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    Mis puntos por PvP son 500 a 700, tenéis hueco en alguna alianza
    En se
    asson final 6000-7000

    Sorry Saito, I didn't see your post before season end

    Are you still looking for an alliance? You can send me a pm if you are

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    Pyro erupts throughout the stadium as the theme song of LL, “War” by Sick Puppies begins blaring, and the camera zooms around, showing numerous fans all showing their support for the return of LL adventures. The place is packed to the rafters as many fans have brought along various types of signs including among others, ‘Finally OJSP in LL1’, ' Slice of pizza: $5, Gas: $10, Ticket: $75, Having to see IcyTemper: PRICELESS.’ and a ‘antreas1911 beat me in scrabble with five moves’ sign. They lights go out, then fireworks and the show start.

    The entrance theme of Azari Lover’s Sky's the Limit by CFO$ hits and the crowd goes into a frenzy as a spotlights shines on the stage where the boys Great One30 and systemic are standing to the side of the silhouette of the undefeated LL MPQ superstar. They move their fans to reveal the Alabama Peacock Azari Lover as she lets out a peacock scream to announce her arrival. She begins to walk down the ramp while yelling at the camera.

    Azari Lover: “This IcyTemper era is a joke! If you're looking for the new face of LL, look no further than the party peacock herself! I should be The LL World Heavyweight Champion and I'm about to prove it! “

    She continues to walk down the ramp until she reaches the bottom where one of the boys gets on all fours for Azari Lover to step on and enter the ring. Once inside they set up like they always do and reveal Azari Lover yet again, this time with her wings revealed and thousands of lights go off as everyone wants to capture this moment in time for forever.

    The boys hand her a mic.

    Azari Lover: “Season 31-32, The Queen of the Galaxy, Championship gold. It was a no brainer. The perfect opportunity. Instead My time, my spotlight was robbed. Not only me, all of you were robbed from the glorious would be reign of Azari Lover. IcyTemper and his new era decided to cheat, lie and steal instead of fighting me and LL1 like the champion I clearly am because let's make no mistake about it, this is what a real champion looks like. “

    The crowd cheers as Azari Lover shows herself off while her boys hand off the LL World Heavyweight Belt to her.

    Azari Lover: “You see I am a happy woman. I am walking in here tonight with another shiny accessory. But that LL Championship meant so much more to me. You have no idea how important it is to my and your futures. Drink it in IcyTemper. I know you're watching back there. You probably think I'm some sort of fairy princess pushover but looks can be deceiving. Every single person I've been in the MPQ with has underestimated me, and every single person I've been in the MPQ pvp side with has ended up on the losing end. “

    The signature smirk of Azari Lover creeps upon her face.

    Azari Lover: “My record is very telling of how much better I am then these other challengers. I find this whole LL rivalry ridiculous and insulting. Just as it was with the first ever LL Battle Royale that we had won recently, this way to determine who the best LL alliance is has absolutely no merit. I am undefeated. Not a single loss since season 31 and I was dominating in the top 2 since season 27 and yet I'm forced to compete in a rumble where once again my superior in MPQ abilities could get pushed aside for someone with a lucky draw or in this case opponent. I actually don't think a single person in LL besides my brother the California Bull VeloRx can beat me. But this was before the IcyTemper era, unfortunately he had been corrupted by IcyTemper lying, cheating and stealing like many others! That corruption have changed my brother he is not the same anymore… IcyTemper is stealing all the spotlight of everyone for him. “

    The crowd cheers as they are firmly behind Azari Lover and strongly dislike IcyTemper.

    Azari Lover shuts her eyes, tilts her head back and takes a deep breath, as if to let it all sink in.

    Azari Lover: “Hmmmm... ahhh.... feels good, doesn't it? The magnitude. The spectacle. The prestige. The pressure. There's nothing like it. This is what it feels like at the top, Jey... the thin air at high altitude that changes the way you think about things, the view from the top that changes your perspective.

    I of course have already beaten and put out of LL Nwman, Lefrturn24, WelcomeDeath, Chey… and numerous ex-LL. Only piro_plock came close to beat me 2 seasons ago but cannot do the job done. I'm sorry IcyTemper but it's true. While you may be a hell of a fighter, you're not better than me. Punch me or any LL1 in the face all you want like you did so well during the first LL Battle Royale, I'll be throwing you up and down in any MPQ PVP match. “

    Azari Lover is about to continue on until...

    Piro_plock's theme, 'War Machine' by Kiss begins to play, the famous riff playing over the snapping snare drum before finally the drum fill plays and the theme kicks into full swing.

    Piro_plock stands at the top of the entrance, staring down the audience and Azari Lover, he beats on his chest twice, before throwing his arms up for his signature taunt, pyrotechnics erupt from both sides of the stage that signal for a pop from the crowd. As Piro_plock stares down the LL champion upon his stroll, it's clear The War Machine has a game plan as he makes his way downward. He takes a microphone from the staff as he cruises his way up the steel staircase, microphone in hand. Piro_plock stand besides Azari Lover and look to her and indicating with his fingers at how close he came to beat her in season 31.

    Piro_plock: "You smell that in the air? It's victory, baby. I can already smell the stench of tears from LL2 losers, and the ****-touched, hurried confetti to support the winners. But, if you're on not in LL1, you're already crying because you couldn't make it on the mainstream product. That's where I come in. There ain't no time for tears, when there's a war to be waged across this family started by IcyTemper and his new era. There's blood to spilt, terror to be raised, and competitors to submit to LL1 and 'The War Machine'. Gotta' hand it IcyTemper and Archemedes on those notes. But no one ever called IcyTemper or Archemedes any kind of War Machine. They might be called "The Chosen One", or "The Brain", but they're just that."

    Piro_plock: "But, what about you Piro_plock? I'm the bonafid Apex, Ultra Hybrid competitor of this sport that is MPQ! That's exactly god-damn-why they call me The War Machine! If you pit me against an Army, I'll blow them all away. If you trap me against an Insurgency, I'll hunt them all down. But, somehow still IcyTemper and his connies think I won't crush any competitor they put in front of us. Because lemme' tell you something, LL2 Staff. You're all in for a rude awakening. We will continue to absolutely clobber you like we did all these past season and in that LL Battle Royale that was totally dominated by us and we won it easily. "

    Piro_plock: "But, that brings me to another point I'd like to make. People that watch my pve events like to tell me that I'm getting a lil' old, I'm pushing up the daisies, or I'm losing my steam. I'll say it as many times as I have to: The War Machine is a Full-Fledged Vicious Cycle! It doesn't stop for lunch breaks, to talk to friends, or to at least have more fun than I'm already having. It doesn't stop, because nothing can halt The Poland-made Semi-Truck that I am! The Biblical Red Horseman of War cowers in my wake, as I rip apart the earth more than any demon, or man could ever imagine! I'm above that Heaven-and-Hell ****, because neither of them want me. That's exactly what makes me a Vicious Cycle, because The War Machine won't ever run out of fuel, until men run out of sins to commit.-"

    We head backstage where we go to the IcyTemper office and once again he is not alone. With him all his LL2 commanders Archemedes, Cletus1985, Prime1138, inder909 and Mascot964 who all looks quite upset at the LL first Battle Royale results. As the mics pick up the butt end of their conversation.

    Icy Temper: "The plan worked we had the deal with the crewsaders and clochards since they split and they helped us hitting LL1. Having VelorX, Cletus1885, Fahq1977 and many others of us stay low and snipe LL1 worked perfectly. "

    Cletus1985: "You bet it was so fun to hit leftrturn24. "

    Archemedes: "That guy is a pure masochistic, we hit him so many times… hit by us, crewsaders and clochards. It was delicious! "

    Mascot964: "He showed a lot of tenacity and still scored better than many of us. "

    Inder909: "We scared him a lot with his suggested truce he wanted haha!!! And your plan Mascot964 of having some of our new recruit to join until the last minute was perfect, this way LL1 didn’t snipe them since they didn’t show as LL2. "

    IcyTemper: "Look, I know we have never been “friends” with LL1 but this first LL Battle Royale was one of the times a year where we had to really literally beat LL1, it’s a no hold barred, friendly tap allowed and even encouraged. The audience have been tuning in just for that special event. They’ll have to. Which is why I wanted to have all LL2 members in it at the first LL Battle Royale which is going to highlight the best of the LL2 pvp Division and to show everyone once and for all the LL2 is here to stay and to dominate the pvp side of the LL family. Our participation was great 18 and we lost, I cannot believe it! "

    IcyTemper doesn’t look happy about it as he slinks away clearly not happy seeing LL1 winning the First LL Battle Royale. Mascout964 doesn’t seem all that bothered by it as he heads back to his desk and sits down. He begins investigating and writing some notes when finally.

    Mascot964: "Hold up! Audit! OJSP does not appear registered and we have to disqualify him since he didn’t play in slice 2… Damn! This is not enough to beat them… Let me check more I have worked in a Donal Trump audit more than 10 times this year alone, I will find something else. Found also that leadgbb, antreas1911, Maxim1980 were not registered too. NOoooo! It’s still not enough to beat them. "

    Archemedes: "What do you mean there is something else we can use? He What??! Right here check this, we cannot lost like that. "

    Mascot1964: "Ah!!! Ducon the double agent was spotted and his score removed so we are winning now LL1: 17 675 vs LL2: 17 998. Final and official score of the LL Battle Royale is up with 15 members of LL1 against 18 members of LL2. "

    IcyTemper: "Yes!!! Let’s announce the true result then! "

    IcyTemper opens his office door and bolts his way through the backstage corridors with the others LL2 commanders, passing LL MPQ superstars and MPQ staff as he goes. It is soon apparent that LL2 commanders are heading to the stage.

    IcyTemper: "Where is he? Where is Malorick? I'm going to show him who is the best this time. Does anyone know where he went? "

    The Feed goes backstage as a camera man is walking around a corner, Stopping in his tracks when the all he sees is a very large body standing in front of him blocking his way. The camera pans slowly up to look at a stern look from a familiar face, seemingly ready to rip the camera man’s head off when a voice behind him is heard.

    ???: "Mercator let the uggo in, he's bringing in the camera remember. "

    After a snarl from mercator, he steps aside and unhooks a velvet rope allowing the cameraman in the LL1 commander lounge, as it adjust you see the reflection of the man who spoke as a woman is massaging his shoulders.

    Arsenal265: "My name is arsenal265, you may call me The … Lethal Weapon. It really doesn't matter what any of you say about me, in my world it's always been about what you see about me. And what you see is the best of LL. As far as my friend over there, none of you need to worry you're uggo little heads about him. Most famous people need enforcers, and since we are the best LL this MPQ Universe has ever seen we've him and other as the first guard for LL. "

    As arsenal265 gets distracted looking at his friend commander DanielOwns sitting at his desk with MjMacka. He seems a little flustered with paperwork. There is a rather large stack sitting on the corner of his desk. He goes to grab a few of the papers and throwing it to the garbadge. Arsenal265 as he lifts an eyebrow up and moves his hand up to his chin, DanielOwns steps up to speak.

