*** Captain America (Super Soldier) ***



  • Ram51
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    New Steve sucks.

    He now reminds me of Donald Trump. Or those DERP memes.
  • El Satanno
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    How the heck is "mostly hate it" winning this thing? That implies several people manage to be at least partially indifferent to this abomination.

    Dude, tell me about it.

    On the upside, I'm rather proud that my poll has exhibited such longevity! icon_e_biggrin.gif
  • lukewin
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    He reminds me of this guy

  • d0nk3y
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    lukewin wrote:
    He reminds me of this guy


    Can we get a 1* "Kerptin Murrka" based on this screenshot?
  • More than before he looks now like an aryan dream come true.
  • Chrono_Tata
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    jojeda654 wrote:
    I don't think this is the first time Steve has had work done.

    I remember he used to not have his hair parted, but I can't find any screenshots to prove it. Only thing I could was this old thread: viewtopic.php?style=1&f=7&t=5717&p=108311#p108270
    Just found a screenshot of old Steve randomly today.

  • elwhiteninja
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    i cant tell the difference, maybe i have never looked to closely
  • They should've just switched cover arts and character designs from 2* Cap to 3* and so forth. Or hell if they were redesigning him already then they should've done a design like they gave the Wolverines.
  • Orion
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    Because RNG, my Steve for the longest time was 5/4/4 and I didn't use him because he wasn't very good. But I was able to respec him properly and now I use him all of the time! Besides BWGS greenflag.png , is there any other abilities that improve so dramatically between 4 and 5 covers than Steve's red and blue?

    And is that poll the most lopsided of any of the characters? There's only 1 build for Steve, and there's really no debate.
  • Someone should probably rename the thread to reflect the name change in game, as its now Steve Rogers (Super Soldier)
  • MarcusGraves
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    Someone should probably rename the thread to reflect the name change in game, as its now Steve Rogers (Super Soldier)

    I really don't like these name switches, feels kinda dumb