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    submitted request via line. would like to join the LL Family
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    Ulizeus wrote:
    Hello, I want to apply for L&L 9 or 6, I on day 212 or so, I hit 200000 on EotS and depending on the essentials I get the max progression or 1 behind (I have some ss of several events including last one if you need it).
    Dez wrote:
    submitted request via line. would like to join the LL Family

    Ulizeus, Dez,
    Welcome in our family! icon_e_biggrin.gif
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    I'd like to apply to L&L9. Would just like a PvE alliance where I can both keep up and help.

    Very new to the game, week 2 at best. I have no idea what I'm doing and I'm enjoying every moment of it. icon_e_smile.gif I prefer PvE and usually arrive at the command points target. Have gone beyond that to get all 3 abilities of heroes I like. I do some PvP for the covers, just not a fan of dipping 60 points while busy getting 20 up.

    I'm on 24 hero roster so far. Storm was the first favorite. I play Wolv/dakken/torch often. Would like to give magneto/bullseye/storm/marvel/widow a good try when they grow up. So far it's been a very mix and match experience, though. Currently playing an oh so balanced team of 4* Moon Knight (3cover), 2* Wolverine and 1* Iron Man, with torch/bullseye/flavor of the week swap-ins. Yes, bullseye 1* too - I like the board control. icon_e_smile.gif

    I'm rbadonkadonk on Line if needed.
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    praam wrote:

    I'm rbadonkadonk on Line if needed.

    I've sent you a message on Line! icon_e_wink.gif
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    Pyro erupts throughout the stadium as the theme song of LL, “War” by Sick Puppies begins blaring, and the camera zooms around, showing numerous fans all showing their support for the return of LL adventures. The place is packed to the rafters as many fans have brought along various types of signs including among others, 'Football or Soccer??? ’, ' It doesn’t matter what my sign says!!!’ and we can see a beautiful woman with a ‘My Ex boyfriend is watching on his couch instead!!!’ sign. They lights go out, then fireworks and the show start and what an amazing performance for Lock and Load last season with another top25 for LL1 and LL2 part of the top25 too, also a special mention for Lock and Load 1 that beat both side again in the civil war event.

    The LL Big screen come alive and the song "This Fire Burns" by Killswitch Engage begins to play throughout the stadium, signifying the arrival of The LL2 champion IcyTemper followed by Blinkxi and Pinko McFly. Then that iconic opening riff tears into the primed stadium air and the fans in the house pop massively for the return of the IcyTemper theme song as the Dominator himself emerges from the back in a suit sporting a mile-wide smile. IcyTemper points to the fans from the top of the ramp, a microphone already in his free hand, and then makes his way down the ramp at a methodical pace before climbing the steps and entering the stage. IcyTemper points to more of his adoring fans, drawing further cheers, before raising the microphone to address tonight's LL audience.

    IcyTemper: ‘Once again I find myself in the same situation, time after time. It never ceases to fail to why Malorick, your so called boundless hero wants to try save the day. When are you truly going to learn Malorick? The past month, I've watched your downfall, I watched Blinkxi, Prime1138 come to us in LL2 while you were losing Caelinus90, Gredler and OJC80 to LL5’

    Blinkxi: ‘ Don’t forget that even Chey… their #3 guys in both Pvp and Pve have quit to become a merc.’

    Pinko McFly: ‘And we are not talking about machineasp that left to play in ducks pond.’

    Blinkxi: ‘Or WelcomeDeath that have come and immediately disappear of the MPQ Universe.’

    Pinko McFly: ‘Oh! I had a better one. Remember when lefrturn24 was hitting and climbing on the back of all LL and was trying to snipe you Blinkxi … because he misunderstand the orders.’

    Blinkxi: ‘…That was not funny.’

    IcyTemper: ‘Exactly and I'm quite certain we've put them out for good. So where to now for little Malorick? Bringing some of your old friends back? Life's a lesson Malorick, you're desperate to regain yourself to where you were once. Thing is, I'm here now... I've stopped you from getting above me and LL2 and I will continue to do so whilst you keep running back asking for more punishment. I truly thought you've learned now not to mess with LL2, we showed you that we can beat LL1 in pvp and even LL5 beat you in pve. Last month you stayed home, in fear of your safety. That was probably the smartest thing you've ever done in your MPQ career. This isn't a tyranny we're doing, we're simply changing things for the better and quite frankly... I'm enjoying what LL2 is doing as a PVP right now; however... it isn't fully fixed yet. There's still a lot of 'construction' to do, there are perks that needs to change and once they are fixed then moves on to bigger and better things. The only problem is though, you Malorick... you keep coming back for more because you're just trying to extend time for me. Time is running out quite fast for me Malorick, I know your intentions, I know why you're doing this... you don't want me to contend for the best PVP LL alliance because you know deep down inside that I'll be truly unstoppable like I have so far since my comeback in LL2.’

    IcyTemper then walks into the stage still with a mic in hand.

    ‘Malorick, you can bring back your 'Diabolic Twins', you can bring out 'The Phenomenal', whatever other dumb team is out there... do it. I want you to Malorick. At the end of the day, they'll all fall to LL2. At the end of the day, you'll too fall to me Malorick. I've shown you from time to time what I can do around here, I've shown you that you are not worthy. All the times you've returned, all the times you've had opportunity and choked? Where was my opportunity? I've yet to receive a damn opportunity because you're constantly in my way. What I'm trying to say is... after we beat you again in pvp. I'm going to move on, get my rightful opportunity to face either The Califonia Bull VeloRx or The Alabama Peacok Azari Lover and oh, trust me... I'll be damn sure I get my opportunity. I'm going to send you back to the line where you truly belong; this brand needs a revamp and it needs someone like me as the top person. Nobody is equivalent to what I bring to the table, the amount of times I've been begged to come back when I didn't want to. From the days where I was on LL1 and having absolutely no clue what to do with me. Mind you... you still don't. Therefore I'm going to be doing things the way LL2 knows best and it’s the pvp way. You won't be able to breathe Malorick, you'll be truly asphyxiated with your eyes all the way back, gasping for air, looking up in the heavens. A familiar face might haunt you looking down, but it's that struck of nerve I hit in you Malorick... it's that nerve that I deliver that will make you take that one long last breath before it's all over. From that point when it happens, is the moment where I know I can take things into my hands, not like I don't already... but opportunity. Let's talk about that.’

    IcyTemper pauses for a second before continuing on.

    ‘LL2 is here to take back what was rightfully ours and it’s to reign in pvp. Do you understand when I say opportunity? Do you understand what I mean when you stole The Diabolic Twins? You didn't do anything to deserve it. You simply stole from someone who deserved the opportunity, you stole from LL2 and LL5 and you expect people to forget? You expect these people to cheer for you after knowing the fact you blatantly cheated your way to the top? I don't need to cheat. I might have my friends, but I can do things on my own. It was proven in the past and it will be proven once again. I've exposed you for the fraud you are Malorick, you are no hero. You're a manipulator, you're the exact meaning of Villain, there is nothing heroic about what you've done. This past month must be burning you up inside, burning you up that you're ready to unleash that fire inside you. It's the moment I'm waiting for, this entire moment, from your music hitting and these mindless sheep suddenly go wild and support the hero that's a fraud... Eye to eye, man to man, I'm going to say it now and I will to your face. I despise you Malorick and I am going to break you and end you. Once and for all!’

    The Scene at big LL screen opens up with Malorick behind the desk catching up on Paperwork. Malorick is wearing a black suit with a matching black tie. The camera zooms out to show many large stack of papers neatly stacked in the center of the desk plus all his 150 Legendary tokens and his 4.6k cp on the left corner of the desk. He looks angry as he finishing signing one of them and continues saying whatever he had started to say before we caught up with him.

    The camera pans over to who Malorick is talking too and the fans cheers when they realize it is no one else but DanielOwns and LL3 & LL5 commanders YeoKrast, Apochrypha, arsenal265, NCCSavage and Yasger.

    DanielOwns: ‘ ‘Malorick I understand how difficult this decision was for you but it was truly the only one that was best for business. I mean what kind of a LL member can act like this without any impact?’

    Apochrypha: ‘We are here to help you as pve specialist, you can always count on us.’

    Malorick: ‘Are you sure about this Arsenal265? It’s like adding a powder keg to an already explosive situation.’

