Army Of One -- New Event



  • Was able to take top 10. Made an hp/iso profit as well.

    I don't know how to stick it to D3 any other way than not pay and still get what I want.

    4/3/5 Patch.
  • Top 5 with 512 points, didn't need to shield at all throughout. Hooray for not entering the opening brackets!
  • This is the first event I didn't even bother participating in. That's not a good sign :/
  • One benefit of matchmaking being so poor and nobody getting over 8-900 in these is that I was able to sit at 300 or so for the whole tourney, never get attacked as people fight the whole time to get to the top of the board, then push in the last 30-45 mins when everyone is shielded to steal the win. I stole first place in round two this way today.
  • I started playing about 9 hours before Army of One ended. I started with ~200 points because I hadn't really been playing. I pounded my way up to 600, took me a little over 3 hours. Then I started getting attacked more frequently and yoyo'd back down to about 550. Decided to call it quits while I was still ahead. I put up an 8-hour shield, not really expecting anything, just hoping for top 45 so I could get one cover. Number one in the bracket was at about 715. I think I was in 9th place. Before I went to bed an hour later, I checked my rating and it had climbed to 6th. I woke up to find I was in the Top 5 and got three Patch covers. I have no idea how that happened. I've barely been playing the past week and have spent more time on the forums than in the game.

    It seems noteworthy that a score of 550, which before would have gotten me a recruit token, now got me Top 5. I'm not complaining, but it shows how much PVP has changed in the past couple of weeks. I like shields. They were a much needed addition. But this tourney drove home the new trend that the poor saps who don't shield stand no chance. I've gotten Top 5 a few times without shields, but this time I was not playing till my eyes burned. I didn't set an alarm to wake up an hour before the tourney ended and try to pound my way back to the top (yes, I actually have in the past). I wasn't cursing and stressed out. I wasn't pounding health packs. I think I bothered to use boosts in maybe five fights. Maybe it was my attitude. I wasn't trying, I didn't give a damn anymore, I didn't hope for anything. But I think that's the attitude of many people now. And that's really unfortunate. Besides shields, I attribute my rank almost exclusively to other people being so discouraged they didn't even bother.
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