    DanielOwns: "There is enough of all these cry babies, I cost you, you cost me. That's not how it works in my books. Once something has started, you finish it, we are in that new “IcyTemper” era so the truce is off MjMacka and you know tells this to all of the LL alliances, we finally get to put an end to this. "

    Mercator: "There is no one, and there is nothing that can stand in our-"

    Arsenal265 raises a finger up wagging it from side to side telling Mercator to be quiet as he's still being massaged by the random sexy girl.

    Arsenal265: "Where was I? Oh right, back to me. I came to LL1 to make a name for myself, to prove why I am more than just a...Lethal Weapon, powerhouse, impeccably awe-inspiring leader...You may ask what's changed since the last time I was around in LL5, you may ask how I expect to do all these things, you may ask what products I use to get myself to look this strong. All your questions will be answered and show off what exactly arsenal265 is capable of. All except the products one, if you have to ask, you can't afford it you Wanna-Be MPQ. "

    Arsenal265' eyes move to Mjmacka, he gets a look of disgust as he leans forward away from the woman massaging him, turning to speak to her.

    Arsenal265: "Yeah, you're ugly to me now, why don't you go work on your personality or whatever you nitwit do for a living. "

    She looks offended, ready to slap the taste out of his mouth but her hand is caught midway from it's target by Mercator who simply lifts her up and places her outside the velvet rope. Arsenal265 stands up and looks straight into the camera with Mercator towering behind him.

    Aersenal265: "LL, and the MPQ Federation in general, are about to get a much needed facelift. Because now that arsenal265 and Mercator are in the LL Illuminati there is nothing to stop us from becoming the Face of the LL industry...not that any LL2 can stop us from anything anyways. Mercator, I'm bored with this camera now, take it outside I need to wash that uggos germs off of my shoulders. "

    MjMacka: "Tonight we have an amazing banquet of celebration. Another marvelous spread of food, where we would feast on the adulation and praise of each and every one in LL1 for another victorious season over LL2 and as the Winner of the LL Battle Royale. Confetti, balloons, streamers, even a pyrotechnics display will be on the stage to celebrate for our glorious night. However, what you all need to realize is that is now the time to go in the stage join Azari Lover and Piro_plock to bluster and bravado. "

    As arsenal265 walks behind Mercator, the big man puts one hand engulfing the camera lens completely, you see a struggle as the camera suddenly goes all static and the feed returns to the show.

    "The Game" by Motorhead's begins blasting throughout the stadium as Malorick and all the LL1 commanders emerges from behind the curtain, the crowd have a mixed reaction tonight, some are behind LL1 after what all their success, but other are behind LL2.

    Malorick holds his 7.5k+ LT/CP briefcase at his side for the camera to get the best look of him. Wasting no time, him and the rest of the LL1 commanders come out as the fans are cheering loudly and crazy for them and they head straight to Azari Lover and Piro_plock and give them the LL salute. Malorick tossing his microphone up, further along the pipe so that he may raise it to his mouth, Malorick start to speaks as he looking at all LL1 commanders.

    Malorick: "We earned this. This opportunity to face you LL2 in the First LL Battle Royale. Through penance and hard work, we have risen above the rest. We're the best LL alliance, IcyTemper. Nwman's moved to somewhere, Lefrturn24's is moving, while Chey… and WelcomeDeath are God knows where. So that's right, IcyTemper. We'r the better LL alliance, and it's so fitting that I get to prove my point by accepting your challenge in that special LL Battle Royale in exactly what we claim ourself to be -- the better LL alliance. it's a matter of hard work. Let’s go back to the Battle Royale, right? It was so fun to beat you again and again, sniping all of you LL2. Even if we were aware of all your lies and cheating tactics… like your alliance with the crewsaders and clochard. But you didn't get it done, we won. So, shut up there.

    This is professional MPQ in that what you call the IcyTemper era, and I have to deal with usurpers. I've to give credits to Fahq1977 for his harassment and sniping in the rumble. Not you, nor anybody else. It’s him that deal the most damage to us it was really the MVP player of the LL Battle Royale. Don't get me wrong. I respect Fahq1977. I respect Fahq1977 because he did something that most of people can't do, hell nobody would have think to hit me back to back in the Battle Royale. I’m the King of the Kings, the Supreme Commander of LL, The Originator Of LL, you don’t touch that! But that guy have some guts. Kudos also to TretasLixado that was not afraid of the LL Godfather too. You better be ready Fahq1977 because you were lucky that you didn’t cost us this match. Because IcyTemper and everyone in the LL locker room that I not only belong here, I also own here! "

    Crowd cheers Malorick once again.

    Malorick: "So ladies and gentlemen, madames et monsieurs enjoy our celebration. Cue the music, and let the confetti, balloons rain. "

    Malorick points to the sky, and no confetti falls or the music isn't playing. Malorick looks annoyed by this when all of a sudden

    The LL Big screen come alive and the song "This Fire Burns" by Killswitch Engage begins to play throughout the stadium, IcyTemper comes out as the fans are cheering loudly and crazy for him.

    He sees his nemesis on stage as he continues to make his way down the ramp followed by all members of LL2. Knowing he is interrupting what is supposed to be a special time for LL1 he ignores it as he poses for the crowd.

    IcyTemper: "Oh my bad. Was I interrupting something? Don't worry I'm not going to hit you like we did so well during the LL Battle Royale so tell your puppet One, puppet Two, puppet Three, puppet Four and puppet Five there to back off. I just want to say a few words and congratulate the winner of the Battle Royale. So congratulations... you lost. You still suck but you lost. "

    The crowd goes wild and they then start a "Malorick SUCK" chant. IcyTemper looks at Malorick and Archemedes and smiles at them

    IcyTemper looks to go in the middle of the stage, but he signals all LL2 to surround the stage. He is telling Archemedes to go deliver the LL Battle Royale results.

    Archemedes: "As The Brain of LL2 here your official certified letter about the real result of the LL Battle Royale. "

    Malorick receive the letter and start to read the papers in his hands while Archemedes continues.

    Archemedes: "Seriously? You were thinking that you can beat us in our terms after we have challenged you. Big mistake on your part. I AM The Brain behind the new face of LL2. I am The Brain that help The Chosen One IcyTemper in LL2 to make the what is the new LL2 and the whole LL family better. And unlike all the other so-called commanders in LL1, I live up to my job title. I don’t just stand outside during pvp matches, I don’t just sit in the corner and looking at my commander insignia. I manage IcyTemper life, from his pvp career, for his new recruits, to his bookings, to his strategy in every match he’s in. I take pride in what I do, We’ve brought LL2 in the top25 like LL1 and we have also flirted with the top10. We have improved a lot in the last 4 seasons with my recruitment for LL2. What has LL1 ever done? Nothing. Next to nothing, Middle of nothing, out in the middle nowhere doing nothing. Then you got bored and decided to go run some taco stand on the side street or something. But you, all bark and no bite. You think that you will open that briefcase? "

    IcyTemper starts to make his way towards the stage and smirks at Malorick.

    IcyTemper: "That not only that but that you're going to be the one to run me off? Nobody runs IcyTemper off. I arrive when I decide to arrive... kind of like right now. And I leave when I want to leave...which will be soon. I have some pie in the back and no I don't mean that pie. I mean the other pie. Well not that one, but that one. Just take my word for it.

    Now as far as champion goes... really? The pint sized man here thinks he is a King of the Kings? The only thing he is is extremely lucky to do well but he wouldn't dare admit to that. That is the big secret that he doesn't want to reveal. Because we all know that whenever he decides to cash it in he will fail. That you Malorick... are nothing more than a failure as a King. Because you have your goons there that would bail on you as soon as someone offered them more money. This Nwman and Lefrturn24 affair ring a bell to you! So don't get too ahead of yourself there little man. You still have a long way to go. That is even to reach my status. So keep dreaming, keep speaking that you're the big bad dog when you're the tiny little rat dog yapping about nothing.

    So while it would be nice to have confetti fall, to have the big grand celebration... I decided that I would give you one instead. Congrats. You're about to fall.... You’v already started to fall… That lost in the LL Battle Royale was just another defeat to add to your team. Strange that we didn’t have news from you and that the LL adventures were not on television for a month. You didn’t want to show to all the MPQ Universe that we have beated you 4 times in one pvp season!!! "

    IcyTemper continues to stare down and then turns away to Archemedes.

    IcyTemper: "Hey Archemedes! Look at these guys! They say they have accepted our challenge. LL vs LL2. SmackYoFaceDown vs Roar. A quarter of their team pees in their pants and disqualify themselves, and they come up with some tinykitty 'average points per player' scoring system at the end of the event. You have to wonder, Archemedes, are they warriors or accountants?

    We have the better team. We won. To claim otherwise is ****. But you know... I am a good person. These whiners want to be recognised as winners?

    I can compromise. Because I look at these tiny people with their tiny minds and I think, hell! I've got a good name for them! "

    The LL2 squad simultaneously raise their little fingers to the LL team in a universally understood gesture to mock manhood. The crowd goes silent. Then, someone laughs... "Wiener!" ...

    The cheap remark earns LL2 some cheers from the crowd, Malorick look at the LL Battle Royale results and laughs as he continue to read the results. He drops the microphone and snaps his fingers pointing at entrance ramp.


    As the infamous glass shatters, the capacity crowd are all brought to their feet as the theme music of the one and only "Australian Tasmanian Devil" begins to play throughout the stadium. It isn't long before they are greeted by the arrival of the man the theme belongs to as OJC80 comes walking out from behind the curtain and makes his way down the ramp to the stage.

    MjMacka: "Bah gawd, business just picked up! Someone had to shut IcyTemper up. "

    OJC80 pass through LL2 enters the stage with microphone in hand, give some papers to Archemedes as he raises his microphone to his mouth. Archemedes is kind of surprise about this and look at it.

    OJC80: "Ya know, they say there's two certainties in life and those are death and taxes. For me, there's a third certainty. I can be certain that every time I come ta' play MPQ I'm gonna find yer fat **** out here with a micra'phone takin' up valuable television time talkin' about IcyTemper. Well just like at LL Battle Royale, I've decided I've heard more than enough a' you flappin' yer little gums an' that's why I'm out here, so that you'll shut the hell up for a few minutes. But these people don't just want IcyTemper ta' shut up, they want OJC80 the Australian Tasmania Devil ta' speak up. There's a few questions that the public wants answered so here we go. The first thing they wanna know is why I chose ta' come outta of LL0 now, and the answer ta' that is quite simple. I've been dissatisfied with how LL Battle Royale went down since the night it went down and I've been wantin' ta' make it up to the fans ever since, I just had ta' wait patiently and pick my moment. The weeks and months went by until finally, LL Battle Royale came around.

    As I've already made clear to ya, OJC80 loves the LL familiy and has been part of every one the You Dubya Eff has held in some form or fashion so he showed up ta' raise a little hell and drink a little beer. Until he saw you and IcyTemper holding up the show over the fact who is the better LL alliance, that is. When I saw you two bastards standing in OJC80's playground holding up OJC80's favorite show, he got pissed off. He looked at that backstage monitor and thought aloud, "Someone's gotta kick IcyTemper's ****" and then I came out ta' do it. So ta' answer the question, "Why IcyTemper?", that's why.