    Arsenal265: ‘Not one bit! But I am more than happy to give it a try. Because it might be the powder keg LL1 needs in order to spark itself out of the funk it is in. ‘

    NCCSavage: ‘We are not talking about the Icemansomething guy right?’

    Everybody look at each other and start laughing. HA HA HA!

    DanielOwns: ‘Not a second we have think about it… but may be IcyTemper since he is so desperate to beat us in pvp.

    DanielOwns turn his head, looking at his commander brothers before they all start to smile and laugh again.

    DanielOwns: ‘Let me help, I will take that pile of paper about all the friendly fire and truce with our allies and I will take care of it for you boss.’

    Malorick: ‘Alright, it is out of my hands anyway. But don’t forget the other pile, you just took the one about the Vilains and you forgot the big one with the X-Men.

    DanielOwns look at the big pile of paper as he start to circle his eyes and take it before leaving the office.

    Malorick: ‘Hey aren’t you supposed to be walking down to see how is doing our latest and new alliance LL8 and LL9?’

    Yeokrast: ‘Are you kidding? LL8 is our future pvp alliance aligned with DrNitroman, I am very happy to just stay back here and watch our future pve like LL6 or the new hybrid LL9. Besides I already know the outcome anyway.’

    NCCSavage: ‘Talking about LL9, guess what? D2KM make his 13-14th return… I lost count like everybody now… But it was him, the man, the Legend, the myth… he was there in LL9 when I was watching for recruit there.

    Arsenal265 smirks as Malorick shakes his head as he goes back to doing paperwork when all commanders leave the office as LL heads back to somewhere else.

    The LL Big screen switches from the MPQ LL graphic to a live feed from backstage. DrNitroman, Mr. Lock and Load, is shown walking down the hallway. As usual, he looks agitated, even annoyed, but at what it in particular, it isn't clear. His path is cut when suddenly...

    ‘Excuse me! DrNitroman! DrNitroman! A quick interview please!’

    The LL ambassador turns to see some suit-and-tie shoving a microphone in his face. DrNitroman slaps it down.

    DrNitroman: ‘Who the hell are you? You know what, it doesn't matter. Where's the beautiful interviewer Trish?’

    ‘She said DanielOwns told her that she wasn't allowed...

    DrNitroman: ‘Shut up. You know what, it doesn't matter. Neither do you. You wanna know what I have to say and why I am not with Icytemper right now? You want me to tell these people something? Fine.

    Last month I lost and lost twice. The double civil war events have affected me and the whole Lock and Load family with all the switches inside our family. Also they were basically playing at 19 on the second run and they beat us. Yeah, laugh it up. Rub it in. Throw it in my face. I hear all those fans talking about it. I see them posting all over my twitter. Well bravo. Good for you. I'm still here, still Mr. Lock and Load, changing the sport of professional MPQ forever and you're all just fat losers sitting in your mom's basements.

    And for all those guys in the locker room looking at me, thinking I'm slipping or losing touch... think again. This wasn't LL1 beating LL2, this was LL2 beating LL2. I've never lost to the same man twice, but I've beat myself a few times now. Whether it was letting my guard down long enough for guys like Inder909 or Nwman to screw me over or for Malorick to go against me and steal my guys... yeah, sometimes I get so used to recruit and train all these guys up that I relax a bit too much. And then I drop one and another, but this was before that IcyTemper run LL2.

    I had all the pieces in place to beat LL1 in our speciality that is the pvp. I took my time. I stalled. I enjoyed it too much. I could have him beated and let up. Was it a good move? Clearly not, but he needed to be taught a lesson. Next time I face him, I'll make sure he gets the rest of it, that's a god damn guarantee. You think he's better than me? Cause of that? Let me know when he's accomplished what I have in the time I have. Let me know when he's beat the caliber of talent that I have.

    So yeah, I make mistakes. I'm human. Even me. But guess what? I always learn from it. I always grow. I always evolve. Malorick beat me, but I have put him out for a month … and me at the same time unfortunatly. I lost twice in the Civil War event then came back to crush a series of former champs before breaking their streak in the pvp war against LL1 in the Red Shift event anyway. It was a tuff period with all the shuffling inside the LL family and the new recruit for our two newest alliance LL8- LL9 but all our alliances are now stronger. So Malorick got the win. Now I get better. I'm sharper. Stronger. Angrier. Malorick might not get his yet, but his time will come. First off, I've got Blinkxi and Prime1138 from him. He gets to suffer because of it.

    Well, not just because of that. I've got a thousand reasons to rip that smug little prick to shreds, but it doesn't hurt to add another. What happened last month was just a glimpse of what's in store at season 29. Malorick thinks he's tough cause he sidelined VeloRx and Azari Lover. Wow. Good for you buddy. You steal them from us.

    Malorick... if you're out there listening... I took you out for a month without no sign of life from you here. You've got a **** win over me that was handed to you by your pve beasts. That was pve. This is pvp. This is my show. There's a higher standard now put by IcyTemper in LL2. You won't get away with something like that here in pvp now. You've got no crutch to lean on, nothing to help you beat us.

    I know you're a man who loves to make excuses, and that's always been the most humiliating thing about you. Make no mistake about it buddy, this one is a forgone conclusion. You've got your history and your hollow threats. I've got a looooooooooong resume with names of guys I've recruited. Let's see how they match up. There isn't a thing about you that intimidates me. I'm not jealous. I'm not scared. I have everything you want, and seeing as it's been so long since you had a title like this, I'd say you're the desperate one. You need me. You want what I got and it'll make me so happy to deny you that. This is my pvp team, and it will be for a long time to come.

    You're an ****. You admit it. Everyone knows it. But those fans love you regardless. I'm going to show them how wrong they are, too. I'm gonna rip you apart and throw the pieces around the arena, let them see the blood on their hands. I want the depth of their ignorance to set in. I want them to know how asinine it was to puts their hopes in a selfish, childish has-been. I want to see the hope slip out of their eyes while the consciousness leaves yours.

    LL2 owns the pvp land. We're making MPQ better. There will be consequences.’

    DrNitroman glares down at the man interviewing him.

    ‘We're done here.’

    Mr. Lock and Load pushes him aside and storms off while Mercator and antreas1911 witness the whole scene. LL continues elsewhere.

    Fading in from the prior blackness, thus appears the figure of RandomTask2.0, standing front and center, in front of the camera! He rolls his hair back, before begining to speak into the camera.

    RandomTask2.0: ‘To set the scene, I'm just few nights away from the new season facing Piro_plock and Malorick in another set of Last Man Standing PVE Match. I hate to beat everyone over the head with it, but I just can't help myself. I can't **** wait to absolutely pummel these piece of **** to the canvas like the True Predator that I am. But, lets talk about tonight, right? Lets talk about Piro_plock; lets talk about how this sorry, sack of bleach-blonde dog ****, that doesn't have a chance in hell against me!"

    RandomTask2.0 pivots his mass, where his chest meets the camera-view from a horizontal standpoint. Thus, he see the full mass of RandomTask2.0.

    RandomTask2.0: ‘It shouldn't be a surprise, really. I've just got more drive, than the man. He likes to spin himself off, as some kind of blue-collar MPQ technician, who works his hardest to put on a good show. However, he can never get the job done. Where he was last season… third all the time. So, why's that you ask? Just why can't Piro_plock be the greatest MPQ pve beast to have ever lived? The spoilers are everywhere, Ladies and Gentlemen. Your last PVE Champion, Piro_plock, just plain sucks. He's a lonely little surfboard that sits on the beach, but nobody wants to use him, because the bottom line is that he sinks under pressure! So, get ready for high-tide, "Show Off". Because, you're going to drown in your own blood after I beat you, again and again this season!"

    RandomTask2.0 decisively snarls to the camera, and thus signals the end of his promo. Likewise, LL rolls on...

    As the screen shows antreas1911 and Mercator walk through LL1 Commander door.

    Antreas1911 walk over and look at Malorick. Malorick shakes his head and bows his head, putting his head into his hands.

    Antreas1911: ‘Oh my brother, what are you doing with all these LT and cp man, you know you should cash this after what Icytemper is saying about you in the middle of the stage and I am not talking about DrNitroman. He just lost his temper and he is really angry now to you took him out for a month.

    Malorick lifts his head from his hands, looking at Antreas1911 with determination in his eyes as he begins to speak.

