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  • vinnygecko
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    So about a month later, have mostly followed this plan. Updated roster in signature.

    New Champs so far have all been 3*s (9 of them)


    I now have 28 3* Champs overall. Hulk, Bullseye or Colossus will probably be next.

    I've still also been able to level up 4*s as their DDQ day comes up...working on Kingpin now =) So far I've managed to win each 4* challenge on the second cycle, even Starlord!

    I've been slacking a bit lately on pvp so have not made it to 1000 yet in a while. Depending on the bracket I fall in (and timing) its been actually easier for me to get placement rewards vs progress rewards, so I've made pretty good progress with adding Champ levels to 3*s.

    On 5*s, I now have 3 covers for both SS and OML, and 2 for Phoenix and BSS. If I get a few more covers for OML I might start using him in PVP, but we'll see icon_e_smile.gif

    vinnygecko wrote:
    My Roster from 9/25 (pre 5 star)

    My roster from 12/31/15 (last update I had before Champions)

    My roster as of this morning

    My roster has definitely gone through some improvements over the last few months, and the champion factor over the last couple of weeks has been a big part of that, as I have received a lot of LTs just from championing my 3*s.

    My Champs are:



    Before champions, my goal was to get 1k in each pvp to slowly build up my 4*s with covers, and to max the rest of my 3*s that I thought would be good to have at max level (especially when buffed).

    Now, I'm trying to use my ISO for the following:

    -Champion the rest of my maxed 3*s once I get extra covers (based on DDQ that will probably be Mags and SW)
    -Max any other 3*s that I would like to champion based on the reward, especially if they are close to being maxed (Vision and Storm would probably be next)
    -Level up my 4* in advance to when they'll be featured in DDQ, so I have a better shot at getting the LT, and so they can eventually be used in PVP. I recently brought up IMHB to level 180 (from 111), and 4Pool to 158 (from 127). I'm now 4 for 4 on the 2nd DDQ cycle, where I was 2 for 2 on the first cycle. Also, once I knew HP wasn't going to be used for covers anymore, I invested what HP I had left in 3 IMHB covers.
    -Still aim for 1k in PVP, though I have not been as successful here due to bad timing on my part, lots of more competition because everyone actually wants the 3* placement rewards, not a great selection of boosted 3*s, or the 1k reward not being something I really want to spend the effort to get

    I do have all 5* characters now, but none are ready to be trotted out for PVP. If I get lucky with LTs and get a decent amount of covers for them, I'll invest the ISO to level them up.
  • Buret0
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    84 Characters total. 27 Champions.

    IMHB - 283
    Elektra - 273
    Iceman - 273
    4Pool - 272
    JG - 272
    CF - 272

    KK - 189
    GSBW - 172
    SW - 172
    Thor - 172
    Gamora - 171
    IF - 171
    Beast - 170
    Patch - 170
    CM - 169
    Col - 169
    Mags - 169
    Cyc - 168
    SG - 168
    Hood - 168
    Cage - 167

    OBW - 128
    Bull - 128
    Mags - 123
    Thor - 123
    Wolv - 123
    Stor - 120

    I have a usable Surfer and OML, but no Pho/BSS covers.

    I have ever 4*, but Gwen, Ghost, Miles, Venom, Cho, and Nova are all 1-5 covers. X-23, Kingpin, and IW are covered, but are still hovering in that almost unusable level 130 to 170 range. Fury, Goddess, and Antman are in that almost useful 170 to 190 range. RHulk, DD, SL, and PX are all in that 190 to 220 range. Cyc, Carnage, XFW, MRF, and Thing are 240-270 (that, I could conceivably champion this character if I get a cover, range).

    I have sold off a few characters to make room for ISO and I haven't gotten them back yet. So I'm missing a few 3*s and many of them are now (more) unusable in PvP. I have not replaced Punisher, Falcon, or Daken yet. I regret that I sold my IM40 before the changes for champion ISO. : )

    I've got all of the 2*s and I've sold all of my dupes. Currently running Juggs, Widow, Spider for 1*s, because they have useful teamups (and spider is fun to play with 5*s).
  • TxMoose
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    edited February 2016
    when champing hit, I had a 4* pvp pair (jg/hb) at 250 and was happy with them there. I had 9 maxed 3*s, with others at 140 and 120, and my 5 2*s, plus jugs. since champing hit, I've maxed hb/jg and brought iceman up from the 130s, and with 3*s I've maxed loki (from 153), gsbw (from 140), hood (from 136), torch (from 140), and gamora (from 120). I'm currently in the middle of maxing 4cyke (from 94). so my current champs are:


    currently I'm in the process of leveling cyke. he's at 235 for now. with im40 covers incoming I may push pause on him to take advantage of those covers and max im40, then go back to cyke. so, my current future plans are (always subject to change):