    Now as far as what I hope ta' prove at the first LL Battle Royale when I entered and registered myself with LL1 one-on-one in this here event, the answer ta' that question is simple as well. OJC80 plans ta' prove that he's still the same hell raisin', mudhole stompin' sumbitch he's always been when he opens up a can of whoopass on IcyTemper.

    Now there's one more thing they wanna know, and that's what to expect from ol' OJC80 in the future. Well besides the **** whoopin' comin' IcyTemper's way at the LL Battle Royale, OJC80 honestly hasn't thought that far yet. He has thought as far as and the LL Battle Royale was a one time only with the The Best There Is, The Best There Was, And The Best There Ever Will Be that is LL1 however and what you can expect from OJC80 is this... I am here to train and help the future of LL like Grymmjyia is doing and like OJSP did. "

    OJC80 stands tall in the stage staring down the Chosen One IcyTemper while smiling at Malorick.

    Archemedes is angry and all of a sudden turns to IcyTemper as he confirm that OJC80 was really registered as the last entry in the LL Battle Royale and his score is legal and need to be counted so the real results of the LL Battle are LL1: 18 501 vs LL2: 17 998. Final and official score of the LL Battle Royale is up with 16 members for LL1 against 18 members of LL2.

    IcyTemper cannot believe this and freak out and is yelling for Mascot1964, Mascot1964 appears back on the stage.

    IcyTemper: "Mascot1964, you miserable failed us! I have had it up to here with your audit. I graciously kept your job alive by letting you be a royal servant in my Era of IcyTemperity but you have failed me and tried to embarrass me. No one embarrasses The Chosen One! I've had enough of you, Mascot1964. Wipe your **** with our contract, huh? Well I wipe my **** with your career. You're Fired! "

    IcyTemper throws down the microphone and takes his foot and rolls out of the stage. IcyTemper absorbs the boos from the fans and loves every second of it!

    Archemedes: "Oh my God! Yes! The freakshow is finally gone! All hail our noble General IcyTemper! "

    IcyTemper exits the stage with a smile on his face as we fade out of tonight's show on Mascot1964 just standing there in surprise as anyone else and the crowd, as well as Mascot1964, can't believe it. Mascot1964 is shocked as he sits there on his knees, running his fingers through the hair on the sides of his head in disbelief. LL adventures then fades to black.

    End of the show

    Credits to IcyTemper for his speech to Archemedes.

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    Had fahq1977 NOT been in meetings all afternoon, even the "calculated" total would have been in LL2s favor.

    With far sparser rosters, the Deuce held its own, and fought like lions.

    The savanna is ours, LL1 can have the towns.

    But we are coming for you, all of you, when you least expect it.
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    We open on the parking lot a few hours before the show to an ambulance and a crowd converged upon a scene. We see the EMTs loading someone onto a stretcher. We then see that someone is none other than the father of a LL2 member. The EMTs load the unconscious into the back of the ambulance and pull out of the parking lot, seemingly straight to the nearest hospital.

    The theme song of LL “War” by Sick Puppies begins to play all around the stadium but is immediately drowned out by the noise of both the opening pyrotechnics and the hot crowd who are amped up and looking forward to another incredible LL adventures. The crowd go wild for the second edition of the Battle Royale- Vengeance. Pyro blasts out from the stage in every direction imaginable, lighting up the stage in a sea of yellow. As the pyro dies down the camera does a pan of the stadium to show all of the excited fans in MPQ Universe who have brought along various types of signs including among others, ‘You think I’m stupid? My brother is a LL2 fan!’, ‘Stop Firing and hiring back Archemedes’ and a beautiful young girl with ‘DrNitroman, I’m finally 18’. They lights go out, then fireworks and the show start.

    Immediately after the fireworks and pyro goes off, the hot MPQ crowd is taken by surprise when when the guitar rift of "Ocean size" by Jane Addiction begins to play and the fans stand to their feet cheering as loudly and wildly as they can for The Brain of LL2 Archemedes.

    He appears all smiles as he turns to the camera.

    Archemedes: "Power Gem Season. You’ll see who is number One. Spoiler alert… it’s us LL2".

    Archemedes turns away from the camera and runs down the ramp and slides in on the stage and throws up the LL salute to the fans that they return to him. He goes to the far side of the stage and grabs the mic from the stagehand.


    The fans once again erupt into cheers and start chanting LL2 before they start to simmer down.

    Archemedes: "But most importantly we went into that Power Gem Season as the True PVP main eventer of LL. Of the LL and we walked out just like we said we would. As your LL main event. As your number one LL PVP champion here.

    We walked out there at Power Gem Season with the expectation that we would win and there was nothing that was going to deter us. Nothing that was going to keep us from achieving that. Whether we opened the show, worked somewhere in the middle or closed the season none of that mattered. All that mattered was our laser focus on being the face that truly runs this place and we set out to do what we said we would do.

    We wasn't going to let anything keep us from it. When that season bell rang we wasn't going to sit back like LL1 and look from their top of their tower and just enjoy the cruise.

    We wasn't going to let them make the first move. Instead we went straight on the attack. We went head first because that's what they needed. That's what Azari Lover needed was someone that had NO FEAR and would go straight at her and did what everyone else seemed to have so much trouble doing and that was to take her out. We put her on his back and we beat us not once but twice and we were declared the winner.

    The tides have turned in the LL and I'm the one guiding these tides. I'm the one that is moving things forward. I’m The Brain of LL2, the right hand of our leader The Supremacist … IcyTemper.”

    The crowd cheer at the mention of IcyTemper's name, Archemedes gets even more animated as he points right into the entrance.

    The crowd stand on their feet awaiting the victor of Power Gem Season, but no one ends up coming out. A quick cut in the audio and video displays a new image on the LL Big Screen. A camera feed is picked up out in LLs parking lot, which shows none other than a transport truck entering the venue, with The Chosen One IcyTemper at the wheel. As he drives by, the mic on the camera picks up "Malorick, we coming for you!" and the trailer of the truck quickly zooms by the camera, showing the letters LL2 on the side. The camera chases down the truck which comes to halt right outside the stadium entrance, but no the truck continue straight into the stadium as "This Fire Burns" by Killswitch Engage begins to play throughout the stadium, signifying the arrival of The Best in the World MPQ Superstar IcyTemper.

    The truck continue his way up to the stage and then halt blocking the entrance ramp. IcyTemper jumps out. He walks to the back, unhooks the trailer, and LL2 members VeloRx, Rod5, TetrasLixado, Cletus1985, Crescentdeep, Fahq1977, Prime1138, Neo2328, pinko mcfly, kbny9, Kellythegreat, and then the new LL2 Morphius21, Alvin.lal and j0nats from LL5 and Horribus from LL1 come piling out the back. The LL2 crew begin walking towards the building looking quite intimidating.

    While the theme song still plays and the fans are rather quiet and impress with that entrance, after a couple minutes the LL2 appears on the stage, and the fans start to collectively cheers, while we can see LL2 fans wear their LL2 shirts and cheer for this moment. IcyTemper steps out in front of the other men and turns around to talk to them. After a couple moments and some hand signals, the LL2 commanders Rod5, Cletus1985 and Prime1138 shake IcyTemper hand and head to the stage while the rest surround the stage. IcyTemper turns back around where we can see the back of his shirt with "Best In The World" written on it, salutes the crowd amongst the cheers, and climb the stair to the stage towards Archemedes, all whilst pointing at him, talking to himself, and does that wrist-twisty thing as he look at Archemedes.

    He walks up the steel steps and climbs to the top, unhooking the LL World Heavyweight Championship from his waist and screaming that he's the ""Best in the World!" while raising it triumphantly in the air to another positive reaction from the LL Universe.

    After finally getting to the middle of the stage, IcyTemper grabs a mic off the floor, and begins to settle in.

    IcyTemper: "".............""

    IcyTemper isn't able to get a word in as "Let's Go Icy, Icy Sucks" chants begin to pour in. The Let’s Go Icy side of the chant is by far dominating the others.

    IcyTemper: "I guess before I address you Archemedes, there are some people out here and back stage that want to know what that little truck is all about. Well let me tell you something that you already know because you are the Brain of LL2... you don't get that truck by losing at Power Gem Season!"

    IcyTemper claps and most of the people in attendance do as well, only because of their like for champion.

    IcyTemper: "You do get that truck however, when you're a business man. When you're a leader. When you know what needs to be done to help you and your family succeed. We are the LL2 the LL True PVP alliance, and we need to make an entrance. With that 18 wheeler, whether we are out in the parking lot, or out on the highway touring, you better believe that we are a force wherever we go - and there is no bigger force than a good ol' 18 wheeler."

    IcyTemper turns his attention from the fans, to Archemedes.

    IcyTemper: "Now Archemedes..."

    The crowd cheer at the mention of Archemedes name.
    IcyTemper: "I'm the one that is making things change. I'm the one that is showing these guys what it truly takes to be a champion. That it is more than just carrying the belt but it is about having the pride of a champion. The pride to be the absolute best that this industry has ever seen. “

    To be the best you have to be the best and the best was supposed to be Maloricks LL1 team and Azari Lover and … we beat not only her but the whole LL1. Now who stands as the best? Even though I have now the Azari Lover belt... our belt... this title has been elevated to being THE BELT in LL. I am THE MAN in LL. And all of you are witnesses to me being THE CHOSEN ONE that beat LL1!”

    The fans feel the passion of their LL champion as they cut him off to start cheering for him again as IcyTemper looks towards the crowd and lowers his mic as he nods and mouths “Thank you” to the fans. They start to simmer down again as he raises his mic.

    IcyTemper: "So the big question is what is next. What is next for IcyTemper and LL2. We accomplished our goal in defeating Malorick’s team and his Queen of Galaxy Azari Lover and is now the defacto number one PVP champion in the LL. Well if anybody has been paying attention then they would know what is next for me. We have bring this belt inside LL2 but I am not the Champion of this season, NO… even if I have beat Azari Lover.

    So what is next is for me is to go out there and defend this belt to make sure it stay in LL2 and to get it back to me and prove that I am the absolute best. To continue proving that there is nobody out there better than me. To continue to prove that I am the one rightful and true champion. My goal has not changed. LL1 Illuminati was a huge task to have to take care of. But once that was taken care of my job isn't done because I still feel I have to establish myself even more. I still feel that people will question that win. I still feel that there will be others out there that will think that they can walk in and not even give it all they have and defeat me and that infuriates me.

    That pisses me off because I'm not going to allow them to disrespect me and our title like that. There will be nobody out there that will disrespect me and this title. It’s the LL2 title. I am the Supremacist for a reason and I will defend this crown for our LL2 fans. I will put my body on the line night in and night out each and every city we travel to for you fans. I will make sure that when you see me on the stage it might not be the prettiest performance. I have one ugly not covered Green Goblin and my IM46 would give any LL laugh with his 1 cover but damn it I'm going to try to do it for all of you.

    For my fans... for you the MPQ universe... your champ... is... “

    IcyTemper slowly points to the back

    IcyTemper: "here. “


    The crowd pops loudly as the theme music of Nwman begins playing unexpectedly for the first time in a long time.