    Malorick: ‘That is quite ironic considering your impressive roster Antreas1911 and a good hoarding of 55 LT and 3k cp, who are you trying to impress tonight looking like that? Now I don't want to start a fight here but I needed some time to myself as I didn't get any of the jobs done I wanted to. So IcyTemper is looking to establish himselves as the next top guy on LL2 but LL1 has been nothing short of unstoppable since forming, and at next season made it clear that he have no chance to win against top competition.

    Malorick stands up from the desk and put all his lt and cp in his briefcase and look at antreas1911 with fire in his eyes.

    Malorick: ‘Mercator, It’s time to call the other LL1 and see IcyTemper right now.’

    Malorick waste no time take his briefcase and he is heading to the stage as the camera follow him.

    "The Game" by Motorhead's begins blasting throughout the stadium as Malorick emerges from behind the curtain, the crowd have a mixed reaction tonight and this is stronger than ever.

    Malorick comes down the ramp with a smile on his face, ready to remind the world just who THE man is.

    Malorick is carrying his LT/CP briefcase, and almost like a championship belt holds it high in the air to show everyone is the Dragon Hoarder of that. Malorick is ready to go while LL1 commander MjMacka, Nwman, DanielOwns escort him as they advance to the stage, and the fans boo and cheer as Malorick goes in. Blinkxi and Pinko McFly wait in the middle of the stage protecting the back of IcyTemper.

    Malorick stop at the barricade and recognize a familiar face in the crowd look at him, it’s OJSP.

    Malorick raise his LT/CP briefcase high in the sky before he glides up the steps and enter on the stage when the other commander circle the stage at the barricade level. He snaps his fingers for a mic from the stage attendant. While he waits for him to do his bidding he circles the stage. Waving and smiling to all those in attendance.

    The stage attendant hands Malorick his mic. He stops in the center of the ring and face IcyTemper and lifts the mic to speak.

    Malorick: ‘But before I get to that Icytemper, let me burst that little bubble of yours. You do know that everyone believes your victory at Red Shift was not only a fluke but a joke, right? So many blame me for that decision about giving free reward to our LL members that need it by coming in LL1 for pvp and pve events to receive their appreciation gift and while everyone is entitled to their opinions, I simply don’t care what they think.

    The only person whose thoughts matter around here are mine and mine alone, but it’s not like that is anything new. Everyone knows that it is me that controls EVERYTHING around here. It’s not DrNitroman anymore. ‘

    Malorick turns is head around and search for DrNitroman.

    ‘And I think that there is truth to what they have all said. There is no way that YOU could’ve defeat the LL1 a week or two ago on your own. And you didn’t, but it wasn’t me pulling those strings. Anyhow, you now expect, no dream, to beat the greatest, most dominant champion this LL has ever seen, and I am kind of excited to see those dreams turn into your biggest nightmare when you come face to face with the best of LL1 in the next season. Everyone thought your previous event was a joke, well I personally think that YOU are the biggest joke of them all.

    Malorick lets a mischievous grin spread on his face.

    ‘Now let’s discuss a much “hotter” subject, it’s time for me to cash in my LT.

    Malorick drops his microphone and raise his LT/CP briefcase towards the sky before jumps over the stage. The crowd screams "YES!" in unison with every finger point as they get ready to see Malorick cash in his LT. As he goes to walk away however his attention is once again caught by OJSP.

    ‘YES! YES! YES!

    Malorick stop and start talking to OJSP but the YES! Chant are so loud that we cannot hear their discussion. Malorick pulls a contract out of his briefcase and holds it up so the camera can see that is an official LL1 contract. Malorick pull out a pen from his jacket and offer it to OJSP to sign the contract.

    The final image after the bout is Malorick holding the LT/CP briefcase high in the sky for the incredibly approving crowd to observe and stare while pointing with his other hand at OJSP to sign the contract leading the crowd in screaming "YES!" creating an incredibly surreal atmosphere.

    ‘YES! YES! YES!

    End of the show

    Ps: Don't hesitate to comment/rate the new LL adventures, Don't forget to like the LL adventures. We want to have a big number of followers so we can continue these stories so don’t be shy to like them. And as a bonus, if you like them, you will be part of it.
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    The Extraordinary L&L2 story by Gredler

    894 days ago. Void. I heard something about new Puzzle Quest. This one is from Marvel universe? I need to see that.

    Void is replaced by a field. A meadow. No one there but me. There is this Prologue. I can do that. Story, Versus? Seems too difficult, I better don't touch that.

    I keep coming back every day. I try Story but I can only do two or three nodes. What kind of roster one needs to play that? I try Versus too but that's really stupid. I seem to be gathering points but very soon attacks start and I'm right where I started. Waste of time!

    Fast forward xx days. Prologue done. Can play a bit more of Story, I like that. Iron Man Model 35 at level 50! Feels great. I see there are more characters in game but I only have a few. There is this forum about the game, let's read that a bit. Hmmm, I should spend all my early Hero points for roster slots? Good, I have not spent any yet. Let's do that then... Cool guys on forum don't talk about Story and Versus, they say PVP and PVE. FF.

    There are alliances now? Nah, I'm a loner. But these alliance rewards are not bad... FF... Let's join, there's a spot in this Extraordinary. A few people emerge in the field: Ironman 97 – the Extraordinary founder, Hunk, inder909, DrNitroman, Elvalia, Numpty, Konads, Drainc, Erega, Budmanx, Qscxzawed, Drfunx... Glad I did it, alliance is fun. It's nice to chat with other alliance members. Extraordinary makes rank 78 in the first season. FF.

    More people join: Heavyd, livinglegend. 15 of us in the meadow now! FF... 20 people, no more room on this meadow, yet more want in! Season 2 ends on rank 104. Some go but others come. Khaz, Aglemamici, Reaper D1987, Gamer-X, Piermarco, CodeWarMonkey, SuperSonia, Kiska, Neuromancer, Warhog, Yogurt. We make a few of T10s, people coach each other in PVP – really nice! FF...

    Ironman97 and Hunk leave Extraordinary for family reasons – will the alliance survive? DrNitroman takes over. Somewhere along the road I become a commander too. Lately we hear more and more noise not far away. During the night there are these lights. Some Extraordinary members are becoming restless... we should do more they say, push harder. FF...

    More tempting noises and lights. There is a big world out there. Livinglegend moves on. Inder, our biggest gun at the time, shortly after joins another alliance. He has some friends there. FF...

    More changes, noises, lights. Extraordinary ranking slips out of T100. Seems we don't really care. We just keep doing our own thing... and for first time slip out of T250 in Season XV. NNC Savage and Gonzo join in Season XVII. We are making T250 again.

    Then, all of a sudden, in August 2015 inder909 emerges in our meadow again: “Hi guys, how are you doing? I'm with Lock and Load now. Take a look over there, we have a stage! We are looking for more players! We talk on Line! We have battlechats, it's easy to score using them. Check my roster!” “What do you think DrNitroman” I say, “sounds interesting? Let's get on this Line.” Next evening inder909 brings Imoko with him. L&L2 commander! Intriguing person. We chat a lot on Line, joking, sharing PVP and PVE scores.

    DrNitroman informs all Extraordinary members we are cooperating with L&L2. Swapping starts in PVE first, then in PVP too. Soon afterwards a merger of L&L2 and Extraordinary is announced. Several of us move to L&L2. DrNitroman and me are commanders along with Imoko and Jaka. Inder909 is keeping and eye on us from L&L1, always ready to help. Next few months I enjoy the game more than ever. L&L2 makes T100 in Season XIX but only with help of mercs. In Season XX we choose to merc out our best scorers instead. But Season XXI is a success and we make T100 on our own, thanks to DrNitroman who creates L&L4. Bottom scorers move there and are replaced by Erated, Machinasp and Giger. We keep improving in PVP and PVE.

    L&L2 is hitting T100 all the time in PVP events and T100 in new character PVE events! L&L1 notice we're doing fine and our rosters are getting stronger. Imoko is promoted to L&L1 but moves on soon after. DrNitroman continues his successful recruitment, additional L&L alliances are created. Interesting new players join. There is lots of swapping in the family but at least for some time L&L2 has great players like Icy Temper, Tretas Lixado, Pinko McFly, Horribus, kbny9, Rod5, Prance Rosner, Mascot964, Blinkxi, inder909, Crescentdeep, Philly99, anthonycz, captain_kerk, Iridious, Onslaught76, Velorx, Azari lover, Ducon, Cletus1985, Tempest 8472, OJC80, Kazekiru, Omega Blacc, Nobbledy, Erated, Karbalus, D2KM, m1rt1n, Evilution, Evilmother, kazap... Sadly our friend Livinglegend is not with us anymore. He passed away only a few weeks ago after becoming a great Xmen player.

