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    I keep forgetting 3* Emma exists, and that she does other things than her 5* version.
    Looks like I'm not alone with that.

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    Yeah, it is good to be reminded that there are good combos out there I find. If you are new and just read the Kang thread you might be tricked into thinking that Kang is the first to facilitate a broken combo. Her combination to turn SC into an even bigger monster was noted in her release thread, but it was never particularly fast so never got traction.

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    @Sekilicious said:
    Yeah, it is good to be reminded that there are good combos out there I find. If you are new and just read the Kang thread you might be tricked into thinking that Kang is the first to facilitate a broken combo. Her combination to turn SC into an even bigger monster was noted in her release thread, but it was never particularly fast so never got traction.

    This must have caught some attention because I just ran into two SC/3* Emma teams in PvP. I've never seen that combo before lol

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    Nice. Hopefully you collected some sweet points off them.

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    Well it’s only been about 3 weeks since my last update here but I had a very nice day today that updated my roster significantly so I figured I’d pop in here to get it on record.

    I decided to blow my hoard today as it had been at its highest it had ever been since I started to hoard resources. Ended up going 11/86 in Latest pulls, could have been better but satisfied. My Hit Monkey is now 125 shards away from champing and I have a saved cover for him too now. Riri is 2 away and I only got 2 Wong powers in those pulls so worked out for the best.

    I also landed 6 5* powers thru shards/champ levels/milestone rewards from those pulls. Got Shang Chi another champ level and managed to get Chasm champed and the 700 shards I gave Kamala now puts her at 3/4/4 with 175 shards. And with the 4* shards and 2 pulls from all of it my Lockjaw is now 230 shards away from making her 4/4/4.

    There’s also only 10 4* and 11 5* remaining that I don’t have on my roster currently. It would certainly appear that sometime this year I’ll be able to have every 4 on my roster so looking forward to that honestly.

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    @AlexR said:
    Okay, so. The Anniversary Season has ended, the vault is almost done too. I'm also about to hit my Year 3 anniversary in-game. Where do I stand?

    Day 1090, SR 147

    I now have four fully covered 5* in BRB, Kitty, Jane Foster and Kamala!! Yay!! Still none champed, because no iso and also I'm not done with 4* land yet.
    (4 new classic 5* rostered in Shang Chi, SWitch, Bruce Banner, Green Goblin. 17 still missing.)

    Others with at least 6 covers (the ones who progressed bolded): 5/2/4 Loki, 5/3/3 Dr.Strange, 5/3/3/ Shang Chi, 5/0/4 Dr.Doom, 4/1/3 Gargantos, 2/4/2 MoonKnight, 4/1/2 Half-Thor, 2/2/3 JJ, 4/3/0 Chasm, 1/1/4 +1 Carol, 3/1/2 Daredevil, 4/1/1 Okoye, 2/3/1 Storm, 2/2/2 Emma Frost.

    I got super lucky with Shang Chi from the Anniversary vault, see this post here in the best moments thread. I got him from not rostered at all to 5/3/3 just from the vault without spending cp on him. :smiley:

    As for 3/4stars:
    All 4* rostered again, 68 champed.
    (10 new ones: Agent Venom, Mr.Fantastic, Scorpion, Lockjaw, Iron Fist, Devil Dino, Gwenpool, Flaptain, Invisible Woman, Punisher.) Still ~25 fully covered ones waiting in the wings.
    All 3* champed except 3* Arcade who's still waiting for iso. I'm almost through with flipping the 3* ; I'm glad. That took forever and also ate a lot of iso and temporary dupe slots.

    -Shorterm, get Chasm a green to fix his 4/3/0 spread when Jane leaves Latest or via PvE rewards during the next week. Once Jane leaves, I'll keep pulling Latest until he's out. Might possibly start hoarding LTs again once he's out and ignore SHulk/Emma/Arcade for now? (I have all of them rostered already.) We'll see, not sure. I'd love to fully cover everyone, but I have to pick my battles. Gotta build up some savings again. I currently have Okoye favourited and am in the process of getting her cover#7. This should happen while Chasm is in Latest.
    -Midterm; the 5* that are currently the next closest are Loki (5/2/4), Shang Chi (5/3/3), Strange (5/3/3) and Doom (5/0/4). There is nothing I can do about Shang Chi for the time being, although from the October Q&A post, I'm hoping they're rolling out a new batch of feeders during the winter holidays, maybe he'll get one. Edit: Switching back to favourite SC. If he does get a feeder, shard progress will go a long way in getting his last couple covers.
    The other 3, I can work on though. I'd like to get Loki's, Strange's and Doom's feeders to lvl 300 each: MEHulk (11 levels to go), Mordo (16 levels) and Invisible Woman (12 levels). Starting with IW to start the process of fixing the sad, stuck Doom by getting him his first black cover. Because the 5/0/4 spread really bothers me. Then swiching over to the others to get Loki and Strange to 12 covers each. Both of them have about 200 shards, so at that point they'll only have half a cover to go.
    -Longterm: Back to hoarding cp! I want to be ready in case there's a Switch store…

    5 months later, Day 1225, SR 157.