    From the back arrives a stretch limousine as the theme of the new bank of LL plays on the stadium soundsystem. Fans, still perplexed about a return of Nwman, instead as the car comes to a stop and the door opens, and out steps the man himself, in suit and tie to smile at the adoring LL2 nation followed by two Ladies Lena K. and Pangaroo. Yiub1809 and his ladies waves as they walks down the ramp, rounding the big truck to collect a microphone before jogging up the stage steps and entering joining IcyTemper and LL2 commanders to give them the LL high five, and finally turning his mic on to speak. IcyTemper give the LL belt to Yiub1809.

    Yiub1809: "What's Up, MPQ Universe?! “

    The crowd goes crazy as they begin chanting "Yiub!" over and over again. IcyTemper give the belt to Yiub1809 and shake his hands and then point his finger toward the LL champion to the delight of the crowd. Yiub1809 grabs his belt, then raises it in the air to a chorus of cheers from the capacity crowd as he holds it aloft.

    Yiub1809: "Thank you for that. Now as the new LL champion and bank of LL, I would like to formally welcome every single one of you to new era, the LL2 era! After Power Gem Season being the success it was, we now look ahead towards the road to the very next Time Gem Season. First things first, I gotta address the elephant in the room. We are currently undergoing investigations as to what exactly happened to the father of our new LL2 member Lena K. during the Battle Royale Vengeance, but I guarantee you that we will find out who is responsible and I will take care of him personnaly. IN the mean time I will take care of him since I am a the best doctor in the MPQ Universe. I wanna personally and on behalf of everyone here in the LL, wish you a speedy recovery. Get Well Soon.”

    Yiub1809 and Lena K hug it out. Rod5 smiles and turn to IcyTemper doing the finger quotes and we can hear.

    Rod5: "Accident… This is typical of your tactic, my General.”

    Yiub1809: "But having said that, Lena would agree, that the show must go on and this didn’t stop her and us to win that second edition of the LL Battle Royale – Vengeance… and this is the official result! "

    Yiub1809 is getting the crowd worked up as he makes announcement after announcement.

    Yiub1809: "Now, how am I making all of these decisions? I am the LL World Heavyweight Champion and the richest man of LL after all but not only that but also Everybody has a price for the Billionnaire Prince, just ask Horribus that is here with us directly from LL1 MOUAWAHA! Or Lena K. that we offer more in one day than she can gain in 1 year at her taco stand. I even bought Nwman theme song for me. Oh! Don’t forget that I bought scad and DanielOwns contracts and sent them to new destinations far away of LL1 MOUAWAHA!

    Therefore that leaves me in charge as the LL General Bank Manager. Now with LL1 beaten and weaken, that leaves the question of their champion The Queen of the Galaxy Azari Lover, the ex-LL Champion for several seasons. At Power Gem season, we saw our General The Supremacist IcyTemper and me your Billionaire Prince, the Doctor of Perfection soundly defeat The Alabama Peacock to become the new LL World Heavyweight Champion. Azari Lover has also been granted a leave of absence to recuperate from this defeat. "

    Yiub1809 doesn't dwell on this for too long before moving on to the next announcement.

    Yiub1809 : "You see it’s a new era and LL2 is changing the world, we are so generous that during the season we were offering charities spots to help our LL family to gain more reward and we will continue this like other LL commanders are doing and since we are talking about generosity. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate Pangaroo for her generous donations of medical equipment to Duke of Gloucester ward to support our patients. Your generous donation will go a long way to helping them and beyond. Thank you! You have made a real difference in the lives of the patients we serve. Pangaroo, thank you once again for your donation. It means the world to us! This is the true spirit of LL2. “

    Yiub1809 and Pangaroo hug it out as the crowd cheers.

    Yiub1809: "That brings me to what I have accomplished here as the LL Champ. I proved to everyone that I am the one true champion of LL. Let me educate you Malorick. LL2 is the platform on which Team IcyTemper is salvaging and redefining the sport of professional pvp in MPQ. I am part of an elite team of MPQ PVP professionals who continue to surpass all expectations and definitions of what "excellence" can mean.

    In the second edition of the Battle Royale Vengeance we fought LL1 and won, and now you seem to think you know what we're about here. Believe me when I tell you, you don't have a clue. Beating LL1 again after we beat them last season isn't impressive, it was predictable. LL is chock full of world-class contenders, many of whom are competing in the G1. I've already beat most of them. Former world champion, record-holders, the most decorated names in LL history - I've proven to be the best one. I'm still proving it. Reigning... defending.... LL2 Champion. The true world champion of LL. This isn't LL1. I don't just face half of the challengers.

    You know that the last dozen guys I've ran through have all told me that they're different and I've never faced anyone like them before? I've seen bigger, faster, stronger, fresher, meaner, richer, younger... you name it. LL1 haven't done a god damn thing to make me take them seriously. Your past - whatever you won or whoever you beat - it doesn't matter. That LL1 tag doesn't matter. This is LL2. This is the future. If you can't make it here, then you're irrelevant. Plain and simple. Don't act like you own this place or know a thing about it. You haven't seen it, the desperation of men who will do anything to get a shot at the one thing in this industry it's impossible to take...

    A world championship from me. They've been stolen, but never earned, and this one right here... it's special. It's the thing that reminds everyone about who exactly I am. So take a good look at it LL1. Understand it. Learn the names I beat to get it, and the ones I beat to keep it. Know that you're not the first man to shout meaningless threats at it.

    LL1 You're an group of arrogant bastard who has bit off more than he can chew. But after a career of being told how special you are, I can understand that. I can even forgive it. All you have do is bow at my feet and then get the hell out of my stage, while you still can by your own power. I'll forget you were ever dumb enough to think that you could belong in MY main event and you can go back to beating guys like these MPQ rookies and thinking that it matters.

    That's it Malorick. A simple choice for a simple man. And that's all you've got that matters - the choice. Not the belt. Not the name. Not the history. Just the option of accepting you're in our world now, or dying with your old one.

    Welcome to LL2. “

    The crowd pops huge as Yiub1809 drops the mic and He slaps hands with LL2 commanders. IcyTemper actually seems very pleased with this as he congrats him again.

    Rod5 grabs the mic and start to talk.

    Rod5: "That’s right, no one will be able to top us because Yes there are stronger teams, there are more experienced teams, but there is no team that has the Friendship and leader we got. We’re the LL Champions! But That doesn’t mean we’re the only winners here, no because when we win…All of you Win alongside us, so everyone stand up and lift your hand up. Reach on back and Pat yourselves on the back cause you’ve all earned it buckos, and not only that but since we’re here holding these beautiful championships we don’t want all of you to go home empty handed so guess what? I’m Giving You All Free COOKIES!”

    Rod5 puts his hands in the air with a huge smile on his face, some people suddenly appear down the ramp with gift-wrapped cookies handing them to members of the crowd.

    Rod5: "You Get a Cookie! You Get a Cookie! And Guess what mister? You’re going home with a cookie! “

    Cletus1985: "You’re really doing this?”

    Rod5: "Oh yes Cletus, I kept this as a surprise but that’s not the only surprise. Because after our streak was broken, we needed to put our best foot forward, and now that we’re the LL Champions I gotta say that things are obviously…LOOKING UP! “

    Rod5 looks up towards the sky with a smile on his face, nothing is happening as he stands there in silence looking at the roof.

    IcyTemper: "What...What are you doing?”

    Rod5: " I’m just trying to help…INFLATE OUR EGO!

    Rod5 looks up in the air again, and again nothing happens.

    IcyTemper: "Stop what you’re doing.”

    Rod5: "I don’t get it there were supposed to be a million balloons coming down, I paid for them myself, red white and blue ones and I paid to have them with LL2 on one side and yours face on the other and paid for all the helium myself. “

    IcyTemper puts his face in his hand.

    Archemedes: "If you put Helium in the Balloons, they aren’t going to Drop. “

    Rod5: "I don’t follow your science.”

    IcyTemper: "You-“

    Suddenly Before IcyTemper can argue some more he is interrupted...

    "I came to play by Downstait" begins blasting throughout the stadium, the crowd instantly boos as OJSP comes from behind the curtain with his friend and commander of LL0 Badmaniac. They've interrupted LL2 celebration and crowd are not happy about it, but OJSP do not care and they make their way to the stage get around the truck and LL2 where they demand to give them a microphone and climb the steel stair to face LL2 in the middle of the stage.

    OJSP: " Yiub1809, I was going to come out here, shake your hand, and wish you well for your achievement - but you to come out here and disrespect someone who paved the way for you? Sheesh brother, that's not cool. I'm looking at that gold on your shoulder and thinking, damn - that must have been hard earned - and I'm sure it was, don't get me wrong. But with that attitude, and that composure... sure you may have fought hard, but maybe you have just bought it with your money you don't deserve it man."

    The crowd boos at OJSP's suggestion but OJSP is quick to bounce back.

    OJSP: "Or - or - or maybe you do! Sorry, I didn't mean to offend anyone."

    OJSP: "Now IcyTemper, I understand that you may be a little jealous of us in LL1. Someone being as big as an icon as LL1... someone still fighting and winning MPQ events... After all, who won the most events last season it’s us. You have only gained 2 pvp events last season!! And who won the bop events its us again and who would have won if you will have accepted a fair fight and allowing systemic in it's us again!!!

    I know you can only hope to be where we are when you're as old as the first LL alliance. But you won’t be brother. Not when you keep whining, ****, buying, lying, cheating and stealing week after week. I mean when you didn't have a title, sure, that was tolerable... but look at you dude! You have the LL World HeavyWeight Championship in LL2 and you're still out here moaning and throwing a fit that someone better than you is standing right here in this ring.

    You ask "ohhhh Malorick, is this the best you can doooooo? I'm the best in the world, and I need to face real MPQ superstarssssss." Well IcyTemper, that's exactly what you're looking at brother. You ask if this is the best they've got, well I'm here to prove that this is the best they've got and I have proved it to you during the Battle Royale Vengeance.”

    The Supremacist redirects his attention towards OJSP.

    IcyTemper: "I'll admit, you went through a lot to get here in LL1 and helped a lot the LL family with your true leadership and all the good work you did in LL. And I can agree more with you that you were a pain in the **** in the Battle Royale Vengeance. Despite coming up short time and that LL1 missed the deadline of the registration for the Battle Royale, and having the weight of greghdavid drag you down, you still made it through and finished as the top guys and the LL1 MVP to get here tonight. I'd tell you I'm impressed, but I'm sure you're already impressed enough for the both of us.

    I know you're most comfortable when your head is stuck up your own **** making your plan, so maybe it's been a while since you took a look around. For the past month or so, I've absolutely destroyed what was commonly thought to be the natural order in the LL. There were men who were supposed to be the all-time greats, guys so dominant that they were called unstoppable. I beat them. I upstaged them. I put most out of LL and even retired a few.

    You really think you're going to be the guy that ends this all now? Give me a break, bud. Not you the Mastermind of this palace that we call LL1 the man that was behind all the coordination to snipe us during the Battle Royale. I've fought too hard. I've beaten better. You may be unlike anybody else I've faced, you can be called Mr. MVP or The Mastermind, but it's never mattered who the other guy was, I've just always been the better man.”

    IcyTemper then looks over to OJSP."