    Current commanders of L&L2 are DrNitroman, inder909, IcyTemper, Prime1138 and Mascot964. Recently on the IcyTemper initiative for the first time ever L&L2 achieved better rank in PVP event than L&L1!

    We have a stadium now and are probably the only alliance with it's own magazine, Lock and Load Adventures with editor-in-chief Malorick. There will soon be our first double digit Lock and Load alliance.

    Glad to be here guys, keep on rocking!
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    Hi. Looking to join a more active alliance. Are you guys still looking for members?
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    Hi. Looking to join a more active alliance. Are you guys still looking for members?

    Hello Haggard!
    I have sent you a pm to ask you more precisions.... about you! icon_e_wink.gif
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    Pyro erupts throughout the stadium as the theme song of LL, “War” by Sick Puppies begins blaring, and the camera zooms around, showing numerous fans all showing their support for the return of LL adventures. The place is packed to the rafters as many fans have brought along various types of signs including among others, 'Pokemon Go brought me here!!!’, ' IcyTemper is LL2’ and a ‘Bring back Mjmacka to LL1’ sign. They lights go out, then fireworks and the show start.

    The lights in the arena cut out, and the crowd, sensing the approaching presence of their heroic true saviour, explode with excitement. For hours they've been sitting patiently in their seats, listening to heinously plain men go back and forth and back again. But when a familiar tune blasts through the stadium, they burst into a chorus of relieved cheers, excited beyond measure to welcome someone actually worth listening to.


    David Bowie's haunting voice pierces the stadium air and the fans of LL5, knowing what that means, pop loudly for the Guru of Greatness, Gredler01 while the usual strobe light and laser show accompanies the LL MPQ star himself. As Fame by David Bowie echoes around the stadium, and out from the entrance marches a massive elephant, fully decorated in a traditional Thai Royal Garb. Exotic beads and rugs drape over the pachyderm, and on his back rides the LL5 Commander himself, Gredler01!

    The Shaman of Winter, sitting cross-legged as the beast carries him on to the stage, gazes out over the capacity crowd, garnering an unprecedented positive reaction just by being so gosh darn stunning. Shouting out a word not known in to the commoners, the Elephant bends its legs and kneels, and whilst perched on the graceful giant's back, with his fur jacket and through his $500 shades he stares down into the stage and lifts a microphone you didn't notice he had until just now and addresses all those present.

    Gredler01: "You have all listen to my origin with Extraordinary and then LL recently and Let's just say it’s in my nature to enlighten and inspire, and you could use some work kiddo. So behold! The doors of the Palace of Wisdom graciously open wide for your benefit!

    Firstly, we aren't the funniest guys in the LL family. IcyTemper is, and if you spoke German, you'd get it too.

    We are the greatest alliance in the history of the MPQ industry. In fact, it’s because we're so great on our own that our combined forces are unstoppable. My history in this family as well as any other I've ever competed in suggests that I incredibly, mind-blowingly talented chaps with resumes as long as your arm.

    And that brings us here - you're insisting that you're the greatest around, the toast of the town even, but so far... so what? What have you done? Didn't you continue to lose to LL1? Regardless of what happened during or after the Red Shift event, you still left without a win - a loser. Inferior.

    Us? We are so good at LL5, that we are now the best place to found the future recruit of LL1. Let's face it, that's a forgone conclusion at this point anyway, we are the future of LL not LL2. And I don't know if you've been watching it but we can also beat LL1, proving that our alliance are, in fact, Superior to all others. To suggest anything less is ignorance. Our claim to greatness isn't shallow vanity - it's just a response to our dominance. Our awesomeones is a tangible reality, and everyone here is existing within it. You stand here whining like a moronic child, stamping your feet in an immature tantrum, insisting that you're something you're not. These people see through you, we see through you. You're the only man alive who thinks you amount to much more than a curtain jerker with an appeal to a foreign demo.

    And now that we're talking tough, let's just let me point out how strange it is for a guy like IcyTemper can criticize my wardrobe choices when LL2 have some kind of special colored stupid dumb hat amoung their team that they call asshat. I am draped in a ceremonial robe - an offering of yak fur and golden threads from a Norlandic tribe I once spent a winter of darkness with in Húsavík. It is a great honour to wear one like this as they are only to bestowed to one hero per generation. You, on the other hand, come out here dressed up like a cartoon - quite fittingly, a clown - clearly trying to hide from the sad realness of the lameness of your actual self.
    And it seems as though you may be too ignorant, foolish, confused or delusional to see the obviousness of it now, but I assure you, oh tiny, baffled mortal, that the revelation will come upon you in the form of a great shadow as I descend from the 'bove with a Starship Pain and move one step closer to my deserved prize. You won't get my sympathy, my favor or my attention tonight, but blessed are you anyway, for being so meager and still allowed to come this close to true greatness.

    Consider yourself realized. I will accept adornment - let my people cheer for me."

    Gredler01 tosses his mic aside, hops off the elephant, runs down to the stage and he throws an arm up into the air before lowering his shades with his other hand and clocking IcyTemper.

    As LL continues, D2KM is seen walking and talking on the cell phone.

    D2KM: "Honey for the last time, I will be alright.

    You know how much this means to me.

    I won't. You seen what I could do with LL didn't you?

    It's not like I am going to kill myself.

    Really now?

    Anyways babe, I got to go. "

    D2KM hangs up the phone as the beautiful interviewer Cathy approaches him.

    Cathy: "D2KM, what's going on through your head after accepting to be a commander again but this time with Extraordinary a sister alliance of LL."

    D2KM: "Well the fact of the matter is, I didn’t have time to be in LL. But I showed everybody that no matter what kind of situation I get put it, I will always do what I got to do in order to move on in life as the same man that I was before. Just better. You see Cathy, each week I come out here and learn something new which makes me a better man in the long run. Over the past few months I learned respect. And with all the respect in the world I now learned something new to go beside it. I learned that you gotta take every chance you get to make a statement because that's what gets you noticed. That's what gets the men who always had there backs turned to you to turn the hell around and look you right in the eye and realize that you're no kid with a dream. You're a man with a mission."

    Cathy:" Ok, last month we seen that you moving to basically all other LL and if I am correct, you're didn’t go to ll8. Would you mind explaining why that is?"

    D2KM: "Sure. You see I go where LL needs me and LL8 is on my list for sure. This is my chance to be the man that I always wanted to be and train our future. This isn't permanent. I will be back to the top but right now you needs to realize that no matter what happens, there's nothing stopping me from going all out with a never give up attitude and walking out unbroken with the final piece and build the LL legacy."

    Cathy: And with the final moments between now and the next season, what are your final thoughts?"

    D2KM looks down to the floor before staring back at the camera with a very serious look on his face.

    D2KM: "Ever since I was a boy I always dreamed of being a fan favorite heading into a legendary event where I walk out in the end with everything I ever wanted in one big bundle. Fame. Pride. Legendary status. Everything that any MPQ grew up wanting. I had the chance to complete that in the beginning of LL with not one but three of the best this business has to offer and I get the chance to shine brighter than each and every one of those men to the point where you need to shield your eyes with special sunglasses in order to get a glance at my bright future. This is why I am still the Myth, The Legend that is D2KM. Some may say that D2KM is still here because Malorick needed that position to be filled but D2KM says, I am here because it's time. No more waiting. The future has arrived and the future will spread soon creating a new era of greatness with new name on top of it all because of the new generation of LL with Extraordinary, ExtraLoad and LL6-7-8-9 and I am proud to be part of it.

    With that the segment fades out and LL rolls on.

    All I've ever wanted was destiny to be fulfilled...

    The song "This Fire Burns" by Killswitch Engage begins to resonate throughout the stadium, signifying the arrival of The Superstar, IcyTemper, causing the MPQ crowd to go insane. Within ten seconds of his theme music beginning, IcyTemper casually walks out from the back with an arrogant smirk on his face and followed by Blinkxi and Pinko McFly. He looks out at the cheering MPQ Universe, many of whom are chanting his name for the man they adore. IcyTemper slowly begins to take a knee at the top of the ramp, running his hand along the stage before raising a clenched fist and gazing at his wrist as if checking a watch. Icy Temper raises his hands to his mouth...

