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    slidecage wrote:
    turul wrote:
    slidecage wrote:
    Top 10 YELLOW
    TOP 50 GREEN
    TOP 150 PURPLE

    Perfectly happy with that, but i think its gonna be


    Purple only turns 7 gems green at max
    Green tons of damage to the team max
    Yellow everytime someone does a spell if max heals all for 905 health (guess so starting levels sort of suck)

    i though yellow sounded the most powerful But now im starting to think
    purple still seems like the lowest thing

    looks like
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    wasnt Kamala a wwe superstar icon_e_smile.gif
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    Khan, HT, Luke Cage. Try match damaging that team
    Khan, Loki, LThor
    Khan, spidey, cyclops
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    LC/Hood. Easy. They already have purple/green partners in GSBW and SG, but Kamala is an even better one: her third skill is relevant unlike GSBW red and SG yellow, her purple can empower Hood blue even more, her green is cheaper than GSBW's and doesn't need strike tiles to be good like SG's.
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    icon_ironfist.pngicon_wolverine.png feeding his green and black while healing everyone
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    Happy Friday, MPQ fans!

    If you're looking for more details on Marvel Puzzle Quest's newest addition, Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel), you can uncover fresh info in a new interview with MPQ producer, Joe Fletcher at Marvel.com. The article explores Kamala Khan's video game debut and discussion involves the young hero's powers and personality. Preview screenshots and ability sneak peeks are included - so, you'll want to grab a read!

    You can find it here.

    "Marvel.com: With two iterations of Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel in the game already why was now the right time to add Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel?

    Joe Fletcher: Kamala is having an absolutely amazing run in the comics and is a Marvel(ous) character in her own right. Carol Danvers notwithstanding, the embiggening wonder is a perfect fit for the game in general. And releasing at the end of Women's History Month with our other initiatives such as flipping out some of our in-game comic covers, it made sense to bring out the new Ms. Marvel at this point."
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    If Falcon will trigger this, then I'm going to give

    Luke, Falcon, Kamala a try.
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    esoxnepa wrote:
    If Falcon will trigger this, then I'm going to give

    Luke, Falcon, Kamala a try.
    I don't think passives can trigger another passive
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    mjh wrote:
    esoxnepa wrote:
    If Falcon will trigger this, then I'm going to give

    Luke, Falcon, Kamala a try.
    I don't think passives can trigger another passive

    If it did LCage, IF would double heal on some turns.
  • Kamala is a great character.

    So whose face did you photoshop on her body for the final character art? The killer dwarf from that old Donald Sutherland movie? And why?
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    Oh God, the in game (posture) animation of her is horrendous. The cover image is marginally better.
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    KK/Deadpool/Colossus or Cage: Stayin' alive.
    KK/CaptMarv/Hulk: Hit me, heal me.
    KK/3*Storm/Psylocke: Who needs hit points when you can heal every round?
    KK/Spidey/Venom: Stun lock and heal until dinner time.

    Whatever troll team you think of, expect it in the next Gauntlet.
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    Its Bernadette from Big Bang Theory, the Pakistani version.

    Agree, the non-fight screen looks too oldish for her age.

    edit: lol, found on facebook:

  • Ha... she's so new half of the essential reading list doesn't have her in it.
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    Agreed. She's really competing with Invisible Woman for worse artwork.
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    She's a fan of Captain Marvel but is almost a lazy version of GSBW? What? I think D3 is losing their touch. If they had copied Marvel's abilities this would have at least made sense. Her in-game photo is also really really bad.
  • So how will Bring Out The Best work with passive powers? Will it fire when a passive power fires, say Falcon's Inspiration? Can you get into an infinite loop with Professor X's Psychic Convergence, where each power fires the other? I guess not, just wondering how it works.
  • She does kinda look like she's in her 50's and lost her dentures in the character screen picture of her. The one where you level her up. think it's the wide, thin mouth, the hair that kinda looks like a bottle job and the eye mask that looks more like granny glasses.

    Still, she has some interesting ability features.
  • Rubber characters always have interesting poses. Also the cover in the reading list would have been much better.
  • Hey awesome. Yet another ill conceived, unpopular, socially engineered politically correct character who is as popular as the average std.

    I look forward to getting my stacked team waxed by a 166 version of her.

    P.s. to the emotionally arrested dude who deletes this post, lol.