    OJSP: "So, what real chance do you think you have, IcyTemper to really beat LL1 without your usual cheat, lie and steal? Less than none, to be frank. After all, you practically admitted that you couldn't stop LL1, after you blatantly cheated to win the season by buying Horribus at the end of the season and put us in trouble, and then par on the course with the notion, were you have completely rebuild LL2 by picking up from our ally that is LL5 Morphius21, Alvin.lal, j0nats and specially Pangaroo. Speaking of her, it’s about time that LL2 bring some women with them, this may explain your success now.

    I had to admit having Lena K. and Pangaroo during the Battle Royale do your dirty work was well played, they were truly your MVP players during the Battle Royale. Having Lady Lethal and Lady Charity on your side would not have been enough to truly put us down.

    But again you pulled out some sneak attacks like you did before, but then...we'll all know the real truth. You have to resort to cheating to actually accomplish something in your life. And we have proof look at what we have here.”

    OJSP is pointing to the LL Big screen and the clip start to play. First clip we can see IcyTemper closing the registration of the LL Battle Royale Vengeance when everyone is asleep and closing it 15 LL1 vs 17 LL2.

    IcyTemper: "Hey, you are not mentioning how generous I was by accepting Appropriate and greghdavid even if they were not officially register and that greghdavid register after the closing time to make the number even 17 vs 17. Save yourself the embrassment of losing everything you've ever worked for. Live to fight another day.”

    Second clip we can see Cfi putting some sleeping pills in Piro_plock drink during the Battle Royale so he had a big shield drop from 1.1k to 600 at the end of the event.

    Cfi shake his head no, which only seems to amuse OJSP more.

    IcyTemper: "What? Cfi was not even in the Battle Royale and he is LL4 commander.”

    Third clip we saw Rod5 and TetrasLixado switching the slice number 2 and 3 on the top of door making greghdavid go to the wrong slice and then having him scoring an official 0 in the event since in score was not in the Battle Royale battlefield.

    This draws nothing but ire and a laugh of incredulity from LL2.

    The final clip we can see IcyTemper talking and shaking hand with Crewsaders and Clochard to snipe LL1.

    IcyTemper wags a finger back & forth at OJSP and Badmaniac, as OJSP raise the mic up.

    OJSP: "Do you think that's going to gain the respect of the officials you're trying to impress? If so, you're dead wrong, brother. You don't walk out here, make demands and get exactly what you demand just because you asked for it or buy it. You get it because you earn it. If you can't handle that fact man, then you're in the wrong business.

    You keep this up and the only thing you're going to accomplish with those officials is being one of the few in the history of this business who mysteriously get their microphones cut off. But even I know you're too annoying to let that stop you. You'd find some way for us to hear you and make us all try and carve out our eardrums with a spoon just to get some peace. “

    OJSP steps away from IcyTemper, places his hands on his hips, hangs his head and shakes it slowly back and forth. He looks back up with a slight smirk.

    OJSP: "You really have no clue, do you? You really believe all of this **** you keep saying? Geez, man. It must be really interesting to live inside that head of yours. I mean of all people, you get me to come out here and lose my composure over your stupidity. I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

    So let's get one final thing straight. At no point in your life, let alone your very, very short career, are you ever going to have what it takes to bring LL1 down. You can have all this wishful thinking that you want, but you will never, ever beat LL1!

    You hear that? Go ahead, mock us a few more times, it should help you to listen. You are just using cheap pop to have the crowd behind you. And how these LL fan can be behind you when you cheat, lie and steal.”

    The crowd suddenly erupts into cheers as OJSP looks around in disgust.

    OJSP: "You see, I mention one word, and instantly these people show me their adoration and support. IcyTemper comes out here with his lie, cheat and steal....and you eat it all up. He comes out here after bashing LL member for months on end....and then all of the sudden he is your favorite because......well quite frankly I can't understand why you cheer him.”

    The cameras pan to the skies overhead the stadium where a helicopter is heard flying around. The helicopter flies closer to the stadium and touches down on the roof, coming to a complete rest. The crowd gives a mixed reaction as the door opens and Malorick emerges from the aircraft, his feet touching the rooftop as he raises his 8.5k+ LT/CP briefcase in the air as the crowd greets him with a more passionate mixed reaction. Then we can see Malorick ziplines down from the top of the Stadium Pond into the MPQ Universe with his Motorhead's "The Game" music before he lands in the middle of the stage side to side with OJSP.

    Some shock and awe comes over the crowd as some side with IcyTemper and some begin to back OJSP and Malorick even more than before. Malorick taps OJSP on the shoulder and ask for a mic. He does a slow 360 before looking back at IcyTemper. The King of the Kings is not in a mood to play around he wastes little time in getting in and quickly addressing the MPQ crowd.

    Malorick: "Ladies and gentlemen, madames et monsieurs....tonight you have tuned into another very impressive showing and chapter in the "Era of The Supremacist". Tonight we had yet another shot against LL1....and this....this had led to the usual lies, cheats and steal from the LL2 Generals. Time after time again I seem to end up in the same spot and that generates...that generates hatred. That generates doubt. That generates an infectious attitude that quite frankly I won't deal with it.

    You all know me to be a savvy business man both in and outside of this MPQ whether or not you like me, and in my infinite knowledge some things are starting to become clear. Something inevitable things are becoming clear and it started off whenever who was in charge in LL2. You see....I and LL1 rose quickly, as the cream always rises to the top. Now in my reflection I can see now I was headed for greatness and they all could see it so they were threatened with my existence. Now that I am here on the top LL branch and that we have been dominating for months on end it is starting to become clear to a lot of people here that we are the top dog with or without that title and that seems to threaten people.”

    The fans roar in a wild mixed reaction for the Creator and Chief Operating Officer of LL.

    Malorick: "And we aren't playing edgy, we aren't trying to impress anyone. If you think the LL1 is just a game, then so be it. This isn't a statement, this is a lifestyle. LL1 are building up strength, we are building up power. So you may think that LL1 are a joke, but please, please, please... after tonight, you better be watching your back.

    I'll be honest with you, when I was just starting the LL alliance, I was molded into the Malorick that everyone grew to love. I was just a normal man before I was Malorick. But over time, I became to love this mold I was being put into. I finally show those people that doubt me that I can overcome little punks like you and show that I've still got it. After months and months, no more was I just a normal man. I couldn't go anywhere without being known as King of the Kings, the Godfather. I do it as Malorick, because 33 seasons later, the transformations complete. I don't play the gimmick like other people in this MPQ business do, I am the gimmick. I am King of the Kings, I am the Godfather. I am at the top with the best of LL.

    I don't think you will ever understand the King of the Kings. Most people don't, and that's all right. You don't have to understand my brilliance, you just have to respect it like everyone do. But its seem that your new Lady Lethal don’t know that. In the Battle Royale everyone know that you don’t touch the Godfather and they respect that but her… she hits me 4 times in a row during my hop… This is inacceptable and she needs to be fined after that.

    Out of all the legends, the icons that I have faced in this business, not one of them has had what it takes to stop LL1 or none of them has what it takes to come inside the LL family and face us. So what makes you think that you do? That "posing down" that you do. The fact that you think you will be "the victorious"? I will always be here in MPQ doing what I do best.

    Beating down punks like you.”

    IcyTemper and Malorick stare each other down as they have had enough with each other, when all of a sudden the fans boo like crazy as Mercator, antreas1911, arsenal265, MjMacka, Piro_plock appears and run in direction to the stage and go side by side with Malorick.

    Badmaniac: "Oh boy things will get interesting now. “

    Yiub1809 grabs the LL World Heavyweight Championship, and he raises it high in the sky. Mercator and arsenal265 are both pointing to the belt signifying they want it. Malorick, and IcyTemper stop gazing at each other, and they start to gaze at the champion the man who has been dominating last season. The fans seem excited as LL Adventures fades away.

    End of show

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    Since private messages dun' seem to be allowed for zero-posters who has just registered.

    @DrNitroman: would love to join Lock and Load 7 or 8. Level 28, playing daily, both PvP and PvE. Usually just go for for top 50-150ish in PvE, but occasionally more serious when I wanna get me some good loot or whatever. Top 5/10 in PvP when I want the covers (haven't managed top 1 since I moved up from level 4) with ~700-800 scores, top 25-40ish otherwise. Seasons are usually 10k for the last progress reward, no? Unless I'm thinking all wrong I usually get about 7.5k. Paying for VIP, aswell as gold now and again.

    Roster of ~50, just starting to championing some of my 3-stars. Basically, I'm a long way from the transition to 4-stars, but I get decent scores and would love to be in an alliance getting atleast half-decent scores sometimes. Eh, do your casual alliances get half-decent scores sometimes? :p

    Username same here as in-game. Thanks in advance etc.
  • DrNitroman
    DrNitroman Posts: 966 Critical Contributor
    Seal6 wrote:
    @DrNitroman: would love to join Lock and Load 7 or 8.
    Welcome in the family Seal icon_e_biggrin.gif
  • Grinchlybear
    Hello, i'm grinchlybear and i'm looking for a more serious pvp allience. All my two stars are championed and i'm close to fully leveling a few three stars. I'm lvl 28, play daily, and though i'm being a little lazy about playing right now I still make sure to finish in the top 50 for every pvp event. I can easily get to 650-700 if I get serious. I end each season with at least 4000 points, and I can easily get more of I was motivated.
    I'm looking for a friendly allience that's serious about playing so I can start my transition to three stars. I wouldn't mind some chatting either, my current allience doesn't chat at all icon_razz.gif
    Thanks in advance!
  • g_flores1313
    g_flores1313 Posts: 7 Just Dropped In
    My profile name is excelsior1313
    I have a roster of 56 with 4 5 star heroes.
    I normally score between 400 to 450 in both pvp and pve depending on my work scedule. Hope to join your alliance. Thanks.
  • JoeDeeCee
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    Hey guys! I'm new to the game. I'm on day 31 and lvl 17. 21 roster slots and just now figuring out the balance aspect of rosters. I'm generally a top 20 PvE finisher. If I have the essential characters top 5. Looking for an alliance to grow and learn the game in. My screen name is JoeDeeCee77. Hit me up if you have a spot
  • richterbelmont10
    Hi, I'd like to join your alliance. I'm a daily player, playing in PvP and PvE. I join PvP late and climb to about 725 if possible. In PvP I try to finish top 50 in the subs to get the HP. I almost always get the 15 CP. I play in the Shield simulator but once I get the 2000 reward I get pushed down. I have every 3* championed except Rags, Spidy, and Thanos. I have rostered what are considered the best 4*, but I don’t have a usable 4* yet. I have rostered every 5* except Thanos, Black Suit Spidy, and Green Goblin. I have a 2* farm of all 2* except Cap. You can see my roster in my sig or check me out in my alliance below.

    My IGN is RichterBelmont
    My current alliance is Technomagesltd (small private alliance)

    Note: I don't have LINE.
  • caprion1
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    I played this game when it first came out and ended up burning myself out at about day 177. I started playing again yesterday after I saw some of the changes for the better that have been made, but I plan on not being so hardcore this time.

    I would like to join your alliance Lock and Load 9. It seems like it would be a good fit for how much time I plan on spending on the game now. Mostly PVE, but getting to at least 400 scores (i.e. 50 hero points progression) in every PVP.