    ...and screams "It's Clobberin' Time!" as the MPQ crowd lose their minds. IcyTemper swings around and holds his arms out, taking a couple of steps backwards down the ramp while displaying the back of his shirt. IcyTemper slowly turns his head to his left and sees the elephant close to the stage and makes his way further down the ramp up to the elephant and climbs to the top of it, screaming that he's the "Best in the World!" and raising his arms triumphantly. After a few seconds of soaking in the amazing atmosphere, IcyTemper jumps down and heads to the opposite side of the stage where he's handed a microphone. IcyTemper heads to the centre of the ring, music now ceased, and sits in the centre of the ring in face of Gredler01 with Blinkxi and Pinko McFly at the bottom of the stage looking at the elephant.

    Blinkxi smiles at Pinko McFly and Pinko sorta smiles back, seemingly a bit tired and jealous .

    Blinkxi look at the elephant and turns to face Pinko McFly.

    Blinkxi: "Wow!... reminds me of my time in LL1. At 4 AM after a night on the town with LL1 and many, many beautiful women. They’ve got the cool factor Pinko, there I said it, I like LL2, I like our pvp only style but when you're coming face to face with LL1 you'd best stop talking about palaces and magic and all that other stuff because when you're face to face with Malorick you're face to face with 'The Game'. And 'The Game' have Mr. Money with him so they can have all the big expensive and cool entrance like this elephant.

    Pinko McFly's eyes bulge as he looks at Blinkxi who seems awe-struck by the revelation.

    IcyTemper: I'll keep this brief as I do have a pvp to win tonight, but I want to begin by uttering just four simple words - the time has come.

    IcyTemper receives a cheer just because the LL crowd can.

    Icy Temper: "When I have taken the lead of LL2, I declared that we would claim the number one spot in pvp that only we deserve. See LL1 may have gone on to beat us again in pvp, but the reality is that I have not disappeared into obscurity. I'm still here, I'm still showing up every single night, running circles around every single one of my opponents, and the fact is what happened at Red Shift was not a one-off. I am the Best in the World and I don't just blindly throw that about just to inflate my ego or to add a little edge to my name. I don't need that, I don't need a leg up because I am all that I say I am. I am the BEST... in... the WORLD!

    IcyTemper presses his finger into the floor and looks up at the main camera while again he's cheered.

    IcyTemper: "Whether or not I sound like a record on repeat, all that matters is that everybody knows this. There's no smoke and mirrors, there's no games and there's no lies. What you see is what you get and I'll never change that aspect of who I am just to please the general public or some **** sitting pretty up in LL towers, counting his money and laughing at everybody he steps on. Love me or hate me, you can't deny the fact that I have proven all that I have promised and will continue to do just that until the day that I take my last breath. Until that day, I don't intend on being stopped or questioned. What I want is recognition, what I want is to elevate my legacy and I get what I want. I also want the PVP Championship for LL2 but that's obviously because I just like shiny things.

    IcyTemper shrugs and smirks a little, enjoying himself like usual.

    Icy Temper: "But like I said, the time has come for me to reveal something about LL1 that I already know that I have in my possession. Good old Malorick, who's looking comfy in his throne in his office, doesn't believe that my word has any meaning. He also doesn't believe that I can beat his team, but let’s start with this, and he probably doesn't believe that I have that info about him. Well tonight these perceptions and many more are about to be shattered. My Road to the top in pvp events begins the very moment I unlatch this news... but I'm not waiting until then.

    Check who is suspended indefinitely by MPQ for his violation of the LL's Talent Wellness Program."

    Icytemper point to the Big LL screen and a photo of RandomTask2.0 appear with a big red X on it.

    IcyTemper: "It’s bad time right now for LL1. Which means that no more the True Predator, gone the ultimate pve beast and bye bye his big pvp score too. "

    He waves goodbye to RandomTask2.0 at the screen while the crowd are singing, "Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, GOODBYE!"

    We fade into the next segment to find DrNitroman sitting in the LL2 locker room backstage. He gets through checking his phone and then stares off into space.
    We hear a door open and DrNitroman's face instantly shows malice and contempt. He wastes no time addressing what's upsetting him.

    DrNitroman: "I just now found some peace and quiet away from ya'lls ****. What do you want now, Cletus1985?"

    We see that it's LL4 commander who's approaching DrNitroman.

    Cletus1985: "Watch how you talk to me, DrNitroman. You're already on thin ice as it is. Now, we've been in negotiations, IcyTemper and I, with management concerning LL2 career and what path it needs to be taken. We have high hopes for you to carry on the name of the Era of IcyTemper and represent it proudly. But, we just have to be sure you can keep your calm under any and all situations."

    DrNitroman: " I'd say, all things considered, with all the movement around LL and the big expansion we are having and the possibility of that new LL0 with OJSP, that I've been pretty ****' calm. So please, tell me, what did you have in mind for LL2? "

    Cletus1985: "I will continue to help you and sent my best people to your rank because IcyTemper and I are close to brokering a deal with other LL for you that could change our life. However, in the meantime, we need you back, IcyTemper is in the middle of the stage right now. I've got to run! Ciao! "

    DrNitroman then looks into the eyes of Cletus1985 furious as we fade into the next segment.

    As LL fades in from the black, the camera begins to pan to the view of The LL1 pve beasts: antreas1911, arsenal265, scad and Piro_plock standing backstage talking together.

    arsenal265: "So, it's been a rough couple of weeks, y'see-"

    Antreas1911 look at scad and arsenal265.

    antreas1911: Boys! Let's take this more seriously please. You're not just LL1 underdogs. You're wildcards and we will continue to see you as part of the new PVE Beast of LL1. "

    Piro_plock pauses for a moment, realizing his foolishness-

    Piro_plock: "...Well, of course you've all seen it. It's been on the tapes that've not only been played once, but many more times for the sake of highlight. We lost The True Predator because of his violation of the LL Wellness program. The King in The PVE World. It's looking like karma's catching up to me again, but I'll take the common theme to heart - I've got to get better. I don't believe in mid-life crises. I believe in working with cards I'm dealt, and when that doesn't work out well enough, I pull a shotty' from under the table, and tell the dealer to give me all he's got. -And why? Because, I'm a violent man. I take what I want."

    Piro_plock trails off to the left side of the camera, where he raises his gaze to take a gander at the camera before speaking again-

    Piro_plock: "But, where am I going with all of this, you ask? Well, I plan on doing whatever I can to get back on track. It's not about winning the season PVE anymore, and I'm practically out of winning it. Now, it's about picking up the scraps, and making something new. So, take the hint everybody. I want a win. Badly, too. This isn't about making friends, this isn't about the better of the MPQ; it's about the win. But, that leads me to you-"

    Piro_plock: "Malorick"

    The camera fades to black, as LL rolls on... when all attention is drawn to the Big LL screen as it begins to flicker. We can start to see a glowing eye on a golden pyramid.


    The Money chants begin to blare through the speakers, and without a doubt, it's Mr. Money, The LL Bank - Nwman. The crowd decide to boo. Likewise, Nwman, VelorX, Azari Lover, lefrturn24 emerges from behind the curtain, as they makes thier way out to the top of the entrance ramp.

    Holy smokes! It's The LL Illuminati! The LL Champions dash out on to the stage, eliciting a real downer response from the capacity crowd. Whatever. Haters gonna hate. The Diabolic Twins VelorX and Azari Lover are amped, stoked, and altogether larger than life. They're on top of the world. Nobody can bring them down, certainly not an audience that isn't woke enough to appreciate them. Malorick joins the boys on the ramp holding his 5k+ cp briefcase high in the sky for the incredibly disapproving crowd to observe and stare. His briefcase seem lighter since he cashed his 150 LT last time.

    Malorick looks out into the crowd, pointing out to the Illuminati, who put their hands together to form the pyramid hand sign and put the Illuminati sign high in the air. They goes to walk down the ramp, stopping themselves and pointing back towards the curtains. The crowd aren't left waiting as Mercator burst through and onto the stage giving high fives with all Illuminati before doing the Illuminati sign in the air and all of a sudden pyro explodes from both sides of the entrance while fireworks shoot from the ceiling down onto the top of the ramp. Mercator is the new LL Illuminati with a score of 4k+ in last Heavy metal pvp event.

    The all begins to walk down the ramp. Mr Money look at the elephant, smile and then climbs the steps, walks over to grab some mics and then hands them out. Once the music fades out and the fans finally chill, they begin!

