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  • royalflush95
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    I'd like to join Lock and Load 9, I reach max progression in PVE's and average 575 points for each PVP event. So, if I'm a good fit for that alliance and there's a spot for me, I'm in.
  • alphator
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    hello i m interested in joining id jvrgjijfd alliance LostOurMarvels daily player shield 102 day 799
    champed 1 5* 25 4* PVE player essentially get always my ten pack in season i search a alliance who plays and with real contributors
  • stingdx
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    Lock and Load4 is looking for 1-2 players in the very near future.   We are a top 100 hybrid that have goals for PVE and asks everyone to participate in PVP while also trying to help you learn to do your best in both. 

    If this sounds like you let me know with a PM here or respond in the thread and I'll do my best to get back to you!  Thanks for your consideration!
  • Frank305
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    Looking for an alliance that will help me grow as I return the favor by playing hard. I’m on my day 840. Trying to champion my 4*’s. I go by the name of frank305. I belong to the alliance whatever works for now.  Check me out and let me know. Thanks. 
    P.s I’m also a VIP player. Renew every month. 
  • tsaonews
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    Looking for an alliance. I play daily and average 575 points for PVP event. I also play in special events and some PVE. Working on 4*. Championed all 3* and a few 4*. I go by The_General. Thanks.
  • DrNitroman
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    Lock and Load family

    Hello everyone, I didn't have much time to lurk on this forum recently but I wanted to show you the new organization of our family. As you can see on the picture, most of our alliances are now hybrid (except Thunderchicken and LL5). We put an emphasis on our four more competitive alliances on the picture but as usual we have alliances which can suit every style of play from casual to highly competitive

    Our family is now established in MPQ for a long time. We have a busy and friendly chat room on Line (out of game chat application). While joining this chat room isn't mandatory, it's highly recommended. We like to chat about the game and share advices so that beginners as well as veterans can enjoy the game.

    How to join us?

    You can post in this thread but you can expect a quicker answer if you contact a commander directly on Line, below are some Line id of some commanders:

    • Lena K (LL2), Line ID: lena-kat
    • Rod5 (LL3), Line ID: rod5ll4
    • DrNitroman (LL5), Line ID: drnitroman

  • Black Duke
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    Hello guys!

    Lock and Load 3 is looking for 2 new recruits for the upcoming Mind Gem Season. We are a T25 Hybrid alliance. Our requirements are 900+ PvP (1200 recommended) and maximum progression PvE. When you´re interested in joining us, please introduce yourself (roster, average score in events and season) in this thread or contact us directly on LINE.

    We´re looking forward to meet you!

  • DrNitroman
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    Our family is still recruiting, if you want to be in a solid alliance for the incoming boss event, now is a good time!

    In particular, Lock and Load2, Lock and Load4 and DeadpoolsTacos have opening but don't hesitate to contact us even if you are interested by a different alliance

    please see the post above for Line contacts (https://forums.d3go.com/discussion/comment/764029/#Comment_764029 )
  • Bisounour
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    Hi, I'm a returning player (just started back up about a week and a half ago after a 3 year hiatus). I have an old roster but have still been performing decently in events since I started. I'm just looking for an active guild as the one I'm in currently only has about 6 active members o.0. I have all 2*'s champed and the majority of my 3's (just missing 2) are close to being fully covered, just farming ISO to level all of them. I usually get 400-500 points in each pvp event and clear well past full progression in PVE. I would love to join you guys if one of your many alliances can accommodate me!
  • DrNitroman
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    I sent you a pm Bisounour
  • Chris3112
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    Hey, im looking for an active guild, im an active player, play daily, and always finish PVE with a full score. Im looking for a guild thats aiming for a t100 at least for a PVE. I would love to join u guys if u allow me to. Thank u
  • Chris3112
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    Oh, and im also a VIP player and continuosly having the VIP streak
  • Madkine
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    If you are interested in a top 100 pve/pvp alliance, Lock and Load4 is recruiting.

    Contacts on Line are:

    • Lena K (LL4), Line ID: lena-kat
    • Rod5 (LL3), Line ID: rod5ll4
    • DrNitroman (LL5), Line ID: drnitroman
    • Madkine (LL4), Line ID: madkine
  • jgomes32
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    LL family will be looking for potential new players for the upcoming season. If you are looking for a new alliance pm here or Line (jgomes32).
  • Erunner1201
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    Erunner1201 can also be contacted here or on LINE (erunner1201) for any potential interest.

    There are spots available for different player levels.  We can place a few folks in t100 pve/pvp spots all the way up to t25 pve/pvp spots.
  • dadows
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    Just want to say there is a huge advantage to being in a big alliance family like this. If you use line (which you should if you are serious about the game), you have access to a big chatroom and large alliance battle chats for pvp. I was a shield at 900 and done pvp player and thought it was a drag to play before joining L&L, but immediately became at a high placing player with the resources people gave me and now enjoy pvp so much more than pve.
  • monsieurmojo
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    Hey guys!  Saw your post in the Alliance thread, thought I'd drop by.  I'm a day 723 player who retired for a bit and recently came back to my old casual alliance.  Since it's really the only way to break into the 5* tier, I'm now hoarding (up to 63 combined pulls) and find that a casual alliance doesn't fit my current needs.  

    I hit max progression in every PVE (I'll play optimally for new releases if the character doesn't suck), and have finished with 4000-5000 the last two PVP seasons.  Sadly, a busy work schedule and family life doesn't permit too much more.

    You can find my roster here:  https://mpq.gamependium.com/rosters/monsieurmojo/

    Let me know if you can find a fit, and hope this finds everybody well!
  • Erunner1201
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    monsieurmojo...I have followed up on your post with a message.  Please check your inbox. :)
  • Kucing
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    Hi guys, I'm a returning player after a lengthy hiatus...looking for PVE alliance. Due to work and other commitments I'm not looking for high rangking PVE alliance although I believe that I can hit max progression score for story event. I also use LINE. My game ID is Kucing Kumis
  • Xalthim
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    Hello, I'm a long time player willing to switch alliances to find one for players that hit 1200+ pvp and max prog+ pve consistently. Currently in 5D groups, ign xalth1m. thx