    My IGN is caprion
    My current alliance is Vitamin X-23
  • DrNitroman
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    caprion1 wrote:
    I would like to join your alliance Lock and Load 9. It seems like it would be a good fit for how much time I plan on spending on the game now. Mostly PVE, but getting to at least 400 scores (i.e. 50 hero points progression) in every PVP.

    My IGN is caprion
    My current alliance is Vitamin X-23

    PM sent Caprion
  • Haldern
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    Greetings. I'm a VIP on day 309, mainly focused on pve while dabbling a little in pvp. I'm one of those who messed up my scaling early on by rostering above my level (had four 5*s before I had four 3*s champed) simply because I didn't find this forum beforehand.

    Now I have all 3*s champed except Captain Marvel (11 covers), Sentry (will have champed with the next event), Strang3 and Thanos. I'm getting into 4* transition with several at 10 or 11 covers.

    I somewhat consistently hit max progression in pve events, depending on who the featured 4* is, and I have a few different teams I like to use so I'm not always relying on my 2-yellow OML or watered down Charlie's Angels (Chuck only has 2 blues).

    The alliance I'm currently in has become way too casual (1100-1300 daily iso bonus), and nobody talks anymore, so I'm looking forward to some interaction. Name is the same in the game.

  • Malorick
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    edited January 2018
    The theme song of LL “War” by Sick Puppies begins blaring throughout the arena as an impressive pyrotechnics display is shown off. The cameras then zoom around the arena, showing the frenzied audience holding up their signs for a glimpse of fame in the LL adventures including among others, ‘God show no favoritism but our sign guy does – Go LL1!’, ‘I tried to change my password to “Icy” but gmail said it was “Too weak” ’, ’Its simple LL2 steal the LL championship’. They lights go out, then fireworks and the show start for another legendary LL adventures.

    Fans in the arena begin to boo when the song "This Fire Burns" by Killswitch Engage begins to play throughout the arena, signifying the arrival of The Best in the World MPQ Superstar as 'The Supremacist' slowly begins to take a knee at the top of the ramp, running his hand along the stage before raising a clenched fist and gazing at his wrist as if checking a watch. IcyTemper raises his hands to his mouth and screams "It's Clobberin' Time!" as the fans boo him again. IcyTemper swings around and holds his arms out, taking a couple of steps backwards down the ramp while displaying the back of his shirt where we can see "Best In The World" written on it.

    The Chosen One Icy Temper goes, and he points at the LL Big screen, and he says "See that I am the Best in the Worldl! I am the face that runs the place" Icy continues jaw jacking and The Supremacist makes his way down the ramp and he grabs a microphone, and Icy Temper begins to talk.

    IcyTemper: "It seems that my message wasn't clear last time. So in case it wasn't clear I decided that I want to come out here, and make my message loud and clear. Malorick, LL2 is for a third season in a row the true PVP main eventer of LL and we have totally dominated LL1 during the Reality, Time and Power Gem Season and the last LL Royal Rumble - Payback! And I will not leave this stage until you personally come out here, and give me the recognition that I deserve... So come on Malorick what do you say."

    Fans boo as IcyTemper awaits for Malorick, barely a few moments go by as Icy Temper picks up the microphpne, and he begins to speak again

    IcyTemper: "Ok Malorick I feel like you're not hearing me. So why don't we get these fans to cheer for you. Why don't we get them to say your name. We all know you're a glory hog anyways, and you love the attention. So come on people chant it with me. "Malorick, Malorick, Malorick."

    The fans start a Malorick chant, and the chant goes for a while, and still no Malorick, and IcyTemper begins to talk again

    IcyTemper: "No you know what people Malorick doesn't care about you either. I bet you Malorick is back and is on his fancy smartphone in his large tour bus, and he is face timing, or snap chattering, whatever the heck it is called with his poor little Feline69. You see last time I called out Malorick. I said that we are the new force of LL, and Malorick glossed over me. Malorick acted like I didn't even exist. He was more worried about his little ego, and his gimmick, and his self-proclamed title of The King of the Kings. Well Godfather all I am saying is that Feline69 wouldn't like you as much if your perfect little face was messed up. "

    Fans boo as IcyTemper talks over the boos from the fans

    IcyTemper: "Malorick I don't think you know this, but you should be worried about me. I am the face that runs this place. I am the franchise, and the marquee of the LL. Without me no one would have jobs. The boys in the back wouldn't be able to perform for these fans. There would be no LL, and there would be no LL adventures. Without a guy like me in this MPQ industry there is nothing. I have carried this company on my back more times then you have gotten married."

    Fans boo as IcyTemper laughs at his own insult, and he continues to speak

    IcyTemper: "You overlooking me is the biggest mistake of your career Malorick. You see Malorick I do care about you that is the difference. I am giving you what you always wanted someone to face. Someone to challenge you for that world title, and yet your overlooking me, and that right there is a big mistake. You can't overlook the man that was one of the greatest stars in LL history. A man who beat LL1 to become the LL World Heavyweight champion. A man who has held every major pvp title in the LL today. You can't over look that you have to respect it. Isn't that part of your little montra Malorick. Isn't respect one of your biggest prides in life. Well since your not going to show me respect why should I show you the same. Treat others how you want to be treated Malorick, and if anything the way you treated me was kind of messed up. So not only am I going to ask you to come out to grant me the keys of your LL tower, you're also gonna come out, and apologize too me for treating me with such disrespect."

    Fans boo as Icy Temper has not shown any respect what so ever, and he continues to talk

    IcyTemper: "I will not be leaving this ring until I do so. Oh it is okay because the show can still go on I don't care. The boys deserve to thank me whenever they enter this stage. They will thank me for what I have done for LL in the past, and thank me for how I have made the LL great again. That is the least they can do. I am not leaving until one man Malorick comes out, and does those two things. Then you guys won't have to deal with me anymore. So let the show go on, or Malorick are you going to come out now."

    Icy Temper laughs before the feed heads elsewhere

    The scene opens up backstage with four indifferent men standing there. They seem to be completely new faces, the camera doesn't necessarily reveal where they are backstage. The four men are standing in a line, this makes it hard to get all of the background, around them production boxes can be seen. The camera pans onto the first man who is smiling from ear to ear.

    Badmaniac : "Ladies and gentlemen, madames et monsieurs.... we're here to stay. Let us introduce ourselves, my name is Badmaniac commander of LL0, I am the first member and arguably one of the best members of the new generation of LL. I guess that I should have stated that we call ourselves The New Blood of LL first, that's not the point. The point is if all of you just take some to believe all of you can become successful. Just like me, Badmaniac. "

    The man next to him began to speak. There was still much silence in the room, this meant that there was more work to be done. The room seemed dark and empty, nonetheless, Each of the men knew that this might be one of the only opportunities they get tonight to make their message known. Most people don't make their rookie debut at such a big event. Only in the LL big leagues could something like this happen, four unknown people coming up out of the bottom. The question is at this point, will they be able to stay out of the bottom?

    RogueZeroOne : "My name is RogueZeroOne from LL9. The first thing you need to know about me, I am the definition of the Force. Everything that I do, I make sure that I do it well. My father had the Force with him, and quite successful at that. I have been working my whole life to get to this moment. I know for a fact that the four of us, we cannot and will not be stopped. Each and every single one of us have our own story, granted, we do not have the time to go through all of our stories. We'd be standing here all night, something we cannot afford to do. We got people to see, an impact to make. I guess what i'm trying to say to you guys out there, betting your money towards us is betting towards perfection. "

    Next man in line was up, already half of the message had been presented.

    Omega blacc : "How's everyone doing out there? I'm just kidding, I do not care how you're doing, also I know that I can't hear your responses. All I care about is winning and making an impact. My name is Omega blacc commander of LL6, you can call me anything you want. As long as it is a compliment, if it isn't, I may have to bust you in the mouth. My story isn't that good, my friend RogueZeroOne beside me mentioned stories. The only thing you need to know about me is that I am here to make a difference. It may not seem that way now, obviously because of all the talking. That's all we're doing, simple talking. If someone thinks they can do something about it, I'd love to see them try. Most people don't mess around with me, especially when I'm with those in favor beside me. The message I want to get across to you is quite simple. Take a look at us, now take a look at the rest of the roster. Doesn't it make the most sense to support us? We're statistically better than most and we haven't even played a match yet on the big leagues of LL."

    The final man had began to speak. He couldn't be any happier It could have been for the simple fact that they're truly dragging this out and talking for what seems to be an eternity. Either way, the men backstage knew this was there moment and they knew they were going to deliver.

    Exotic Cheese: "My name is Exotic Cheese commander of LL8 baby. The simple fact of the matter is that we're tough, that's all we really needed to say. We're so tough, I bet that we could find anyone that stepped in our way. We're just going to keep working and working until we're exactly where we need to be. MPQ universe, be looking out for us. Make sure you don't blink, before you know it we could be at the very top. You're definitely going to want to tune in for this. All in all, this has been a crazy ride and it's only going to get crazier, let's do this. "

    Only time will tell if the men will actually be able to make an impact. This could either be something great or something horrifically bad, there is no middle ground in this case. All the can be said is that they're definitely full of enough confidence to try this crazy thing called MPQ inside the great family that is Lock and Load. Now back to IcyTemper in the center of the stage.

    It's time to play the game...
    Time to play the game!

    The ominous theme of Motorhead's "The Game" music begins playing over the loudspeakers as the fans go wild. Everyone turns their attention to the top of the ramp. Instead of the King of the Kings, out comes the new LL2 member, ex-commander of LL1 and one of the true LL original MjMacka dancing out to boos. He walks down the ramp and has a smile on his face.

    Mjmacka walks around the stage and grabs a microphone before entering the stage. He extends his hand for IcyTemper and the Supremacist shakes it. Mjmacka then begins speaking.

    MjMacka: "What's Up everybody?"

    The crowd boos as MjMacka seems thrown off. He shakes this off and continues.

    MjMacka: "Alrighty, whatever, that's fine. I came here to talk to you. Icy Temper. "The Face That Runs The Place" huh? Well, last time I checked, me and Malorick were the one in charge of this brand and the only one who makes any decisions around here is us since we are the only true LL original since its creation. But LL will not be that big and versatile that it is right now without our greatest LL Ambassador… DrNitroman. So he had gained the right to sit with us at the higher sphere of command of LL that is the LL Tower.

    We have an exciting show planned and I can't have you getting in the way of it just because you want Malorick. I respect your reasons. And I respect you. I've always been a supporter of yours, The Supremacist, The Chosen One, The Best in the world or whatever you want to call yourself. Big fan as a matter of fact. So, this is why I came to LL2 and try to understand and help you. I'll tell you what, we need LL2 to give a good image of LL and stop their lies, cheats and stealing tactics.

    Look at you IcyTemper, just look at you. Remember a time when you believed in something and you stood by it? How can I believe any word of what you say when you stood by being The Supremacist for so long and now look at you. I don't believe this new found attitude has anything to do with LL2 success, I just believe that you were always a selfish man who couldn't take it not being about him.