    1 - icon_ironman.png IM40 (from 120 = 110K)
    2 - icon_cyclops.png finish 4cyke (from 235 = 145K)
    3 - icon_deadpool.png xpool (from 145 = 330K)
    4 - icon_silversurfer.png maybe to 320ish? (from 255 = 140K)
    5 - icon_thing.png (from 145 = 330K)
    6 - at some point i'll have to decide whether the 4* ddq day for icon_captainamerica.pngicon_x23.pngicon_ghostrider.pngicon_hulkcho.pngicon_miles.pngicon_venom.png will be worth the iso it will take to get them to 145 (35K each, less for falcap from 94, so another 200K if I want those ready)

    if I ever pull an OML yellow, he'll get inserted in somewhere. not much use at 2/-/5. those 6 items will cost me 1.25 mil iso and that will take a long time to do. hopefully at some point before that's done you can add 200K for OML. that will be ~3 months working on 5-6 characters plus getting the most recent 6 to ddq level. in that time 6 more will be added. not looking pretty unless they drastically change something with iso.

    oh, totally forgot about rulk. if I get that last red, add him to the list too from 180 (another 300K iso). so that's 3+ months to just get the beginnings of a 4* core and that doesn't include others I'd like to max like 4thor, xfw, and kp. I just don't see how the whales do it.

    edit: always subject to change. since I can't run hb in heavy metal, i'll respec im40 with my covers and pour iso into cyke to use him in the pvp - probably won't quite get him to 270, but better than 235. then max im40 before my red cover expires.
  • No Champ'd or even close to Max'd 4 Stars

    Champed star.pngstar.pngstar.png


    Plans: Get covers so I can champ icon_kamalakhan.pngicon_ironfist.png and see where I am then. Hope that's enough for 1K in PVP. If not, MAYBE max out icon_blackpanther.pngicon_blade.pngicon_cyclops.pngicon_loki.pngicon_shehulk.png when I can, but I doubt that'd be the difference makers in that goal.

    Cover maxed but not level maxed: icon_caroldanvers.pngicon_falcon.pngicon_humantorch.pngicon_mystique.pngicon_punisher.pngicon_rocket.pngicon_squirrelgirl.pngicon_sentry.png While they have their uses, I don't think they'd be a huge difference maker in my team.

    Big goal right now: Get 2 more roster slots, and start opening up tokens until I get a 4* I don't have, or icon_doctoroctopus.pngicon_colossus_new.png , then I'd finally have all 3*s and can feel safe knowing I will never miss out on a 3* essential.

    After that, get to work on some 4*s, and open the bajillion tokens I got to max out my Champ'd 2*s.
  • lukewin
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    I was going to take a break from championing 3* after I got Quicksilver, who'd be #20, championed. Realized that new 5* is going to bump OML out of Latest Legends tokens, which are the reward for level 167, so I will continue championing 3* until OML is out of the LL LT. If 167 rewarded 25 CP, I would hold off since I'd buy Classic LTs, but since they reward LL LT, I want to use them to try for OML.
  • Orion
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    Fully updated roster is in my signature below.

    Champion 4*s:


    33 out of 40 Champion 3*s. Only ones missing are:


    I can't see myself championing them anytime soon. Just not enough ISO.

    10 out of 14 Champion 2*s. Need Torch, Ms. Marvel, Bullseye and Bagman. Again, just not enough ISO to worry about them right now.

    I have plenty of cover-maxed 4*s, but not enough ISO to get them even close to 270. But since my 5*s are at the point where they're better than any 4*, what's the point in leveling any of them? Sure, they're nice when they're boosted, but I'd need millions of ISO to get them all that good.

    Basically the 4* transition is a joke. You only need to level up 2 or 3 top tier 4*s, then hope you get lucky enough to get your 5*s online. Once you get 7 covers in some 5*s, the rest of your 4* roster becomes irrelevant.
  • amusingfoo1
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    When championing came out, I had the top-tier 4*s around 210, four or five 3*s maxed and a few more 3*s around 150. I immediately went into full-champion mode, and championed six or eight more 3*s (plus all my maxed 2*s and one that was 70-ish), before I finally realized I was wasting time sitting on the 4*s.

    I've since championed a couple more 3*s, but almost everything else has gone into the 4*s (a smattering has gone into small level bumps of 3* and 4*s, mostly for featured characters for PvP and for DDQ 4*).

    Now I've got three 4*s championed, two more around 250, fourteen 3*s championed (but only two more above 140, so not close on any others), and those maxed 2*s are now max championed (except one, who's at 135).

