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    One I've been using a lot is:
    Star-Lord (5/5/3)
    Iceman (5/5/3)
    Nova (5/5/3)

    Kills goons dead. Nova's powers become super cheap, Iceman's AOE gets stronger, I use SL's purple to overwrite any tiles I want. If needed I use Iceman's purple to set up his green. Nova sends guys into the sky. You get the idea. 
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    Thanos 5*/Thanos 3*
    Dr Strange /Medusa

    Passives of thanos and strange together make smootb sailing in pve wasp'sblack is an excellent cheap stun and damage, medusa strange great for passive healing and damage
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    Haven't posted here for a while. This team have some back story which I will mumbling about it at the end.

    The team:
    Antman (X/X/5) <--- The main guy.
    Medusa (5/5/3)
    4Marv (5/5/3) or (3/5/5)

    The main strategy is simple. Collect 7 yellow, fire Ant! Ant! Ant!, wait 3 turns, and end up with upto 6k-ish strike tiles. And we know, both Antman and Medusa love multiple-dipping the sauce. Enjoy.

    Running low on lifepoints and/or health packs due to Medusa, 4Blade, or Wasp on the opponent team have been sapping you all days ? Fire Pym's Particle and (fake) heal yourself with Medusa passive.

    Hate dealing with those pesky special tiles the opponents drop ? Just fire Small Time Crooks and take them all.

    Bonus: If Medusa has the highest level among the three, your strongest color will be yellow. 4Marv can help fueling Ant! Ant! Ant! that way too.

    Variant: Swap in Wasp instead of Medusa for the constant cd tiles from her passive. I think the tile-buffing capacity of this team will be overkilled, 6k strike tiles should warrant you a winning already (in 4* land). I think taking someone to multiple-dip those tile is better.

    Back story: At one point right around when 4Marv just came out, I had a conversation with my alliance mates about whether Medusa just overshadowed Antman completely. I'm quite a fan of Antman to begin with so I want to test it out in PvP sim and tag along 4Marv as the third. I didn't think of this back then. I fired Ant! Ant! Ant!, and yelled out loud while I was a public bus when I saw the number. (I had only a few cover of 4Marv back then so the number was not even this good). Back then, I told myself I will champ Antman after the Medusa and 4Marv, but then I forgot about this team. Until recently, I had no 4* boosted for Thanos boss event, so I decided to champ someone as a meat shield and ended up picking Antman since I have some covers from the PvE rotting. I recalled this team, tried it out, and yell again at the number I saw.

  • Roland113
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    Ok, here's one of my favorite three star teams:

    Quicksilver:  3/5/5
    3 Captain America:  3/5/5
    3 Deadpool:  5/5/3

    This team is all about board control.  With Cap and QS, you've got three colors that can change the look of the board dramatically.  Cap's Blue and Red can both overwrite those pesky enemy countdown tiles that are stuck in a corner.  Quicksilver's black also gives you a chance for a quick match to get rid of another tile.  

    Basically, my strategy is to go for blue whenever it's available to fuel Cap and lock tiles for QS.  After that, Red for Cap, Green for QS and purple for DP all give you points for either a whale of an AOE attack (see what I did there) or a good nuke from Cap or QS.  Black is the next thing that I shoot for with Yellow as my last choice.   . . . and let's face it, Cap's yellow isn't too shabby either.

    This team is great for any enemy configuration that relies on countdown tiles.  Goon nodes are especially tasty cause you have almost complete board control there.

    Last bonus, Deadpool Points!  I use this team at least once a day just to get the points.
  • WalrusBrigade
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    Is IMHB, 2* Mags and 3* Cyke already on here?  I used them for the Mags essential in the dead pool PvE and it was tons of fun.

    IMHB 5/3/5
    Mags 3/5/5
    Cyke 3/5/5

    Basically you want to collect purple, yellow and blue (in that order).  There are 3 powers that will put more red on the board:

    Mags' Purple (which also helps you get more blue)
    Cyke's Yellow (which gets rid of team-up tiles)
    IMHB's Blue (which replaces green and give you some protect tiles . . . meh)

    Everything is geared towards generating red cascades and then punching people.  It is by no means infinite, but in each power you get rid of non-used colors (green, team-up, random) so your cascades likely build up your other powers or just allow for more punching.  It feels strange using IMHB and not trying to get Overdrive (black . . . I don't know how to include flags in the new forums . . . if you do, please send me a message to help me out), but this combo is pretty satisfying, and might work pretty well in that 2/3/4* PvP.
  • Roland113
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    In fairness, I don't think anyone has figured that (how to use flags) out as of yet.  I don't think they've been activated yet.
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    Roland113 said:
    Ok, here's one of my favorite three star teams:

