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  • ThaRoadWarrior
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    I'm using my 4/5/3 lvl 435 BRB with Rescue in the Fist pvp. It's not the fastest, but you have multi-tap powers on 2 colors, Protect creation on 2 colors, passive burst healing, tile theft on blue, and you can generally stay ahead of Circuit Breaker better than some other teams I've used.
  • tiomono
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    My green goblin hit 12 covers.
    He is now 4-3-5. I paired him with shuri and 4* panther. Use panther yellow. Shuri red to jump start the cheap powers. Glider only costing 5 black is crazy. Just a fun team with all the fortified shenanigans. Definitely going to run this one more once goblin gets champed. Only 9 sandman covers to go.
  • Daredevil217
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    In Iron Fist’s PVP, prepare for a wall of Bishop/Kitty, Kitty/Beta and Bishop/Beta! 

    I wanted a combo to make use of Fist’s black battery and thoroughly enjoyed Jessica/Beta. Get blue out as fast as possible to nullify the opposing IF’s tile. Then every turn you get at least two protects (1 from the match, 1 from the attack tile). Your Rand will fuel Jessica’s black nuke that will do huge damage, thanks to protects likely on all 6 colors. Big damage on 4 colors (Red/Black/Blue/Green) cheap active battery on purple, plus the passive AP gain from matching traps and protects.  Super fun and only slightly less cheesy than the above three teams!
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    I took my 1/3/2 Banner, 4/1/4 Carbage, and lvl 307 4ocket into simulator to see if I could trigger the triple auto turn edge case. 

    I found a champed Thorkoye/chavez team, and I was actually able to tigger the conditional to get many turns of multi move madness, AND pull off the win, but by the skin of my teeth. I was down to 4ocket with 2k health. With no single target nukes, that team is particularly weak against low health Thor’s. Still, it was comical. Made me wonder how it plays with those 5s champed.

    i always wanted to see how many auto turns I could get original flavor Doc Oc to take while stunned, but I didn’t have the right build before he got nerfed(?).
  • Daredevil217
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    I think I’d like ME Hulk over Banner. While he doesn’t make matches proper, he at least gets to keep any AP his swaps make. Plus you get purple/yellow outlets. 
  • Steve111
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    I’ve enjoyed using 5PX and 5Doom yellow, reset the board with free match 4’s everywhere. And heals PX too. 
  • ThaRoadWarrior
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    Main event is decidedly better, but that wasn’t really the point of the challenge lol. Save up the green, transform, drop Don’t Push That Button, bite your nails until one of the auto turns inevitably matches it for you lol.

    banner is a first class meat shield for Carbage’s red health steal, and he does add green to the board if its dry, so he isn’t totally without virtue.
  • wingX
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    4*Iceman, 4*Deadpool, Bishop  against opponent's 4*Jugg, 4*Gamora, 4*Brocket.

    This is the fastest battle i ever played in SHield Simulator. I won after enemy 1st turn marching away 1 enemy strike tiles. Bishop’s red damage plus Deadpool create around 12x Enforcer countdown which just kill off enemies before I can do anything after my 2and turn start. However, my Bishop is KO, my Deadpool is left with 1/8 health and my Iceman left with 2/5 health. I manage to obtained 30AP which I didn't have the chances to use.

  • Daredevil217
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    I’m doing wins-based again in Punisher PVP for the first time in awhile. Decided to do that “thing” where I try to create pairs using all my 5* champs (I have an odd number so Stark is benched... he’s awful). 

    For my 5 newest champs (listed first below) the teams are:

    Beta/Goblin- Phenomenal just as I’d assumed. Bill’s protects do a decent job protecting Goblin’s paper mache health. Goblin carries his weight on offense. 

    Carnage/OML- Not so great. They both spam low level special tiles and lack the nukes needed to keep up with modern power creep.  Their healing is also pitiful. Definitely need a powerful third to help anchor them (or a Kitty to boost specials). 

    Jean Grey/Kitty- Pretty amazing. Purple into red into buffed strikes is fun. Punisher’s black also adds something to the mix. Still, this isn’t inherently better than Gritty. Kitty does all the heavy lifting as well. Probably should have tried Jean with someone else where she does more of the heavy lifting. 