    Plan going forward? Champion those last two top-tier 4*s. Then champion Thing and DP4 (around 170, so they'll be a while. And I'll probably do them one at a time, rather than as a pair). Then? Not sure, but probably start leveling my 5*s. At least one (2-3-2 OML) is worth it already.
  • dr tinykittylove
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    I'm one cover for 2* bullseye and 2* wolvie short of having all 2*s officially being boring again, except for bagman, who continues to sneer down his bag at me and refuse to grace my pvp drops with his presence.

    My 3* army continues to tick along quietly, churning out iso, tokens, hp and cp at a surprising rate.

    Having champed 4cyc and HB, I keep wavering back and forth between various 4*s to champ next... finally settled on DPX since he seems most fun.

    Have absolutely no idea what to do with my 5*s - I voted "no idea how many tokens I've opened" on the pull rate poll, but I have a strong suspicion I'm doing better than 10%, and probably annoying everyone whining about the 5*s.

    It's possible I should surrender to the inevitable iso shortage and just do the sensible thing by levelling the 5*s instead of 4*s... but I want to play with my 4*s. I worked very hard for them!

    Have not updated my roster in my sig, but we're not even halfway into the season and pretty much everything has changed. Except OML and BSS, plus the 1*s.
  • firethorne
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    None eligible yet.

    Plans? Keep leveling the remaining 2 and 3* characters, perhaps alternating 2* then 3*, until I have a 4* I want to Champ fully covered and leveled.
  • rawfsu
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    Champions so far:



    My plan WAS to start leveling my LThor (12 covers), but her build is horrible (4/5/3) for PVP. I stopped her at level 200 due to the ISO cost. Now, I'm focused on bringing along my covered 3*'s (24) in order of effectiveness to champion and gain LT's. Since I'm pretty much done with PVE and can't reach 1300 in PVP, this is my plan for LT's moving forward. I have 3 5*'s on my roster (OML, SS, and Dark Phoenix) with only 1 cover, so I'm hoping this plan will help get at least one of them to 2 covers and usefulness. Championing has been a BIG help for a small timer like myself.
  • JeffCascadian
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    icon_kamalakhan.png will be a Champion in 2-3 days depending on how much ISO I can earn. star.pngstar.pngstar.pngicon_captainamerica.png will be next.
  • Phaserhawk
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    I went gun ho into championing 3*'s but realized that may put me a tad behind in the 4* spot so I have modified my plans as follows.

    Featured PvP 3* gets 5 levels in not maxed.

    Featured characters boosted for the week all get 1 level if not maxed.

    PvE featured 4*, 3*, 2* all get 5 levels if not maxed.

    DDQ daily 3* gets 3 levels if not maxed.

    DDQ 4* gets 5 levels if not maxed

    Any spare ISO goes to where I need it.

    So far so good, but really took an ISO hit with Quicksilver, followed by Doc Ock, Beast and IM40 all of which were not maxed so I'm slow, but I have 10 left.
  • Ebolamonkey84
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    Champs so far:


    All of them


    Other notables:
    lvl 390 OML
    All characters rostered except Green Goblin

    Level XFDP from 200 to 270, since I have 3 covers in queue plus whatever I get from heroic.
    Stockpile ISO until I get a cover for one of the following:
    Red Hulk
  • morph3us
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    morph3us wrote:
    Currently championed:




    Plan at the moment is to level OML to 345. After that, I'll max out 4Clops and RHulk, and champion them. Given the amount of iso I need to even do that, I'm not sure yet as to whether I'm going to come back to my remaining 3*s and champion them. At present, my feeling is that I probably won't (with the possible exception of 3* Deadpool, who's at 140, and will feed a couple of covers to my XDP), since the only 3*s who still see play really are SW, GSBW, Hood, and Loki. 3* Mags still remains a possibility for championing, but he's pretty far down the line.

    Update a little over a month down the track. As it turns out, none of my plans above actually turned out the way I thought they were going to icon_lol.gif

    OML is now at level 360 (and capped for covers).

    No further 4* champions, and I haven't even put any more iso into 4Clops and RHulk.

    I've added 3* Deadpool to the champion list. I also ended up championing CMags in the end too, since I leaned on him heavily in the Galactus event several weeks ago. I also championed 3* IM, since he's gone from being very niche to being one of the best 3* support characters in the game (and he's going to feed covers to my IMHB).

    I'm currently hoarding iso, for one of the following eventualities:
    (1) I draw another Phoenix cover (currently at 6 covers), in which case I'll one shot level her to 360
    (2) I have enough iso to one shot level 4Clops or RHulk. I'm more likely to level 4Clops than RHulk, but if I have a cover or two pending for either, that may change my decision.