    Quicksilver:  3/5/5
    3 Captain America:  3/5/5
    3 Deadpool:  5/5/3

    This team is all about board control.
    This is a good team, and the Deadpool points are definitely worth using him once per day. However, I do find this team a little slow (except for Quicksilver if you can match blue) so I often end up subbing Deadpool for IM40. You lose a use for purple, but you gain a use for yellow (I don't consider Cap's yellow to be cost-effective) and rapidly speed up your enemy's demise by funneling red to Cap and green to Quicksilver. I find Cap's red provides enough board control so I'll set IM40's blue to 5 and use his AoE over Cap's blue.
  • WalrusBrigade
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    Boosted Rulk is a new thing for me.  It got difficult getting the last cover with the vaulting that is going on.  He is boosted in this PvE so I finally get to really run with him at full speed.

    The team that I am working with right now is:

    Rule 3/5/5
    IM40 5/3/5
    Mystique 3/5/5

    My understanding was that Rulk needs accelerators, which makes sense because he deals so much team damage.  IM40 is a no brainer for an accelerator, but Mystique isn't usually considered here.  My uses for Mystique are few and far between but basically revolve around Shapeshift and Masterstroke.  But in this team she is there for her blue.  Once IM40's Recharge goes off you have some purple, a bit of green and plenty of blue and red.  That might be enough to get you where you need to go, but firing infiltration is likely to net you another purple match, which should push you into range to fire Rulk's Gamma Siphon.  The end result is getting up to 18 Green by the time Recharge resolves.  It might not be the quickest route, but it is pretty solid.

  • WalrusBrigade
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    This is a work in progress, so I'll be updating it at some point.  

    Note:  This is best for wave nodes.

    There is some sort of glitch that makes 3* Thanos and Elektra an odd pairing.  I haven't figured out a 3rd for this team, but it would need to be someone who can heal (I'm thinking R&G for colors also).  Basically you try to fire Elektra's shadow step right before killing someone.  Thanos' black triggers, which triggers a shadow step, dealing damage to whoever is next in line.  If you kill a wave with Court Death, then the shadow step damage might not trigger until the next match you make, dropping the first person on a new wave even more and increasing the likelihood of downing another person and triggering Court Death. 

    To make this whole process a little faster, you can drop some Ballet of Death's to steal some AP and also deal more damage.  Finally, if you are dealing with special tiles, you can use Double Double Cross to try to take them back.  This team isn't fast, but since Elektra doesn't take much damage, it can afford to be slower.  I'll keep trying and see where this goes.
  • bbigler
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    IM40, rulk and Peggy. 

    6 yellow ap, lay the recharge. Collect 9 green in the meantime. Recharge goes off. Use Peggy's red, use her blue, stun two of them. Use rulks green. 

    They usually don't get an ability off and they're dead
    You don't have to get 9 green before recharge triggers, just 3 green and 6 purple works fine too.  This is one of my main "beat anyone" team.
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    Here's a fun team that only uses one 4*.

    3*Black Panther + 3*Iron Fist + 4*Star Lord

    Just collect as much purple as possible (6 to 12 AP); once Star Lord reduces costs, begin using IF to add black to the board for just 3 Purple AP.  Once you have 12+ Black, fire Rage of the Panther and keep on adding more black.  Works well against goons and is fast.  
  • bbigler
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    Here's another fun team I like to use in goon wave nodes (it's fast too):

    Powerman + Wasp + 4*Star Lord

    Collect yellow and black from the beginning, with some purple and red on the side.  Once you have 3+ protect tiles from Powerman, use Wasp (3 Yellow) to switch them to strikes and start taking down the enemies.  Powerman will continue to add more protects, and you can continue to switch all strikes/protects for just 3 yellow.  This gets stronger each turn until enemies are dying in waves.  Black and Red just speed up the kills and purple is defense.

    Matching black from the beginning is a good idea so that your protect tiles don't get matched away AND you have a backup nuke/stun from Wasp. 
  • bbigler
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    Here's a slower winfinite team, but they can literally kill any number of enemies in 1 turn, once it gets going.  This is the team I used to beat boss rush!

    XFW + 3*Mags + Loki

    The team is all about color reduction and board shuffling for endless cascades and match 5's.  Start by collecting Red, Purple, Black.  The goal is not to fire Loki's purple until you've reduced the color variety with Mag's Red or XFW's Black power (or both).  Believe it or not, this starts a cascade of matches leading to a winfinite 1 turn kill.  XFW's Green and Mag's Blue are also used to shake the board for more matches.  The combo may end the first time you start firing off power's, but it will build up and become nearly infinite. 