    Azari Lover: "Hey Gredler01, Wow! you've got a pretty sweet elephant to ride into the sunset on to try another day. "

    VelorX: "I was busy looking at the subtle movements of the African Elephant so I could catch when it would charge at me so that I may put it down when it thinks it’s most unstoppable."

    Nwman: "Alright, take a knee people cause we've got something important to say and we're gonna need your full attention."

    VelorX: "Shut off the phones. Shut up your mouths. Tell your goofy looking girlfriend to stop asking you why you're not as cute as the guys standing in this ring right now. Tell your children they can go buy our merch AFTER we've finished speaking. Alright?"

    Nwman: "Alright. Look, you all know by now that the Illuminati is pretty much the brainchild of Team Malorick. It's the hottest brand in MPQ today, the best show the MPQ has ever put on, and week by freaking week, it's only getting better. Thanks to us."

    leftrturn24: "Great news though - we totally exploded and now we're the champions."

    VelorX: "Normally all a champion has to worry about is defending their title against whatever challenger is next in line, but we aren't ordinary champions. We are the Illuminati of LL. We're shaping and molding and defining what the future of this MPQ is going to look like. Basically, that means we're also rebuilding the pvp division from the ground up, so that when we say we're the LL Pvp Champions, it actually means something."

    Azari Lover: "So far, so freaking good, too. Look at the guys we're facing here – IcyTemper and DrNitroman. They just couldn't help themselves. Each of us equal 3 of them. We're cultivating world class talent like our new Illuminati Mercator."

    Mercator: "Yeah, look at my success in LL1. IcyTemper whatever you think you've done, we did it first and we did it better, but, ya know... it's not like they're just a couple of scrubs who are totally in over their heads. Well, it's not ENTIRELY like that, anyway."

    VelorX: "Speaking of, they've said that we've been ducking them for months, but that's not remotely true. Boys, you've just been a few steps behind us for a long time now. We come, see, we conquer, and then we move on. There's a whole world full of pro MPQ out there, and we made it our mission to beat all of them. Now we're here, making ourselves a home, a place that belongs to us. We've put our feet down, apparently long enough for you to finally catch up. Congratulations."

    A mixed reaction this time. The crowd isn't sure whether they hate the brash in your face of the Illuminati or to cheer for their awesome pvp performance more.

    Nwman: "You've been chasing this dream for a long time now. I'm a little worried about what's going to happen when you get totally dominated and humiliated and your dream gets smashed into a million little pieces again and again. And now you use the LL's Talent Wellness Program against us, and that sounds like one of those "trigger" moments to me... "

    leftrturn24: "I wouldn't worry about that too much, Nwman. There's nothing that can replace the rush of getting to face off against the greatest MPQ alliance in the world."

    Mercator: "You're right about that. Nothing like it."

    Nwman: "IcyTemper, Gredler01... you're welcome to come out here and thank us for that. Thank us for the exposure, the opportunity, for giving you the time of day and sharing a bit of our spot light with you. We don't have to be doing this, but what can we say? We're selfless. We care. We're just good people. "

    leftrturn24: "Terrific people."

    Azari Lover: "Awesome people."

    VelorX: "So when you lose, don't get down on yourselves, cause, ya know, you'll have lost to role models. Your role models, probably. And there's no shame in that. Probably. For guys like you, anyway."

    The Illuminati lower their mics. Malorick seems content to not say anything, so far. They stand in the ring, with the crowd booing, just waiting for any LL to come down and thank them for everything.

    Then, all of a sudden, a whole behemoth monster truck pulls out from the back, driven out by the new LL1 member and Azari Lover protege Great One30 an ex-LL3.

    Blinkxi: "Great One30 with a monster truck! OH MY GOD!"

    Pinko McFly: "AAAAHHH! How'd he get that in here?!"

    The LL2 don't know what to make of this as Great One30 drives a behemoth monster truck straight into the stadium crushing everything on his way. As he reaches the stage, the driver's side door opens and out walks Great One30 himself. He scales the truck and makes his way to the top of the cab through the massive cheers. Malorick raises a pointed finger in Great One30's direction and raise his mic...

    Malorick: "LL1 will stand master of the MPQ world. Born to victory on the wings of the Valkyrie. Our enemies snipers will be powerless against us. If they shoot down one plane, hundreds more will rain fire upon them! If they cut off one head, two more shall take its place!"

    End of the show

    Ps: Don't hesitate to comment/rate the new LL adventures, Don't forget to like the LL adventures. We want to have a big number of followers so we can continue these stories so don’t be shy to like them. And as a bonus, if you like them, you will be part of it.
  • Kingofpopcorn
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    I'm looking for a new top 100 alliance (no requierment in PVE and 1000Pts per PvP).

    405 OML
    22 champed 4*
    All 3* champed (between 185 and 218).

    (Please, I don't want complicated recrutment process)
  • DrNitroman
    DrNitroman Posts: 966 Critical Contributor

    I'm looking for a new top 100 alliance (no requierment in PVE and 1000Pts per PvP).

    405 OML
    22 champed 4*
    All 3* champed (between 185 and 218).

    (Please, I don't want complicated recrutment process)

    Hi King
    PM sent
  • DrNitroman
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    edited August 2016

    Lock and Load Family is recruiting now

    What's new?
    Lock and Load family is looking for new recruits . As usual we welcome beginners and veterans players in our family and we help each other to progress in the game. And your progress within the family may bring you some fame if ever you become a character in Malorick's Lock and Load Adventures! In the last issue of these adventures we saw OJSP signing up with Malorick and now OJSP has joined our family with a new alliance Lock and Load0.

    About us
    Lock and Load Family is a nice place to be, we're fundamentally a no-drama group. icon_e_smile.gif First, we have enough alliances to propose a suitable offer for our players who want to slow down and to those who want the first prizes. Second, we like the game, we like to chat about it, we like to share tips and strategies. It's the reason why Line (out of game message system) is not required but strongly recommended because it enables the communication among players of all our alliances. We also play nice with certain other alliances and we participate in various truces on a per person basis.

    As our family is quite big now, a summary of our alliances and their focus:
      bluecrit.pngHybrid: Lock and Load, Lock and Load5, Lock and Load9
      bluecrit.pngPvP-focused: Lock and Load2, Lock and Load4, Lock and Load8
      bluecrit.pngPvE-focused: Lock and Load3, Lock and Load6
      bluecrit.pngCasual: Lock and Load7, Lock and Load0, Extraordinary, Extra Load

      I'll try to update this post regularly to show openings but feel free to contact me even if there are no openings, opportunities arise fast.

      bluecrit.png Lock and Load
      Big sister hybrid Top 10 PvE & Top 25 PvP alliance.
      PvP - 1.3k+
      Sim - 1.8k+
      PvE - last progression reward.
      Total Season - 14k+
      icon_arrow.gif Note, if you are insanely good in PVP but don't PVE much or vice versa accomodations can be made! icon_e_smile.gif

      bluecrit.png Lock and Load2
      Top 50 PVP alliance. Typical players are 3*-4* transitioners chasing 4* covers and aiming at 1.3k for the cp. For S28 our new minimum will be 1.3k and we'll aim for Top 25 alliance ranking. Note that if you don't hit 1.3k yet but are willing to learn you shouldn't hesitate to contact us!
      PVP - 1.3k+
      Sim - Recommended 1.8K+
      Total Season - 14K+

      bluecrit.png Lock and Load3
      Top 50 PVE alliance.
      PVE - last progression
      New Release PVE - 1.25 x last progression

      bluecrit.png Lock and Load4
      Top 100 PVP alliance. Typical players are early 3* players who want to improve in PvP and experienced PvPers who want to slow down a bit. LL4 raises his req for S28 and will be firmly in top100
      PvP: 800+
      Total Season (Sim + PVP) - 9.5K

      bluecrit.png Lock and Load5
      Hybrid Top 100 PvP & PvE alliance.
      PvP - 800+
      New Release PVE - last progression
      PvE - depends on particular event, perform the best you can.
      Total Season - 10k+

      bluecrit.png Lock and Load6
      Top 100 PVE alliance. Typical players are 2*-3* transitioners chasing 3* covers.
      PVE - 0.75 x last progression : at least the 500 ISO-8 (max prog recommended)

      bluecrit.png Lock and Load8
      New beginner PVP alliance. Typical players are players who want to improve in PvP. LL8is new and is still building its team. Don't hesitate to join us!
      PvP: 600+ (final number not set yet)
      Total Season (Sim + PVP) - 7K

      bluecrit.png Lock and Load9
      New beginner Hybrid alliance. LL9 is new and is still building its team. Don't hesitate to join us!
      PVE - 0.5 x last progression : at least the 3* cover
      Total Season (Sim + PVP) - 4K

      bluecrit.png Extraordinary
      bluecrit.pngLock and Load0
      bluecrit.pngLock and Load7
      Our casual Top 250 / Top 500 PVP alliances. Typical players are 3*veterans, still hooked to the game but willing to play casually
      Daily connection (break allowed!)
      Total Season - At least 4K (300 per pvp recommended)

      bluecrit.png Extra Load
      Casual alliance for players of the family wanting to take a break.