    Black Bolt/Gambit- This is a classic team that I never had the pleasure of trying. Honestly I think I like Storm more as a Gambit partner and feel I may have been a little too high on Bolt initially.  Most the other charged tile folks are more fun to play or stronger, Bolt just has the Okoye synergy the others lack, and the passive damage makes him a bit scarier on defense. Still, I find Storm tends to pair better with more folks. 

    Silver Surfer/Storm- Speaking of Storm... my oh my, offensively speaking this team is awesome. I was really having buyers remorse chasing Surfer when everyone talked about how bad he is, but man this team is fun. I somehow missed that Surfer chooses the color of tiles he charges on blue. That’s a game changer. Surfer blue followed by Storm yellow usually equals game over for the opponent. Playing this team felt like pairing Iceman and Goblin for the first time. I couldn’t stop playing it. 

    [Note that with all these teams I’m skipping pretty much anything that has Bishop or Kitty and hitting mostly Thorkoye teams. So when I talk about how awesome teams are, there is that huge caveat.]
  • MadScientist
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    Professor X (5*) and Karnak, mostly paired with Half-Thor. Use Karnak red to manipulate the board and create massive match-4 and -5s.
  • DAZ0273
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    Whilst playing Punisher's PvP I realised how good Ant-man and Valkyrie work as a team with Mr. Castle himself. All of them have cheap or free powers that give special tiles and with it going off all over the place it can be chaotic. They also have rainbow coverage, Valk generates free AP, have aoe and multi-attack powers, board destruction and nukes. They aren't going to change the world or anything but I was surprised at how fast they could steamroll over opponents and it gave me a new found liking for 3Pun I never had before.
  • Tiger_Wong
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    Ever since the reworking (aka DEATH) of Mr.Fantastic, I’ve been lamenting the loss of one of my favorite teams, DD/Mr.F/Shuri team that just MELTED life from the opponent. Well, I may have found one similar.

    4*Black Panther 

    theres only one way to stun and that’s with DD’s purple. But once you get it and match a shield, someone is gonna lose half their life points. 
  • Falconfreak
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    Looking for team ideas. Is there a better team for 4* Eddie Venom than putting him with 4* Carnage and Medusa? I can't come up with a better team. I usually use Mr. Fantastic as the third in Carnage and Medusa but Venom is a character I enjoy in the comics so...
  • AXP_isme
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    Eddie Venom plays quite well with Kraven. You can use carnage as well to pump out enemy specials that trigger Kraven’s passive and power up venom’s green. Plus, with Kraven reducing the specials you can have Venom’s black set to 3 so you get the most value out of yellow and green offensively. 

    It doesn’t have much staying power but it’s quite good fun for a match or two. Won’t win any prizes on defence but that’s not what this thread is about. 
  • wingX
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    Looking for team ideas. Is there a better team for 4* Eddie Venom than putting him with 4* Carnage and Medusa? I can't come up with a better team. I usually use Mr. Fantastic as the third in Carnage and Medusa but Venom is a character I enjoy in the comics so...
    Venom is also one of my favourite character in the comics. He works well with same type of characters that 4*Carnage work well with as together with 4*/5*Carnage, the only characters have passive that give enemy special tiles.
    I love to mix and match those characters (beside those that you mentioned) that have abilities that give enemies special tile and those that benefits from them like: Kraven, 3*Hawkeye, Elektra, Sabertooth,3*Wolverine,3* Dr Ock, 5*Carnage.

    Some teams that I have tried before work well with Venom:
    • with 5*Carnage and America- Venom help speed up Carnage auto-match passive and both Carnage and America high match damage help activate Venom passive.
    • with Cloak &Dagger (3/5/5) - Cloak &Dagger create yellow tiles on the board which help Venom match his yellow, mix with 5*Carnage and America to trigger Venom's yellow passive or 3*Hawkeye/Mr. Fantastic/Medusa for respective effect.
    During the Dr Ock PVP, I found the following team very fun to play:
    3*Dr Ock, Venom, 5*Carnage/Sabertooth.