    This is purely a fun team, not a fast one, and it does take some clever planning and execution for it to work, but it definitely works!  Like I said, I was able to take down Boss Rush over and over with this team. 

    Note: I haven't tried adding in Quake (because mine is not well covered) but she could replace XFW or Loki, since she has both color reduction and board shake powers.  Heck, you could even try Quake with Kamala Khan and 3*Mags for some cheap color reduction powers. 
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    bbigler said:
    Here's a fun team that only uses one 4*.

    3*Black Panther + 3*Iron Fist + 4*Star Lord

    Just collect as much purple as possible (6 to 12 AP); once Star Lord reduces costs, begin using IF to add black to the board for just 3 Purple AP.  Once you have 12+ Black, fire Rage of the Panther and keep on adding more black.  Works well against goons and is fast.  
    Depending on who you're up against and whether you'll do enough damage with BP to finish the match, you can also keep spamming IF's purple for great justice to take out or soften bigger targets.

    bbigler said:
    Here's a slower winfinite team, but they can literally kill any number of enemies in 1 turn, once it gets going.  This is the team I used to beat boss rush!

    XFW + 3*Mags + Loki

    <snip explanation>
    I sometimes use this team but with 3Storm instead of XFW. It lacks a nuke but adds more shake and AP gathering skills, so you can keep the turn going even longer. In general, there should be no need to cast Storm's black unless you really can't keep the turn any more.
  • Warbringa
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    I apologize if someone has explained this team already but for all goon nodes or at least two goon nodes I use:

    3* Dr.Strange/3* Iron Fist/3* Blade  (Strange max his blue/yellow, Fist his purple/black and Blade his Green/Purple)

    It breezes through even the toughest all goon nodes and I am not exaggerating that I rarely ever take any damage from all goon nodes, even when they are significantly higher level that these characters.  The reason is the versatility of your options and the massive amount of passive damage.  So Blade generates his red tiles which boosts IF and Strange passive.  Strange's passive fires a ton in all goon nodes.  You still then have a lot of great passive powers to fall back on such as Strange's blue which saves me time and time again.  You can either hoard black for IF punches to the face or use purple for for attack tiles from Blade.  There is no active red power which is fine because you want as many red tiles as possible on the board.  The only weakness is no active yellow ability but that is minor.  

    I even use this team to clear easy nodes with one or no goons, however in this case I will sometimes sub in 3* Cage for Strange since Strange loses some of his luster if his yellow power isn't firing off every round or every other round.  Sometimes I leave him in though if there is at least one goon depending on the node.  I am basically in 4* scaling in most PvE events but I still use this combo on all goon nodes even when the AI is over 130 levels higher than this team because once you get this team going, it doesn't really matter.  I have yet to take significant damage over the past season or two with this team against all goon nodes, even the Hand are wiped up fairly quickly (just always go for Kishu first lol and Teitsu last lol).  One benefit too is that both IF and Blade are very fast healers, so what little damage they do normally take, they recover fairly fast, Strange and Cage aren't quite as fast of healers.

  • Mr_Aziz
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    my lazy go to is 3* Strange (Blue and Yellow max), Scarlet Witch (Purple and Blue Max) and 3* Cyclops (Red and Black max). The only weakness it has is 4* Jean if you don't pay attention to Arcane Incantation. Otherwise it can handle more or less anything by melting down goons every turn with the flames of the faltine and having the capability to quickly stun any potential threats
  • Sim Mayor
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    My latest fave team is Spider-Woman (almost champed at 4/5/3), Dr. Strange (5/3/5) and Patch (5/3/5).

    Dominate Purple, Green and Black tiles, hoard whatever Red you can sneak in here and there, and only go for Blue if it's absolutely safe (i.e. the enemy has no powers ready to fire). Ignore Yellow.

    Spider-Woman uses Seeking Redemption to run interference until you can combo To Love and Fear with Berserker Rage to grant you 6 high-powered Strike tiles with no penalty tiles given to the other side. Strange hides in the back and chips away at the enemy early on with Flames of the Faltine while trying to get enough incidental blue to use Crimson Bands of Cyttorak on the strongest enemy. Then once BzR and TL&F have done their thing, FotF is doing 3k damage to anyone with the temerity to use a power while System Shock can deliver a hefty wallop (10k if I can ever get her fully leveled) and a 3-turn stun to a random opponent, if there are any left.

    Most of the time this strategy fires off so fast (TL&F and BzR both cost >10) that I can use this team all the way up to the champion node in PvE at a cost of 1-2 health packs total. If it's taking longer than normal, that means Spider-Woman is earning her keep with SR, and Dr. Strange is negating the tiny damage she takes using FotF's healing.