      How to join
      If you're interested by one of our alliances and think you fit in the profile, please contact me to introduce yourself (roster, average score in events and season) before applying in game (private alliances). You can also post in this thread.

      DrNitroman (LL2 cmdr) | Forum: DrNitroman | Line: drnitroman
    • cletus1985
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      New season coming, new opportunities for some players looking to improve in the game. Don't be shy, we have some openings!
    • Malorick
      Malorick Posts: 191 Tile Toppler
      Pyro erupts throughout the stadium as the theme song of LL, “War” by Sick Puppies begins blaring, and the camera zooms around, showing numerous fans all showing their support for the return of LL adventures. The place is packed to the rafters as many fans have brought along various types of signs including among others, OJC80 where are you!!!’, ' I paid to see IcyTemper’ and a ‘Push Great One30’ sign. They lights go out, then fireworks and the show start.

      The music of Malorick Motorhead's "The Game" bring the LL Big Screen to life. Then the lights would go out for a second or two before a reddish orange light would spotlight the entrance area and after a few moments Malorick emerges from beneath the back, a huge pyrothechnic explosion erupting behing him. The crowd quiet down as Malorick stands at the top of the ramp. They aren't left waiting too long as fireworks shoot from the ceiling down onto the entrance area. Soon, the King of the Kings Malorick raise his LT/CP briefcase high in the sky showing a 6.5k cp on it before walking through the fireworks.

      Malorick proudly power-stepping his way toward the stage, stopping at the ramp sides to shake hands with those not too ashamed to meet him. He continues to smile ear to ear as he climbs the steps and gracefully steps enter the stage. He motions to the stage attendant and he brings him a mic.

      He takes a moment’s pause to quietly gaze up at the crowd surrounding him. Then he slowly brings his mic up to speak.

      Malorick: "Ladies and gentlemen, madames et monsieurs, it's here. The Lock and Load where the MPQ's best and finest compete in an AWESOME place. Hello, and Happy Happy summer Holidays.
      What a glorious day it is to be here with all of our adoring fans. We cannot express how much it means to us that you have decided to take so much time out of your busy holidays to be here tonight. Everyone here at LL would like to wish you a great holidays filled with cheer, joy, and blessings galore. Thank you, for spending time with our family here at LL, even though it’s quite a dysfunctional Family, we are all agreed that we have the best fans a corporation could ask for. So from our family to yours, we wish you the best holiday possible.

      Now onto what you have all come here for, the chaos, the mayhem, and the LL Superstars!

      Let me begin by presenting to you one of the most LEGENDARY SUPERSTARS that this business has to offer.
      I am so proud to present to you,

      LL Illuminati
      and new LL1 Commander

      Azari Lover!”

      Azari Lover’s entrance hits the LL Big Screen as soon as Malorick says his name. Her “boys” Great One30 and systemic quickly rush to the entrance area and present their feathered fans. Behind the fans appears the figure of Azari Lover who shrieks like a peacock when she is revealed, lifting up her arms to show off his custom winged outfit to the audience, demanding to be admired. Azari lover comes out to a shower of cheers from the crowd around her.

      Her boys scurry off to stage as she makes his way down to the stage with the most majestic ovation you’ve ever heard. Once at stage Azari Lover uses her boys as literal stairs to climb onto the stage. They pose again in the centre of the stage but as she raises his arms to display her wings a second time the song "This Fire Burns" by Killswitch Engage begins to play throughout the arena, signifying the arrival of The Best in the World MPQ Superstar and LL2 World Season Champion, IcyTemper.

      Within ten seconds of his theme music beginning, IcyTemper casually walks out from the back with an arrogant smirk on his face. He looks out at the crowd who deliver a mixed reaction. IcyTemper slowly begins to take a knee at the top of the ramp, running his hand along the stage before raising a clenched fist and gazing at his wrist as if checking a watch. IcyTemper raises his hands to his mouth and screams "It's Clobberin' Time!" as the fans deliver a mixed-reaction once again.

      IcyTemper swings around and holds his arms out, taking a couple of steps backwards down the ramp while displaying the back of his shirt where we can see "Best In The World" written on it. IcyTemper turns back around and makes his way further down the ramp, not acknowledging the crowd whatsoever. He walks up the steel steps and climbs to the top, unhooking the LL World Heavyweight Championship from his waist and screaming that he's the "Best in the World!" while raising it triumphantly in the air to another positive reaction from the LL Universe.

      After a few seconds of soaking in the positive atmosphere, IcyTemper jumps down and enters the stage after his signature pose and heads to the centre of the stage to face Malorick and Azari Lover, music now ceased. IcyTemper does that wrist-twisty thing as he look at Malorick. He stands there with a giant smirk on his face, his left hand holding a microphone and his right his newly won championship. IcyTemper looks down at his right hand and abruptly drops the microphone at his feet, slowly raising the championship to his eye level. IcyTemper stares at it for a few a seconds before grabbing hold with both hands and lifting it high above his head.

      The cheers of the crowd are far louder with his music having ceased, which fires IcyTemper up as he yells numerous statements at the fans. A number weren't picked up by ringside microphones but others were. IcyTemper reminded the LL Universe of exactly what he did, who he is and how great he is, the usual claims that the crowd cheer him for. IcyTemper finally lowers his arms and places the LL World Heavyweight Championship on his left shoulder, sitting down next to the microphone he dropped. IcyTemper gets comfortable before grabbing hold of the microphone and speaking his mind.

      IcyTemper: "Bow down to your LL World Heavyweight Champion! "

      Big cheer rain down on IcyTemper as he looks around happy.

      IcyTemper: "It's about time that LL had a champion it could be proud of, a champion who will restore this brand to the pinnacle of the MPQ industry. For far too long I've had to watch LL men carry crown, disgracing it's prestige every single second that it is in their possession. Now I didn't establish this company to allow losers like Malorick to call himself King of the Kings on my watch, not when I'm around proving every single night why I am the Best... in... the World. This image, this moment that we're experiencing right now, has been a long time coming. When I returned to LL2 in season 26, this was an inevitable sight and told each and every one of you that at every opportunity. I've told the entire LL roster too and yet every single MPQ superstar doubted it. I even told the Godfather of the LL, Malorick, back when I was carried his team across the line at season 25. I told him then that I would be the LL World Heavyweight Champion and after a few speed bumps along the way I have the proof that I am a man of my word, that I am the greatest MPQ LL to ever step foot inside a match and that I am going to become the longest reigning LL2 World Heavyweight Champion in history! "

      Again the crowd cheers, this time for IcyTemper threatening to break VeloRx's record.

      IcyTemper: " Last season, I experienced one of the most resounding victories of my career. The season was over before it began and the only individual in the entire world who wasn't surprised was myself. Malorick got lucky the last time we see him, we all know it, and since then he has barely shown his face the last month. I have been here every single week, beating every opponent and taking LL over one week at a time. Even when the time came for Malorick to speak his mind, I became the focus and I ensured the spotlight was firmly cast over me! And then at season 30, I embarrassed Malorick and LL1! I was disgusted that he call himself the King of the Kings in the manner that he did and it made me absolutely sick to see him walk through those halls clutching his crown like he deserved it. Malorick didn't deserve a damn thing, especially when I have been busting my **** for five months to fight for this exact prize and make LL2 to the top! I locked in LL2 in the top25 to prove a point to the entire world. "

      IcyTemper pauses briefly, looking out at the LL Universe.