    Most of the time, when I see enemies with protect tiles, I will use Venom as the base of the team and try different characters with him.
  • Falconfreak
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    Venom, Kraven and Carnage sounds like a fun team. Plus it also works for the comic nerd in me to have three of Spidey's biggest foes on a team. 
  • qandols
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    GE Doom is boosted in this event. His black is formidable. I thought, why not pair him with Domino, who likewise is boosted. And a third heavy hitter like eg. JJ. Yup, Domino provides Doom with lots of black, while her green does boardshake and increases JJ:s chance of hitting Damning Evidence.
  • krakenoon
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    I think you meant 4* Wolverine?
    Also, the last bullet point is kind of confusing since it sounds like you're talking about 4 characters on a team.
    Otherwise, thanks for the insight.  I too am interested in using Venom one day (far off into the future)
  • Daredevil217
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    I’ve tried a bunch of new combos in pick-2. The following are my faves. 

    Shoutouts to @Glockoma, for the Kingpin/Carnage pairing. My “list of partners” for both characters is pretty low, so it’s cool that they play well together. Carnage makes sure you never run out of specials to feed the enemy to force their hand, which fuels green. Use Kingpin’s green over Carnage. Carnage of course brings the spammy red and extra damage. All and all a good team. 

    I finally tried @Road_Warrior’s Hawkeye/Iceman team. It both didn’t work as well as I would have liked and worked better than I thought in pick 2 (Wolverine PVP). It was rough sitting on 30 Red/Blue AP with no tiles to put arrows on because Iceman used them all up. However, Iceman stayed with the stuns thanks to tile fortifying, so that was cool and often resulted in stunlocking the opposition and winning. I think it’ll be deadly in pick 3 where you can bring another outlet (Patch’s red sucks when he barely tanks anything). But in pick 2, I like Goblin better. 

    Hawkeye/Loki however was a great great pairing. Those black countdowns either fuel purple damage or expire
    and fuel Hawkeye. Surprisingly great synergy there. Again this was pick 2, but I think Doom (or Storm) as a third in pick-3 would be the perfect compliment, giving a black outlet
    for all that AP you get chasing countdowns, plus full rainbow with the Yellow as well!

    It’s getting rarer to find Bishop out without BRB in pick 2. When I do he’s usually with Jessica or Xavier. Against those teams I’ve really liked Silver Surfer/ Daredevil. They tank opposite colors making it easier to keep Surfer up front when Bish tries to stun. Once you kill Bishop. Both 5s can true heal from Overclocked damage and work a 2 on 1 handicap match (or I guess 3 on 2). Matt’s stun can really hinder Professor’s tanking. This paring is great and further makes me happy I champed Surfer. I wouldn’t take this team to a Beta/Kitty or Thor/Professor fight, but imagine they could take down a Thorkoye. Overall I am liking Surfer. 

  • Daredevil217
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    Some new teams I liked in Maria’s PVP. 

    Maria Hill has the “Team Iron Man” tag so I busted Stark out with Black Suit (despite blue overlap) against Gritty teams and it worked well. 

    Ghost Rider/Professor is a super fun team with Robbie shaking up the board and soaking up three colors for potential match 4s (a bootleg Thor essentially).  Then when the board is dry of red/green for his repeaters to soak up, Professor can can put some back on the board with his purple. Pretty fun (albeit slow). 

    Beta Ray/Logan are a great combo because Bill is so spammy that you get lots of passive strikes. Logan gets to tank two colors so he can heal from any nukes that get past the protects. And he gives three additional AP outlets if you can transform him. Obviously would be killer with Kitty. But was great even without. 

    I liked Phoenix and Storm together. I used Storm’s yellow and Phoenix’s purple to make the board as red as possible for fun. Too bad the team only had Phoenix herself as a red outlet. Havok would be a much better third than Maria Hill. Still, they’re a fun duo.

    Finally, I don’t know how, but two pairs of characters that I rank lower actually paired decently together. Carol/Angel and Ock/Gambit.  No real synergy. Just little active overlap. But somehow it worked. Carol/Archangel shocked me especially with how they played.  Gambit I’d still rather play with the charged tile folks as I find that synergy more fun, but nice to know Ock has another person he can run with if I’m feeling like playing him.