    Bonus plays, TL&F can be used to remove countdown tiles early on if you're getting more Purple than Green. Wait until at least one is down to 1 turn so you can get rid of the absolute maximum number possible and watch your opponent's entire offense dissolve.

    Weakness: Yellow-heavy boards (Blue-heavy just means I have to heal on Dr. Strange before the next fight).
  • Dinsdale
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    I’m at the 3-4* transition.  Here’s my Big Enchilada team designed to take advantage of the extended nature of the battle.  While it is not quite as good for the revised version of that node, I still use it on a daily basis.

    4* Wolverine 5/4/2 (my best 4*)

    3* Black Widow 5/3/5 (Championed)

    3* Steve Rogers 3/5/5 (Championed)

    Red – Steve Rogers:  Good damage that can down most opponents in the Big Enchilada and the return of AP means this can be fired multiple times.  Can also overwrite countdowns

    Blue – Steve Rogers:  Stun + delayed protect tile + AP return for repeated use.  Also for killing countdown tiles

    Purple – Black Widow:  Create multiple green match-5s to damage with the critical tiles, disrupt the board, and build AP for Black Widow’s green power

    Green – Black Widow:  Lots of team damage and board destruction.  Usually end the battle with this

    Black – Wolverine:  Lots of damage and shake board.  With so many different opponents in the Big Enchilada, the enemy’s best color changes and I can almost always find an opportunity where the board is loaded with the currently favored color, downing most opponents.

    Yellow – Wolverine or Steve Rogers:  Use to true heal Wolverine if needed, otherwise create protect tiles.

  • WalrusBrigade
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    I am in the early stages of having a functional Coulson.  Obviously he is great, so finding good teams with him should be easy.  But I had one that has been particularly fun.

    Coulson (right now at 5/4/3 and lvl 70 . . . but still effective)
    Carol (now at 5/3/3 and level 152)
    Human Torch (5/3/5)

    The idea here is to get as many Flame Jets going as possible because each one nets you free AP the following turn.  Then the goal is to collect black to put Carol's Photonic Blast on the board.  Each time you fire a power you get an extra countdown, and each countdown that goes off not only gets you AP but also boosts your existing strike tiles.  Oh, and each of Coulson's Super Secret Tech CDs does damage that will increase with the strike tiles.  

    There is a lot going on each turn, so it isn't fast at all.  But those characters are punching well above their weight with only HT champed.

  • Calnexin
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    4* Cage, 4* Fist, 3* Hawkguy

    I used this one when Hawkguy was boosted.  Cage and Fist work pretty well together, but to complement them well you want an active purple and/or the ability to create strike tiles.  Hawkguy happens to create 3 strikes with his purple, which is perfect for the strategy.

    This is a slow-play strategy, in that you're basically waiting until near the end of the match to do anything of significance.  Collect enough yellow for Cage, purple for hawkguy, and blue for fist.  While you're doing that, your opponent is most likely firing powers, triggering Cage's black to create protect tiles.  That's nice because a 3* among 4* is squishy and needs protection.  Luckily he only tanks purple.

    Once you have those three powers, fire Hawkguy purple, which creates 3 strikes and a countdown.  The countdown, if unmatched, will later remove the 3 strikes, but you don't care about that.  You just need them there for the time being.

    Next fire fist Blue.  He creates one more strike, giving you 4 strikes + countdown, and then fortifies three of the strikes.  At this point, if the board has forced you to collect enough other colors that you can fire fist black or a second blue, do so to create nasty high-power strikes or more more fortified tiles, respectively.

    Then, fire Cage Yellow.  He creates one protect, then fortifies three specials.  In the base setup and assuming he hasn't generated any protect tiles thus far, there will be one unfortified strike, one countdown, and one protect tile, resulting in 6 fortifed tiles.  Then the damage is dealt (12k unboosted + contribution from strikes), and you have those 6 tiles hanging around for another fire, if the board has been plentiful on yellow.

    The countdown tile will be fortified and difficult to match away, so you're probably going to lose 3 strikes.  The good news is that while the strike goes away, the fortification does not.  If you get a few stuck in hard places you get an automatic boost to your next yellow damage.

    Medusa makes a great replacement for Hawkguy, because then each color has exactly one active power (and you get Medusa healing that 1 point of damage you've been taking through Cage's protect tiles).  The downside is that IF takes two fires of blue before he start creating fortified tiles.  You could also put Blade in there.  The 4* version will leave you short on purple, but on defense his passive red will be viable for awhile since Cage's active red is so expensive.  The 3* version would both feed strikes for fist to fortify and provide nasty attack tiles on purple, and Fists black isn't so useful that Blade stealing it would break the synergy.