    I can't see myself championing any other 3*s at this stage, although Iron Fist is my last outstanding 3* whom I might think about doing it for, as he's a good black generator for my 4*s and 5*s. He's only level 120 though, so it's a substantial investment. He does feed IMHB covers, though, so if I end up with enough IF covers in my queue, I might change my mind...
  • CT1888
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    Since t
    Currently championed:

    In star.pngstar.pngstar.pngstar.png land, the glut Of LT s from Championing, lucky token pulls and chasing command points in PVE have really boosted me here. I've got a 553 Hulkbuster, 335 Teen Jean, 533 WXF, 454 Fury and 253 Thor all sitting at 182
    I've got 5 blue in Prof X, so Charlie's Angels is up and running (hooray!). Antman is at 532, so may bring him up further from his current level 121, Elektra is 453 but not a priority for iso, the rest have mid to low level of covers.

    Recently reaching1000 points as been getting harder, what with all the boosted Rulks I've been seeing, but on the Groot event, getting Hulkbuster 5 red beforehand from a lucky taco made it a breeze, so we'll see how that goes in the coming weeks. Cutting back on pve again though; was taking too much time up.

    It's now about churning iso into Hulkbuster and Teen Jean now....

    And my alliance did a fantastic job in Galactus and regularly hitting top 200 in pvp, so I'm happy where I am again. Steady stream of resources, none of the pressure of top alliance's.
  • Uthgarprime
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    I have 18 3* champions and over half the 2*'s championed. Will champion all 3*'s cause I am terrible at the game despote being at day 710 plus. I will then bring all my 4*'s up as far as they can then start opening tokens. I no longer open tokens cause I don't want to throw away covers.
  • Yoik
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    Currently working on championing all my 3 stars. On Colossus atm. That then leaves Bullseye, daredevil and er… spiderman. When I have done that I will do the same to some 2 stars.

    I know this is backwards seeing as I have a fair few covers in 4 star land and a couple even championed but I like to see progress even if false on a progression sense.

    I was levelling up my 4 stars but I got bored and it never seemed like I was getting anywhere. Anyhow. When I get to a point that I have all the 2 stars champed then I’ll turn my attention to 4 stars because I’d have to
  • AsylumTKJ
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    The roster in my sign is updated.

    The last progress has been to start to lvl up my 4*, HB is now covercaped at lvl 229 and 4pool is now lvl 228, on his way to the lvl 250. When he will be 250, I'll hoard my Iso lvl him to 270 and then buy his last cover with CPs.

    The problem his, I'm not sure of my next plan...
    There is no problem in pve, but the most powerfull my roster becomes, the less I can go far in pvp. In the R&G pvp, I even didn t succeed to go to 800 with a 300+ HB, 300+ R&G and 248 CMag or 248 GSBW...
    I've only met teams with 350+ HB and 400+ OML, way to powerfull for me.
    It seems that progression in roster power means nothing if this progression is not with the top tiers chars...
  • Warbringa
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    AsylumTKJ wrote:
    The roster in my sign is updated.

    The last progress has been to start to lvl up my 4*, HB is now covercaped at lvl 229 and 4pool is now lvl 228, on his way to the lvl 250. When he will be 250, I'll hoard my Iso lvl him to 270 and then buy his last cover with CPs.

    The problem his, I'm not sure of my next plan...
    There is no problem in pve, but the most powerfull my roster becomes, the less I can go far in pvp. In the R&G pvp, I even didn t succeed to go to 800 with a 300+ HB, 300+ R&G and 248 CMag or 248 GSBW...
    I've only met teams with 350+ HB and 400+ OML, way to powerfull for me.
    It seems that progression in roster power means nothing if this progression is not with the top tiers chars...

    Don't worry you are still ahead of 3* rosters. I got to 500 in that event and all that I saw was 3* 350+ Jeanbusters (a few with OML even) and my 3* teams were all only worth 20 points making them worthless to fight. There was no in-betweens. I could waste healthpacks toiling against teams even to me in strength for 20 points per match or play teams way superior to me and lose more often than naught for 30+ point battles. This is a common experience for PvP 3*/4* transitioners today. Btw I never place high in PvP (shoot for the 300 pt mark for 2* cover and token) and I am still placed in these veteran tier brackets it seems.
  • Starsaber
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    My signature roster is up to date.

    I'm starting to get to the end of championing my main roster 2*s and I'm up to 13 championed 3*s.

    I'm a bit lost for what to work on now. Here are the priorities I'm thinking of when I have Iso.
    • SWitch to 166 as covers allow
    • 4*s to 140 as covers allow
    • 3*s to 120 as covers allow
    • 3*s 140 and above to 166 as they're PVE rewards

    Still trying to figure out what my next set of 3*s to work on outside PVE reward direction.