    That's why you wrecked LL2's opportunity to be a top10 alliance isn't it, you are firing everyone that can be a threat to you or that you find not progressing fast enough for you, it's not because you have something against Malorick, it's only because you think you are entitled to something.

    The only thing you are entitled to is a cold hard dose of reality and the that will come courtesy of the man that just gave up. Yes, I have very exciting news. Tonight, you have seen the last of MjMacka. Due to the abuse of power by you The Supremacist, low percentage of pulling the right cover for a 5* cover and poor backstage morale in MPQ, the decision has been made. MjMacka is retiring! Isn't it funny that you claim to be the one that kept firing everyone and I gave up before you had the chance of firing me. "

    MjMacka drops the mic and extends his hand again and Icy Temper shakes it again before MjMacka exiting the stage while the MPQ crowd is taking by surprise by this announcement before starting a chant « Thank you MjMacka, Thank you MjMacka, Thank you MjMacka » followed by a standing ovation from the crowd. IcyTemper then continues.

    IcyTemper: "What?! MjMacka retiring! No?! .... You are Fired!!!!"

    Boos reign down from all sides as IcyTemper continue to shout out at a leaving MjMacka until the guitar rift of "Ocean size" by Jane Addiction begins to play and the fans stand to their feet cheering as loudly and wildly as they can for The Brain of LL2 Archemedes and Rod5. Making their way down to the stage, Archemedes and Rod5 are all-business and looking pissed off.

    Archemedes stops midway down the rampway and face Mjmacka to shake his hands and whisper something to him before continuing toward the stage.

    Archemedes: " That's right. No more MjMacka. It's done. We have lost a great guys. We can thank you for that IcyTemper. But no need to fear, Archemedes and Rod5 are here and I have something even better. You see, with MjMacka gone, it leaves a hole to be filled. And that's where DrNitroman comes in. It's a resurrection, guys! The LL Amabassador is back to the top LL alliance and it begins tonight! "

    Archemedes: " Isn't it beautiful? The ambassador DrNitroman is back in LL2 and back to stay as a commander. So enjoy everyone. Enjoy tonight and enjoy the new LL2. Enjoy my Christmas present to you all! "

    Rod5: " I'm still in shock, Archemedes!"

    Archemedes: "Soak it in, Rod5! The Ambassador DrNitroman is back! "

    Archemedes now turns his attention to IcyTemper, with a little smile on his face.

    Archemedes: "IcyTemper, IcyTemper, IcyTemper, hello again my old friend. It seems you just can't stay away from Malorick, no matter how hard we try. I would like to tell you right now though that every time I see your rivalry, I get a little bit excited and not in the same way that you get for shower time with Lady Lethal and Lady Charity. I get excited because I know you will put in for the fight of your life, I get excited because with every battle against LL1 we have had, we have always left it in the MPQ and everytime, it was the better team who won, LL2. "

    Rod5 holds up three fingers to IcyTemper as he turns his attention towards the Archemedes and the crowd.

    Archemedes: "Now, you just became a loud mouth like Malorick. For far too long, you two have run LL. Even when someone managed to dethrone you, you come back and destroyed them before their reign got started. You would think that if you were on top for so long, you would be doing everything in your power to stay there, concentrating on your MPQ match and making sure that you win it fair, but no you are using your control and power, lies, cheats and stealings, instead we get you firing everyone that is a threat to your reign or even firing a future interesting prospect.

    And this is compromising LL2 future by trying just to beat LL1 team on a short time basis using every bit of your time moaning about Malorick. Is this really the attitude of a champion but who am I to question it? I haven't tasted gold since I have been in LL, as everyone here seems to like to remind me about when you continue to kick me out all the time of LL2.

    But Since I was against you about your tactics of lies, cheats and stealing during the LL Battle Royale – Payback, you kick me out to the tacos stand over here but I feel like there is a first time for everything, just like there was a first time for...... hold up you lot might want to cover your ears as you don't like me talking about it but there was a first time for me to… FIRED you from LL2 and depromote you to LL4.

    You have abuse your powers too many times by kicking me in and out of LL2 on several occasion, by firing our Lady Lethal Lena K., minionruush, Fahq, Cletus1985, Kellythegreat, pangaroo and many more. You see IcyTemper, I'm glad to hear you have been waiting for me, to finally try and right that wrong on your record but how dumb do you really think I am? I am the Brain of LL2. The Brain might not stupid but I am far really far from it.

    I know what game you are trying to play. I'm the oldest man here and I have been around for a long time, I've seen every trick in the book so don't think I'm going to take it easy now that I will stay in charge of LL2 with Rod5 whether I'm on the winning side or the losing side against LL1. I'll bet you thought that was a clever way to try and get me to lose a bit of focus, to not have the same determination I have in each and every MPQ match because I am now essentially in a win-win situation but I know from past experiences not to trust you IcyTemper.

    I'm not buying a single word of that and you should stop trying to sell me the dream. Concentrate on your match instead of finding new way to lies, cheats and steals and not worry about what will happen after it. Everyone will have their ideas and everyone will have their dreams when they get to run LL2 and if you think Rod5 has no idea, just wait to see what The Brain and…"

    Rod5: " No Archemedes, what I've been wondering is not about the LL pvp championship against LL1 or how to run LL2...what I've been wondering is much more important. What is my commander name! You have one like you said as the Brain of LL2, IcyTemper have several ones like Malorick, I totally need to crack down on this."

    Archemedes: "You know...just when I think we're on the same page, I find out I've been reading a novel and you have a comic book."

    Rod5: "Comic book? that's a good idea, I can be Old man Logan...or the Silver Surfer...I got it Archemedes! The Cane! "

    Archemedes just stands up and walks away.

    Rod5: "Archemedes! Come on Archemedes, we need a Team commander Name! The Brain and The Cane!...AWW HERE IT GOES!"

    The unmistakable, inescapable, menacing thumps pound through the speakers at a steady tempo. Soon, the guitar riff snarls over top. Then the beat breaks into the most ominous song in the game today. Godzilla. It's every bit as mean and merciless as the fictional Pacific beast itself, though it falls shy of capturing the full the threat of the man it welcomes to the arena.

    DrNitroman The LL Ambassador walks out on to the ramp, his LL Ambassador belt slung over his broad shoulder followed by alvin.lal from LL2. The Sexy Frenchie Beast scans the arena only to be met with a shower of cheers. The crowd immediately stands on their feet to show their love for the LL Ambassador. Once DrNitroman becomes visible, the cheers magnify and become even louder. The chants of “You Rock” come out from all of the fans.

    The fan’s reaction to DrNitroman causes a smile to briefly appear on his face, but as he locks eyes with IcyTemper in the stage, the smile quickly fades. Mr Lock and Load makes his way to the top of the ramp and does his signature pose with pyro to the crowd’s delight. DrNitroman slowly makes his way down to the stage soaking up the crowd’s reaction to him and also taking the chance to mean mugg IcyTemper the entire way down the stage. Once he makes it in the stage, DrNitroman is handed a microphone where he begins to address the MPQ Universe.

    DrNitroman: "Ladies and gentlemen, madames et monsieurs.... I’m back in LL2 and back as a commander. I listen to you IcyTemper talk in the back, and my blood pressure constantly rises having to listen to you mope, whine, and complain about every god damn thing under the sun. You have this made up feud in your head with Malorick that you believe is holding you back from achieving things in this Awesome LL family. The only thing holding you back is that mouth of yours and your naïve brain that lacks the intelligence and functionality to tell your mouth when to shut the hell up. The other thing that is holding you back would be your ego. It seems that every time you get a little momentum, your ego the Supremacist appear ready to screw that all up.

    I’m going to strike you down like a set of pins. I’m going to bring you back to reality. IcyTemper when you step in this stage representing the LL family and particulary LL2 to do battle, you will win, you will fail. You will lose, and I want you to understand that. Go ahead back in our mid top alliance with LL4 and figure out what it will take for you to get better. I’ll still be the LL Ambassador and bring prestige back to LL2 and remove that lies, cheats and steals that stick to us. That’s an opportunity that I just can’t pass up.”

    DrNitroman, Alvin.lal, Archemedes and Rod5 are all pointing to the top of the ramp and leading the crowd in screaming “YES!” as IcyTemper had no choice to walk out to the edge of the stage as the crowd start to clap to support DrNitroman. IcyTemper storms up the ramp and towards the exit. As he approaches, he glares at DrNitroman inside the stage.

    Archemedes and Rod5 step into the frame as DrNitroman turns to them.

    DrNitroman: "Gentleman so far you boast a spotless record here on LL2, but now we may face our toughest challenge to date when we will take on LL1 without your usual tactics and without the Supremacist, how have you two prepared LL2 for this match up?"

    Rod5: "Well let me tell ya something there Mr Lock and Lock, The Brain here and I The Cane, we've been saying our prayers, we've been taking our vitamins, and Tonight right here in front of thousands of Cane-Lievers in the arena and millions watching around the world the only question you gotta ask is LL1, WHATCHA GONNA DO WHE-"

    Archemedes: "What are you doing?"

    Rod5 snaps out of his little trance looking confused at Archemedes.

    Rod5: "uh wha-"

    Archemedes: "Are you doing a Hulk Hogan promo?"

    Rod5: "I was jus-"

    Archemedes: "We don't have time for that, get serious. Listen up DrNitroman, it's true That without the Supremacist LL1 pose the biggest threat to our streak so far. But we need this victory next season, but that's not why we're going to win. See we all need this win, and needing it won't get you it, but it's the motivator that drives us all to victory. What is going to win this match for us, is my Brain superiority. "

    DrNitroman: "With that in mind, I decided that we needed a new commander and who can be better that our Master Chief alvin.lal to do the job."

    Alvin.lal: "Yes and thank you Mr Lock and Lock, and my first job as the Master Chief of LL2 is to bring a new image to LL2, and what better way of doing it by having a Canadian to the team, it’s Malorick land after all. Canadians are polite and apologetic so this will boost our image. So let’s me introduce our new member She-Ra007 and cabb11 to LL2. "

    She-Ra Power Princess theme song hit the arena and She_Ra007 lurches out from the back. Then she is joined in short order by the cabb11, and the pair head immediately to the center of the ring to join LL2 commanders.

    DrNitroMan: "Well done Alvin.lal with them I think this event may provide the momentum required to go into Soul Gem season with a better chance to win for our team."

    Rod5: "Well ya see Sexy Frenchie Beast, normally in a pvp match LL1 vs LL2 you got a 50-50 shot at winning, but The Cane is a Can believer and he ain't normal, so you got a 25 percent AT BEST At us with me on the team! Then you add The Brain to the Mix? your chances at winning drastic go down. See the Battle Royal- Payback, at Reality Gem season, you got a twelve and a half chance of winnin, but WE! We got a 25 and two thirds chance of winnin cause Malorick, OJSP, Mercator, and The Queen of Galaxy KNOWS they can't beat us, and they're not even gonna try. So OJSP you take your twelve and a half chance of winning minus our 25 percent chance and you got negative 13 percent chance of winning at Soul Gem season, BUT Then you take my 75 percent shot at winning if we were to go 20 on 20 And then add 25 and two thirds chance percents and we need to add 10 and three quarter chance percents for the power of Grayskull on our side, we got a hundred and two thirds shot at winning at Soul Gem, LL1 The Numbers don't lie, and they spell disaster for you at Soul Gem season."