    BIG MILESTONE. I have champed my first 5* . I am now in single-5* mmr with Shang Chi. The change has been a bit of a mixed bag. SCL 10 is significantly easier and more convenient to before. PvP is less enjoyable. Sure, due to me picking SC who's amazing on offense it's not difficult at all. Getting my 25 wins is very chill (though a lot of retals-- more than I used to get). But pvp has always been the place where I enjoy variety and now I'm locked into SC for every battle. I don't particularly enjoy that part.

    I have also almost doubled my count of fully covered 5* from 4 to 7. So, there's that. Not looking forward to how much iso they will need. The newly fully covered ones are Chasm, Gargantos and of course my shiny new champed Shang Chi.

    Others with at least 6 covers (I'd bold the ones that progressed, but... almost all of them did! yay!):
    5/3/4 Loki (kiiinda finished/holding milestone shards), 5/3/4 Dr.Strange (done, just waiting for Resupply Day 1459), 4/4/3 +1 Riri, 4/3/3 +1 Okoye, 5/1/4 Dr.Doom, 2/4/2 +1 Emma Frost, 3/4/2 MoonKnight, 3/3/3 Wong, 4/2/2 Half-Thor, 2/2/3 +1 SWitch, 3/3/2 Hit-Monkey, 2/2/3 JJ, 2/1/4 Carol, 3/3/1 Storm, 3/1/2 Daredevil, 3/2/1 Deadpool, 2/2/2 Arcade.

    (New classic 5* rostered: Colossus, Knull, Carnage, Abigail Brand, Havok, Gamora, Electro, iHulk, Ronan. -- most of them due to Shardmas. Thanks, devs! Still missing: 8 classics.)

    As for 3/4stars:
    All 4* rostered except new M'Baku -- was busy during his release. I'm sure I'll pick him up soon. 79 champed.
    (11 new ones: MoonKnight, Puck, Morbius, Worthy Cap, Kate Bishop, Sandman, InfiniSpidey, Dazzler, Hulkling, Drax, Prof X.) Still ~40(!!) fully covered ones waiting in the wings. ....sheesh. yeah. My 4* just about exploded. Most things are fully covered at this point, I just have no iso.
    All 3* champed except newest 3* Magik.

    Did I accomplish my plans from last time?
    [x] I fixed Chasm's spec and completed him! (All 3 of his green came from shards. I have literally never drawn a green for him naturally. Thank goodness for shards or he'd be 5/5/0.)
    [x] As planned, I got Loki, Doom and Strange each a cover and completed Shang-Chi.
    I even made good progress on Okoye (6 -> 11 covers), despite changing my mind last time.
    [~] I threw what cp I had at the Gargantos/Wong/Switch store, but had bad RNG luck. Garg ate all the covers and he only needed 3! He got 10(!!) while Switch only got 4! :( Very disappointing. Ah well. Gotta remember that in my last post my SWitch was only 1 cover and I've managed to progress her to 8 1/2 now, so. Significant progress has still been made, I guess. Also, I'm not complaining about completed Eyeball at all, I like the tentacle Eyeball, he just didn't need to eat ALL of the covers lol.
    [x] Last but not least, I champed my first 5* . Which... wasn't mentioned in the last post, but I made that explicitly my goal around December.


    • Midterm, try to cover 5* Kang if at all possible. Use 4* favourite to finish Riri and Okoye. 4* Riri (295) -> 300, then squeeze the 2 last covers for Okoye out of Namora/Shuri. My 5star favourite is currently on SWitch.

    That's kinda it. No actionable shortterm plans right now, and while I would like to return back to hoarding for longterm, covering Kang will almost certainly mean I'll have to actively pull and can't hoard.

    I might stick to single-5* mmr for now and just focus on my 4* for a bit maybe. However, I've been thinking about which of my 5* I should champ next after SC. MThor/Riri, probably? Or Chasm? idk.

    Also, I'm around 24k iso debt now. Can we make double iso the new normal please? This is ridiculous.

  • HoundofShadow
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    mThor/Riri will be your best bet with the inclusion of supports coming into pvps: You have the chance to stun enemy team for a total of up to 3 turns at the start of the game. By the time they wake up, you would be on infinite team stun mode.

  • DAZ0273
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    I'm in an iso crisis!!! Long time since that happened!

    Progress made:


    Champed: Crystal, Carnage, RiRi, HM
    Fully covered awaiting iso: Kingpin, Star-Lord
    Fully Covered not champing: iHulk
    Latest LT Train: Wong 4/1/3
    Classic Project options: Elektra 4/4/4, Ultron 2/5/4, Yellowjacket 5/2/4, Ghost Rider 5/3/3, Abigail Brand 4/4/4, Captain Marvel 3/5/3 - outside chance Colossus 5/4/1


    What to do with the 4* tier?

