New Alliance Event - Sinister 600 *Updated (12/12/18)



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    Maximum score is 39600.
    The Big Bad LT needs 37000 points.
    The total points for all 4 clears of Dr. Ock is 1600.
    Buffer is 39600-37000= 2600

    That's one day of buffer. I suppose Day One is making mistake day. And Day Two onwards...
    Except it wasn't 4 clears,  there were SIXTEEN (16) clears possible. Are you suggesting a 5 star player who had no trouble with the difficulty on deadly should drop to normal for days 2-4? That's like telling someone to drop to CL6 because they don't have the required 5. 
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    Even double clearing civil war had more leeway than this.  It's hilarious  trying to defend this tight of a point discrepancy. 
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    The Deadly node wiped my team out ten times before I just decided Doc Ock/Scarlet Witch/Deadpool and DROP ALL THE WHALES.  There's a reason we've got Deadpool points!!!
     Big Facts!!!
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    Any event that requires you to burn all your whales is an epic fail.
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    DarthDeVo said:

    Here is some more information on this that I found interesting. 

    Personal Progression for this event (1 LT):  37,000

    Like Progression in a PVE event, DP vs MPQ (30 CPs):  32,000

    Perfect Score in this Raid event: 39,600

    High End score in DP vs MPQU: 57-58,000

    While you can say that DP vs MPQU is 2-48 subs, this is the best way to look at this.  You had almost no wiggle room to hit personal Progression if you messed up. If you went Hard day 1 and didn't have Doc Ock, you lost, event was over for you.  This is where the issue with this event lies.  You had to be prefect without getting the information needed from the Dev team.....again.... 

    We had a player with no Ock go to Hard on day 1, then Medium every other day. He finished with 38,000 on the nose, 1,000 more than was needed for the Big Bads token. 

    I'm in full agreement with you that it's ridiculous that there's little wiggle room to account for mistakes, but it also *was* possible to get full personal progression despite the day one blunder. We had thought we were out of luck at first, though it ended up working, but barely so. 
    That’s great info Darth.  I didn’t track all the node points to see that you would make it if you reacted the next day, so yea for that.  
    It helped knowing that after he cleared Medium the second day that you were guaranteed 9900 points each day no matter which difficulty you chose, so long as you red checked every node. 

    From there it was just a matter of multiplying 9900 by 4 (39600) then subtracting the 1600 he wasn't able to get the first day due to lack of Ock and seeing he should end with 38K, which he did. 

    Still, it caused some anxiety that first day, which is just unnecessary. You don't *need* the 5* essential to get personal progression in any normal PvE. But that's kind of not the case here. It definitely helps knowing you can drop down to Easy or Medium and still get personal progression, but then you're putting alliance rewards at risk. 

    Again, I understand this is primarily an alliance event, but is structured very similarly to a normal PvE. Just about every other event in this game allows for major amounts of wiggle room when it comes to point totals, but for some reason they felt the need to drastically cut down on that for both this and Places of Power, and I'm not sure why. 

    I suppose it places an emphasis on coordinating well with your alliance, but there shouldn't be an almost immediate punishment for making a mistake, especially on the first day of a new event. 
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