I keep my successes to myself, but I love this thread.

    Here is what I call 'The A Team'

    This is my go to team when I need to get stuff done, there are two variations, but the principles are similar.

    Both teams have:

    star.pngstar.pngstar.pngicon_thor.png 3/5/5
    star.pngstar.pngstar.pngicon_blade.png 3/5/5

    Variation 1 I use for active characters:

    star.pngstar.pngstar.pngicon_groot.png 3/5/5

    If this is going to be a difficult match, I'll give a boost of one purple (and blue) ap.

    The first priority is purple while leaving as many red tiles on the board as possible. Once you get ten ap in purple sit on it until you get six strike tiles out there. With icon_blade.png The Thirst, this can happen relatively quickly. If it gets later in the game, icon_groot.png I've got a plan can throw four strike tiles out there. When you fire Keep Your Enemies Closer with that many strike tiles, you get two attack tiles that do more than a thousand damage per turn, and that's before the additional damage from the strike tiles.

    Second priority is yellow for Thor's Thunder Strike which does a ton of damage and feeds Call the Storm which does a cubic ton of damage.

    The benefit of icon_groot.png is the possibility for a board shake up when necessary, his green is a lower AP cost than Call the Storm. The other benefit is that icon_groot.png tanks green and yellow which keeps icon_thor.png insulated. I've won a lot of rounds with this set up, before strange was released, this was always my go to team.

    Variation 2 is for goon nodes:

    star.pngstar.pngstar.pngdrstrange_icon.png 5/3/5

    Same basic strategy as above, it leaves icon_thor.png more vulnerable but the damage that drstrange_icon.png does every time a goon fires off a power is worth it. I prioritize blue a little more with this set up as his stun is so good. icon_blade.png added strike tiles can almost double drstrange_icon.png damage.

    The Strange variation gets me through TBE with practically no damage to the team
  • Dormammu
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    Roland113 wrote:
    Variation 2 is for goon nodes:

    star.pngstar.pngstar.pngdrstrange_icon.png 5/3/5

    Same basic strategy as above, it leaves icon_thor.png more vulnerable but the damage that drstrange_icon.png does every time a goon fires off a power is worth it. I prioritize blue a little more with this set up as his stun is so good. icon_blade.png added strike tiles can almost double drstrange_icon.png damage.

    The Strange variation gets me through TBE with practically no damage to the team
    I paired Doc Strange with Blade for the first time during the current Heroic Juggernaut event and I must say I am a believer. The third person almost doesn't matter; just don't match red and prioritize blue and purple. Let Strange's yellow, boosted from all the strike tiles, chew through the goons like they were made of wet paper. The only thing I had to watch out for was Doc Ock matching Blade's strike tiles and creating attack tiles, but even that counter was manageable.
  • Jam_Adams
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    this is a good a place as any i guess - can someone explain Charlie's Angels, or point me to where I might find said explanation? my PX is getting up there in covers/level, and so now it may be a good time to start playing around with that combo. i think i get the basic idea, but i don't think i know the best builds for the trio. i.e. using BW's purple and switch's blue, which set up match 5s for PX to go nuts with. BW's purple also leads to green which is a killer AOE.

    as it stands, those characters are as follows:
    icon_blackwidow.png 5/3/5 (champed, 199 and can re-spec)
    icon_scarletwitch.png 5/3/5 (champed, 186 and can re-spec)
    icon_professorx.png 3/5/4 (level 133, only enough to do his crash)

    should purple be spent on getting PX invisible? i think it would be best to use it with BW to get those match 5s. am i missing anything else? this team seems to be slow to get going, even with a decent board. what other drawbacks are there?
  • CharlieCroker
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    icon_scarletwitch.png and icon_blackwidow.png are fine although you are really only using SW for her countdown tile to create purple and match 5's. icon_professorx.png would ideally be 5-5-0 so you don't create any special tiles which could block future matches, but 5-x-x is fine. PX needs to kept low enough that even when he is boosted purple is still your strongest colour.

    The strategy is very simple. Match purple or is available match 5's. These will do huge damage thanks to PX blue and create more purple. Once you have 11 purple (or ideally a few more to keep things running smoothly) use GSBW purple to make green match 5's.

    Provided PX has five in blue it's usually to keep this running forever. You can also use GSBW green for AOE damage or her red if you get stuck after an iteration or two and need a bit of board shake. It's still workable if PX has left than 5 in blue but not as foolproof.
  • aa25
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    I will archive my long-run 3* team for TBE here.

    The team: IM40(x/x/5) + 3Torch(5/3/5) + Groot(5/3/5)

    How to play: The general idea is to multiple-dip Groot's strike tiles with 3Torch. Chase 6 yellow ap for recharge as usual. Drop groot's massive strikes tiles. Drop 3Torch's green when you have 'enough green ap' (I usually drop the first one whenever the recharge tiles go off. I add the second when I have ~15 ap and 3rd at around 20.) Drop 3Torch's black if you want, but totally optional. Save up red ap for nuking any tile-movers if ones show up. The fun part is there are several times when I have 3x 3Torch's green tiles on the board and manage to drop 2x Groot's blue. The result is I one-shot the next wave during my upkeep (the time between the start of you turn and when you can actually move the tiles.)

    Why do I archive this team ? Honestly, I am bored with this team and looking for a new team to try out.

    PS: This team works okay-ish (up to R5-6, maybe) in any boss fight as well.
  • NoUpside
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    aa25 wrote:
    I will archive my long-run 3* team for TBE here.

    The team: IM40(x/x/5) + 3Torch(5/3/5) + Groot(5/3/5)

    How to play: The general idea is to multiple-dip Groot's strike tiles with 3Torch. Chase 6 yellow ap for recharge as usual. Drop groot's massive strikes tiles. Drop 3Torch's green when you have 'enough green ap' (I usually drop the first one whenever the recharge tiles go off. I add the second when I have ~15 ap and 3rd at around 20.) Drop 3Torch's black if you want, but totally optional. Save up red ap for nuking any tile-movers if ones show up. The fun part is there are several times when I have 3x 3Torch's green tiles on the board and manage to drop 2x Groot's blue. The result is I one-shot the next wave during my upkeep (the time between the start of you turn and when you can actually move the tiles.)

    Why do I archive this team ? Honestly, I am bored with this team and looking for a new team to try out.

    PS: This team works okay-ish (up to R5-6, maybe) in any boss fight as well.

    Holy balls! I didn't realize that you could get more than one 3Torch Greens out there and it do the same damage. Just ran this team and you're a god-send. Thank you.