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  • Alex502
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    @Tiger_Wong said:
    5* Black Panther 5/4/4
    4* Northstar 5/5/3
    5* Magneto 5/3/5

    Northstar remains BP’s best partner after 5* Thanos. His ability to put black and yellow on the field, get +2 AP for each black/yellow/blue tile destroyed (fire his blue) and turn BP invisible for 1 turn for 3 turns….. it’s like he was made to team up with BP.

    Just Black Panther and Northstar together have such awesome synergy that I'd give you an award for showing me, but then 5 star Magneto here too? Wow. Really good. 5/5 recommend.

  • fractalvisions
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    In Most Wanted PvP:
    3* Rocket and Groot
    3* Loki (boosted)
    4* Sam Wilson

    I'd been using Sam with Knull, which is also a fun combination - Sam's blue passive buffing SAPs and speeding up Knull's countdown. Knull was injured so I was looking for another character with purple and black actives to go in his place. I noticed that Loki was boosted so figured I might as well try him out. I was up against R&G, BRB and Polaris and immediately thought this was a terrible idea and I wouldn't stand a chance. Fortunately, the game put out many match 4s. Some I went for and some the enemy went for, putting out Loki's countdowns, which Sam helped along each time a blue match came up. Sam put down some protects, which Polaris naturally used against me before then stunning R&G and putting out some strikes. Fortunately by this point I had enough black for Loki to do some trickery and from there it didn't take very long at all to take them all down.

  • NemoAbernnigan
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    My favorite new combo is a little basic and won't work anywhere near as well without a boosted Deathlok, but pairing him with 4Riri and 4Wasp was a lot of fun. 3 blue and red a turn, pretty much always ensuring you have the blue to spawn Wasp's AP stealing tiles - which do good damage if the enemy actually matches them - and give her black its stun factor. Repeatedly hit with Riri's red on the off targets while you build focus on the primary, and the boosted blhe on Deathlok was like 20k so teams melted fast. With out the boost using Riri's blue to build more red may be more viable. In any case Wasp also provides strike and protect tiles cheaply giving yellow a use, and Riri can toss enemies airborn with green, so the only wasted color is purple. Its a fun 4* team. You can also swap in MODOK for fun - especially since he's boosted right now - and quickly build the ap to be able to cast and pop multiple of his blue CDs in one turn while burning through his red's stages to get to that high damage final stage in record time. And of course tanking a fight out til you hit 27 blue with Kang still acts as a viable option for many of the most lethal nodes though IM40 may be more useful as a 3rd there. Long story short, Deathlok has made the biggest meta shift in 4* land since Polaris.

  • Gymp28
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    @Gymp28 said:
    A pick 3 team I’ve found to be very effective is Ic5man, Kang and Dr. Thor. Once you get a small amount of blue iceman lays out lots of blue countdown tiles. Kang prevents the blue drain and Dr. Thor then blows up with her passive. Each tile destroyed this way means Kang gives you two more blue AP, meaning you can then spam Jane’s blue repeatedly for lots of board shake and stacks of stun.
    Once you’ve generated some purple ap from random cascades and you’re done with the stacks of stun fun, fire off Kangs purple power as many times as needed for MASSIVE nuke damage. (~43K if only 4 5 turn countdowns exist on the board, which is quite common)

    Pretty sure this has now been fixed/nerfed. Can anyone else confirm if Kang is no longer refunding his ally drained AP?

  • Borstock
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    @marvel075 said:
    Bro yall gotta try 5Storm/5Magneto/5ProfessorX, they are absolute BOARD GODS, constantly feeding off each other, getting 20+AP from cascades, and a full rainbow team, so no colors wasted! I dont even have Mags champed yet (he's 4/4/3), and they wreaked the chanllenge node with ease.

    Thanks for the recommendation. This team was fun! Amazing amounts of AP generation.

  • primetime21
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    Lots of great ideas in this thread; I really wish they would give us more save slots so we can track more of these teams.

  • Scofie
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    @primetime21 said:
    Lots of great ideas in this thread; I really wish they would give us more save slots so we can track more of these teams.

    I believe from previous Q&A replies that this is in the pipeline.

  • Alex502
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    @AlexR said:

    I am that kind of fool that went in with a solo 5 star champ (Jessica Jones, and really only because she got a ton of covers all at once), not really realizing what it would do to my PvP experience. Trying to build some of those meta, and I've liked Loki a lot too. So very glad to learn of this combo. You have excellent ideas and a way of finding synergy. Love it.

  • AlexR
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    edited May 2023

    Aw, thank you! I'm glad. At least Jessica Jones isn't bottom of the barrel, but yeah meta she isn't unfortunately.

    Looking for synergy is my jam. Loki is my pet project (and I'm super happy hearing someone else is interested in trying Loki teams! ), but that aside I'm dedicated to finding teams for every single character I champ that are up to my efficiency standards. And when I can't find anything, I keep returning to that character until I do. You don't want to know how much time I spent trying to make pre-buff 4* Emma Frost work, ahahah.

  • qandols
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    Superfun team even when not boosted. Thanks alot!

  • qandols
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    Today I rediscovered 5 * Gambit. He has not entered my mind the last couple of years but he was buffed a while back if I'm not mistaken. Now boosted he sweeps the flor in PVE. I use him with eg. Ghost Rider and 5 * Daken. They wont miss not being able to cast red or purple. I'll probably use him more even when not boosted because he's so fun and simple to use.

  • entrailbucket
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    Gambit's buff got a LOT of flack on here, but he went from "totally unusable in every circumstance" to "not bad at all, and really very good when boosted."

    For the most part (Wasp being a notable exception) all the 5* buff/reworks have been good.

  • DAZ0273
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    Here is the Gambit thread - doesn't seem too much flack to me or was that somewhere else?

  • entrailbucket
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    I dunno, I read back and it's about half and half in that thread. It's definitely more positive than I remember (a lot of it is me, though, which doesn't count) but still a lot of negative.

  • DAZ0273
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    No worries.

  • ThaRoadWarrior
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    I haven’t quite found the killer 3rd member of this team, but Rework Mehneto + Sersi + some other cascade specialist has proven to be quite good in simulator even against zombie teams. I put Sersi in the middle so she will eat the initial cascade, and then the goal is to get her to remove a dead color from the board like Black as soon as you can. Then just prioritize whatever else you have on tap, use magneto’s blue to remove any color with obnoxious tiles on it you may not like. I’ve used Valkyrie, Nightcrawler, Professo4 X, Profe$$or X, Onslaught, and Phoenix so far, and I think 5* X is maybe the best even with low health. I use his purple on green, let Sersi propogate blue or purple, use Magneto to crush whatever will have the biggest effect, and you can keep that loop running for quite awhile.