    I have Abomination & Namora fully covered sitting there waiting for iso. They will eventually be joined by Colleen 4/4/3 and M'Baku 4/3/3 once they come around again PvE but it looks like Clea might be better than both of them so I may prioritise her. I used to make sure I champed 4's straight away but I am losing interest in them a bit I think and never seem to feel the need to spend iso. If I struggle to champ Wong then maybe Abomination might move up in priority. I really hope the Devs do address the champing costs of the 4's as they are a significant drain on iso for often not great immediate reward - I can get an LT from a champed 3* for far less. It is tempting to just let the new ones pile up covers until they can be 280'ed.

  • Bowgentle
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    I still say champ from the top down.
    So 5s first, then 4s.
    In the end it doesn't really matter, but you're more likely to get a use out of a boosted to 550 Kingpin or Starlord than you will from a champed Abom.

    However in your case, I'd champ Namora first for the potential levels for Okoye.

  • DAZ0273
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    Good points, taken on board.

  • dianetics
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    I think you should probably be champing those 4's first since they feed better 5 heroes than Kingpin and Starlord. You are going to see a lot more covers of those 4s and they are essentials the next month or 2.

    For your classics Elektra is probably the priority. She's pretty good and easy to target. You probably don't need to target her just her feeder 4* Elektra.

    I just sort of hit a similar problem as you. I have 4 5s on the backburner (ready to be champed) for ISO. I throw ISO into essential 5s only right now.

    If you are basically keeping all your 4s champed just holdout ISO of your 2/3* farms. You should be able to champ 2 4's and 1-2 5s every month.

  • Scofie
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    Mod mode off

    4s are more frequent than 5s so the rewards you get from champ levels give you more resources quicker. The average cost for 15 levels of a 5* is around 40 - 45k Iso and chance are you'll pull far more 4* levels than 5s even with dilution.

    You'll see more immediate benefit in PvE through spending Iso on 5s though which in turn increases resources, but not by much.

    So it's swings and roundabouts and you should play with the toys you like best. 🙂

  • DAZ0273
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    Abom is sitting on 5 covers between saved & shards and he is worth another 3 covers from Unstable Iso-8. Season doesn't end for another 10 days + off season, so two weeks before I will pull for more Wong, so can't see gaining extra Abom covers organically before then unless I favourite and pull Heroics/Mighty's I guess. So think I will just sit tight unless I really end up needing that last first cover. It helps that I really don't like Abomination (MPQ version at least!)

    Namora - she has equivalent of 3 saved covers and I expect her to get maybe at least one more circulation as essential? Dunno - I don't track these things. Seems like she wont spit out enough for an extra Okoye cover just yet which would be a champ level - nice to have at some point but probably not a big deal right now.

    With GotG3 upcoming I can see Star-Lord maybe getting some use, so he might be worth looking at more seriously.

  • Bowgentle
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    Well, long-term every champ level for a meta 5 matters.
    To get Okoye to 500, you first have to get her to 470, etc etc.

  • DAZ0273
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    True but I am a bit of a way off! :D But again, all advice noted and appreciated. :)

  • dianetics
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    I guess the main question to ask yourself is... Is this 5 going to enhance my progression? Will it make my life easier or make faster clears?

    If the answer is no, then hit up the 4s first because they will give you champ rewards more quickly and more often.

    If the answer is yes then you put everything else off and dump all the ISO you get into the power bump.

    So will Kingpin and Star Lord make your game better?

  • DAZ0273
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    I have two hands I guess and they are as follows:

    1.) On the one hand every champed 5* provides me with additional options each boost week in PvP. From that perspective then they do provide value. Of course not all 5* are equal so there is also a good chance that Kingpin and Star-Lord might just warm the bench forever unless Essential. I sort of feel like as a 5* player that 5* should be a priority but that doesn't mean that is true.
    2.) 4* provide (eventually) 5* covers and shards. This gives them high value but only as a champ farm. They are definitely not even getting on the bench ever again once their time as Essential is done. I don't need champed 4* to beat their 5E nodes normally. Is Wong going to do anything? Probably not but I will try and champ him and Abom could help with that it is true. Is one extra cover on Okoye RIGHT NOW essential? Maybe? I don't know. Hence my indecision on spending Iso which I do not have pots and pots off at present.

    So...I dunno.

  • dianetics
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    How high do you push in PvP?

    Wong is better than you think, and when he is boosted he is a literal monster.
    Every Okoye level lets you make your iHulk bigger.

  • Bowgentle
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    Wong didn't impress me in PVE, not even boosted.
    If his yellow triggers at the start he's good, but that's a 1/3 chance.

  • dianetics
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    I used him with a bunch of Yellow start of the battle supports. I would fire his yellow 1-2 times on turn 1.
    I was getting 45k strike tile damage on turn 2/3. Now that he has Kamar-Taj I'm going to be looking at 60k+ on turn 2-3 for strike tile damage boosts.

    Non-boosted it would be 18k-27k on turn 2/3. 21k-32k with the Kamar-Taj support