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    Dormammu said:
    Finally got around to champing 4-star Cyke today. I know he's a pretty straightforward character with self-synergy between his red & yellow but does anyone use him on any teams? Seems like the game has left this guy behind with far better options elsewhere in every color. I mean, even 3-star Cyclops seems more effective.
    4Cyke is no way a straightforward character. He is one of the most complex character in my opinion. The best part of him is his awesome board control (his red and blue). When you have his yellow out, even at 3 covers, it effectively doubles the population of tiles of your strongest color. His blue allows you to collect the ap from the targeted tile as well. There is not many characters that let you do that.

    One of my favorite 4Cyke team is 4Cyke+JG+Vulture. My JG has the highest level so Cyke makes purple for me.

    PS: Sadly that he is nerfed for some unknown reason when his blue cannot target TU tiles anymore. (The description didn't even say "basic tiles" before the change.)

    PS 2: If you take into account  potential ap you gain back from his red and blue, his damage outputs are quite impressive. (Similar to why IMHB black is very good.)

    PS 3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6ecbnh4abzw6abw/20171122_122525.mp4?dl=0 Here is a link to how I run him against some random dude. I will take down link soon though.

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    He has the Best board control in the 4star tier (next to Gwenpool IMO).  For the longest time his red was always my teams strongest color, so his yellow did wonders for his self-acceleration as others have mentioned. Now with so many new characters with effects and passives based on strongest colors, his yellow makes gathering your strongest AP easy without triggering enemy Carol's passive for example.

    And I have to agree as well, using his blue to target a specific color, or to help to align TU tiles by removing a colored tile can be an amazing ability. You can often gain 6+ red AP from one shot with the bonus effect of removing red strike, attack, or protect tiles. 

    His major drawback for some is that he consumes your TU AP when firing his red nuke. I have never seen this as much of a problem, and I think others rely on MBW team-up stuns too often, heh.

    I consider Cyke to be one of the most strategic characters with a great power set design. For a yellow-red-blue character, I still believe he can win a match faster than Thor, Flaptain (obv), and sometimes Peggy, yep.
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    Having Cyclops boosted in the Apocalypse boss event has put a smile on my face.

    First of all, he's a fun character to play with strategic elements and synergy found in his powers unlike any other. Boosted, he's quite effective at putting down damage and I love using his tile destruction to manipulate the board in my favor. Second of all, his classic uniform is the bomb. He looks so cool and his animations are awesome, especially when he cuts loose with his red. Third of all, using him and (Teen) Jean against Apocalypse brings me back to the classic days of when they were in X-Factor and Apocalypse was such a menace to them - it's very fitting to be kicking his tinykitty with them.