    Archemedes has had his face in his hand the entire speech, shaking his head before he leaves.

    Archemedes: "I'm out of here."

    Rod5 starts to Follow Archemedes out.

    Rod5: "The Brain where you going? But Archemedes! LL1! Are lazy!"

    The arena was still feeling the tension from all of the other LL MPQ superstars standing before them. Suddenly the lights dimmed down and a new theme began to play, a theme that had not been introduced before." Stars in the night" by CFO$ began to play, the word " I'm One With The Force." went across the LL Big Screen. Badmaniac and RogueOneZero walk out from the backstage area followed by Exotic Cheese and Omega Blacc, Badmaniac walked out with the cheesiest smile on his face and his arms lifted high, he was ready to make something happen. He had already retrieved a microphone, when he was backstage.

    Badmaniac: "Ladies and gentlemen, madames et monsieurs.... my name is Badmaniac. I know what you're all thinking, why we are here? The answer is simple, this show only requires me to be out here. Therefore, I suggested that only I come out here. I am out here to make beleiver's out of all of you. I did not come out here to single out any specific LL MPQ superstars in this stage, you're all winners in my book. On the flip side, I must admit this to all of you. I feel that you all need inspiration, I am here to help you all get better. If you all trust in yourselves and you just believe in LL, you too can be successful. Just look at me for example, I used to be nothing.

    Badmaniac had took the time to pause, walking down the ramp followed by RogueOneZero and into the stage. As he walk down the top of the ramp is filled by a bunch of new face in the LL family. We can reconginze Jiplege, Jonlemagne, leow, misterstums with the LL4 banner, Luobo, Trebber for LL5, frymanman for LL7, dannyjo22 for LL8Haldern for LL0, aussimac, Fionsel, RichterBelmont, Caprion for LL9, mctl, Brentj95, Nirk and wcp619 representing LL3.

    And then we can see their commanders Gonzo19, MennoKnight for LL6, OJC80, SteveBanner for LL8, FarLOL, Grymmjya, Gu Roider for LL9, Evil Moth, RickRap and Whitequeen for LL7, Apochrypha bdiddy44 for LL3.

    Badmaniac looked around the stage, scouting out all of the men that he was going to have to compete with. Along with this, he contemplated all of the men who were still to come out. Most people would be discouraged, there isn't a person that realistically thinks they could be so many LL at once. It's just implausible, having to watch your back, your front, basically everything. This ironically didn't hinder Badmaniac at all, he was trying to set an example. By keeping his positive attitude, he figured it would reflect on those around him. It's a shame that those in favor were not out at ringside to support him, that nonetheless will not stop Badmaniac. "

    Badmaniac: " I have made it through so much in my lifetime. I wasn't privileged like a lot of you, I did have family members or big money in the MPQ business like all of you, only OJSP was my friend there for me. This did not mean anything, I wasn't one of the lucky millennials to get every opportunity I wanted. I had to go out and earn everything, I'm tired of just being the worker. I want to be the successor, the modern day Joe, I am here to help you all. "

    Badmaniac looked over at DrNitroman, the man who had seemed to be investing a lot of time recruiting for the whole LL family and all his new recruits are there waiting on the top of the ramp. Badmaniac was amazed by what this situation had already escalated into it. Badmaniac didn't quite understand it, he was just a simple man trying to make a change. The fan's were cheering Badmaniac pretty heavily. Badmaniac look at RogueOneZero with a smile before giving him the mic.

    RogueOneZero: "DrNitroman, you're a great ambassador for LL and I respect you a lot. In fact, I have also admired you. As much as I compliment you, I must also mention the things that are not so good about you. Once again, this is not a personal attack, I am here to help you. There are several contestants in LL2, yet you have removed the focus about the plague that was IcyTemper, I assure you that you'll get LL2 back on track. You must remember that you must also address the other competitors in the LL, eliminating Icy Temper only helps you once. One small gain compared to becoming a target isn't quite something you want to do.

    That's why I'm glad i'm such a helpful person, that is also why I keep the faith. I'm One With The Force. The Force Is With Me. And The Force will make anyone a better person. It's the easiest medicine that a person can receive, if they're filling sick or if they're down, all they have to do is trust in themselves. "

    RogueZeroOne had stared at one more man, the crowd was trying to get behind him. All the fans really knew about the guy was his name and his simple message About the Force. RogueZeroOne look directly at the camera and continue to speak.

    RogueZeroOne: "Malorick, you're the final man that I would like to talk to. I must say for this final time, I am not trying to call you out because you're awful like Icy Temper portray you. I believe that you have something truly special and do everything that you have the potential to do. Do you know what i'm saying? The reason I am calling you out is because you're so flashy. We know that you already have it, there is no need to flaunt it so casually. Have a little class and it will carry you to new heights like never before. You just got to have a little faith in yourself and others. Take a look at me Malorick, I don’t want to lost my time in LL9 anymore I aiming directly for the top LL and this is LL1 not LL2 and you know why I will be successful. It's because of one small word and one word only, I'm One With The …"

    RogueZeroOne was suddenly interrupted before he could finish his sentence.

    "I came to play by Downstait" begins blasting throughout the arena, the crowd instantly cheer as OJSP comes from behind the curtain with a spectacular flurry of fireworks and flashing laser lights with his friend Ducon and mercator and the LL1 commanders Piro_Plock, Azari Lover, arsenal265. They LL1 crews starts on their way down to the stage where they demand to give them a microphone and climb the steel stair to face LL2 in the middle of the stage. OJSP begin to speak but before he can says a word. DrNitroman interrupt him.

    DrNitroman : "Wait a minute OJSP, I know why you are here and its about the result of the LL Battle Royale – Payback. And before you complain about it, I’m using my power as the LL amabassador to invalidate the result of that LL Battle Royale because it was totally unfair and was done by the Supremacist rules of lies, cheats and stealing and this is not the new LL2 era. So in the recordbook that Battle Royale didn’t ever existed. "

    DrNitroman's simple statement draws only a modest response from the crowd, and it's mixed. Most haven't decided what they think of the new LL2 attitude, but DrNitroman doesn't seem to care as he paces and Alvin.lal continues.

    Alvin.lal : "At Battle Royale - Payback, The Supremacist arrived and made a powerful statement when he put down the foolish OJSP and destroyed LL1. In one fell swoop, we gave everybody a lesson. A very valuable lesson. A lesson in the inevitability of defeat. The absolutism of it. When OJSP, arsenal256 and mercator were arguably at their prime, we reached out... and snuffed them out. Like that."

    Alvin.lal is rather abruptly interrupted by OJSP.

    OJSP: "The Mighty Don’t Kneel, Master Chief; or whatever you want to be called. Actually, Icy Temper said it best. To be the best you have to be the best and the best. Let’s just say we are, -the greatest MPQ alliance in the world and it’s LL1. That’s what matters."

    DrNitroman flares a glance to Alvin.lal, as DrNitroman begins to speak for himself.

    DrNitroman : "And what was that alvin.lal? That LL Battle Royale has never occurred here on LL, no trace of the lies, cheats and stealing by the Supremacist has either occurred. Not that I mind facing LL1 again, it's just that everyone needs to know what is wrong. As the Master Chief of LL2, you should've run the other way instead of following Icy Temper rules like Archemedes did by opposing himself against the Supremacist, because while I'm happy that my team won at Battle Royale, I'm not happy that it was a fight 9 LL1 vs 10 LL2 and I'm not happy about how it happened and that we had 2 non LL with She-Ra007 and Lena K. in it even if She-ra007 is now part of LL2 but she was officially LL2 after the LL Battle Royale, it was another Supremacist lies and a LL Battle Royale cannot be done without the majority of the commanders on both side, no piro_plock, no Malorick and no Archemedes.

    Since you're on my team, I will forgive you. But not just tonight, because now, I'm in charge of things with you, The Brain and The Cane which means things are going to be done one way and one way only..."

    "The Game" by Motorhead's begins blasting throughout the arena interrupting DrNitroman speech as Malorick emerges from behind the curtain, the crowd cheer him on.

    Malorick holds his 10k+ LT/CP briefcase at his side for the camera to get the best look of him. Wasting no time, He raise his briefcase high in the air as the fans are cheering loudly and crazy for him and he make his way through the new LL recruits and they split open giving Malorick the room to move and give the LL salute to Malorick while he head straight to the stage.

    The fans lean over the rails, asking for high fives with Malorick listening, granting the fans some slaps before he slowly slides into the stage. The fans are still cheering for the King of the Kings as he climbs the stair. He once again raise his briefcase up in the air as the crowd pop again.

    As Malorick enter the stage, go directly to RogueOneZero shake his hand and we can hear him telling him “I Like your attitude, you are in” .

    DrNitroman hands him a microphone and shake his hand.

    Something seems different with Malorick and has a different look in his eyes. He then starts to speaks.

    Malorick: "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything. Tonight, I cash in my Ultimate prize......My....CP/LT briefcase….. Mr. Lock and Load......I have been locked away for far faaaaaarrrr tooooo looooooonnng…. 5 months of hoarding them.....and my body is aching for release. "

    The crowd stand on their feet and begins orchestrating a huge "YES!" chant. While Malorick cash in his briefcase revealing 2 fully covered 5* with Black Bolt and Dr Strange and all of his 43 4* turned to champions. The crowd continue the "YES!" chant but Malorick close his briefcase leaving 5.1k cp in it.

    The crowd boos and starts a loud "NO!" chant but this don’t stop the Godfather to close his briefcase.

    Malorick: "I will climb up to the promised 5* land soon..... and I will reach out....and grab greatness. But as far as you are concerned, Mr Lock and Load and Master Chief......5 rough boys and 1 queen here with Azari Lover, mercator, arsenal265, Ducon, OJSP, piro_plock.....3 champions..... 3 LL Illuminati. Are looking to stop you dead in your tracks.....Karma is a ****.....But so am I. "

    Malorick grabs the Master Chief by his collar and pulls him in close and the two rivals share an epic staredown. Malorick then leans forward and press his forehead up against his foe before turning and walking away, leaving Alvin.lal and DrNitroman angry and confusing.

    End of show

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    I know I say this every time, mostly because it's true...best L&L adventure ever!!! It takes a tight family w good people to create such an epic storyline, and we're all lucky to have that with Lock & Lock!! Thank u once again Malorick!!
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    Saw your post for a PvE opening and will like to join. Currently Rank 4 in Duck Hunt. Usually top 100 in PvE (I ease off once I cleared all the reward tiers). 4 star transition player. Casual PvP only. I don't use Line sorry. Do let me know if I fit your alliance criteria. Have a good day.

    Roster is as below. ign is illiyana.
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    iceteo012 wrote:
    Saw your post for a PvE opening and will like to join. Currently Rank 4 in Duck Hunt. Usually top 100 in PvE (I ease off once I cleared all the reward tiers). 4 star transition player. Casual PvP only. I don't use Line sorry. Do let me know if I fit your alliance criteria. Have a good day.

    Roster is as below. ign is illiyana.


    I think you should fit in Lock and Load3
    I sent you a pm