      IcyTemper: "My reign as LL World Heavyweight Champion will not be brief like I have proved, I am still our undispitued LL World Heavyweight champion since my time in LL2 5 seasons ago. I'm also done playing games like Malorick. This is about respect. I have earned it and yet not received it. I am still the LL World Heavyweight Champion, just like I deserve to be. I am the only face that will be associated with LL this point forward, and yeah, I said LL. I've also been calling this the LL World Heavyweight Championship and it's because that's exactly what it is. I don't care that when it comes to LL, the number "LL" don't apply any longer. The fact that I am now champion dismisses that notion entirely. See I am the reason why LL2 was established as a top competitor to begin with, a little fact for those of you who lack the history of me. I brought the only relevant World Championship to LL and created a dynasty, destroying another in the process. It pisses me off that LL1 is just called LL and don’t have any number. Now that I am the LL World Heavyweight Champion, say goodbye to any association with LL crown! I don't care whose decision it was, I am it's LL champion now and whatever I say is what's going to happen. This is the LL World Heavyweight Championship, I am a LL and a LL2 MPQ superstar and from this point forward that's all that really matters.

      IcyTemper slowly rises to his feet and takes a brief breath in, then out, calming his demeanour.

      IcyTemper: "This isn't just a fleeting moment in time, ladies and gentlemen. Don't hope or wish that my reign will end abruptly. It will get you nowhere. I have waited far too long for this and there will be absolutely nothing to prevent me from achieving what I want to achieve. This is the era of IcyTemper... and it will last for eternity. "

      IcyTemper drops his microphone at this feet and clutches his championship in his hand. IcyTemper slowly raises it to his eye level and calmly looks out at Malorick and Azari Lover.

      Malorick grins at the IcyTemper standing across from him, reading to respond to everything he had just said. He begins with a bit of a chuckle.

      Malorick: "You know Icy, I was really concerned the sewage in this place may have backed up last night due to the smell, but apparently it was just your stench that I was smelling. Thank you so much for bringing your awful odor down upon all of us. Unfortunately we can all smell what you are cooking and it smells like rotting meat. "

      Malorick waves his hand in front of his face as if wafting away fumes.

      "Now, let’s chat about what you think is going to be happening here tonight. You think that you can come here and take our time? "

      Malorick pauses and looks towards Azari Lover who grumbles her disagreement at the IcyTemper’s statement. Azari step up and then she go right in IcyTemper’s face and pressed her forehead up against his like the famous “Rousey-Tate” forehead press. IcyTemper didn't take kindly to it, of course, and responded by just pushing back her head with his finger.

      Azari Lover: "You think that you can call yourself the new LL World Heavyweight Championship here tonight? When you know that me and my brother are the real true LL World Heavyweight Championship amoung all LL. No ones can beat the Diabolic twins that is the Alabama Peacock Azari Lover and California Bull VeloRx.

      But again you extremely underestimate LL1 while overestimating yourself. It’s actually quite funny that you have any hope what so ever, but I have a feeling you're used to overestimating yourself…"

      Azari Lover lets her sentence trail off briefly raising her pointer finger and thumb in front of her. She makes the sign for something being little letting those in the crowd insinuate at what part of IcyTemper’s anatomy she could be referring to when she talks about him overestimating. Azari Lover sneers at IcyTemper, just baiting him to interrupt her. Azari Lover begins again.

      "Anyway, let’s get back to you “thinking” as if that is a real thing. You also seem to “think” that you can bring some knockoff trailer trash wanna be MPQ player to “handle us” or just to “handle me”. Really? Handle ME? You couldn’t do better than that? "

      Azari Lover waits a moment before…

      ChameleonWhoisthatLady: "EXCUSE ME! I SAID EXCUSE ME! You all need to be quiet and listen to my complains because you just all sucks and don’t know how to play the game and I am the only one here that know what it take to be good! "

      The crowd erupts in huge loudly boos while ChameleonWhoisthatLady steps into the entrance to receive more boos. The crowd continue to boos the lady so we cannot even hear what she says now. The crowd is not stopping, DanielOwns emerges from the back and gestures towards that crazy annoying woman. After a few seconds, other LL1 commanders Arsenal265, MjMacka, Piro_plock come to kick out of the entrance that shrilling woman. While on the other side we can see the LL2 commanders Archemedes, Cletus1985, Mascot964, Prime1138, Inder909 coming to the entrance ramp. Wasting no time the L3 commanders YeoKrast, Apochrypha and LL4 commanders Cfi, DrNitroman stomps their way to the ramp. And to close the walk LL5 commanders Gredler, NCCSavage, Yasger and LL9- LL0 commanders Grymmjjya, OJSP and Badmaniac made an appearance.

      Malorick then lifts up the microphone and begins talking then suddenly all the crowd stop their boos to listen to him.

      Malorick: "Ladies & Gentlemen, madames et monsieurs.....My Name Is Malorick, King of the Kings! And this......This is my show. That gorgeous stage right there. That's mine too. Now, it's been brought to light that I'm just not a fan of IcyTemper. I feel like his MPQ work is too risky and lacks substance. You don't see things from a business perspective and that is why I'm standing in the middle of MY stage with LL1 and you are paying me more money to come watch MY show. The man who should be LL Champion is the man I have personally hand-picked as the Face of the entire LL and that's man is in LL1, not LL2.

      I gave that annoying waste of space woman a simple choice. Do what was Best.....For Business or lose your job. Sometimes, you have to force someone to make a good business decision but, I guess the old saying is true that you can lead a horse to water but you just can't make him drink. Therefore, on behalf of Lock and Load, I say to you, this is the last time you screw us. We had enough of your fails that costed pve covers multiple times to our amazing family. Who want her? She’s loud. She’s shrill. She flaunts a sexuality that gives the LL Universe nausea. Now, this is enough, Ms. I don’t care who you are, we wish you nothing but we will be definitely better without you. In laymans terms, Ms. Annoying like a mosquito...... YOU'RE FIRED!! "

      Malorick says that last statement while looking directly into the camera. The crowd cheers as he does so. DanielOwns start singing, "Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na… " it take no time that the crowd are singing it. "Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, GOODBYE!" "

      The woman run in the back but fall down hard as the crowd continue their chant, she stands up and the last image we see before the camera fades out looks like she is going to burst into tears.

      End of the show

      Ps: Don't hesitate to comment/rate the new LL adventures, Don't forget to like the LL adventures. We want to have a big number of followers so we can continue these stories so don’t be shy to like them. And as a bonus, if you like them, you will be part of it.
    • Goldrush76
      Good Evenining folks.

      DrNitroMan & Commanders,
      I'm looking for an active alliance where I can contribute to PVE and PVP in a team looking for top 50 (or worst case 100) placement at least hopefully better. I'd shoot for the highest but right now my roster is having a hard time moving from 2* core teams to 3*. I have 3* and 4* covers but usually not enough to make it worth investing ISO in them.

      I need some guidance and active veteran players to work alongside. I will always do my best but for example reaching the 10 pack heroic in PVP is still hard even with active play because my team is not strong enough yet (and/or I'm doing something very wrong and need simple help)

      I have plenty of lvl 94 going on champions to work with, just going to the 3 star teams is proving rough.

      Where can I best fit in your group? Happy to install Line if you'd like to chat. I didn't want to randomly apply since I can see there are a number of places I might fit. Definitely my direction is upward in any case

      Aka: Ready to Rock!
    • DrNitroman
      DrNitroman Posts: 966 Critical Contributor
      Goldrush76 wrote:
      Good Evenining folks.
      Aka: Ready to Rock!

      Welcome to the family Goldrush! icon_e_wink.gif
    • ringmav
      Hey guys... looking for a new alliance.
      Right now im transitioning into 4* territory but i dont have all of the 3*. I only have the ones i use the most, but they're championed.
      I play every single morning without fail so there'd be no problem on me for being away or anything of the sort.
      I play everything PvP, PvE, etc depending on the roster needed. I've placed high when ive used a powered up character on PvP, even placed 1st in one of them. Always do the shield sims as well. My MPQ username is Bonkers28. Thanks for your time!
    • farlus
      farlus Posts: 119 Tile Toppler
      How do I access our Line channel?
    • DrNitroman
      DrNitroman Posts: 966 Critical Contributor
      farlus wrote:
      How do I access our Line channel?
      I see you found us on Line, welcome to the family! icon_e_wink.gif
      ringmav wrote:
      Hey guys... looking for a new alliance.
      Right now im transitioning into 4* territory but i dont have all of the 3*. I only have the ones i use the most, but they're championed.
      Hello ringmav,
      I sent you a pm a few days ago.
    • Saitokiller_1979
      Mis puntos por PvP son 500 a 700, tenéis hueco en alguna alianza
      En se
      asson final 6000-7000